Bananapoop ~ The "How to be less stupid" tutorial ~ This is not a banana tree!

Uncommon sense ~ How to suicide ~ Self sacrifice to Satan

Defined church - Satan is still proud of you!Buy a ceremonial dagger, on eBay or something, that screams "SATANIST!" with pentacles and stuff. Then sneak into church and on their ritual table, lie down. Open yourself from throat to crotch then stab yourself deep in the heart... if you don't pass out, that would be a great final touch. If you touch your chest in the middle, going down, you'll find where your ribs ends. Put the knife there and pushes up trying to reach the heart under as much as possible.

Laugh your head off thinking of the priest's face when he'll discover you; and the papers giving them a bad name. You'll do a public service scaring people away from those manipulative and abusive people. They had their chances; they screwed up too much for forgiveness.

But If you want to meet Satan, you don't have to die for it. Just go to church and shake hands with a priest. Or kill a bunch of people instead; he'll be way happier to meet you. Try pedophiles, they’re always fun to kill and no one cares; except maybe the church since it’s hard for them to find employees to suck god’s cock these days.

Those are facts, but feel free to be outraged at me anyway. That will amuse me even more!

If you're going to do a mortal sin, you might as well go all the way!

Defiled church table with corpse

Can you imagine the face of the priest who'll find you!? Ha! Priceless. Too bad you’ll be dead so you won’t be able to enjoy it, uh… But maybe it will scare him so bad that he'll never dare to molest a child again! Especially if you write "You're next!" Ah~ So much fun~ God works in mysterious ways~

If you can pull that one out, you either really want to die... or you should stop screwing up your brains with so many numbing drugs. Try vitamin C and magnesium instead. That sure makes me super high! Both in energy and mood.

But if you can hold on long enough to write all that with your own blood, try throwing some vital organs out all over the place for a more dramatic effect. I'd be really impressed if you manage that! If you can endure that much pain, then you might as well do it about whatever makes you wish to die.

Or not, but if you die, make sure you laugh hard during your last moments!

If you think I'm bad for wanting to survive by any means necessary, for a little photoshop fun, and for giving people what they want while making them notice that they're probably dumb asses for wanting it...

Read "Are our leaders criminals and satanists?"

You'll see why you should only rely on yourself, even if that's selfish and that Jesus wants you to be slapped twice, like a good little slave. Christianity took the bible and twisted it to control people, they're the real Satanists. No wonder they pray a lot, they're going to need a whole lot of forgiving for what they did to people, in god's name no less! Tch, they meant their own! They think they're god. Well, I'm my own too! No one’s going to make me live hell pretending that it's to save me! I can do that myself.

Actually Jesus tried to tell us that, to save ourselves, to deserve heaven and spread it around us by only doing things that we want to live... before we nailed him and said "Oh his sacrifice opened us the door to heaven" yeah right... how about "you shall not kill" Dumb asses... You think god cares now? After we killed his son? We're on our own!

Bring hell into their own turf. They won't find it so amusing anymore! HA!

It's all about control. Bush bombed his own tower to scare people into letting him play soldier and get rich. When you start figuring their shit out, they invent some new epidemic to distract you with terror. Vaccines are scams!

It’s not the bad guys that you should fear; it's the people pretending to have your own good at heart. That's just bullshit. Even if they mean it, it’s just for self gratification! I know! I used to do it! Now I’m way more honest with myself. If I ever give kindness, now it’s sincere.

Doing it blindly at all cost and for anyone, that’s just as arrogant as it is stupid. The best way to be abused to death. Just look at Jesus! I bet he didn’t struggle because he preferred to die than bear one more whiny person who wouldn’t try to help themselves!!!


Or if you want to die and will do it anyway, mess with the damn church!


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Church from combsorgan.
Guy from theguardian.
French Satanic dagger sold at icollector.
(But please don't sue me, I'm dirt poor
and already insane enough.)

Ah photoshop, you'll never cease to amuse me~
Can I go to hell for this?
I sure hope so!

Fuck you Jesus, I won't be a martyr too!
I'll defend myself. FUCK YOU!

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