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There's a better way to cope than hoarding: letting go.

Sometimes you just can't hang in there... it just causes too much hurt to you and the ones you're supposed to love.

I denounce the horrors in Love me clean me, but to be constructive I'll try to show understanding and give constructive alternatives since you couldn't find any better than to neglect a too high amount of cats in the name of so called "love"...

Nothing can replace self love and proper self care. Watch the movie Hungry for change.

Read about compulsive hoarding at wikipedia.

From what I could understand, it has nothing to do with love and everything to do with insecurities. People can accumulate anything, even garbage. It seems to be a survival mechanism, like the squirrel storing for winter. It can be triggered by grief, the person can end up unable to cope with loss to the point that they can't let go of anything at all, even things that they can't possibly use/need/care for.

Read about Grief phases in my coping section, I offer Coping mechanisms, which can help vent, let go and reach acceptance.

Having the unconditional affection of suffering neglected cats isn't the answer when you are too exhausted by stress to even take care of yourself. Learn how by reading about Adrenal fatigue. Vitamin C is necessary to make the adrenalin required to face a demanding situation, and a whole lot of it. Once you'll have the energy to handle situations better (a B complex sure raise energy levels better than sugar or coffee), you won't feel the desperate need to hold on to everything you can cling on.

Here's one of my demotivational poster:

Letting go: Sometimes it's the best option

More versios in page Humor ~ Demotivational ~ Animals and All funny pictures.

Treat your loved ones with love. What you DO defines you, not what you feel hidden deep down where no one can see... when the cause to effect is closer to hatred.

Enjoy with genuine care~ With actions not just greedy feelings.

Take care of yourself, needs and self esteem... yourself! Because cats is one more responsibility, not a solution to lack of self love, self respect and self confidence! Cats won't fix your insecurities, they'll make more mess to clean up!

You can only give what you already have, nurture it within yourself. Not by indulging whims and greed thoughtlessly, but by putting what is needed before what is wanted, what is vital before what is wished… and putting respect are care into what you love.

Practice with yourself until you get it right. If you can’t do that, at least don’t make innocent creatures suffer. They’re not there to take care of you, you’re there to take care of them!

Enjoy, but if you inflict them a pile of shit, neglect and denied diseases in return, then you don’t deserve to!

Clean your own shitty life before considering taking the responsibility of more lives!

Then maybe you can enjoy without deserving cats shitting in your bed and clawing off your face!

I know loss too well, loneliness, the need for affection and companionship… I’ve been all alone trapped in my bed for almost 10 years! But I just can’t stand people like that so much… That I can’t finish my post by telling those people to enjoy… because what they do is way too disgusting.

I have fishes because they are easier to care for. Wanting isn't enough when you can't handle it... don't spread the freaking misery, sucking the life out of innocent animals... Just kill them quick and eat them...

If you need to cope and vent, go punch a hello kitty pillow.

Yeah! Go enjoy that!

If you love cats so much, then put posters all over your walls, on your ceiling and plasticize one in your shower! If you can't handle the real thing, if you love them, then admit it and leave that to better people! If you don't care about their well being, hen you don't care about cats and leave them the hell alone!!!

They'd be better off DEAD than neglected by you! Don't take on more than you can handle, respect your limit, and you won't need to be comforted by a giant ball of fur of mingled cats!

*punches your face*

That's for making me unable to enjoy cats anymore after seeing how pitiful they were! I don't want to become like you! Even cat haters treat them better than cat obsessed people!

I hate you.

I babysat the 5 cats of friends when they had a vacation, and there was litter in their bed!!!

When you're such a shit head with yourself... I guess cats can't hope to enjoy any better.

Pitiful cats...

Forcing kittens into cups, to take pictures, with an expression of pain when they can barely breathe in distress... because it's "sooo cute". Open your freaking eyes and look into theirs!!! They're in pain!!! You fucking sadist! Oh yeah you laugh at their misery because you looove them sooo much.

On behalf of all cats: FUCK YOU!

THERE! That's how you cope properly!

By taking care of your needs, expressing yourself, venting on pain-free pixels, not sentient beings with feelings who cat get hurt, sick and die!

Not by tormenting cats in the name of "love" and "cuteness"! You freaking retards! People argue that animals are less intelligent than humans and therefore should have fewer rights... It sure isn't true about those people!

*Mumbles* I feel better.

