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Uncommon sense ~ Life & death ~ Justice doesn't exist

Blind justice, scale, sword
There is no justice in this world. You don't get good things because you earned them, and you don't get bad things because you deserve them.

You can try to improve the odds with efforts, but there’s never any guarantee of fair results. In fact, trying to please an abusive person will just reward the behavior and encourage worse.

Citrus don’t get crushed because they’re bad, someone just wants juice. I wouldn't tolerate that kind of relationship. I like my self respect and safety more than I like companionship, but that's my own personal priorities.

Good and bad are a matter of personal opinion. Things happen from randomness of time and space.

People's judgments are about emotional whims, even when they're based on some facts. You can’t even control your owns impulses wisely when it's in your own best interest. So you can expect even less rationality from others, especially when they have different views and needs.

Life is unfair and anything can happen to anyone. There is no control over this. You are born and you will die, and there's nothing that you can do to change that.

But when good things happen to us, we have the delusion that it means that we're good people and we get full of ourselves. When bad things just happen to happen to us, that's when we cry unfairness and get crushed by it.

But we shouldn't see the good as something that life owes us, we should never take anything positive for granted. We should enjoy every little thing while we still can.

We shouldn't feel destroyed and doubt ourselves and the world when bad things happen. We should just brush it off as “shit happen”. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it's sunny. In a thunderstorm you just take shelter and brace yourself until it's gone. We shouldn't try to earn the good if there's only bad there. If someone chooses to torment us, it doesn't define our worth but theirs. We should just walk away and find better. We can't even make ourselves do the things we want, so we can't expect to succeed to make someone else do anything.

There's no justice for anyone, there isn't even justice in you, or me.

If I could take all the pains from my loved ones and shove them in the bodies of my enemies, without leaving a legal trace, I would. I'd rather see the people that I don't like suffer and die than the people I like. I can't claim for justice when it's convenient to me when I'm ready to be unjust. I can't claim to have only good things happen to me, that's impossible because there will always be something less awesome than another, even if it's not bad, not getting the most awesome can feel like getting the worse, when it can still be good if we chose to see it that way.

We can't always get what we want. Sometimes we're the happy victims of someone's good mood, and sometimes we're the sad victims of someone's whim as they try to do the best for themselves and don't care about collateral damage.

There's no justice in this world, not even a court of law. How is giving a home and food to criminals a real punishment. Some of them raped little girls so hard that it killed them. Even being impaled wouldn't come close to being justice. There are homeless people far more deserving to be given a warm bed. There are people starving who are far more deserving of a hot meal. And it gets even worse when the police lock up an innocent. Because no one can know for sure what people deserve, not even themselves, not even fate. Everything is subjective; it's a matter of feelings, mood and perspective. It's what makes you feel good.

Well, someone disrespected me and my friends. A slap on the hand wouldn't satisfy me. I want his head on a spike. He disgusts me so much that if I saw his rotten corpse full of maggots, I think it'd be an improvement. I don't want to share the world and life with someone like him. I don't want him to be out there and possibly ruin the day of another person that I might like. That's extreme, he probably doesn't deserve that badly, maybe he had a good reason to do what he did, but I don't care. I just want to crush who I consider my enemy.

The fact is... I don't care about justice. And neither do you. You only care about what you want and what makes you happy... it's more than being selfish or petty... because that's how you survive.

You can't win all the time.

So we should do the other way around of what we all seem to do. Brush the bad as something taken for granted, because the world suck! And appreciate every little bit of good as a rare treasure that has to be savored while you still can. This is a dark perspective that actually brings far more appreciation and joy in the long run. Because you can't do anything to stop the bad, because you don't even deserve the good, you don't need to feel bad. It was never about you.

The best people can get the worse. And the worse people can get the best. And if you look deeper, suffering gives wisdom and being spoiled corrupts... so life works completely the other way around of justice. It's not that good people should attract good thing and bad people should attract bad things... Bad make good people, good make bad people.

It's like a magnet repelling the save positive or negative charge, but the opposites attracts each other... then you get a + - + - continuity. Do you think that it's unfair and unjust? No. That's just physics. Well, life is made of it, so that's how the world works. It doesn't mean that the same charge will never be near each other... it means that any possible combinations is possible.

Anything is possible. That's how hopeful it can possibly get!

So enjoy the good, and don't beat yourself up with the bad. In the end, we're all going to die, all you can do is your best while it lasts and hope for the best... but don't be in denial, you can't always have the best... and if you truly got what you deserve... maybe you'd be in even more pain than you think you are. But don't worry; people will love you even if you don't deserve it.

Feelings are irrational and not based on justice, so there's hope for everyone.

Taking care of yourself will improve your chances of having a good health, but you can be hit by a drunk driver.

Having self confidence can improve your odds by daring to go towards more people more often, but you can still be unlucky at finding a compatible person. It doesn't mean that the puzzle piece is bad, it simply belongs somewhere else. And when we try to force it anyway, well, sometimes a corner gets crushed and it doesn't look as good as it could be with a little more patience finding the right one. But pieces change with time, so the compatibility change as well.

Life is complex, colorful, with so many different flavors. When something tastes bad, it just helps you know what you prefer and you can notice that you appreciate what and who you love even more, once you know how freaking bad it could be all the time.

So enjoy~ While you still can. Because it will rain shit soon enough. And there's nothing you can do about it. Except maybe get an umbrella and brace yourself, or run far enough, but it still can't guarantee that you won't get splashed. Shit will still fall. By pure randomness, or simply because it makes someone else feel better. But you don't need to feel worse about it.

There's still plenty other stuff and people to enjoy~

Justice is worse than blind. Justice doesn't exist. Scale, sword, sunset.

Sometimes you do what you have to do to survive and feel better, even if it makes a mess. Because life isn't about deserving or being worthy, life isn't about justice...

Life is about survival.

Lisa Of Shades
13 May 2015
Right to be ©razy 2013 and beyond!