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Gandalf - Lord of the Rings You are the sum of all the cells that you’ve been, are and will be. God is the sum of all the lives that were, are and will be. God didn’t just give sentient beings free will, THAT will IS God.

So yes, you are a part of god, but carrots and cockroaches are too.

Every religion is right... and yet wrong. Because how you dress and which rituals you do is irrelevant. As long as you honor life itself, you honor God. Killing to eat and protect your life is good. But killing in the name of god, because your victim gave God a different nickname, is utterly absurd.

God, like all living creatures, is capable of great holiness and great evil. And they're both good and bad under different circumstances and point of view. What is good for someone will be bad for someone else, because we're different, at different times, and no one can have everything. But they sure can try if they fight for what they want.

The existence is not a battle of good versus evil. It's a battle of will... to preserve the most important: your life.

You do so by fulfilling your needs. So make sure to want them above all else, instead to confuse them with desires induced by someone else; deliberately to exploit you, or innocently by simply being there.

Mistakes, pain and sadness will teach you the difference between needs and wants, until you put them in harmony and find balance with yourself. They are not to be feared or hated; they're the path out of ignorance... by learning how to avoiding their causes.

To survive.

Having more food/home/money/stuff can help your chances. But trying to get more than you can by overworking yourself into exhaustion, disease and death (Adrenal fatigue) isn’t in your favor. The key is to know & respect your limitations and to do the best for your own best interests within the limits between your needs and capacities. That will be THE Best for YOU.

You can’t go wrong by worshipping self preservation. And if someone doesn’t agree with that, he’s definitively is wrong for you.

Life is that simple~

Lisa Of Shades
Added 9 November 2014

Original full explanation

To understand what god is, you must first understand the basics, such as yourself and the world. So I’ll start there.

The first life on Earth was most likely an ameba, “unicellular organisms that do not have a definite shape”. (wiki) Then all life evolved from there, or was created from there, let’s keep an open mind.

But what if it was not the case? What if your body was in fact a big clump of amebas? That’s what cells are. Their nucleus is like a brain and they accomplish their own functions independently of the whole. Not all cells have one, but let’s oversimplify to try to understand the concept.

So what if you’re not just one person but an incalculable amount of life forms. Some gathered together, after developing the same specialty, forming vital organs or limbs. Some you can’t make yourself and need to ingest, like enzymes and helpful gut bacteria. You take life forms into your body to prolong the life of the collective that is you.

Who you are is the sums of the cells that were, are, and will be. That is your life.

Your conscious mind is only a small part of your mind processes, and your brain is only a small part of all the communication and decisions that happens in your body.

While your conscious mind is the driver at best, your subconscious orchestrates and guides many of the processes that make your life possible.

But what if it didn’t stop there… what if you had a sub-sub conscious mind that controlled and guided the universe. You by yourself wouldn’t amount to much power, just like one cell doesn’t make a very impressive person… but what if your whole body was like this one amiba, gathered in a society, with specializations… that helped the whole become possible…

If you take the sub-sub-conscious of all people, all forms of life, animals, plants, insects… that were, are and will be… that… would have an immence power.

That… is god.

Thinking that only humans matter when they should be a humble part of the whole… thinking that a jock is more important than an intellectual… It would be like the cells in the legs thinking that they are more important than the brain, because that can move around while he seems to just sit there…

All life, all people, all possibilitites… have their purpose, upside and downside…

Medical researchers observed a red blood cell change into a bacteria (or virus) and then right back to a red blood cell. It was dismissed because it would change medicine and science as we know it, nothing would make sense anymore, or everything would finally end up making some.

Bacteria are the immune system of another creature away from home. It’s wrong to think that you should take poison to kill them. Make your own immune system stronger and you’ll be just fine. If a few tourists can destroy the collective, then the home was weak in the first place and it’s the real problem.

That’s why it’s so important to eat food from nature, not chemicals. Raw food that are still alive and can join the collective.

That’s why discrimination, among each other, or against other forms of life, is a danger to us all. Even if we can’t understand the other’s purpose, we’re all part of a whole. We’re not separated. We have to do our own function, we’re independent… But everything is one.

