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The Shining (Movie) Jack TorranceThat one is tragic...

Elderly people sometimes wander out in the middle of the night and end up freezing to death.

People dismiss and mock them, thinking that they were just senile and not knowing what they were doing.

But I've done this when I was just a little girl... I knew that I would die, I didn't, but I sure was longing for it.

I was so abused both mentally and physically, and even sexually... I was trying desperately hard to make it stop by trying to deserve better, but I always did! I was trying to please, living only for others, when I should have taken care of myself.

Being good at all cost only made it worst! Only revolt and selfishness made that hell stop! I wasn't a carpet that you could walk over unpunished anymore.

Being kind to mean people only reward and encourage them. You become an even more defenseless and easy victim. If people can get the easy way ripping and crushing someone for their own gain, most people are assholes so they will. You can try to be a better person, please do, but don't tolerate people's shit or you'll be turned into a public dumping ground, opening the door to bullying and mobbing... As much as people enjoy that sadistically, that's no way to feel appreciated!

It will only make you very cruel to yourself! So be good to yourself first, and don't try to please others at your own peril. People are ingrates, they have plenty of reasons to be pleased already! If they're not, there's nothing you can do about it. They nurture bitterness and it's their problem to live with.

We reap what we sow in our own hearts. The rain just make the crops stronger.

How people threat you have NOTHING to do with your worth or what you deserve. It's about what was in the people's heart and their will...Even your God won't try to change that, so don't even try. Just do your own best, for yourself, someone will find a way to love and hate you no matter what you do, good or bad as well.

People will call you bad and selfish to black mail you into becoming their slaves. Don't fall for their abuse. Of course share if you are in a relationship with a loved one. If you never return anything, they'll end up empty and whiter away... You'll loose what you love in them even if they stay.

Bullies have to be very weak and pathetic to prefer to make someone even more miserable than they feel, than have the guts to do anything about themselves and their situation... They don't even deserve the time of day, so certainly not your care or for you to redefine your own worth for them... Tell them to shut up with disdain and ignore them.

There's a whole lot of that with the elderly... no matter how senile they could be, they'd still feel the cold and step back in the shelter... but they choose to die in the gutter, because they are threaten even worst than stray dogs.

They can have their most basic needs and dignity denied, like getting washed, or have their money stolen... when they worked hard to the bone to earn it, so they'd would be safe during their old age, and worked so hard they they're too sick to take care of themsleves now... Now that's harsh...

If you are a child, please hold on... you won't be at their mercy forever. When you'll be old enough to be independent and work legally, put them all behind you forever without a even word. Until them just pity them and learn from their horrible mistakes towards you. They're just foolish humans. Being older doesn't make them right, it should make them more mature and responsible, but we're not in an ideal world.

Don't accept this, ever.

Try to ask for help, but only count on yourself. Child services are bad... I've been in a foster home and I felt like a cash cow... but at least no one abused me even if it was far from warm... but some are.

If your daddy forces you to suck his pathetic cock, then be a bad girl and bite down! I'll be very proud of you. You might get slapped around, but he sure will hesitate before raping you again.

The police are in denial and will rather believe obvious cheesy lies than a horrible truth...

People wrongly will try to blame you to:
  • Avoid sharing your pain to protect themselves by denying you sympathy and compassion.
  • Hold on to the lie that we live in a just world where we get what we deserve.
  • Feel safe believing that it can't happen to them, because unlike you, they're SO fantastic... But that makes them monsters!

Don't believe that shit!!! No one deserve this!

But expect people to be that stupid, and even to make it worst even if they try to help... A simple hug can go a much longer way...

Farting and shit affects people aroundSometimes shit just happens because someone needed to take a dump, and had a terrible aim.

The smell of farts spreads, it's just the natural ways of life~ Try to have a better impact in the world but:

Don't worry about it.

