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Picnic with Hannibal. No need to bring your fork and knife... because you'll be the meal!

Picnic with Hannibal. No need to bring your fork and knife.

A Japanese transgender sold, cooked and served his own genitals, probably to pay for the costly sex change operation. Win-win.

Read more about it at kotaku.

Now those people really do swallow!

It's the only way that you can make me eat a cock now that I found out that I'm asexual, attracted to none. Which is logical since I'm a misanthrope... and a bit cannibal-curious~ But you'd probably taste like shit... unless you're Japanese... hm... But that would be a shame to hurt one. I guess those people got lucky! They had a taste of the superior meat! Literally! Certified disease free too~

I love Japanese, I won’t say anything bad about them. I owe them almost everything that made my life worth living. I really enjoy what they do. They had such a positive impact in my life that they can't possibly counter balance that, even if they come here, take over my country and kill me. I'd like that. A lot. The world would become a better place~ Even their dumbest is more intelligent than our best experts. They kill themselves when they don't do well at school... *sniffles* you can't beat that not-so-natural selection... They're the superiors race, in every ways, no question about it.

But objectively, I actually do think that he was very clever, since he was going to cut it off anyway, you might as well get paid for doing what you want. Pure genius.

The police can’t do anything because it’s not technically illegal, there’s no law about cannibalism in Japan. We have the right to do what we want with out own bodies in Japan. Awesome!

But really? Not even when the person doesn’t want to, so you can kill people as long as you eat them? I guess then it would be prosecuted as assault and murder, probably even if you agree.

But still, it wouldn't be your problem if you're dead, digested and pooped as evidence. So you can try putting your whole body up for auction, maybe someone will pay you a visit~ Whores do it all the time and they get away with it, and with some STDs too... but you’re planning to die anyway, so why not.

Maybe have a taste of yourself before you go. Maybe the cannibal can break your back and help you suck yourself too! The possibilities are endless...

But then you wouldn't get to spend that money, oh well, at least you’ll have a nice funeral!

If you want to learn more: 10 Things You Always Wondered About Cannibalism.


You can get brain damaged from cannibalism.

(wiki) "is an incurable degenerative neurological disorder (...) a type of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, caused by a prion found in humans." Prions (wiki) is an infectious agent composed of protein in a misfolded form. The hypothesis, which remains debated".

From "Are there any medical side effects to human cannibalism?" at askville: "There are a lot of species-specific parasites and germs (...) kuru, the laughing sickness, is similar to mad cow disease, and probably has a similar cause." (Feeding dead cows to cows... indirectly or directly...)

We're composed of countless life forms, if you eat something that is too similar to you, it could compete for the ownership and try to take over your brain. Bacteria are probably a floating piece of another's immune system, if the genetic code is very different from you, you'd know to eliminate it. If it's a plant it will become you and cooperate. If it's another human being, it will be trickier to notice that it's an invader and it might not cooperate with you since we're such asses to the core...

But either way eating human flesh can cause brain damage.

So I guess you can die even if you do the eating~

Also we're so full of toxins that our children are born poisoned and develop cancer trying to adapt, make the best of what's given and survive as long as possible. (Read my Cancer cures in the health section). Also in my The purpose of fat, pigs help decompose decaying matter faster, they adapted to eating those toxins by sealing them in fat. Their poop is a great fertilizer, but their flesh is full of poison. I wouldn't eat it, humans either now that I know better. They probably taste like the junk they eat. If they were fed organic live foods, vegetables and meat, it'd be tempting, but I wouldn't want to kill one of the rare humans that probably have a healthy thinking mind.

But if you want to commit suicide anyway, you might as well satisfy your curiosity. It can't be worst than eating at a McDonald. Working there sure made me wish I was dead, so eating junk like that as a basic food sure will screw someone up.

There are less agonizing ways to poison yourself.

Enjoy your veggies~

If you'd rather die, you can let someone eat you alive.

"They're both fine choices!"
(Quote from Bender, Futurama. About something else that was also evil, but funnier.)

Either way:

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