It’s the sums of all our wills that becomes god’s will. Everyone’s free will is important.

That’s why churches tries to gain followers. If you get more people towards the same goal, putting their energy into the same will, it will become more powerful. Not just as a bigger and more powerful army, but as a stronger will to sway the universe itself! That’s why witches and wizards were so hated, if one person had the power to influence the universe, free events that are outside of the laws of causalities, improving the possibilities… it’s insulting to someone who works so hard to gain followers under his selfish will in the name of god! It’s terrifying if only one person has more power than him with a whole group! Such people make weaker willed people feel afraid and insignificant… They tried to terrify people into obedience with treats of hell, and when it didn’t work, they did the burning at the stake.

Will power can add up, china was dissaproved about something in the news, many people were angry around the globe, and soon after there was a earthquake or a tsunami…

Curses always have meaning. Everything that you think, feel, and will into existence have power on the universe. Be careful, it has an immence power inside of you, but it materialize as well. If you nurture your fears, insecurities and hatred… you will curse yourself.

While you gather your life force to wish suffering to another, your mind is filled with that negative energy, it consummes you as you profect it into the world… It take a huge amount over a long period but it can influence the possible futures, the fate, the destiny… everything has consequences. You aren’t immune to the energy that you cultivate and the sheer hatred that is required to curse someone… that… is hell itself. Forgiving isn’t about allowing someone to hurt you again by showing the other cheer, it,s about freeing your own mind and moving on to better days.

The reason why religions are so untolerant of each other is because, if someone believes the opposite, they will cancel each other’s efforts by pulling in different directions. It’s seen as a threat… but we’re all part of the same whole. What’s truly in the best interest of life will be for all. If not, even the person who believe to benefit from the abuse ends up missing out on their true potential by weakening them.

But the power of the will, the fact that every single person’s sub-sub-conscious is part of god’s mind, just like a neurone is one part of the brain… it also mean this: All religions become real from the moment they are nurtured and believed in. It doesn’t matter how you call god or how you visualize it… it’s perception is beyond your senses… so all you can do to try to grasp this concept, which is so above your conscious awareness, is to use metaphors… But the images themselves have no value… believing that is missing the whole point!

It’s irelevant how you call god, the rituals of worship and traditions to honore him aren’t what’s important… it even divided us and caused wars, many people died for this… But it can even be a flying spaggeti monster… it’s just a target for your will, your hopes, your wishes… your drive to live… your accomplishements. And THIS is real, this is the power of creation, this is holy, this is sacred.

What you honor when you try to respect and honore god is HIM, creation itself, all forms of life, all people… and if you kill someone because they don’t wear the same hat during the celebration… What you disrespected is someone, the creation… a part of god himself… God.

Killing to survive is part of life itself, but denying someone their own perception when we’re all worshipping the same thing, it’s absurd and ignorant. It’s like blind people arguing about what an elephant looks like: someone touches the leg and says that it’s rigid and big, another touches the nose and says no, it’s thin and flexible… and they argue… but they’re talking about the exact same thing! It’s the sums of their perceptions, looking at every possible angles, from every possibilities… THAT is The Truth. That is looking at the universe through the eyes of god.

Read my Life & death ~ The right question for more.

No one can fully grasp everything on their own, especially not the first try, that’s why it’s so precious that we’re all different.

I think Buddhists are right about reincarnation. It's in accordance to the sciences of physic and chemistry: Nothing is lost or created, everything changes. (Einstein and Antoine Lavoisier). If the smaller life forms that compose us can move from a body to another, if electricity can move from a company to houses to objects, if a our being is part of the universe itself and its very consciousness, I think that this soul energy goes on and cannot be destroyed.

Do not fear change, we’re all immortal in one way or another.

Do not feel insulted at the idea of evolution. Even if god created us specifically, instead to be fond of its whole creation equally, like children we were meant to learn and evolve. Nothing is ever perfect, nothing will ever be. Because we need each other. It’s diversity that makes us strong. It's specialization that made us grow into something more complex than amebas. We’re will just unicellular organisms… but all together we’re so much more. It's true for our body, for society, and about all the life forms of the whole planet, the whole universe too. We're all important and insignificant at the same time.

