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Uncommon sense ~ Black & white ~ White vs. blacks

Nothing is ever all black and white, all good or evil. I'll demonstrate this with the story of white people enslaving black people.

I always thought, from what I've been told and what it seemed, that white people evilly clawed innocent black people from their country, just because their weapons were more advanced for being from a country with more plentiful resources.

But that's not what happened. It wasn't whites versus blacks.

Black people never fought the white people for their freedom. They welcomed them. They sold their own people as slaves. Willingly.

To us, we look at white and black people as two wholes, two races against each other. When we're all just humans. More or less tan doesn't make much of a difference. But back then the minds were even narrower.

Black people had different tribes and competed for resources. They were at war and caught prisoners. They sold those prisoners away as slaves. They created slavery... they granted the wish of whites people willingly. Black people made it happen by fighting AGAINST their own people instead of their collective freedom, otherwise the white people's wish would have stayed a selfish dream.

The black people weren't pure and innocent good victims. They did it to themselves.

And the white people thought to be cruel and evil... they welcomed the prisoners. They didn't kidnap anyone, they paid for them... And what do you think their black captor would have done with the prisoners otherwise? They wanted them gone. If white people didn't buy the black prisoners, they probably would have been killed. They lost their freedom, but by the hand of a black person, their own race. The white people saved their lives.

White people made black people pay a horrible cost to save their lives and many died on the trip or from abuse, but it wasn't pure evil. And the black people weren't pure good.

And now, after only a few generations later, this is the descendant of the black people in Africa who sold their own brothers to white Americans:

Africa starving child flies

And this is the descendant of a black slave in America:

Successful black man smiling

Good can come out of bad things, and the worst things are done with the best intentions.

Slavery is bad. Minimum wage and "independent" work paid by contract are pretty much slavery too. But nothing is ever pure black or white, pure good or evil. The slavery of Africans wasn't about racism. Close mindedness, opportunism and laziness can be found in anyone.

It happened because everyone was human and tried to make their own lives easier to survive. By exploiting and dominating instead of collaborating and sharing. But when you make too many babies, and want more than you can achieve by yourself... war and exploitation happens.

Thank you Lincoln for believing that there should be a limit to the how much we indulge in our dark human desires, at the peril of other's basic vital rights.

Enjoy respectfully. We achieved our best greatness by working together~ But sometimes as slaves with a whip to motivate us... Try something new on your own.


Lisa Of Shades
27 May 2015
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