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Uncommon sense ~ How to suicide ~ Overdose

Pills are poison all the time This might be the most peaceful but perhaps also the easiest to save you against your will.

Since you want to fall asleep in the eternal slumber… I’d think of sleeping pills above all else. But you can use any poison… vermin killers or even drink bleach… but that would be way too painful.

Grains destroy your gut slowly, making you unable to feed your vital organs… it’s slow and agonizingly distressing (maybe that’s why you want to die…) so I wouldn’t take something that only destroys the gut to kill myself.

You want the poison to go in your blood and shut down the heart or something vital… Damaging your liver of kidneys wouldn’t kill you right away. Look at alcoholics, ethanol is a poison but it takes them forever to get this over with… slowly but surely though. But your whole point is precisely to stop the agony, so you’ll need something more radical.

Well, to stop the suffering, vitamin C does miracles... 2-4g for Adrenal Fatigue (see my health section), especially 10g when in pain, or much more if needed...

But to stop the heart, I don't know... heart medication most likely. Dumb Pharma. If it harms healthy people, I don't think it can really help the sick.

If it's just a cry for attention, you really don't want what they'll do to you. It looks invasive, suffocating, choking... You’d gag but they’d just push harder. Imagine a huge dick being forced way past your lungs... If you want to suicide isn’t that to avoid suffering? It doesn’t look very effective… If you like pain, find a dating site about BDSM or something. Take care of yourself, yourself, already! You're not a baby and you have limbs.

Stomach pump Stomach pump down the throat

Nicholas James Vujicic - Enjoying life without limbsIf Nicholas James Vujicic can say “I love living life. I am happy.” with great conviction, without any limbs, THEN SO CAN YOU! Read his story at lifetunez.

See him live to the fullest at YouTube: "What would you do if you have stumbled? Give up or get up?"

"It is in the middle of difficulty that lies opportunity"

"Our tribulations no matter how insignificant it may seem as compared to that of Vujicic are necessary in making us stronger at heart. It is only through hardships that we truly understand what joy is."

“Your attitude determines your altitude.”

"Life is more than sadness and difficulties, wealth and comfort. The real currency of life is that of our characters and its strength"

"instead of harping on our limitations, we should make the attempt to treasure the gifts we have been bestowed"

"embrace happiness, learn to let nothing stop you and live to the fullest."

If I was a dictator, my first reflex would probably be to kill people like him at birth, to preserve the integrity of our genetics, life is already hard enough. But thanks to him I humbly see that it would be a huge mistake. A perfect body is no guarantee of a great spirit. It's hardship that makes us stronger; trials are necessary teachers and can be positive, when we choose to learn wisdom from them. Loss doesn’t mean the end, but a new and often better beginning. He has more positive reach upon the world, guts and soul than many who think about suicide, and kill themselves, for way less than his daily struggles.

He should gross me out, but he has such a warm smile that I find him gorgeous~

That's the purest expression of gratitude and enjoyment~

SMILE DAMN YOU!!! The most important time to smile isn't when everything is easy and happy... but when you have too many reasons to cry. Smiling in adversity will lift your spirit! Happiness requires an effort, if you don't do so little, then you'll feel like hell even when everything is great. Make the effort to appreciate and enjoy! Eventually it will become natural, a second nature, and you'll attract it too.

He's at the mercy of everyone else... at least you can do everything yourself! You can fight, run, eat, wipe your own ass, and crawl in your own bed... Just sleep it will pass!!!

Poison pillBut you're free to choose who you want to be, and the best that you want to fight for. If your best is suicide, then REJOICE at least you have hands to open the bottle!

If that's really the best that you have to offer, then thank you~

But you probably just worked too hard and should rest now. But you don't have to die to sleep. Just turn off the phone and computer and put a notice on the door. "Wake me at your own risks~" The unknown scares the shit out of the people, it's the best threat.

But if you're sure that you want the sleep of the dead:

Don’t buy a dozen bottles of sleeping pills in one go at the same pharmacy, or it will raise a big red flag. They will probably call the police and not allow you to leave, even without any merchandise. Well, they probably won’t go that far, people prefer to look the other way and mind their own business. They have enough to deal with from their own crap without yours. But maybe you’ll meet someone who actually cares for a change, so that would get in the way of the plan…

You can buy one bottle from many places, far away preferably. Maybe the fresh air will make you feel better; it’s a nice adventure to go hunting.

A whole bottle might suffice, but I think they sell them small enough to prevent being sued for making suicide too easy. Maybe taking too many would make you throw up though… I like the number 3. Just roll a dice and buy that many bottles or something.

