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Green giant
Since the eye can only see the type of light that is being reflected on everything, their true color would be the light that they absorbed… which is the opposite of what we see.

There are 3 basic colors: red, blue and yellow. If a plant reflect blue and yellow (together it makes green), then the color absorbed is red. So the true color of plants would be red and...

We’re actually green! Like aliens!

If white reflects all color and black absorbs all light, then those emos wearing all black are actually the ones who are full of light.

I’ve seen people neglect themselves and try to do more than the energy they had to such a degree that the space around them looked literally darker, as they sucked light and life energy literally through their skin, like a plant but in a more depressing manner.

So if being around certain people depress and exhaust you, that’s because they’re literally sucking out your soul.

The skin can absorb water and anything else, radiation too, so it’s actually logical and scientific, even if I have a hard time believing people claiming to be able to see auras in detail, I don’t think the eyes were meant to see something so faint, but I can see black ones so maybe it is.

So make sure to respect your limit. Nurture yourself with usable nutrients so you can make your own energy. Use your body the way it was meant to be. Even vampires can make their own blood with enough B12 and C to absorb iron.

So stop being an asshole and take care of your own damned life!

The true colors of everything are the opposite of what you see, so keep and open mind. Don't be so sure of your opinions in stubborn denial, because the facts could surprise you, but they can still be funny.

Image from collectingtokens,
a list of green people in movies and others.
Original picture was taken from wikipedia.

Lisa Of Shades
25 AUgust 2013
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