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Pets ~ Cats ~ Love me & clean me

Begging praying kitty"Please I beg you, if you love me, clean my litter box... everyday."

Cats are very clean, they lick themselves constantly to make sure to have this perfect fluffy fur that you love to pet so much, spreading their oils evenly to create that heavenly softness.
So please clean their litter box as soon as they poop in it, at the very least, pee as well.

I had a friend who told me that it was useless to clean it because the cats went to take a poop immediately after. It means that they were so grossed out that they hold their need in! Desperately rushing to it once you fix the insalubrious conditions.

Insalubrious: unfavorable to health; unwholesome.

Unwholesome: (...) deleterious to health or physical or moral well-being (...)

People claiming their love as they let their cats in their feces... need a serious reality check and a punch in the face! Maybe you can't smell the horror, because you have your head so deep in your own ass in denial, but the cats do! And they suffer!

Neglect isn't love! It’s carelessness!

Neglect: to pay no attention or too little attention to; disregard or slight. To be remiss in the care or treatment. To omit, through indifference or carelessness. To fail to carry out or perform (orders, duties, etc.): to neglect the household chores.

The opposite of love isn't hatred, it's indifference.

You're a failure if you can't do so little for the dignity, health and well being of a loved one.

You can't argue with the dictionary! I love the power of words. You need to learn how powerfully deadly shit and piss are!

Crap is full of bacteria and if left to rot there, it just gets worst. It dries so it evaporates along with the toxins. Many insect’s purpose is to clean shit and put it back into the food chain (they feed birds) and worms help it return to the earth, so you can end up with a lot of very creepy stuff that your cats might not be able to hunt: the nasty will make them sick!

There is ammonia in urine, and that can burn so much that it can melt skin! Burn the lungs! It can rapidly kill fishes in an aquarium without a proper filter with bacteria to neutralize it. PEE KILLS! So what do you think shit can do! It can kill too! The bigger the animal the slower it takes, but that means the longer the agony.

Look at the google images for ammonia burn, really bloody. It can make people blind.

"6 month old (human baby) woke up this morning with a bad ammonia burn on his bum"... really bad burn from his own pee in only ONE night! At whattoexpect.

I had a friend who hoarded 6 cats, she didn’t even have the time to pet them, she tried to fill a void that couldn’t be filled with fur, or food: self esteem!

She locked the litter box in the basement and cut a little opening to let the cats come in, while keeping the horrible smell in as much as possible. It didn’t have a window. They put a fan but the toxic fumes had no where to go... so it was like shitting in a whirlpool bath. The cats had to actually get IN there, with shit rotting, and then lick their paws clean... I'd rather be hated than be loved this way. She told me that they shat in the house sometimes, even in her bed... Apparently she didn't get the message. That's denial and lack of care... Claiming to love acting like that is an insult to intelligence, cats and love itself!

They cleaned the box every 2 weeks.

Now imagine the horror of taking a huge crap and not flushing the toilet all night, how bad that would stink… now multiply it by 14!!!! Because that’s how many days (and night so that’s be 28) it actually is, not 2, FOURTEEN! Then multiply that by her six cats! It’s 84…

It’s the equivalent of not flushing the toilet for 3 freaking months if it’s only you!!! Taking a shit EVERYDAY! Because cats are regular, like you should be unless you fancy colon cancer. But it gets way worst because while you might be able to get used to your own poop’s smell, well, there’s 5 other people shitting in that toilet too! And you have to smell that.

Remember how gross it is to shit in a public toilet, how much it smells (especially in a Walmart or a McDonald’s…) but the toilets are all flushed, and they clean the whole room with industrial disinfectants every single day… but it’s still unbearably putrid, enough to cause some people phobias, from the mere smell in the air!

Imagine how it would feel if they didn’t flush.

When I tried to go see how bad the litter box looked like, I couldn’t even cross the door’s frame, I almost fainted. Literally. I got extremely dizzy, hit by a severe toxic ammonia fog.

People who do that to their cats and claim to love them deserve to be punched in the face!

If your cat shit in your bed, instead to burry it, you freaking deserve it.

Love isn’t enough; it’s a responsibility of CARES. They’re not objects, they’re alive, they have needs. They can get sick and die. They need affection and you only have 2 hands and so little time!

So if you love cats, don’t take more than you can handle, because cleaning a litter box everyday is what they deserve… and if you have 6, it means 6 times a day! If you’re not ready to do that and just ignore the torture, yes, dangerous unhealthy torture, that you inflict just because you don’t see it… You’re still an asshole.

If you can’t even love yourself, cats can’t expect much in return, so start with self care… because no affection and purring in the world can replace taking responsibility for your own life, your own self care, and if you can’t even do the most important thing for the person who’s vital to your life… Then buy a fur blanket instead of a pet, because if you really love cats or any other living thing, then don’t make them suffer from your stupidity.

It’s not the cats that I can’t stand in hoarding people, it’s the hypocritical greed masquerading for love when nothing could be further from this.

I can’t find the old article or video I saw about a hoarder who had hundreds of cats, in small cages, meowing in despair, sick and starving. People wanted to pay for the veterinarian cares to save them, but the owner refused, that would have meant admitting her own failure and inadequacy… so she preferred to ignore in denial… and be proud of a mere number, instead to nurture one or two with all the love that she could find in herself. Pictures would have been better than caged creatures in crying agony. Death would have been better, for all of them including that woman.

Here's a similar story but she had more: 88 cats rescued from negligent cat hoarder. The picture of the cat with hollow cheeks, crust all over his face and such deep despair is so heartbreaking... I have suicide pictures in many pages but I just can't put that picture in my site... Self inflicted stupidity is onething, but neglecting the health of an innocent creature who only wants to love is just too repulsing...

If you justify your bad treatments saying “but I looove them” and “I’m not that bad”… It means you don’t care, you just WANT them. Saying that you're not "that" bad still means that YOU ARE BAD!!! Those nasty people didn't start out of the blue, you're on your way there!

The number of cats might not be the same, but the negligent unsanitary and cruel attitude is.

Those people ignore their pet's pain too, and other people can still find what you do atrocious! Even if you're not the worst in the world, leaving your loved ones rot in their shit... with not enough time to even cuddle them because they're too many... That's the same!!! That's the exact same! Whether the cat is just 1 or a thousand, still healthy yet or dead! You're acting the same!!!

Now every time I see a cat… I feel disgusted, angry… not because of the cats… But because of self proclaimed cat lovers who give them a miserable life. At least people who hate cats don’t force a few cats to live in their shit… that would be cruel like hell… Love is meaningless without the appropriated actions.

So if you truly love your cats, start cleaning their poop. And clean up your own shit. You’ll find more pride in one healthy, happy, clean cat ~ caring responsibly ~ than in thousands of cats neglected in their most basic needs and ignored in their own filth.

Damn bitches.

Cats may burry their poop, but don't burry your head in the sand, you don't want worms and flies to take care of it the way it happens in nature... and in such a small box, it can turn to hell very quickly. It needs intervention: you!

Enjoy fur responsibly.

The begging praying kitty is
a wallpaper at healthclubschicago.

Lisa Of Shades
15 January 2014
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