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Cat rolling in catnipIn the YouTube video Why Do Cats Purr? we learn that the vibration help improve their bone density to have healthier stronger bones, and even can help them when wounded.

It makes sense considering that people who go in space loose bone density, from the lack of pressure without gravity... Helpful vibrations make perfect sense. Maybe the kids putting their music so damn loud need calcium for their bones. Who knows~

But if you feel the need to have half a dozen of cats purring all over you to calm down, I think you can greatly benefit by taking calcium (with D3 to absorb it) supplements...

Calcium helps you relax, actually it's necessary to be able to. It's one of the electrolytes; they are as important as water and probably even more. It works with magnesium, which is crucial to help the muscle stop contracting and feel happy... Because they are vital to make the neurotransmitters serotonin, the feel good brain juices. You can force your brain to squeeze extra juices even if it can't when in love, especially with something adorable, but you still need magnesium. There isn't much in chocolate so eat almonds.

Purring furry cuteness has a limit. So make sure you get proper nutrition.

If you never eat greens, it's about damn time that you start!

Because calcium doesn't come from milk, and milk can harm a cat. Give them cat nip, there's a reason why even a carnivore go crazy for greens. Learn from cats. Greens are good for you.

I found a very interesting article about catnip: The Herb Cabinet: Catnip at aridlandhomestead.

I knew that catnip can help cat with their fur balls, I use a salad to avoid food to get compacted and cause stomach cramps. But apparently it can be used on humans more effectively than medicine (of course, anything natural is always better than kidney shutting chemicals). It's so nice that it can even be used to ease the colic of babies.

Cats love them so much because it's similar to the cats male pheromones, so it turns them on. But it works on males too... so I think it's just kindly telling cats: "Hey~ if you eat me I'll be good for you~~~" plants do that a lot... usually with sugar to tell us that it's mega nutritive, but we dumb humans removed the nutrition to keep only the taste... Then we wonder why we get sick!

Cats know better than humans when given the opportunity. Because they are more in touch with nature. Follow their example by letting go of processed chemical garbage that hurts you and melt your bones with acid!

So catnip can help you relax. Any greens can but apparently that herb is especially good at it. So instead to have half a dozen of cats, to relax, maybe try some catnip too.

All greens are great for bones.
That's what cow use to make milk to fatten up their babies quickly. If cats eat greens, love them so much, then give it to them. Brush them so they won't choke on fur balls puke... And treat yourself to the green goodies too!

Here's some funny silly pictures about catnip at catmacros.


Lisa Of Shades
15 January 2014
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