I saw a movie where the woman lied on her bed after taking many, and then she combined it with a paper bag. Not plastic to stop you from breathing, but paper. So she could still breathe but the carbon monoxide slowly builds up in the bag, enhancing the sleeping effect. Like hyperventilating people do, breathing into a bag, since it’s actually the balance of oxygen with CO2 that is natural, too much oxygen is just as bad for the brain as too little; unless you want to die.

So she went peacefully in her Sunday’s best. It was almost poetic, it made me cry. But it’s a movie, so you probably will throw up, panic right before you sleep, perhaps feeling as if you fell through your body, bed and floor… and call an ambulance yourself

Then they’d shove tubes down your throat, pump out your stomach, and lock you up staring at you like a weird animal for a while.

I’d rather live free…
but feel free to try. If it really was easy, then wonder why so many people get pumped and survive…

I guess even the easiest of the easier isn’t easy either.

(And now I just broke my rule to avoid using the same word over and over, like an illiterate, but that was funny~)

My experience with drugs

South Park - Drugs are bad - People are worst!When I noticed that my survival instinct outsmarted me no matter what I did, I thought of dying of an overdose of recreational drugs. Some people do by accident… So I thought of starting with pot and slowly move down the drain.

I had a blast! But not because of the drug, because I let go! I stopped trying to control everything and everyone and just enjoyed myself with nature.

Many people think that they can’t have fun or have courage without some substance. But once you do just once, you can recreate the feeling at will! Just pretend you’re stone or drunk! You'll get in happy mode~ Who’s going to know?

Maybe those wanting to sell you that shit… they're not going to like you for not being exploitable. But you can have just as much fun, if you just decide to and the heck with what people will think. They're full of bullshit themselves anyway!

I stopped because when I was drunk I was a way easier target for sexual abuse, always make sure that you can still stand up and run for your life. People won't find you as cool, but again, it will be because they won't be able to take advantage of you. Which is way cooler for your sake.

Unless you don't mind being raped and murdered by someone really gross if it can be your ticker out of life... but that's a horrible way to die... the price is way too high. And they could choose to lock you up in their basements for years... selling you to old vicious men night after night... Not a good way to throw your life away.

That won’t be fun for you!

What is so bad about drugs is that it impairs your judgments and you throw yourself mindlessly in even more bullshit, trying to run away from it.

The company of junkies is even worst. A desperate slave who'd be ready to do anything for his master... even sucking cocks to get the money to get a fix even though he's not even into them... freaking gross... but dangerous when they'reafter you and your stuff...

My so called friends stole my stuff, to resell it and buy themselves drugs! The little I had to enjoy when I was dirth poor, they even hit me and tried to get me raped.

They never shared when they had some drugs, but claimed for mine when I had it… They didn’t do drugs because it was fun anymore… but because of the withdrawal, they couldn’t find the courage to live through it! So they kept going back to the poison even when they didn't want to anymore. It was controlling them… all their life turned around finding their next fix…

A friend on mescaline cried, threw up and worst when she was out of drugs… Not because her life was sad… but because her body was trying to get rid of the poison and it hurts. When you take it again, ironically, it stops the healing process, so you have the illusion of relief, when it only poisons you even deeper. Allergens do that to. So if you crave something compulsively… it’s messing with your brain badly. Don’t get fooled, sugar is just like cocaine…

People really get messed up worst, if they try to feel better by trying to force their body instead of actually healing it.

So if you do take drugs, make sure it kills you quick. Don't do it for fun, or you could get trapped...

It did teach me to let go and to choose myself some rules... But be careful because it took me more than a year of wanting it everyday, almost banging my head on walls, because I missed it.

But when I truly BELIEVED that drugs wouldn't help me, that it would even make things worst... I didn't want them anymore, because I knew that I didn't need them.

I went for other things, completely guilt and bullshit free~

Look further, you'll find your happy ways too.

Learning the hippy ways helped me because I was trying to control what couldn't be, and this attitude could only make me feel distress. But I also suffered greatly from the people who fell for the other extreme: doing anything anyhow without even trying to control their lives or themselves… We all need to find balance.

All that bullshit was really motivating to stop, but the reason why I did was so unexpected that I was taken aback:

I knew that pot wouldn’t kill me, so my body didn’t resist much. But one day I had a trauma and I wanted to go to the next level. I wanted to start doing chemicals: mescaline. Even if I knew how badly it was destroying my friend, physically and mentally. I was counting on it!

Then it hit me… A vision that, for me, was god.

I visualize characters to represent and communicate with different parts of my brain… it allows me to argue face to face with my emotional, rational and now even primal side, since they don’t always agree… My reason is represented by a male. He comforted me when even my own mother denied me love, prefering to use me as a punching bag, the worst was the mental attacks... But he always smiled at me, from the depths of my heart. Always~ Everyday, for more than a decade...

So what I saw... is a vivid flash... is this warm and loving man... crying…

My guardian angel, my god, my inner self was crying… begging me not to do this… not to kill myself with drugs. Begging me to live...

