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  • 10 most horrible and awful way to die at aspundir.
  • Suicide methods at wikipedia.
  • Suicide, read this first at metanoia. Not a tutorial but might help hope. "Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain." Interesting view, but the right to express them would be a must.
  • Killing Me Softly: FM/CFS & Suicide at cfidsselfhelp. Actually the root cause of fybromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome is actually adrenal fatigue... from stress. But maybe they have some ideas if I saved that page. Check my Adrenal Fatigue section in health.
  • 99 Little Known Facts About Suicide
  • CONNECTICUT OPINION; 'Your Children Are Calling to You for Help' A very eloquent explanation by a teen about pain, depression, self harm and suicide. How "often become this way as a result of factors like bad family situations, emotional problems, chemical imbalances and poor nutrition. It has been found that a lot of my problems are increased by a hormone deficiency and hypoglycemia." and laughing at someone's pain, forbidding people to express how they feel and call for help when they need it... push children, who aren't ready nor supposed to take care of themselves on their own... over the edge. Sending them away from home to be locked in hospitals don't make better parents or teachers... and this careless neglect is one of the problem making this deep distress so prevalent in society.
  • Suicide booth from futurama. 25 cent (cheaper than a phone call!)

Suicide for austere times from wealthfair

Keep Britain tidy - logo of man putting paper in trashDole cheque? Why not help our economy and “check out” instead?
Here’s a handy DIY guide to killing yourself…and remember, failure is not an option. It ties up valuable public resources that are best reserved for those most deserving.

ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF SUICIDE: Please remember that by eliminating yourself you are putting the Great back into Britain. And that you are British. Care must be taken to not inconvenience anybody. Always remember to pin a polite note to your clothes explaining your sacrifice for the health of our economy. Starting it with “terribly sorry to interrupt, but…” will be most appreciated.

If hanging won’t put anybody out, then it is a very final way of checking out. Drowning is very peaceful and relatively no-fuss. Over-dosing can be rather tidy but do ensure you take enough so as to properly snuff it…otherwise you’ll only be a burden to the NHS. The same goes for suffocation, hypothermia and electrocution.

Please refrain from throwing yourself in front of trains or traffic - it interrupts the working day and you will be harming capitalism. Throwing yourself out of a window or off a cliff may be final, but do please consider the burden and cost of having to clean up after you. The same goes for slitting one’s wrists, shooting oneself or blowing oneself up. Remember…your mother does not live here….

Kick the bucket, just don’t make a noise.


Arg! This section is finally over!!!

If I see another suicide picture, I'm going to claw my eyes out!

You didn't have to spend countless hours, days, on research and writing thinking about it... but I hope that you feel the same! Otherwise, now you know how to kill yourself... or people.

I worked on it 12h a day for almost 10 days. I
slept non stop for 2 days to catch up to that exhaustion. I swallowed 5g (5000mg) of vitamin C to ease the pain. It worked wonderfully.

How about trying that first?

I'm free! FREE! I'm so happy to be alive and in one piece!!!


Lisa Of Shades
14 September 2013
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