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This will help keep up with the updates and to know how the site bloomed~

I'm not always keeping this up to date... good luck finding what's new.

Most of the time I create there: Updates:

In 2016 I only worked in the humor section. But I finally made new articles in the new health subsection brains:

Health ~ Brains ~ Three brains
Health ~ Brains ~ The pain of sensitive intelligent introverts

Lisa Of Shades
8 January 2017

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I finished the Relationships gone bad

I finished the Anti dog abuse project and ended up transferring the text into "animal" instead of "morbid".

Today I finished updating the demotivational posters on page 21. After page 22 I'll finally catch up. I made posters but I was too exhausted trying to be a good friend to take care of my hobbies. I should have balanced my choices better, especially since he didn't care to hurt me badly enough to lose my trust. Moving on~

I made the page Deadpool to gather all the images at the same place without text.

Lisa Of Shades
7 April 2016

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New intro page!

How to be less stupid

After so much health research, I found the answer to find the answer to every question!

Lisa Of Shades
28 March 2016

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New subsection!

Humor ~ Inner world ~ The shades

Shad Wolf was for my dark sides having adventure with others. This section will be for all of my sides interacting with each other. There's a comic I want to make since years!

My name will finally start making sense, hahaha.
Lisa Of Shades
28 March 2016

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I finally finished this:

Relationship gone bad
Many demotivational posters in page 19, it's about codependency.

Shad Wolf ~ All adventures 10
My relationship ended. I'm probably going to stop being so active in that section because I need to focus on being stronger with myself for a while... I don't have the energy to share and risk letting my limits get puled out of my safe zone again...

Get a grip on codependency
Emotional vampires

Lisa Of Shades
28 March 2016

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Most of the time I create there:

Those pages are in chronological order so it's easy to follow. I write for each art.

I'll try to remember to add new pages here, when they are jumbled up in the site and harder to find. The most recent first:

Health ~ Nutrition ~ Celtic Sea Salt is grey gold
Review for eBay

Lisa Of Shades

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Health ~ Cleaning ~ Safe products without perfumes
New sub section and article! 6 Dec. 2015

Health ~ Nutrition ~ Megavitamins caution ~ Edited & added more ~ 16 Nov. 2015

Uncommon sense ~ Spirituality ~ Eternal creation ~ 14 November 2015

Health ~ Nutrition ~ Megavitamins caution ~ 14 November 2015

Lisa Of Shades

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Before I stopped updating the news for years

3 September 2013

Made the Uncommon sense section in 3 parts. The first one, by default, is Black & White that I moved from Facts of life.

Made the page Life & death ~ The right question.

Started the page Spirituality ~ God explained scientifically

Started the How to suicide tutorial. I finally made it! But it's not at all what I planned... I first verify if that's the true goal, and give alternatives when it's something else. It’s much better. I talk about myself more than I probably should and it's long... But still funny. I didn’t want to dissuade people... Just show them pictures and let them feel the horror that it did for me... But describing those thoughts probably is even more effective.

I'm so freaking starved... worked on it all day again... I saw things moving on their own! Hahaha, I really need food.


2 September 2013

Made many pages in the Sexual education section... the Health risks were particularly painful... it's worst than I ever feared, and I'm not even done yet... I'm starved and beat! Still very proud though.


1 Spectember to 12 August 2013

I completely forgot about this page! I'm too tired when I'm done working to brag about it; but I write it in my calendar.

1 September:
Finally added stuff to the rather empty Sexual education ~ For all ages.
Made: Health ~ Conspiracies ~ Soy is toxic
Gays are gay, added the fact that both gender makes both sex hormones too. I really put a lot of thoughts in that page... for days!

31 August:
Edited Gays are gay, added pictures and stuff.

30 August:
Edited Gays are gay a lot. Twice. It's probably messed up since I add things in the middle of my texts. But the part where I added it after, the day I first made it, is probably more confusing since the ideas aren't grouped... Oh well, they're out there... It's hard to think about so many things, from so many different angles...

29 August:
Added stuff to Aim for health
Edited My Vitamins & minerals
Edited Gays are gay (Maybe I created the page that day too)

28 August:
Eating while making the Recommendations ~ Healers page. "Arg I finally finished Healers after working on it all day until 1 am!" My sources are out there, but making a section just for the books and other stuff will be easier too.

27 August:
Edited Weight ~ Aim for health with a new cool resume of Health ~ the purpose of fat, and put the link since it’s in another section.
Worked on Empath feeling the pains of the world, in the middle of cleaning my aquariums; after mentioning that I am one in my Writer page.
Hungry, but worked on Empath some more since the hunger went away and I am obsessed.

26 August:
Made My Vitamins & minerals

25 August:
Worked on the Black and white section for 3h without eating and hungry… (Do what I say not what I do...) Made 2 pages: Kindness & cruelty and Two sides. Refreshing from the Health section.
Edited Kindness and cruelty some more.

18 August:
Edited Sodium for Vitamins & minerals. About time I add it... I discovered more things to write than I thought trying to fill the blanks. I keep thinking that I should have named that damn page plural, someone else's page was wrong... But I'm a French Canadian what do I know... except swearing in so many ways... and I gave the link already.

I have so many ideas and some pages to finish... 5 extra gram of vitamin C, added to my usual minimum 4g, sure helps me bear the pain of working myself too hard when I slip (sorry love *pats body*).

Damn what would I do without spell checks... I'm terrible, well, imperfect... which is natural. The damn Word corrector tries to make me add mistakes sometimes too!

12 August 2013

I added Sodium to the page Health ~ Nutrition ~ Vitamins & minerals.

I was almost done but it still took me 3 hours! The page is so huge that I need to work in a 2nd page and then copy and paste more... or my Dreamweaver freezes! But it's wonderful to search symptoms quickly. I used a word file before and it really saved me, especially when I was too sick to search the whole web. Now it's classy!

I also edited the alternative text of my banner and added my funny pictures "As clueless as a wolf in a tree" to my To do page. The same one I put in my Missing page, for the error 404, and won't be seen much *finger crossed* unless you type a fake page.



11 August 2013

The page News is born! I've done a whole lot of stuff before that, but I don't feel like tracing my steps back... So let's start here! I'm probably going to forget to update this... But anyway, here it is!

I also started the page Options, even if the actual options aren't working yet. I wanted to name it Text sizes, but it looked ugly, even if that would give me a lot of points playing scrabbles. Options has similar letter to the site's name. It's more harmonious even if less clear. I think I'll risk it, even if the user is usually the priority in my book. I wanted to make 3 buttons, but why would I use A... I didn't know which letter I should use... B maybe... I didn't want 3 bananas, I actually hate those... A page allowed me some nice jokes~ That’s the spirit of the site!

I modified my horizontal menu so that the exceptions would change color properly.

I finished the Tree of pages code. Now I can sit back and it will create itself as I go!

I'm so proud of myself and my creation~ *whips a tear away*

This is fun! Even if probably no one will see this site... *eye twitch* Oh well, it keeps my mind off things, let me vent, amuses me deeply and gives me a deep sense of accomplishment~ What more can I possibly wish for! Except maybe sharing with it with the world… that would be nice as well. Well, the possibility is there, but if it doesn't work:

Failure and uselessness can be their own rewards!



There's more before that but you'll have to figure it out; mostly in the health section.


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