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Uncommon sense ~ Black & white ~ Two sides

Yin yang tree with bird and fish
Like the yin yang represents, everything has two sides. Facts of life are just facts. We are the ones who choose how we feel about it, by choosing what we focus on, even when it’s not in our best interest.
It’s best to step back and to look at the big picture.

Nothing is ever completely black nor completely white. There’s always a silver lining. After the rain comes the rainbow.

When you choose something for yourself, don’t only look at the greatest benefit. Because it inevitably comes with an ordeal of equal magnitude; either in the efforts to gain it or in the sacrifices that you will have to do to live it.

When you simplify your life, you simplify the gains, but you also simplify the problems.

Just look at our stars, yes they have the adoration of the whole world but no privacy. When they have humiliations and troubles, everyone relish in their misery out of morbid curiosity and laugh at them from the spite of their envy. They become exhausted from the harsh competition of reaching their dreams and maintain their position. Sometimes they rely on the harshest drugs because they can afford it, trapped in the cruelest web and dying in it. It’s not something to envy or aim for, it’s just another reality with it’s up and downs. The bigger the up, the harder the crash.

People at the head of corporations seem to have it all, but they have the responsibility to many people and suffer from all their mistakes. The more they gain, the worst the competition to take them down and their place. They live in constant fear, that’s why they constantly greed for more, because having so much to loose would be devastating. But they don’t even have the time to enjoy it. Long hours at work to try to stay afloat make them neglect their loved ones, and things that they love to do, consumed by work and no play. They end up tired and sick and try to push forward anyway, going to a early grave with a broken heart… but all their money can’t save them.

I’ve seen homeless people who are always with their friends, carefree with a smile in their faces. Of course it can be harsh, but when you have absolutely nothing and are falling in despair… merely finding a rock shaped like a heart at that moment… you can consider it a sign from above that there’s something watching over you, treasuring it as a reminder of hope, that you never know what you’ll find at the next corner. You can be saved merely by a good outlook on life; it will brighten your eyes and make you notice better opportunities.

But you could have it all, and if you think that nothing is ever good enough, then you’ll always be miserable.

It’s not how much you have that makes you happy; it’s how much you decide to enjoy it.

It’s not how much you are loved that makes you feel loved, you can’t completely feel other people’s emotions, especially if your bitterness closes your heart to them. But no matter what, you can choose to love yourself in spite of everything, and you’ll have love no matter how much the world turn against you. As long as you are there for yourself, you’ll never be alone; even when there’s no one else there for you. But you could feel the deepest loneliness in a crowd, drowning in an ocean of faces. (From the movie: What dreams may come)

So when life throws something that seems negative at you, maybe it’s a kind wake up call to free yourself from a torment. Instead of wasting energy to deny it, it can be the opportunity, a gentle yet harsh push, to move forward into something that will truly make you happy.

Everything is more than what they seem. Like a diamond has many faces and that’s what makes its beauty.

Even kindness can hide the cruelest intentions, even from authorities on health supposedly there to protect you.

Especially on people who promise you happiness without efforts nor change, a simple pill and hop hop and away~ Legal pushers are the worst. Even the approval of your god means nothing if it brings your doom.

There is an upside and a down side in everything, choose wisely because you will have to live both.

Stubbornly staying in a situation that destroys you, trying to dump the bricks of pain on someone else’s shoulders, either by belittling someone you have power on, perpetuating the cycle, or in therapy… it won’t be as effective as facing the harsh reality and doing something about it.

Sometimes our beliefs are right, but the way to get there is wrong. Hell was paved with good intentions.

If you stubbornly think that something is good, because you like it, and try to force it on others… you’ll cause much torment and pain.

If you stubbornly kiss people’s asses no matter how much they abuse you or the people you love, without protecting it, without even trying… then you wrong yourself even more than anyone could possibly wrong you.

There is a time and a context for everything. In the wrong one, even the greatest good can become the worst horror… and even the deepest cruelty can become salvation.

The results of trying will guide and teach you wisdom. Failure or success, it’s still just simple information.

Someone who never failed can end up selfish and arrogant, while someone who knew pain can be compassionate when seeing it in others.

Balance is the key, but the world will keep it no matter what. Good and bad can only be moved around; the total always stays the same.

In times of great pain, a hero appears. Just look at Lincoln, or even Hitler. There are many ways to help your people.

The slave drivers didn’t like losing the “right” to take freedom away. Just like the rich Jews didn’t appreciate having everything taken from them to stop people from starving to death in the streets, in the community. From what I understand, a country with communist views see exploiting others to get the maximum gain a crime against people, even if it’s seen as normal daily life in an individualistic materialistic place like mine. Sure it’s great for the handful of people on top… but what about the majority, what about the children starving at the bottom?

We’re told that it’s best because of the hope to be on top, but we’re just trained as slaves, like the carrot and the stick… In exchange it makes everyone our competitor, we feel so alone and threatened, when we could accomplish so much more by putting all our strength in and respecting each other for it… which was the point of a tribe and society in the first place. But it got twisted… for the benefit of very few.

There’s always more than meet the eyes, no matter how someone can seem to be the devil himself. And nothing’s more dangerous than an angelic person who bottles her frustrations and accumulates rage until it explodes, uncontrolled and untrained, blind rage can do worst than an evil intent.

We’re just trying to survive and fill our needs; someone who seems demonic might simply be trying to protect himself.

When we try to understand, at least ourselves, and from as many angles as possible… we get a little bit closer from the truth. Because like an endless diamond, it has as many faces as there is people and possibilities.

You’d really miss a whole lot of beauty looking only at one…


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Lisa Of Shades
25 August 2013

Balance: For every inconvenient there is an advantage. For every end in the night, a dawn for a new day begins.

Lisa Of Shades
15 April 2014

Wishful thinking and pressure make us think that life should only be happy and anything negative is wrong and abnormal. But this image I found (and edited) shows how things are… and they are the way they are because it's natural and supposed to be like that:

Yin yang explained ~ black white ~ good bad ~ male female ~ life

Your flaws can be the downside of your very qualities, a sign that you have them, and all you need is to find the right circumstance to use them.

Even violence can be good to protect your life or loved ones. Watching them die passively, because you don't want to be mean against the aggressor, wouldn't make you a good person.

Conflicts can't always be avoided… and what defines us is as much what we do as what we abstain from doing… We are both our qualities and flaws… they're the same thing looked at differently. Anyone can look at anything and judge it good or bad.

I prefer to try to understand information instead to judge it.

Especially because you become a bad judge if you don't understand first.

That way I can benefit from infinite knowledge as I'm fascinated by everything that makes the world.


Lisa Of Shades
22 September 2015
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