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Extreme ironing busI’ve seen a whole lot of stupid bullshit in my life, but that one is just plain odd…

Just watch the video at YouTube: Extreme ironing.

For centuries women have been enslaved to do men’s chores… some culture won’t let them have any decent purpose to the point that little girls get killed at birth... Reasons for sex-selective abortion (wiki).

But men finally do it when they turn it… into an extreme sport…

Well, imagine the funeral:

”Oh he looks great, so handsome in that tuxedo…”

”Yes... he ironed his shirt himself… that’s how *wife gasps crying* that’s how he died…”

Bravo men *claps hands* bravo! Your stupidity will never cease to amaze me… not that women are any better. The whole humanity is just seriously out of their minds…

I'm speechless on that one...

I'm ashamed to admit it, but it's kinda cool though, so feel free to die this way.

You might as well get into an accident with a school bus and kill a bunch of kids while you're at it. Or teach them by example that it's okay to stick their head out the window while driving... even if they get decapitated. They're probably the spawns of more morons anyway. But at least, while you're doing that, you're not molesting any, thank you.

Great! You got your ass off the couch and off the beer, which strangely looks like a black guy's dick... I always wondered why men find it manly to put that towards their mouth and swallow... you might as well do extreme ironing to show that you're a REAL MAAAN!

Good for you!

If you have that much free time, spend it with your kids and teach them something, so they'd be lesser morons. Or send them here; I'll do it for you.


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Lisa Of Shades
4 September 2013
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