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Uncommon sense ~ How to suicide ~ Drowning

Sad frog - tried drowning myself in the lake, but I'm an excellent swimmerI almost didn't put it because that's just too painful.

My sister saw her loved one drown, powerlessly, and the shock would have been too much for anyone...

She was also under the pressure of studying to become a doctor. She had a great mind to have been accepted; and also a great heart because she didn't go for the cash or social status, she wanted to help people.

But when she asked for help, the psychiatrists that were there to help her mourn only judged her. They blamed her for her natural human feelings, accused her of being defective... that it was all in her head as if she didn't have a reason to be exhausted and heart broken... Labeled a schizophrenic...

That's extremely ignorant of them. It's a symptom of not having enough fuel or oxygen to the brain, being poisoned, or not having enough magnesium to make neurotransmitters. It's easy to fix if you eat better and take some supplements.

But they just drugged her with the equivalent of a chemical straight jacket, like an animal.

Don't trust anyone's bullshit. Even experts are freaking retards.

Rely only on yourself, you CAN save yourself. Just take one step at a time.

We're all just human. So you don't have to be more either.

Drowning is slow and painful, but hey, it's your death to choose.

You probably experienced swallowing and breathing at the same time. How much it hurts to breathe in just a drop of water. You choke in a panic trying to catch your breath.

Well, imagine that while you're going it, a spoon of water is forced down your lungs.

How much more you'd gag and suffocate, choke and try to expel it and breathe at the same time...

Only to have a whole cup shove down your throat...

Can you imagine the distress?

Try holding your breath as long as possible in your bath, face first, at some point you're going to panic and every cells inside your body will struggle and beg you to help. What if you can't... No matter what you do... what if every attempts at breathing only pours more water in. Your only choices end up being suffocating holding your breath, which isn't going to work for long, since vital functions are automatic, and controlled beyond your will by the survival instinct... so your only choice will be to drown, violated by water.

I love water, we're born from it... so it would be like a reversed birth, but it would be just as horrifying. Except that now you'd be old enough to remember, well, until you croak like a frog, which would be even worst than to die like a dog in the streets... If you really ended up losing everything... except your life.

And your clothes, hopefully... I wouldn't want to see a naked hobo. But I bet some people who'd pay money to see that, so don't worry about it... Maybe you can choke and drown on semen too!

Even when you truly have nothing left, there's always a solution.

So why don't you hold on to what you DO have left, maybe it will turn out for the better. If it gets worst, there are still many suicide options.

No need to stress over a maybe, you'll cross that bridge when you'll get there.

You can take risks to better your situation before risking your whole life, you know~

But it's up to you. Go jump in a very quick river if you think that it will make things better for you.

Then croak!

I'm a French Canadian from Québec, I like frogs. Their legs are tasty~

And they make a beautiful music~


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Lisa Of Shades
4 September 2013
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