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Uncommon sense ~ How to suicide ~ Burning

Woman burning in agonizing painThat is by far one of the worst ways to die...

I hesitated to use the picture of that woman, even though she has the perfect expression to make you understand what you are actually wishing for... But I didn't want to seem racist. But she did it to protest racism.

I can't think of a more horrifying death than by burning. Christians either, that's why they burned disobedient people at the stake, to dominate and exploit them as slaves. Jesus probably was sincere, if he ever existed, but clearly his kind words got used and distorted for power. That's why they threatened people with hell, burning them for eternity; nothing can possibly be more horrifying.

But this lady is telling us... that she'd rather burn... that racism hurts her way more than the agony that she's enduring now... and see how it hurts.

It's really moving me... I get her point... I respect her.

People would rather die than be hated for something they have no control over, just for being who they are, when they did nothing wrong... I agree.

So please start with yourself. Love and respect yourself.
You have no control over others, they're still free to choose even if you promise them hell... so you can choose for yourself even if people make you live hell. You can still stand up with dignity and believe, know, that they're wrong. Seek better, eventually you'll find it, from the moment you'll give it to yourself.

Stop thinking about hurting yourself.

Stop thinking about death...

You have the freedom to choose, unlike so many people who fell victim to the catholic church's discrimination, one of the biggest reason why I'd rather risk burning in hell than give them my love and devotion!

Please... please stop burning people... It's seriously bullshit...

"The pain of burn is excruciating, your skin burns first then it goes deeper to flesh. It may only hurt for the first couple of minutes in that meticulous area but the never ending agonizing pain continues as fire reaches other parts of body." (aspundir)

You die from shock of by suffocating in the smoke from your own flesh... sheer... agonizing... torture... hell itself. Every seconds feel like an eternity and it takes a very long time to die...

No one deserves this...

No one.

man tied and burned alive screaming

If you enjoy doing this, or let it happen by doing NOTHING!??? You're just as guilty.

Please kill yourself.

People and society are a nightmare... but you can still build a different world in and around you. It's all that it takes for the world to become a better place, not perfect, but still improved.

Fight. Kill people if you have to.

But don't let people kill you or drive you to suicide.

Vermins like that don't even deserve your tears.


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Lisa Of Shades
4 September 2013
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