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Uncommon sense ~ How to suicide ~ Electrocution

Taking bath with radio and googles Psychiatrists are convinced that electroshocks can be a therapy. But in fact it's just a torture so you won't dare to complain anymore. As long as they're not inconvenienced, people think you're cured! Even if they have to make it way worst for you in the process.

So you can try that theory if you want to entrust your well being to their bullshit.

Try putting a fork in a electrical outlet, make sure it's entirely made of metal so that it would conduct electricity. Use your mouth to maximize the effect to the brain.

If it can restart a heart, it probably can restart your mind, right? But maybe it only works on dead people... AND there's probably a reason why they don't shock the brain to bring you back to life:


Psychiatry damages your brain - torture isn't a cure

Torture isn't a cure! It's a CRIME!!!

Read Psychiatry damages your brain - Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). I cried like a baby after just a few lines, and I'm though... I've seen so much in my life and in this section... but this is beyond cruelty... for pretending to help... Electricity hurts so bad that it causes severe degree burns...

Many nutritional deficiencies come with mental symptoms, and they're recognized by doctors since years! Such as scurvy (lack of C), pellagra (niacin B3) and beriberi (B1) and correcting them with vitamins is the only cure!

They believed that you can’t have epilepsy at the same time as schizophrenia, so they induced epilepsy thinking it would switch diseases around! It’s is pure madness! They're both a possible result of hypoglycemia! It’s not helping the cause! And replacing a disease by another isn’t a cure! I'd much rather hallucinate than have convulsions! WTF!!!???

Only you can truly care for your own good, because if you fail, it will hurt... so pain is there to help you discover how.

Take care YOURSELF and enjoy~

Electricity was used to execute criminals... not as a solution for heart ache... *restarting to cry...*

Don't do this to yourself...

But I can't stop you...


*deep breath* I'll just go on, even if you won't. With help like this I can't really blame you to prefer to die... But if you just sent the whole world to hell, making your own for yourself... taking care of yourself, under your own laws, your own rules... Then the world wouldn't change... but yours would, your life would... Mine did... And I wish you the same...

So... to die... from electricity...

(*shaking* I think I'm in shock, the stress probably depleted my reserves and now I'm in hypoglycemia. I'll go eat some almonds, take 5g of vitamin C to help my adrenal deal, and take a hot bath to relax my tense muscles. It will pass in a few minutes... it always does. *A few minutes later, after saying hello to my fishes* My bath is getting ready and I feel great already!)

(My bath gave me the time to think. I’ll finish reading the article but looking at it from a different angle. Instead to see despair from their wrongs doings, I’ll feel hope that their treachery is being exposed… so less people will surrender themselves and their loved ones to their sadistic ignorance. Read it and spread the world. Change your perspective too. It can liberate you.)

Let's go on, shall we~

You probably won't die from only poking around in an electric outlet. Try submerging your whole body in water, and throw anything electric, or a cable, in there! One of your vital organs will fail eventually. Even if it takes forever...

You'll probably loose your body functions, shaking too much to be able to crawl out of it. So no more free will for you~

You'll probably piss and shit yourself too. Since it will take a long time, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy that and wonder, as poop swims literally around you:

Was your life really that full of shit after all...?

It probably would feel like being eaten by a shark or piranhas, if they could swim directly in your nerves and veins.

There's a reason why we used that method as the worst capital punishment for the deadliest criminals. It's so horrific to even watch, that it dissuades others from even thinking about doing something punishable.

It's a crime not to treat yourself right, but you don't deserve something that bad... just don't do it again.

But feel free to enjoy~ I wish you the best.

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4 September 2013
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