Can you finally see now how futile and against the point it is to argue about religion? Or the superior sex, race or hair color? We evolved for different things.

Take a black person from Africa and put him in the snow, he'll freeze. Take a white person and put them in the blazing sun of Africa, he'll fry. We evolved and adapted for a purpose. Skin color is merely to control how much vitamin D is being fabricated from the sun. That's all. Given enough time and generations, under specific climate conditions, a white person will become black, and a black will become white. Yup~

Your DNA has memories of the previous generations and knows what's in the best interest for your survival, so you're born already adapted to your environment. Maybe that's why some people think it's a bad idea to let other genes come populate the territory, but or technology evolved to the point that it's not as important anymore.

But there are cultures that are more open to human rights than others... a culture that has an history of fighting for equal freedom, or excelling at technologies, will have more appeal than one who's known for blowing people up, or of starving in a desert until someone turn them into slaves... Sad but true... Yet everyone can surprise you. There are asshole and good people everywhere and anywhere. The past is a great teacher, keeping an open mind is also good. Using both is wisdom.

Genders used to have different purpose so the brain develops different specializations from different hormones. Skills changed when given different ones during sex changes! Men are more logical to make tools, and less sensitive so they can endure more pain during the hunt. Women are more attentive so they can better take care of the children that only them can bear, and take care of wounded men. But we're not living in caves anymore. We have such a huge social tribe that gender roles aren't so vital anymore. Another female or male can help the family out while we offer our best skills to the collective.

There are always exceptions to the majority, we should be allowed to offer the best of our innate skills, we can't change who we are meant to be. Imitating someone else won't allow us to be the best we can be, it won't be in the best interest of the ego that is demanding to be pleased with this mistake.

Using math to calculate the average doesn't mean that it should be the norm, right or better. It's math. Saying that something is better is an opinion, not a fact, it’s based on emotions… and nothing is more emotionless than the sheer rationality of math. It only means that the probability happens more often. If the majority is diseased, then the normal is being ill... it doesn't make it the right way to live. Find another. You won't be normal, but at least you won't be sick!

Using math to justify discriminating people is really being narrow minded and ignorant. Geniuses are abnormal, it doesn’t make them worst, they simply put all their skills at the same place, so yes, they will have worst short comings in other areas, but instead to mock them, we should enjoy their special gifts for the benefit of the whole.

Mentally retarded people often lack capacity to make plots and to worry ahead, so they can be genuine and sincere people appreciating the present. Those people can have a good heart and be an example for us all. But they are still human so even handicapped people can be complete assholes too.

Suffering can inspire great wisdom and humility. But it requires an effort, so nothing is ever a guarantee. You can't judge ahead, but sometimes the clues are very clear. Stereotypes are possible because many people are the same. But not everyone. The only way to know is to find out~ But the will to take the risk is entirely up to what you feel able to handle. Try not to punish someone for what another did just because they look a little alike, or because they look different from you. There are different purposes to fill. Someone will gladly do something that you hate, and will feel utter misery doing something that you think is vital and necessary, because you like it.

Don't confuse your wants with your needs. It's useful when they are the same, but it's not always the case. What you think you want can endanger and take you further away from your very needs.

Just enjoy life, but make sure thaT it doesn't harm you in the long term...

Don’t argue about whose better. Let's all do what we can do best and share together!

Don't kill each other over theories about how life started, it can't be verified, and it doesn't hurt anyone either way... unless you decide to take it personal and kill someone over it... Don't. It's not a vital reason to kill and sure won't make you right. It will only reveal how insecure you are about your own ego. I don't care that the whole world is against my views, it's scary and it hurts to see people die from easily avoided mistakes... and I admit, I often want to kill stupid people, but I'd be stupid myself to do it... I'd be denying them the chance to learn. I'm stupid and learning too! About other stuff...

Just move forward. The present is called this way because it's a gift.

The goal of life is simply to live it.

If you are alive by the end of the day, your life is a success.

