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Uncommon sense ~ Life & death ~ Difference is life

(This article is about discrimination, and it can be done especially easily in forums where people can get deleted on a whim. Ideas inspired by the series Cosmos.)

We should all celebrate our differences instead to wage war for it, because everything that you are and love exists thanks to the fact that the world has endless possibilities.

It is absolutely impossible to please everybody.

If we make a party with a cake, some people only like chocolate and will be hurt/angry if vanilla is picked, and some people only like vanilla and will be hurt/angry if chocolate is picked.

war ~ good vs. evil ~ vanilla vs. chocolate cake ~ angel vs. demon

"Then just get chocolate AND vanilla."

But what about the people who like strawberry cake?

What if 3 people want ALL the strawberries on top of the cake? If there's a possibility to enjoy it all, of course you'd love to. Some people can share to enjoy everyone's happiness. Some people focus too much on their own and won't see part that, they won't let go. Some people find pleasure in having more than others, that feeling of superiority reassures their insecurities; they even enjoy seeing other being deprived.

But even if you assume that people aren't cruel assholes... There are endless types of cake combinations. You can't bring to your party all the cakes that ever existed, that you don't know, and that will be invented in the future. Someone won't have his favorite cake.

And some people are diabetic, have celiac, allergies to wheat or others. It could kill them on the spot or destroy their gut until they poop blood. Others have intolerances that might not be that bad, but will still make their body suffer and cause distress to their mind.

A host could be offended and see them refuse to eat the cake as a rejection of their friendship, as a personal rejection.

And this is just a cake. There are endless of things and views in the world.

We can't expect every party to be to our liking. But we can walk away PEACEFULLY from an incompatible party. There are endless parties; we can find one to our liking. Or we can make the effort to make our own party, to offer something to the world, and let similar people come to us.

Instead to fight to force others to be in our image, to punish them, we should use that time and energy to find people who are like us, and welcome them as compatible kindred. But they will never be a perfect copy of you on every point. But their difference can enrich your life and broaden your world.

You cannot wish that everybody and everything in the world is the same... because you risk that it wouldn't be to YOUR liking. Someone can be stronger than you, more ready to be cruel to win, an even bigger asshole than you can be about it... if you want to play that sick game. Hitler won in an implacable manner to impose his views, but he's seen as the worst monster that ever lived.

If all the things were the same, then you'd have to pick only one thing that you like and give up on all the other things that you love, because everything would have to be the same.

But worse, all that you love wouldn't exist.

If a weirdo in his cave didn't dare to overcome his fear of fire, if an even stranger weirdo didn't dare to think differently and invented the wheel... you'd still be living in a cave. Everything that brings you joy and that you take for granted wouldn't have existed. Every material stuff that you consider as your self worth and that you think gives you more value than the people who own less... you didn't make that cool stuff by yourself... you owe it to the weirdos who invented it, people different than you, people who probably have less stuff than you because they were too busy inventing cool stuff. Don't look down on those crazy abnormal geeks... because everything that you are and hold dear, the state of your existence and the way the world became, you owe it to them. Otherwise you'd still be in a cave.

Difference makes us leap forward as a society... at a much deeper level than you can imagine. Difference itself created life, we ARE difference itself.

Life started as unicellular organisms. Blue algae, which is actually a colony of bacteria. They can all live and multiply on their own. But because they have to do everything on their own, they are limited.

Then something amazing happened.

Those being decided to focus all their capacities on a specific ability, and rely on others to do what they gave up, so that they could all surpass their limit by collaborating as a unified colony. Not just being together in water, but forming a bigger being made of countless smaller beings. Isolated they didn't live very long, and couldn't reach very far... But then some unicellular organism became parts of arms and legs, they worked together to form an eye to see, while other unicellular organism analyzed those messages and sent messages to other unicellular organisms.

They're the cells in your body. All independent beings with different functions, thoughts and needs. If the brain cells demanded that all the rest acted like brain cells, we wouldn't be able to see or walk. The cells deep inside our body would die poisoned by their own waste without an ass hole, without the cells that spend their entire life doing nothing but to handle shit. Without them the precious brain would die. And without that orchestra conductor, the rest of the body wouldn't be in such a profound harmony that they look like just one being... when they are in fact countless people... every cell has its own brain and send its own messages, with its own unique needs.

Each cell renews at different rate, but none of them can live 100 years. Some live only a month. We eat to welcome new cells in the collective, not only to burn energy, that's why fried food can be so useless nutritionally, and why raw food is so important.

Because of the enzymes, which are bacteria. We call them with a different name because we have demonized bacteria. But they are the origin of life, they are the base of all life: from plants, to animals & insects to humans. Plants can harvest dead matter and turn it into life, with the power of the sun, that's all they do... then animals harvest the hard work of many into the collective of cells while doing other things roaming around... and we harvest the life work of plants and animals... that's how we have so much time to think about other things than immediate survival. Because plants and animals do those process for us, then we welcome their cells into the collective that is our body. Without life forms to renew us, with only chemicals and artificial colors and flavors... we'd all be dead... and many of us are sick... because they didn't pass on life when they fed... they fed on dead artificial and incompatible matter... which couldn't renew their bodies and nourish functions.