I asked for help but the guilty said to the rescuer, in my face: "Oh don't believe her, she's insane." If I was it was from the abuse! Children who suffer grow mature extremely quickly, that sure destroys any fantasies, even when you try to escape in one all day... you know more about reality than anyone.

A cop even accused me of being a delirious junky or mentally ill because he refused to believe how badly I've been sexually assaulted out of the blue by strangers. 4 times in the same day!!! I was wearing a long medieval dress that covered my entire body, ankles, wrists and neck. I didn't look like a slut but like a classy princess. I was going to a special event.

People don't understand that porn actresses agree and are paid BEFORE the movie and you can't do that to someone! Not without having your throat punched or eye stabbed with a pen! Read on self defense at the hubbardtwppd cop site; my favorite is the Throat Strike.

I got dragged by the hairs and groped painfully hard by force... The cop refused to believe that it was possible, but he did psychological violence himself, it was so bad that it was hard to believe. It was worst than the abuse, because they were PAID to protect me, not make it worst.

I only called them to have information about my rights and what I should do, I didn't want it to happen to someone else. But I did the right thing, I got angry. I glared with the intent to kill and that alone made one of them run for his life. A firm "let go of me" worked for another, being polite only made him laugh.

Hatred has its purpose: to save yourself from harm, not to harm innocents.

Protect and defend yourself by any resources and any means necessary. But only expect it from yourself and do it.

The way out is coming... hold on to the thought that no one deserves this and soon you'll be free. Make sure to have the conviction that you refuse to accept that shit, or you'll fall right back in it with someone else... we go for what is familiar even when it's horrifying. Don't be scared to be a little lost for a while until you discover what you really need.

If it gets really bad you can always kill them in their sleep with a hammer. People will think you're crazy...

But there's no videogames or movies like this... Horror movies made me discover my passion for biology and medical research! Romance movies make me want to shoot myself out of loneliness, because there's no way it can happen in life, not like that, not that cheesy. Couples are a cooperative. You bring in the strength of both, but also the problems of both… you help each other, but also cause each other issues. And that’s the best case scenario… A couple is just one more thing to deal with, not a magical solution for all things.

But watching someone pretend to get sliced and diced with a chainsaw, with impressively realistic sculptures, I then look at my existence and think "Hm, my life isn't so bad after all..." When I want to kill someone with an ax, it's because they messed with me bad! But if I let my anger out and put them back to their places with simple words, I'm good.

Movies are not to blame and wanting to be safe either... abusive people are. Self neglect makes it possible. You and I will know... that there are far worst tortures than being murdered. But it's a last resort, there's other ways to defend yourself before that. Believing firmly that you don't deserve people's shit, or don't want it either way, is a great start. Not spreading shit around you is the best way to change that the word, you'll at least change your own. Don't fill your head with crap, even if you like it, or at least balance it with something else.

Don't kill your parents if they punish you for doing something stupid that will harm you if they don't break the habit... Or for making it harder for them, when they could really appreciate your help taking care of your home too. Sometimes it's hard to know that we're hurting ourselves, we need to take a few steps back to see. Others might be able to notice that the worst is coming before you; punishing you could be the only way to spare you learning it the hardest way. Sometimes love needs to be hard on you.
Some of the things that I had to do to save myself broke my heart, but it was necessary.
Letting your kids eat nothing but cake to stop tantrums isn't love, it will kill them slowly and painfully. Saying no and even spanking can be necessary to spare them that pain. But it has to be done in a constructive manner or it will just make it worst.

It's best to explain and reason first.
People can't know unless you tell them your needs and the impact their actions actually have on you. "Hell was paved with good intentions" they're no guarantee or a good result, you need to open your mind to the idea that you could be wrong, but doing your best is a great start to find out how to do it right.

It's hard to be a child, yet you'll grow towards better times. Your whole life awaits you and is full of mysteries, which can be a great inspiration of hope and despair; you choose how you welcome your own future.

