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Uncommon sense ~ Black & white ~ Good vs. evil

There is NO SUCH THINGS as good versus evil.

It’s always what’s good for you versus what’s good for others.

Pick a side, every gain will be the other side’s loss.

But life doesn’t only last a day. So what’s good for others can end up becoming very good for you in the long term (like being kind to your wife so she’ll stay to cook, clean and give you sex.) And what can be good short term (rape) can be very bad for you long term (ending up in jail and getting raped and/or murdered).

But people don’t do evil because they’re possessed by demons or aliens; they do what seem evil to you because it seems like a good deal to them. That’s all.

Everything is both bad and good for different people at different times.

Lisa Of Shades
11 November 2014
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