Bananapoop ~ The "How to be less stupid" tutorial ~ This is not a banana tree!

Uncommon sense ~ How to suicide ~ Images only

I'm a misanthrope (hater of humanity) of course I'm going to make a suicide tutorial! It might be against common sense, but look at the name of this section~

An image is worth a thousand words, so let's put them all in one page without the text.


Verify the goal

Emergency exit, body's alarm will sound. Falls and shrieks. Edit: Lisa of Shades

If it's from a nutritional deficiency, just nourish yourself properly.

Peacock made of vegetables and fruits

If it's actually to end a problem, yes, you can solve it instead.

Man holding a light bulb above his head

If it's to end the pain, you can help your body heal.

Knives are for killing carrots

If it’s a cry for attention, love and take care of yourself already!

Man hugging himself

If it's that you "can't take it anymore" you can rest and learn to cope.

Man meditating with 2 middle fingers up - credit to Mega

If you want to die for the pure sake of dying, then go ahead, kill yourself.

Grim reaper skull

Kick the bucket~

Emo goth kid kicking a bucket

Read: Verify the goal


Waiting for death

When you fail at succeed , I guess you suceed at life and can simply wait for death, and throw everything that makes you wish you were dead away.

Clock on wrist (photoshop)

Read: Waiting for death


Wrist slitting

It's "down the road" not "across the street" do something right for once

Carotids front view Bloody bath Wrist slashed to the bone

Cut wrist - wrong electric razor

Read: Wrist slitting


Gun shot

He is still alive, bearing the pain! This could be you.

Failed gun suicide - missing half his face

AJ failed gun suicide Failed gun suicide - face not functional

Failed shotgun suicide drooling Man's face cut in half from a gunshot

Gun in bath - Bloody mess all over - Eye about to fall

Read: Gun shot



Pisanello painting - 2 executed men by hanging Tree – man hang - kid balance

Kenny from South Park dead masturbating Hanged cat

Read: Hanging



Suicide - car - gas

Read: Asphyxiation


Jumping off a building

Wind in face pushing the flesh around painfully

Paralyzed but happy, accomplished and realizing his dreams.
Feel free to give up because it's too hard for you~

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking enjoys zero gravity

Read: Jumping off a building



Sad frog - tried drowning myself in the lake, but I'm an excellent swimmer

Read: Drowning


Getting hit by a vehicle

Train suicide - decapitated Train suicide - cut in half vertically

Amputated legAmputated shredded leg

Read: Getting hit by a vehicle



Pills are poison all the time

Stomach pump Stomach pump down the throat

No limbs but happy and encouraging others!

But feel free to feel discouraged, powerless and useless; especially if you have four fine limbs to reach for what you need and kick what you don't want.

Nicholas James Vujicic - Enjoying life without limbs

Poison pill South Park - Drugs are bad - People are worst!

Betrayal, it even happened to Jesus. Fight & start yourself a religion

Read: Overdose


Freezing to death

The Shining (Movie) Jack Torrance Farting and shit affects people around

Shit happens, farts spreads, take a deep breath, hold it and move on!
If you can't because you're at the mercy of someone even stupider, running away into the cold is an option.

Read: Freezing



Woman burning in agonizing pain

man tied and burned alive screaming

Stop this massive bullshit. Unless it's a pedophile or a psychiatrist. Those criminals deserve that hell. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID! If not, you're not that bad... maybe.

Read: Burning



Taking bath with radio and googles


Psychiatry damages your brain - torture isn't a cure

This is why killing psychiatrists is going to be one of my running "jokes". Nothing is ever for your own good unless you do it yourself for yourself, after doing research on the consequences, and being ready to bear them, if they don't outweigh the good half. But this shit is just plain bad!

Read: Electrocution



Starving child - and you think you have it rough? Just feed well and it will pass! If you think that it's beauty and choose this, you seriously need to eat fat. Your brain is made of it and it's seriously rotting away!

Valeria Levitina is the thinnest woman in the world

Read: Starving



Fireworks and body parts

Try not to kill someone decent in your random murdering, they're so freaking rare.

Read: Exploding

Provoking murder

Cop pointing gun at you

Feel free to kill some cops too, they're just human so they probably did something awful anyway, like mocking and blaming an abused woman, some beat up their wives too. Even pedophiles. They're so many that more will come back, all the more motivated to gun you down dead. Being killed by a tank would be funny. Everyone deserves to die, so you probably do. But it doesn't make you special. Feel free to live like the other fools.

Read: Provoking murder


Hit by an ambulance

You might as well make it ironic and fun~

Jump original from etherealwellness - Gored by Lisa of ShadesAmbulance original from clipartlord - gored by Lisa of Shades

Read: Hit by an ambulance


Jellyfish poison

Jelly fish
irukanji smallest jellyfish

Read: Jellyfish poison


Hang yourself with a bungee cord

Put the bungee cord at the throat and jump

If you fail to break your neck, bounce and bounce again, that will kill you eventually. The strangulation might take longer though.

Read: Hang with a bungee cord


Self sacrifice to Satan

Defined church - Satan is still proud of you!

Defiled church table with corpse

If you write "you're next" maybe that will scare a couple of pedophiles into stopping, try not to die until you're done writing it with your own blood. Finish what you start for once in your life.

Read: Self sacrifice to Satan


Death by cat

Wet cat clinging to faucet

Read: Death by cat


Eaten by cannibals

Picnic with Hannibal. No need to bring your fork and knife... because you'll be the meal!

Picnic with Hannibal. No need to bring your fork and knife.

Read: Eaten by cannibals


Extreme ironing

Extreme ironing bus

You might as well get into an accident with a school bus and kill a bunch of kids while you're at it. They're probably the spawns of more morons anyway.

Read: Extreme ironing


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Lisa Of Shades
14 September 2013
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