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Starving child - and you think you have it rough? Just feed well and it will pass!There is no death slower than starvation. It’s the one that will bring you the longest suffering and despair. As long as you're well fed, you should count yourself lucky. If you don't... then look at the shit you're putting in your mouth first!

If you were well fed, you'd be able to feel good even in adversity.

But if your body doesn't have its most basic needs, no joys will ever be able to make up for that torture.

Some people get dissuaded to kill themselves because they are afraid to end up in a fiery hell. But it’s not what stopped me. It doesn’t make any sense. Even if you go down in the lava in the center of the earth, you’re going to be in spirit form, a being of energy, so it’s not going to hurt you. (See the movie: Final Fantasy: The spirits within info at iMDb.)

Reincarnation, to live new experiences after bringing the ones you had to the whole, to the planet's spirit, makes more sense. I think your new body will probably be random…

I was way too scared to be reborn as a starving child in Africa to test that theory. Read "Six million children die of hunger every year". The photographer killed himself but he never tried to help instead, not even when he was in front of a collapse girl trying to get to the food distribution. Dumb ass.

I don't understand why people try to stay and make kids in a desert... I guess life is stronger than reason; and there's nothing else to do but fuck. But it doesn't only happen over there. It happens everywhere! Maybe even you are starving, right now! But your belly might be too full of cardboard, artificial flavor and white sugary SAND to notice this: you're a slave who's being screwed over, so that a handful can get rich off your agony, selling you cheap junk at high prices.

I can make a nutritious gourmet buffet for like 3$ and they ask 10$ in fast food restaurants!!! It's insane! The only time that you save there is the years that this empty poison is going to take off your life!!!

But you can still choose to live differently; you're free, even if you're brainwash to still behave like a slave!

Starving while being eaten by flies and worms sounds way more troubling than flames. Especially since I used to be cold all the time, before I got my anemia and hypoglycemia under control with good foods and supplements… So a blazing hell sounds cozy to me. Starving… would trigger my worst pains. Starving is the true hell and it happens while you are alive.

I feel so lucky to have an abundance of foods, even if a lot is artificial and stuffed with chemicals to trick us, to make way more profit… we can still choose real food that will make us healthy and happy. It only seems more costly, when you buy in bulk and make it yourself, it's actually much cheaper than junk. Especially since it fills you up... and considering the cost on your health and well being. Sometimes less is so much more.

And you get a healthy weight without torturing yourself with fads. If the diet is temporary, the results will be as well! You are what you eat. Your body reflects your lifestyle and how you treat yourself! Your brain and mind too!!! Tch, obviously.

Valeria Levitina is the thinnest woman in the worldBut when you choose to be bony at all cost, blindly loosing weight, including muscles, bone mass and even brain matter since it’s made of fat… That’s just plain wrong. That’s the real descent in hell. Slowly making your vital organs shut down as you have to cannibalize them to survive, eating yourself alive inside out, becoming the living dead... that’s not beauty, it’s repulsing!

If you want control over your life, then find balance. Going blindly in any direction isn’t control.

I know, I know, you’re just blindly obeying what some stupid ads told you, so you can be loved and accepted. But everyone is different, do you even know who you are trying to please!? Gay clothe designers at best... or old porn obsessed misogynists ("a person who hates, dislikes, mistrusts, or mistreats women.") they see women as objects, they don't care if you break, they'll just buy themselves a new one! ...and pedophiles at worst, who'll ask you to shave and starve until you have a flat chest like a little girl... denying you the right to blossom into a strong willed woman. If starving makes you weak and unable to think clearly, they're even happier! So easier to crush and dominate. It makes them feel so much better, they don't care if you suffer and die from it!

Women have it so rough and men will suffer from their own discrimination: Reasons for sex-selective abortion (wiki). We still have a long way to go, if you stay alive and fight, things will continue to change for the better. Together we can change the whole world; all you have to do is to at least start with your own mind!

You'll always have a reason to kill yourself, so why don't you try to find a reason to live! Make one for yourself! And FIGHT FOR IT!

Don't be a fool and stop to agree to bullshit!!!

Men won’t leave space for women, not even in careers devoted to them, and straight men aren’t going to be obsessed with make up and skirts, only what's under them. So designers are often gays… But it's taboo to put men in dresses, so they used starved women, because they lose their breasts and curves to look like men… Because THEY prefer men… which is perfectly okay until you torture and disfigure a woman. Just go for men.

Or worst... straight pedophiles who demand little girls who aren't developed because they can't stand up to a real women...

That's what they want and I don't think anyone should get it!

You shouldn't even try, don't even care about pleasing them!!!

It's not okay to torture women with starvation, even when it's self inflicted! Brainwashing people preying on their insecurities and desire to be loved is a crime. It doesn’t make anyone beautiful… it's just plain sick for both ends of the stick!

So unless you want to die the slowest death, don’t be fooled, don’t starve yourself.
Say no to junk and bullshit, it’s true that it's often better to eat nothing than poison, but eat; you have so many healthy options that will make you poop naturally! Eat the fiber and nutriments of vegetables. Eat life if you want to live.

Otherwise, there are much faster ways to disappear. But even if no one cares, even if people ask you to, you still can stay.

And enjoy yourself~!

That will show those assholes who’s the boss in your life!


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Lisa Of Shades
11 September 2013
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