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God is in everything ~ creation and evolution itselfChristianity claims that god created the universe in 7 days and that everything is still the same. Nothing was different before today and nothing ever will be.

But what kind of lazy artist creates for only a week in eternity? Creating only once!?

I am an artist myself, there's no way I can stop, sit on my ass, and observe that one art on the side lines forever. It would be way too boring.

Inspiration is endless and everlasting, at least from time to times. Artists get better at what they do, try new things, and their talent evolve along with their art.

God never stopped creating. There's a war between creationism and the theory of evolution. What if they where both right~? Creation is eternal~ It evolves constantly. Fetuses become babies, children, adults... Seeds become spouts, plants, tall trees... Evolution happens all around you for your eyes to see. You can't deny that it exists, even if you refuse to evolve yourself, you're still a member of the evolving world, which is like a being too immense to notice... Nature, everything that has existed, exists and will exist... is god.

God is part of the creation. The prophet Jesus said it himself, god is in all of us and in everything. Jesus is god's son, but everyone and everything else is as well, for we are all part of the eternal creation.

We are all god, evolving through the ages. All sentient being are people, animals and plants as well as us. God created all of them with the same care, why would they be less important. If it was okay to annihilate them, if they where useless to the world as a whole, they wouldn't have been created in the first place. All life is part of a chain, when one link breaks, the solidity of the whole chain suffers... and more links are threatened because all life forms have the same basic needs and depend on each other.

So open your mind and let it evolve before you bring your own doom... the past and future are limitless. Instead to argue about creationism or the theory of evolution, we should all agree that we should stop destroying the world either way, because we need to save ourselves. Prophets can only teach us how... if we listen.

But we chose to crucify him and tortured him to death instead. That didn't pave our way to heaven. Existence is here. It becomes a paradise or hell depending on what you do and how you feel about the results.

I think we should feel bad and think about what we've done. To each other, to every life form, to the earth, water and air... even to space...

If you where god would you save humanity? If you had to doom humanity to save absolutely everything else would you do it?

Your answer is part of god's answer. Mixed feelings...

Maybe he does observe doing nothing. Waiting for you to get it right and save yourself, or get it wrong and cause your own demise. I think that's the wisest choice.

That's what free will is.

You can't have freedom only when it's convenient... wanting it to cause problems because you think it makes you gain something good, then expect god to take responsibility away and fix everything when the bad blows up in your face.

Clean up your own messes and stop it!

I made a demotivational poster with the image I made for this article. Admire it bigger:
God is in everything

Lisa Of Shades
Text: 4 November 2015
Uploaded: 14 November 2015
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