But when you're an elder... it's the end of the line. Your health probably won't get better, you'll get more used up and sicker... so you'll be weaker and even more at the mercy of vultures... There are services and organizations for help against abuse... you can at least try. The shame doesn't belong to you and they must be brought under an accusing eye. And if worst come to worst, even a denture can be effective to bite the hell out of those bastards... you worked too hard for this shit, it's supposed to be your well deserved rest.

But don't treat employees like slaves who owe you to obey on command, or you'll bring their vengeance upon yourself. Or they will accumulate it with a smile and it will end up exploding on someone else... It might be why it happened to you... so try to have compassion for them to break the cycle and not let it affect you too deeply. Don’t take it personally if you really didn't hurt their feelings first. People have bad days and can be desperate. But still, don’t let that person make it worst for both of you.

If you did something wrong, try to ease their pain with an apology. It's no magic word, yet kind feelings can be; but not always. They can even make it worst with bad people, but the good ones deserve a try, and it's the only way to ascertain which one they are.

Be respectful and grateful, you'll enjoy everything more!

It doesn't matter if they win, don't make it easy. Stand up to them, for yourself, even in a wheel chair or bed ridden; even if you "fail" (since they'll probably keep trying; because you can't change the fact that they're assholes) that will be good enough to keep your dignity.

You have my deepest empathy.

From "Elder abuse, or the abuse of older adults, is often defined as any act or omission that harms a senior or jeopardizes his or her health or welfare. The World Health Organization defines abuse of older adults as “a single or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring in any relationship where there is an expectation of trust that causes harm or distress to an older person”. Elder abuse can take place in the home, in other residential settings, or in the community. It is estimated that between 4-10% of Ontario’s seniors experience some type of abuse."

But if you take into account the intimidated silences and people's denial even when reported... there are way more. Abuse is omnipresent in the world for everyone.

You have to FIGHT to make your own place and to keep it.

Or you'll be left out in the cold...

Well, feel free to wait until winter or buy a giant freezer... maybe you'll fall asleep peacefully.

But I tried that to give the mercy of euthanasia to my sick fishes... They had an expression of distress and horror in their ice cube... I tried to drop them in freezing cold water to make it faster, thinking that it was the tiny cup and dark freezer that pained them. But they became tense under the shock, with painful spasm trying to move... and died struggling until the very end. It was heart breaking. As long as they fight for life, I let them live. Somehow, even a deadly sickness is less awful than dying...

Freezing is a slow and sad death.

But I can still make it funny:

Try freezing yourself in a meat refrigerator. Maybe you'll get confused for a cow/pig and it will improve the taste of fast food "ham"burgers. (They're never ham, how suspicious!)

Ha! Joke's on you!

Mc Soylent.

Watch the movie Soylent Green (1973), it's made of people for people.

Oh hell someone kinda invented that crap: Soylent (food substitute) (because it's not food!) made from powdered starch, rice protein, olive oil, and raw chemical powders. (Because chemicals kill us so they must be good, right?)

It was designed by software engineer Rob Rhinehart (even robots wouldn't thrive on this) to be a low cost alternative to traditional food that can be prepared and consumed with less time and activity. (Because nutritional deficiencies and body decay is so convenient!)

Lacking background in chemistry or nutrition (yeah they pretend to help you make your life easier but they have no clues what they are doing) he developed the formula through research (you didn't do enough, grains destroy the gut, are toxic and don't have vitamins and minerals) and self-experimentation. (at least he'll suffer and die too.)

Did you know that some companies add yoga mattress to the meat to increase profit? It’s probably good for the mind, right? They just cover it up with artificial flavors and paint looking sauces. You sure love to be tricked don’t you!

Just take diet pills if you're still hungry, right? You wouldn't want to eat all those green filling vegetables... the fiber could make you poop!

Better buy laxatives or make yourself throw up for that...

Now that's too dumb to deserve health. No wonder you're reading this.


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Lisa Of Shades
4 September 2013
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