Don’t get down on your knees praying… do it. You have the power of god in your will, the power of creation or destruction in your hands.

Meditating, looking inside for guidance, it’s a good thing, it’s important. But it’s not everything. Even if a will alone can move your body, and can also move the universe itself… Acting is still important. “Help yourself and the sky will help you.”

Reality is the sums of all our actions, the cause of the consequences. There are as many realities as there are choices and possibilities: infinite and unlimited. Trying to impose your own is being very narrow minded. Very. You’re missing out… everything has a good and bad side. Something can be good or bad depending on how you look at it or its relevance to a particular situation. Something that can save someone can kill another. It’s how complex and magnificent the existence is.

We gathered together as a society to put in our specialty, to become the best of ourselves, so that others could help us with our shortcomings. Together we reached higher than what we could have done alone, if we were equally good in everything, we'd all just be average and no one would ever be good at anything. Instead, we each have our own specialty to discover and polish~ We end up accomplishing so much more this way: together we are strong.

We agreed on certain rules because no one wanted to endure the pain that came from certain actions, that’s how laws were born. If we don’t pay a minimum of respect to each other, the whole could crumble and die. Being separated is an illusion. Doing anything anyhow for our own gain at the peril of each other would all make us suffer.

Human breathe oxygen, plants make it. Even what seem insignificant is necessary to our survival; we would be nothing without them. We'd be DEAD!

When life forms die, fungus, bacteria and worms help them return to the earth so that new life can grow anew. If they grow in you, then you ingested death instead to feed on life. You’re dying. Don’t blame the maid cleaning the mess, blame the wrongs that you did to yourself, and don’t do them anymore.

Even when we die as a person, the life forms in our body don’t automatically die. That’s how we can transplant organs, even if it’s best to take care of ur own properly. That’s the purpose of feeding, not just fuel and burning calories, but to renew life inside you.

Everything has meaning, every thoughts has an impact. Inside you and into the world. It changes you, and you change the world.

Don’t pray waiting for sonmeone else to do it for you. Take your life into your own hands, because it’s yours. If we all do this, is we all try to better ourselves, one little step at the time, learning from our mistakes the best we can, trying to fill our needs the best we can without causing too much damage… the world around us will become better… and together we can change the whole world.

So it’s simple, if you don’t want bullshit into your life, then don’t do it, even when you’d get advantage from it, you’d still spread bullshit around you. It would still change who you are and the world you live in. Some gains might not be worth the cost, even if you manage to make someone pay for it, you’d still loose something. Everytime we gain something something is gone, every step in a direction takes us further away from the opposite… Life stays balanced no matter what we do. We just move around experiencing new things, and that’s the goal of life.

Live the best way you can.

Respect the world, for you are a humble part of it. Respect the other parts of it, for they might have a purpose beyind your understanding, but it’s probably vital to you.

You are a part of god, deep inside you are the answers. Use that power wisely.

Listen to your own prayers… and answer them.


Lisa Of Shades
19 September 2013

Fun stuff to use and to read until I make my article (done):

From izquotes:

“The idea that God is an oversized white male with a flowing beard who sits in the sky and tallies the fall of every sparrow is ludicrous. But if by 'God' one means the set of physical laws that govern the universe, then clearly there is such a God. This God is emotionally unsatisfying... it does not make much sense to pray to the law of gravity.”
by Carl Sagan

Gender-bending God: Is God male or female… or both… or neither? at flavoryellow.

Why Gandalf as a picture for a god topic? I wanted to have a picture of god's long floating beard and add a sample of all his creation in it... but none were long enough...and then I found Gandalf. I hesitated to use a bad ass art of Zeus... but anything related to our conception of god would just reinforce our narrow mind. Gandalf is a character of fiction and looks like the Christian god. So it seeds the possibility that there's something way beyond how we imagine god. And THAT is the whole point of the image... Like a target... for our own real power... and it’s the combination of all our thoughts, feelings and will that is god and its power over us... so we, ourselves and each other, have power on the universe... with the simple power of our will.

Lisa Of Shades
25 August 2013
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