If you think that I hurt your feelings, I didn't, I just made you see the hurt that YOU do!


It's despicable and you use cats because they can't tell you in a language that you can understand! SO I WILL! People wouldn't stand for how you act and you know it! That's why you ended up with cats in the first place! Because they can't defend themselves, they're SLAVES! They can't leave you no matter how bad you neglect and mistreat them... So you can do whatever you want, however you want, without giving a damn and letting them rot in their shit, and they're still there for you, but not because they want to or love you! That boost your self esteem... not to be someone good, not to do something good for another... But to OWN a life with POWER. You're more worthless than a worm, and as long as you'll act this way, no amount of cats will change that fact! You're despicable, and I sure hate you.

If you stop being such a piece of shit, then maybe you won't need so many cats to comfort you because you'll spread better all around you. Maybe that's why you don't clean the litter box, you like to be surrounded by what you are: shit! With such a putrid heart, you probably don’t even notice it!

Know better, do better, en-freaking-joy better!!!
Lisa Of Shades
15 January 2014

Letting go and making good decisions requires energy that you might not have

Getting more to deal with will only worsen the problem. Getting more energy will improve it.

You might have Adrenal Fatigue like so many have, and I'm one of them. When I raised my energy levels with nutrition, my hoarding impulses and my ability to let go improved enormously. I don't feel like a scared victim anymore. I feel empowered by knowledge, no matter what happens, I know I can figure it out. I've done it before and I can do it again. I saved my own life after all, everything else is easy compared to that, and even self care became easy.

When you are in a state of exhaustion, you don’t have enough resources to produce your vital functions. One of the instinctive survival mechanisms is to hold on to everything you can get, just in case you might need it later.

Your brain doesn’t have the energy to analyze if it’s really important or not, elaborating endless scenarios where you might need it or not, so you might end up clinging to everything, even the most useless trash. It actually requires energy to let go, the same way as you need energy to open your hand, or rewrite in your brain that an item is no longer there, no longer available, and when you already have not enough, it can be too terrifying and exhausting.

When my health got better, with rest and high nutrition, I ended up able to radically reorganizing my home and getting rid of a lot of things in storage. I read that when you haven’t used something in many months, you might as well get rid of it. It’s been years so it was obvious that I wouldn’t, but letting go of the memory itself was hard too, but I had the energy so I could. I knew that I could always find what I needed later if it was a mistake, because I have done it before and, thanks to being well nourished, I can do it again!

My trick to avoid buying or gathering compulsively is to remind myself that it won’t just be fun… animals might be comforting but they’re a noisy and stinky responsibility. They need to eat, shit, get sick and die. It won’t magically take away my pain, it will only give me more to deal with, both good and bad, but both will require energy that I might not have. Often when we need to be comforted it’s because we simply don’t have the energy to do it ourselves, we need nutrition to heal, so we can share something healthier than sucking the life and blood out of a living creature.

I also remind myself that I’m clingy, so I don’t get something new unless I’m sure that I want to deal with it and stumble on it for the next 10 years. My home is small, so I can’t allow myself to mindlessly cluster it. When I’m sick I can’t get out, I’d be over suffocating if there was trash on my bed and all over my floor! I’m territorial; I don’t want anything in my way! I won’t allow it, I can’t always, I can’t control people, but at least in my own home nothing will stop me to move around!!! I have a small throw area, when I need to re-use clothing later, but NEVER on my floor and don’t even think of doing that to my sacred bed.

It’s about self respect, the attitude that you have for the simplest and most insignificant things grow and are magnified on the most important things, and vice versa… if you are exhausted by the huge things to the point of being sick, you won’t be able to handle the small ones, not even if all they give you is joy, you won’t have the energy to handle doing your hobbies and taking proper care of your pets, so you’ll have to watch them suffer, get sick and die… There’s a limit to denial… death is the ultimate loss. I make sure to avoid putting myself in a worse situation trying to comfort myself. Yes having a floor made of cats would be fun to walk on… until they shit… die… and rot.

But when you can’t find the energy to think, you probably won’t think of it. So remember this simple thing: NO MORE! Time to heal with nutrition.

Want only what you need, and eventually enough you’ll have the energy for everything else… letting go… or maybe even a floor made of cats, but if you end up exhausted again, that could get very ugly very fast.

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Lisa Of Shades
22 July 2014

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