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If you think that having the power to hurt the people you don’t like is a nice ego boost trip… it’s nothing compared to being loved by a “demon”.

The people who are nice to you because you have power don’t care about you. Those false friends won’t dare to tell you to your face when they think you’re acting stupid. But they will talk in your back.

They will be nice to you only out of self preservation, or to manipulate you into getting what they want, your power to crush others for the satisfaction of their own ego.

I’ve seen it with Forum’s Mods a lot. They shouldn’t assumed that a complain is legitimate, I've seen spammers report the person accusing them as a preemptive strike, and the person who was wronged got punished, as if the first offence wasn't bad enough.

Mods should verify the facts and the intent of the accused. Because they're not gods, more like janitors, and they can misunderstand things out of context. Mods should inform and educate, not “shoot first and don’t ask questions later”.

Muting someone by locking them up in a dark closet, all alone, won't make them understand. It's just cruel coercion by torturing them; by taking away their loved ones and making them feel unwanted. Even the people who will whimper at your feet like dogs won't know what you expect of them without being explained what they did and what they should do CLEARLY.

But many will just be so hurt that they will become even more aggressive, acting out way more than before. They will see the people in charge as unfair and tyrannical, they will respect them even less. If the Mods decide to do the constructive thing and talk to them... it could be too late... they could be so scared, hurt and confused that they could even bite their own friends.

I've seen people delete themselves without a possibility to return, leaving heartbroken friends to mourn them... Because rash actions like this are so unwelcoming, so wrong, so hurtful... that it outweigh the good badly enough to make it invisible.

The only thing that painful punishment can teach is to hate, especially when it’s done for personal reasons that have nothing to do with the rules. The Mods can be manipulated by the truly guilty party, in the name of friendship or just blindly trying to make any complaints stop.

That would be like a janitor spreading trash around instead of cleaning it up, if they enable bullies by lending them their power… it’s worse than looking the other way and doing nothing. It’s hurting people even more.

Educate. Otherwise it’s not about safety, but about power… not for those who are harmed, but to allow the powerless to hurt people. Love, trust and self esteem can’t come out of this. Only fear and anger.

But being friends with a person who’s good in the name of goodness itself won’t nurture your heart and boost your ego either. Because those people just bask in their own righteousness, blind to your pain, denying you the right to have a bad day.

They suffocate you in a corset of joy and goodness for their own satisfaction, even if it worsens your pain. They will abandon you all alone in it.

They will refuse to see who you are, only a twisted idealistic ideal that you must comply to follow, or risk abandonment and other righteous torture… "for your own good".

They will even drug you to "fix" you... by telling you that your emotions, your heart, your humanity, is defective… but not their heartless attitude… they don't desire to make you feel better, they just want to control what is unpleasant to them. They only want to drug you, the idea to hug someone who's less than perfect is disgusting to them so tit won't even cross their mind...

So they will give you stigmatizing labels, which is bullying, not helping. That will make you suffer even more and deny you all possibilities to have a good day again because they will see your "bad day" as your entire and everlasting identity and will never threat you any different.

Hitting you right back into pain by reminding you that you're not worth any better. Making sure that you’ll never heal from your bad day by inflicting endless ones upon you.

Denying you comfort… denying you the right to be who you are, just for being different of their very narrow idea of what is good “in their own image”… even giving you death… from poison... or even real fire... in the name of goodness.

I tried to be an “angel” until I realized the heartless hypocrisy of it.

I am a misanthrope, I don’t discriminate, I hate everyone.

If you think that power will soothe your ego, or that receiving goodness from someone who give it to anybody to please their own ego will feel truly warm… you don’t know how it feels to be loved by a “demon”.

Imagine someone who wants to brutally murder EVERYBODY… but not you… because he finds you too exceptional.

Imagine someone who’s so overwhelmed by their own darkness and hell, that they will gladly see you anyway when you are having a bad day.

Imagine someone who would rip off someone’s face at the slightest provocation, but who’s nice to you because he feels safe with you.

Imagine someone who enjoy being alone and can’t stand being near others, but who will hold you because you are so pleasant to be with.

Imagine someone who fights for you at the risk of being killed for it, because every single little thing that you give him is cherished as the most precious thing in the world.

Imagine someone who ooze bad vibrations, but laugh at darkness so joyfully that your own darkness doesn’t hurt as sadly anymore.

Imagine someone who’s unpolitically correct, but who makes you feel free. Imagine someone crazy, but who make your flaws look perfectly normal.

Imagine someone who talk about really disturbing messed up things, but it’s always new and fascinating.

Now imagine someone who just wants to control you until you’re exactly like him, perfectly perfect to please their ideal of perfection, absolutely positive and nice in everyway to please his ego and avoid disturbing him… to make him feel scared and lost out of his tiny little box…

And see how pathetic and ridiculous it is. See how this “goodness” is false, hypocritical and HARMFUL.

It's pointless to try please someone like that. It's pointless to try to follow the "rules" of someone like that, they can't even do it themselves, it's just a tool to justify hurting you whenever they feel like it. They will either way.

It’s their choice; you can only save yourself by avoiding to do this petty stupidity, and avoiding those who do. That will deny them power, because their very power requires people, it doesn't come from within themselves, they depend on others... to feel powerful... by being above them... but they will never break free from their insecurity as long as they don't become independent.

They can't see the good in you because they can't see it in themselves and the value of what's around them. That's why they crave power, more and more stuff, in the first place. Because they can't appreciate anything "imperfect" but perfection doesn't exist! So they are doomed. And that’s all they have to offer. The wrong they see is their own wrong, but they blame you because they can't accept that they're imperfect. It's pitiful to be in such denial or natural aspects of life. Trying to live only the good is like trying to live a half-life. You’ll always feel empty.

Ironically, they're not doing it because they are demons... but because they are insecure and are desperately trying to have a higher opinion about themselves. But having the power to be above others and crush them isn't the solution. It won't help you connect with the best of yourself and others. Far from it.

Everyone know deep down that they're just a small grain of sand on a beach of eternity. Powerless in the face of life and death like herbs dancing in the wind. Many people will try to soothe this insecure terror by having power over someone else's life, since they feel they can't over their own. Trying to gather as many things as possible, as if they could build a wall against death with junk. Or as if having power over a young child who might die without them would give them power to prevent death from taking them... and their child along with it.

But I prefer the crazy approach: accepting that death is a part of life. Cherishing every single little absurd looking details while I still can. GIVING value to my own life and those around me by loving them even if they're imperfect. Realizing that I only have power over my own actions, because there's an abundance of utter freedom for everybody. Rejoicing in my forceful dance in the wind. Because it is even more beautiful and funny than it is scary.

So enjoy your own stuff, your way... as long as it makes your loved ones happy, it is good. There will always someone who'll appreciate you for it, even when they probably shouldn't... and someone who'll hate you for it, even when they're the ones in the wrong, and should just walk away on their merry way~

Finding things and people that are different than what you'd expect... is a GOOD thing. Because it means that you have so much more than you thought to choose from... to be happy.

So enjoy~

Lisa Of Shades
24 May 2015
Right to be ©razy 2013 and beyond!