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Uncommon sense ~ How to suicide ~ Hit by an ambulance

Ambulance original from clipartlord - gored by Lisa of ShadesJump original from etherealwellness - Gored by Lisa of ShadesYou might as well make it fun~

I'd like an ironic death. But it actually happened by accident: Woman killed by ambulance on emergency call for someone else.

It's not funny for her, but feel free to laugh at the irony. If Christians are right, you'll go in hell for suicide anyway, what do you care about being a bad person. Laugh, that will make something good come out of her ordeal.

Even the people who killed her got cared about and a reward: "The paramedics inside the ambulance were unhurt but are now on compassionate leave". Kill an old lady, win a vanation, but only if the murder weapon is an ambulance.

The fact that they weren't looking were they were going, instead to think they were in fast and furious, should have been reprehensible. Old ladies can't run right at you... it takes them forever!

Fucking assholes, if they have the right to live, then so do you.

The upside of jumping in front of an ambulance is that you get to really traumatize people as you go... or is it a downside? I'm a misanthrope so it's hard to tell. The upside is that if you change your mind, there's an ambulance right there! But that might be a down side if you actually succeed and they bring you back... uh.

Well, that'd make a nice story for the time you'll spend locked up in a psychiatric ward "for your own good"; so if you really want to make sure, jumping of a very tall hospital would be a better investment of the time that you don't want. I guess being hit by an ambulance is a quick way to find one.


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Lisa Of Shades
4 September 2013
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