Seeing cry for the first time what was the incarnation of kindness and love itself for me... was my wake up call.

I never, ever, touched drugs again.

That’s how much I love him, how much he matters to me, how much I’m grateful to him.

And he's simply a part of me…

You don’t need to win the lottery or be famous to treasure and adore something, someone or yourself. The people who actually have those things are often even more miserable than you are… because life balances itself out… The more you have… the more you have both joys and problems from it too. The bigger it is, the bigger both of its sides are!

If you love someone… don’t make them cry…

If you love yourself… stop thinking about how to hard yourself, and start thinking about how you can make the pain stop.

That’s what you actually want.

Just find a reason to enjoy life.

If you don't love yourself, start NOW.
You don't need a reason or anyone's permission... all you have to do is to feel it. Just let go, allow yourself, and love yourself in spite of everything. Just do your best, and no matter how much you'll trip and fall as you try to walk forward, which is perfectly natural, you'll have no reasons to feel shame.

The official price of something doesn't make its worth. As long as you cherish something or someone, if it means something for you, then it HAS value. It doesn’t even have to be proven real… I have a great time watching animes, and people find solace in Gods or other imaginary friends.

Cherish your life, and it will have worth!

What matters is simply to enjoy~ To cherish~ To live.

If not, if you really just want to die, then roll a dice, and go buy that number of sleeping pill bottles.

A big glass of water, and you’re all set~

Life can be even simpler if you simplify it~


Psychiatric drugs are the worst deadliest bullshit ever

If you're going to take drugs... please take vitamins, they're not, so they're going to really fill your needs. But if you really want to mess with your body with things that he doesn't need, smoke pot, at least it's natural. But burning life to death won't put life into your body... so chew it raw or something... or eat greens, they'll be tastier. It sure makes me feel awesome!

Don't trust psychiatry, they're the worst pushers. Being endorsed by the governement is more surpicious, not reassuring... Read my page Health ~ Conspiracies~ Folly of psychiatry.

Or this page I found looking for pictures:
Psychiatric and Anti-Psychotic Drugs: Psychiatry damages people

Suicide story:

Betrayal, it even happened to Jesus. Fight & start yourself a religion The great artistic image was from this article Pregnant teenager commits suicide after BOYFRIEND denied responsibility at kenyan-post.

That's really harsh, really heartless. But if you weren't prepared to get pregnant you should have said no to sex. Or something like "Hey, I have the oven and I'm not ready to cook you a baby!" or "Hey, I have the gate to paradise here, I DECIDE who comes!"

You owe nothing and have nothing to prove. You don't need to deserve anything, you have the all mighty vagina. You have the power, oven men, and of life itself! Use it wisely.

Obviously saying yes to be used as a sperm dumpster didn't get you the love and affection that you were hoping for, even in a relationship. Love doesn't conquer all; it's just another thing to deal with that can go very wrong!

People don't treat you bad because you're too fat or not slutty enough... people do ONLY because they are JERKS! There's nothing you can do about what's in their hearts! NOTHING! Just take care of your own.

When you're treated bad, use it as an opportunity to demand more respect in the future, knowing that no one deserve this can actually help your self esteem. if you choose that angle instead. Revolt. Kick his balls. Get a DNA test!!! MAKE HIM PAY!

She could have aborted or gave the baby in adoption... or met a new life face to face and found her purpose in her baby. It was finally her chance to get unconditional love, at least for a few years when being well fed is all that matters to us (we should keep thinking this way), and she missed it.

People kill themselves every time they get aggravated...

Way too hasty.

Take a deep breath... and THINK!

Who knows maybe I'm immune because I suffered all my life... People who have it easy chicken out even more; they don't know how to handle something slightly bad because they were pampered so much all their lives. Bathing in pain killers from the moment they started to grow their baby teeth. Pathetic.

But yeah, a baby is a huge responsibility, and being dumped for it is really harsh. Still, think before you fuck, you could get fucked! No kidding... She should have seen it coming.

Of course she had a severe emotional shock, plus the parasite feeding off her, she probably had severe Adrenal Fatigue (see my health section)... But just rest and take care already!

You'll get through anything if you give yourself some times and a chance!

But damn. Get over yourselves. They're called feelings. They changed for the worst and they will change again for the better.


(My coping section: Grief phases and Vent anger for balance & inner peace)

Yes it's despicable and I'd rather die than be treated like this... that's why I don't let people fuck with me!

You want the right to choose the baby? It should be BEFORE the cock gets into you! After that expect one any minutes. Dumb asses. "Com'on, it will be fun~" Yeah right.

Maybe it's for the best, there's enough morons into the world... 2 birds with one stone... too bad the guy is still alive. It's probably better for the kid. One less that will suffer from really stupid parents, with their heads up their asses.

