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Uncommon sense ~ How to suicide ~ Provoking murder

Cop pointing gun at youI don’t mean walking in a dark alley, that will probably only get you raped. Even if it’s your fantasy I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s a huge difference between passionate angry sex with a cutie and being hammered by Godzilla, smelling like puke and shit.

No, what I mean is going on a happy killing spree until someone guns you down. That sure would help you vent all that bottled anger that makes you wish you were dead, but I think you should go easy in smaller doses, as the stupid people come, by telling people to shut the hell up and fuck off. More in my Health ~ Coping ~ Vent anger for balance & inner peace.

You can have more fun with a knife, an ax and a chainsaw... be creative! But pointing a gun at a cop will obligate them more convincingly to shoot you when you’re done with your fun.

Like I said in the Exploding way: starting to hunt down pedophiles discretely, until one of them kills you, would be a great way to improve the shitty world that we live in, and I’d really appreciate that. It would be a very useful way to die.

When I see teens go on a killing spree, I don’t have much sympathy for their victims. I’ve been bullied, harassed… terrified to step out of my home and I wished to die everyday… I wish they just hit me, but the repetitive mental attacks really destroyed me. I couldn’t even have friends or they’d be harassed too into oblivion… Think about how hard it is for you to declare your love to someone… well, I couldn’t or that person would be bullied until he rejected me, joined the bullies, and did worst than I ever had to bear. Being tormented by someone who hates you… I could deal with… But being tortured by someone who finally loved me… … …

*long silence*


I have… no pity… for their deaths. The people who did the bullying or mobbing weren’t the only guilty… the people who encouraged, laughed and looked the other way when they had the power to stop this… to stop something way worst than being beaten up and die… all criminals, even by inaction! You’re all fucking worthy of the hell that you participated into… Mine lasted decades… My own mom rejected me saying that life had to be fair and that I must therefore deserve it… so she joined in… My own mother… gladly using me as a punching bag for her bad breakups… because if the whole world was doing it, then it had to be okay, I had to be only good for taking hits… physically and worst… mentally.

And when I asked for help I was told that I was the problem… specialists told me that my personality (which simply adapted to cope and survive), my very identity as a person… was a disease… (WTF!!!???) Now that's some massive ignorance, abuse, discrimination and BULLSHIT! By the very people there, PAID, to help me... Tch!

Please… please… I beg you… don’t kill yourself… not when you have so many people who deserve to die WAY MORE than you ever will. And if you have to… Take them with you. Strangle them if you can’t find any weapons. Grab them by the hairs and smash their heads in the walls. They think they are so perfect, so deserving of everything... so they’ll be so surprised, when they’ll finally taste their own cruelty, that they won’t even defend themselves… their stupid brain will freeze thinking “It can’t be happening to me, I’m a good person!”. Mwahahahaha! Retards.

I saw people cry for their fellow students… thinking the murderer became crazy from movies and videogames… They kept me from killing people... as long as I watched them; I was out there taking my rage on someone. Seeing people pretend to die was vengeful enough; it appeased me and stopped me from going berserk!

You haven’t got a clue you stupid bitch! You think you’re hurt? You’ll forget your friend in a few weeks… What I had to endure from people like you… how it scarred me… what it turned me into… I’ll have to live with it for the rest of my life.

But I’m grateful. Thank you. Thank you so much. For turning me evil. For breaking me until I saw that I’m a person too! That I deserve my own efforts first! That you people don’t deserve my kindness. You’re the ones who deserve to die.

*Deep breath*

It might actually be the greatest way to die… you wouldn’t have to fight against your own survival instinct, you’d finally unleash it! All that powerful desire to protect yourself, to make people unable to hurt you, ever again… Spreading into the world, a vengeance darker than the black plague, a calamity with intent… sheer justice!

Ah~ That sounds like heaven itself to me~

Well, if you have to die from bullying, please do it this way… kill until someone guns you down… then drag yourself, shooting some more people, until they shoot you in the brain… like the zombie of rage that they all turned you into… with small random act of sheer cruelty, building up…

They poured their cruelly into you, mocking and destroying who you are, until there's nothing left but their own violence, exploding back at them. Then they wonder "why~ oh god why ~ why me~" Mwahahahahaha! I'm an empath, I can't help but feel other people's pain and care, and I don't even feel sorry for those people! Discriminating and treating like shit anyone remotely different from them! Even within their own race and gender... despicable, how can they be so full of loathing, it probably started against themselves. They must really deserve to suffer, if even I would enjoy to hurt them without a shred of guilt, oh yes they do~

But I don’t think that you should do it, as fun as it sounds. It wouldn’t last very long and then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything… since you’d be dead.

What I did is to discover myself and put myself first. I unleashed my survival instinct with a few rules that wouldn’t get me into more troubles, like jail, or killed… You really don’t need a gun to make people leave you the hell alone~ You can use your bare hands. If you believe that you are defenseless, you’ll be weak even if you’re a pile of muscle.

That’s why people will bully and abuse you, not because you deserve it but because you let them! The official reason is just a pretext. It’s the intent to hurt that makes someone dangerous, you could have a bazooka but if all you want is hugs, you won’t be much of a threat. But you don’t even need to strangle them with your bare hands, words are powerful weapons.

“The pen is mightier than the sword” and not just because stabbing an eye with it is way easier than stabbing a heart with a sword… It’s much more distressing too… but you don’t even need violence.