We are a colony of bacteria. A colony of unicellular organisms. That's how we can transplant organs and give blood. But not everyone is compatible, that's why giving blood can be deadly. Bacteria don't cause diseases, they're just beings protecting their own collective. If a few tourists cause ruin in a whole country, it's because the country was unhealthy in the first place, and was too malnourished to defend itself. The problem isn't bacteria, it's malnutrition. You have 10 times more bacteria cells in your gut than you have “you” cells in the rest of your body. But if you kill them... you die. Because they help you digest and make vitamins for you. Because they are your immune system... they are YOU!!! Everything else are still bacteria... but with different characteristics and specializations to help the collective become more than each individuals could on its own.

You are a society of bacteria.

You are not one person.

You are countless of different people with their own different skills, vital functions that every others benefit from, their own thoughts, they own feelings, their own needs.

Even if you only look at your brain. You don't have one brain, it'd be like saying that you have one lung because they are near each other, or just one hand because they are attached to your trunk.

You have 3 brains. One side specialized in rational and the other emotional thinking. And the back of the head specialized in automatic vital functions that don't require full awareness all the time, but can send messages as instinct and intuition. You perceive the world in many different ways, from many different perspectives. Because the truth in this world is endless, like a diamond with infinite faces. The possibilities are unlimited... so why would you limit your mind and others, when your mind is never limited. That's why you can feel conflicted between what your heart, mind and carnal desires want... because they are independent parts of different parts of the brain... they are from different people.

It's like many people in a swimming poll. They're all united in fluid with a boundary... but they are all different people.

This is what you are made of. Countless different people. A bacteria can be considered an unique creature... it's an unicellular organism... and that's what each of your cells are.

So the idea of wanting to make others all the same as you... is preposterous and against you. Because if we removed the beauty of diversity and difference from the world. You'd be nothing more than one blind bacterium in a puddle.

It's unique skills and opinions of countless different beings within you that makes you who you are. The cells that you were, are, and will be... cloning themselves into children and passing on their knowledge. I think that's why we dream... as one old brain cell dies, it tells its story to the new one... and we put all those stories together into a semi-erratic dream.

You are you thanks to your inner diversity and collaboration... so I wish you to see the futility of demanding everyone to be the same as you... because the wonders accomplished as a community by those bacteria doesn't only end with your whole being... but countless being can make an even bigger collective and help each other into creating wonders for the benefit of all. That's how we created a society. Some people put all their time and energy into learning healing skills, others grow your food, and others clothe you. We couldn't be as efficient and rich from diversity if we all did only things for our needs, or if we all did the same thing.

That's why people are born with different strength and weaknesses. You can't do an operation with huge strong hands. And you can't build a house with delicate dexterous hands. You can't win the super bowl with math and a frail body, but if you exercise all day you won't have enough time to study and master knowledge.

There is no one above others. Without garbage men, the streets would be filled with rotten things... with bacteria whose purpose is to cause decay to return to the earth so life can be born anew with plants. They are good bacteria... but if you get a bacteria whose purpose is to digest pieces of metal back into the ground... into your iron rich blood... it could decay your blood! Not because it's bad and wishes to kill you with tetanus or something, but because it's important purpose is incompatible with yours... he thinks you're invading him and simply fight for survival.

Poisonous mushrooms don't want to kill creatures. They clean the ground of toxins so different plants can survive and nourish others safely.

So difference should be understood and celebrated.

Sperm look like bacteria. All life forms are a colony of different cells working in harmony.

At our core, our atoms all look the same... they look like endless solar systems will electron turning like planets around the nucleus of an atom. You aren't just a person, you are a colony of countless different beings working in harmony, you are an endless universe made of star dust.

At the atomic level, quantum physics shows 2 different laws, that all possibilities happens at once... but only one if there is an observer. At the atomic level, we are all the same, all made of unlimited different possibilities. One is picked with our awareness, one is limited by our awareness... but it's more like our awareness that is limited by one, while all the other universes exists beyond our observation.

The world is limitless... but it shouldn't scare you, because so are you.

YouTube: What the bleep do we know? Down the rabbit hole. part 1
Part 4 explains quantum physics, that it's the realm of infinite possibilities... and that's what you are made of. What the bleep do we know? Down the rabbit hole. part 4 (at around 3 minutes) The conscious mind limits it to one possibility, but all the others still exist even if we don't see them.

Solar system and atom ~ we are all made of stardust ~ stop discrimination and abuse for difference

Atoms aren't exactly the same as solar systems, but if the infinitely big and the infinitely small look so alike... then everything is similar. Everything is made of atoms after all. So bond with others by focusing what makes you alike instead to wage war for what's different. Because we are all alike and all different with everything that exists, even the cockroaches, even the stars.

So don't reject difference, embrace it, because that's what you are made of, you owe everything that you value and love to difference itself... it's the essence of your very being, what allowed you to become you as a unique individual. "Difference" is who you are.

Judging, hating and punishing difference, just for being different, is as absurd as punishing our eyes for not being our legs.

Welcome difference as something that has the potential to enrich your life and make you even happier. Just because it's different doesn't mean that you can't enjoy it as much. Just like strawberry ice cream has the opposite color of pistachio ice cream; they can both be delicious, and even be enjoyed together. And together they unveil something entirely new, new possibilities, new joy. If ice cream can do that, imagine what collaborative friendship could accomplish.

United in our similarities, enriched with our differences.


Lisa Of Shades
27 May 2015

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