Kids, don't take the shit from your parents too personal! See how they're the ones who are fucked up!

Still, it's freaking horrible... pregnant with a baby... just kill the kid with an abortion and live... or throw him in a dumpster if you have to act like a moron... well, it would be a lesser evil! That would still be an improvement...

Or at least castrate the guy first, before killing both of you! Or even better: the 3 of you, a great happy dead family. Together forever eaten by worms! Really disgusting...

Well, if you're eating for two and want to die, make sure to take pills for two too. I guess in the end she finally did something right, too bad it was killing herself and the kid.


Betrayal: it's shit, and shit happens. Just flush and move on.

Rejoice~ It can't happen again for the next 9 months, because you're already pregnant!

It could have been worst; he could have given you a STD, especially HIV & AIDS (My most traumatizing article after the suicide section.) That's for life, but becoming pregnant, at worst you only have to endure the kid for only 18 years. It's only 1/4 of your life... as many days as you spend menstruating, but all in one shot.

I think I just made it sound worst... well, that's what you get for doing unprotected sex and not even taking the pill properly. But even both can't stop life for sure... so yeah... think before you screw, or you could get screwed!

Enjoy anyway somehow... I'll find a way... I always do. Or I'll forget in 5 minutes... when my brain will reboot.

Ouh! I have blueberries to eat! (There you go!)


Jedi Jesus from newdimensiongames.
Athame from jksalescompany.
Quote mixed with them from my brain.

Lisa Of Shades
6 September 2013

Overdose on antidepressants, death is all they're good for

If you are depressed and want to die for sure, then go see a doctor and he'll gladly almost force feed you antidepressants, without even testing you for physical ills that cause depression, such as low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and low thyroid (hypothyroid, which happen to help your adrenal glands rest, don't take synthetic hormones or they'll shrink even worst) and many, if not all, vitamins and minerals...

So get antidepressants, but don't take them. Hide a pill everyday. Probably not under your mattress because your mom could find them, on the floor under the last drawer after removing it is probably overused... Get creative for once in your life...

Get maybe 3 refill... should be enough, one bottle probably isn't, they usually limit the amount of pills in any bottles for this reason...

Then take them all in one shot. That should kill you if you don't throw up.

Or take them as prescribed... they'll kill you or make you wish you were dead even more. Healthy happy people volunteering for their trials died... the RDA approved it anyway, I guess death is healthy for us... More about this in my Depression section.

With help like this, who need to live on in a society like this.

If you wan to take antidepressants to feel happy, make sure you really love being depressed because they cause depression too. Great product to keep customers until they die... from the poison.

Try an OD on magnesium instead; probably impossible but you'll most likely laugh your head off, pooping at worst... sounds like a funnier party. They're vital to make neurotransmitters. Vitamin C is to handle stress. But feel free to take antidepressants instead, if you're sure that you don't want to feel better, ever.

Enjoy your death~

About the guy without limbs again... if I had someone kindly clothing me, taking me to places, feeding me, bathing me, putting me to bed and cleaning my shit... Maybe it'd be easier to be happy too... But that's also why they probably usually die... Yet it sounds like an utter nightmare... You can even choose to die...

Well, I can't really do it either. At least I don't have to bear my monster of a mom for the rest of my life. Good riddance, bitch. I can't die, and I can't kill you according to the law even if self defense could have made it understandable back then, but I sure as hell don't have to tolerate her in my life just because she shat me by accident because she was too stupid to use protection or get an abortion. Maybe she never wanted me, but I want myself... Maybe I don't want society right back at its rejection, but I actually like life.

If it's not in my existence, then it's as good as gone. Get rid of what torments you... punch people in the throat and kick them in the nuts, if you're not laughing your head off by then, you can always kill yourself knowing that at least you showed those jerks before you go.

Enjoy~ You only die once, unless you're Jesus or an asshole resurrects you. Make sure to put a "Do not resuscitate" in your suicide note. They never cared about your wishes when you were alive so don't hold your breath once you're dead... you don't have to, you're dead! Or are you~~~ Maybe you’re just out of the matrix… waking into an even shittier world where you have no hairs and have to eat porridge for the rest of your life.

Or trapped outside of time in an echo of your life, especially the shittiest last moments... makes burning in hell sound warm and cozy.

Or there's nothing, no point in life, and you might as well stop trying to be perfect and please everyone and have some fun~ By fun I don't mean booze and orgies like ads tells you... but stuff that you like... no matter how dorky it is... like... the stuff you like to do but don't know yet, because some people told you that you should enjoy their shit instead, that even themselves don't like, because some other fool told them they should. Fun uh~ So... Forget that shit.

Enjoy your own~

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Lisa Of Shades
21 November 2013
Edited to put more about Nick Vujicic:
21 February 2014
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