What you need is conviction!
If you tell them to fuck off without a care, coldly, like they’re insects… that won’t be fun… They’re trying to live off your emotions, your life force… if you freak out they’ll feel like they have power. Don't give them the pleasure even if it hurts you.

Smile especially if you want to cry. You'll look invincible.

Even if they end up thinking that you're crazy for not crying when you should. You'll show them true strength even if they're too stupid to understand! They're worst than retards, those just got unlucky, but cruel people are stupid by choice! They put their own head up their asses and refuse to see!

Kick them! Or even better, ignore them. They're unsightly.

Of course some people won’t stop trying no matter what. But they’ll have a harder time pursuing you if you push them down the stairs… and maybe they’ll break their neck and die~ They sure will think about it twice before harassing you… and you can say that it was an accident if you are close enough and do it discretely~ Hey at least you gave them a chance to live.

But my point is… if you stand up for yourself, if you have the utter will… they’ll be scared to mess with you.

You can try to do push ups, but not to gain strenght, but to see that you already had it all along!

You don't need muscle to bash their heads into the walls, the centrifuge force is more than enough if you take a good swing… and no matter how weak you are, after a few times, you'll damage and can even kill them. Just persist! You can accomplish anything if you do.

Doing push ups will teach you that, it will show you that you CAN do them, slowly doing more and more… you’ll be proud of yourself, you’ll see that you can accomplish anything you want anytime you choose to, if you persevere. It will open your mind and you'll ooze self confidence. Because even if you don't have a strength or a skill, you'll know that YOU CAN, eventually, if you choose! You can do anything else. I just picked that one because I'm a nerd and it's the complete opposite of my natural skills. If I could do 100 push ups in a row with my frail girly body, I really can do anything!

Just use the energy that you're wasting on self pity.

Make sure to eat right so your body and mind will be strong. Animals prey and eat the weak and sickly. Make sure it’s not you. Then it won’t matter as much if being a lone introvert nerd makes you an easier target… because their bullshit won’t affect you. You’ll know who you are. You’ll know how to defend yourself if they don’t leave you much of a choice…

Read on self defense at the hubbardtwppd cop site; my favorite is theThroat Strike.

The reason why the good guys triumphs in movies isn’t because they’re good. It’s because when you do something for fun, you’ll back off if someone kicks your ass hard enough, you'll think that exploiting others isn’t worth the gain… But if you fight to protect your very life, you won’t really have the choice to back down and let them kill you inside, you’ll fight with everything you have, your body will bring out strength reserved for survival… and unleash more power than humanly possible… someone who just want to bully you can’t challenge that… even if they’re stronger and beat you up, even if they win and shatter your bones, you won’t break. As long as you’ll have the will to protect yourself with everything you’ve got… you’ll be strong. As long as you stand up for yourself, even on your knees, they won’t be able to take away your dignity.

Find that will to live! Unleash it. It will be so powerful that a mere look will be enough to make someone back off! I can terrify men twice my size with a glare, even if they intent to harm me. The will to kill, an aura of death itself, also comes from the will to live, but choosing fighting instead of abdicating.

The will to die trying, to never stop defending yourself and your very life, even if it kills you.

That much resolve... is really intimidating.

There's no greater power than life itself, and you can make it your own!

Just find the will to live!

If you laugh harder than them and goof around, the mockery will be on your terms.

You don’t need to kill them to put them back in their places. You only need to see that you can. That you have the power over yourself and won’t ever give it away!

But that would be nice, isn’t it~ It would even traumatize a few cops, they sure love to make victims feel like they deserve it… and mock abused women...

They told me that guys couldn't possibly have assaulted me that badly, dragging me by the hairs and all... that it couldn't have happened to me, that I must be insane or on drugs... Assholes! I only called them for information about my duty for other girls; I scared them away when I showed them what might be my real psychopathic angry self! Hahaha! That probably discouraged them more than being slapped on the hand by some cop.

Those cops would have destroyed someone completely if they treated this way a sweet girl who got raped for it... They sure try a lot with I'm in a kind mood. What the cops did is way more awful than any criminals! At least those jerks do their rapist job properly! Don't judge you stupid cop; it's the jury's job. Yours is to take the suspect away. Do your fucking job you pig!

Hey, you could even kill a few cops with that method! More of them will always come to eventually kill you, even if they have to bring in a tank; that would be a funny death! So you can spare some to add to the fun.

Cops are supposed to be the best examples by representing the law... but they're just human... and some get that job to be in position of power and untouchable, protected by their buddies, while they do their crimes... One beat the hell out of his wife but was so loved at work that no one wanted to help the poor woman...

Tch. Wake up from your illusions people! You're on your own! But you DO have YOURSELF!

You're only as safe as you're willing to fight for yourself!


You have options. You can live the rest of your life with a smile telling jerks to fuck off. Or you can shoot a few and die gunned down with a hard and brief laugh. That sounds like the greatest fun, but if you add up all the joys that you’d get in the rest of your life, that would be greater than the joy of killing a few assholes… among so many... so it wouldn't make much of a difference, it'd be meaningless.

So don’t mind them, they’re worst than insects. At least worms return the death to the earth to help new life grow, and they aerate the earth, making tunnels to bring the water deeper so plants won't drown...

Maybe the purpose of those idiots is to provoke your drive for life to ignite... to let go of all the bullshit that is demanded of you everyday by other fools... and make you finally ask yourself:

What do YOU want to be happy? It's your life, that's what matters: Your opinion.


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Lisa Of Shades
11 September 2013
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