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Disconnect to connect: Cell phone

Disconnect to connect: Cell phone

Technology. Made us lose the poetry of life. Use it wisely, not lazily. To connect with the people who are far away, not to ignore the ones who are with you. Don't let it replace what you can do and outshine you. Make the effort to share all the emotions of life. Respect and try to understand the people who do.

Shad Wolf's wisdom: disconnect to connect ~ autumn forest, oppressive city, howling, cell phone, look up, meet, talk, friend

I wanted to make this poster for a long time. After seeing the video Look Up from YouTube, my idea could no longer wait. This video is very good too:
Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Selling your computer to buy a wedding ring sounds excessive... but if that was what you had to do to have someone loving at your side, who care about who you really are, who even love you for your flaws, who help you build and share something greater than you could on your own, who give you support when you are down... Wouldn't you?

Many chose their phone and computer over the actual person they use their phone to "connect" with. Then what you have is a machine, not a loved one. It's a tool to connect, not the connection itself! Many people on dating sites won't actually meet the person they find, they're so caught up in the cozy and comforting hunt that they forgot its very goal... They don't want to risk something real because that requires real efforts and could get them really hurt... So they just dream about what could be... instead to make it happen. That's so depressing.

Howling wolves don't do it at the full moon, that's a cliché that I wanted to avoid, and I wanted to use a autumn forest to show how rich colorful life is. Not black and white pixels on an expensive phone. The city's wall makes me feel trap and blocks the view towards the horizon, narrowing our minds... The building lean towards the street, it feels oppressive like they're about to crush us. It's suffocating. Nature makes me feel free, like I could roam and discover unlimited things. The internet can do that, depending on what you search and how much effort you make to build and share a relationship.

Some interesting wolf howling facts
at weirdfactsaboutlife.

"Studies have shown that wolves often howl the most after separation from a wolf whom they feel a special bond with. Wolves respond to humans howling."

But they don't just howl, it's just to know where their beloved kin are, they go meet them. That's an important step that we seem to neglect even when we can. We're satisfied to know that someone howled back and we lazily stay all alone... Or we don't play when we meet... We just take for granted that we're in proximity when it actually makes no difference because we share nothing.

Wolves respond to human but probably to mean "Yes, there are wolves here, the territory is taken." They make the effort to beautifully reply strangers better than most reply their loved ones.

The howls in my art are placed in a way that they seem about to connect as one.

By inventing ways to create synthetic food, we forgot nutrition and how to be healthy. By inventing ways to communicate, we forgot how to truly be with someone, talk and write! We indulged so much in easy bad habits that this is what we became. Technology should help us better ourselves, not make us lose the basics.

If all you use the internet for is to see a bunch of asses, you're not going to learn anything new. If you act like an ass because you think that no one can see and find you, you're not going to bond deeply.

Phones are bright as hell... It can illuminate a whole room... but being with someone using it instead to have a meaningful conversation is dull and boring to death. I guess people react to that by also picking up their phone and then they et into the habit, make it the norm... and something that no one want ends up spreading like a plague.

Don't make a fool of yourself with your smart phone.

I'm sure your al isn't always to ignore the people next to you, but if that's the result, that's what you are doing!

I am not against technology, I studied web design, I love the web intensely because all the knowledge that humanity has to offer on almost the entire planet is in the reach of my fingertip, and it only takes a few seconds to discover and learn something new.

The closest, warmest and most loving relationships have been with people online... too far to meet. All the people around me took my presence for granted, or radically considered my very birth a nuisance... and I just wanted to die... But I still found love, but it was far away. So I'm grateful to technology for that.

We have long meaningful talk, just the two of us. We share how our life is going, our thoughts and our feelings... But not just the good, the bad also... to share all of us, to connect with everything we can, we bonded over common sufferings, and that made us closer... Because neither of us chose to walk away from pain wanting to only get happiness, trying to run away from other's, our own ad reality... Instead we share life, and I am far happier to sincerely cry in his caring arms than pretend to smile with people who are just waiting to mock my flaws and exploit my weaknesses... When no one is perfect and we make ourselves sick trying to be.

I tried to have deep conversations with people... face to face, and online. But most people are so in a hurry to take everything they can, that they never stop to fully enjoy anything. People chatted with me multitasking so much that all I received was a cheap and meaningless LOL every 10 minutes... They brought nothing to the conversation... No matter how much I tried to share and bond, I couldn't do it all by myself... They took... I ended up empty and feeling even more alone.

I never liked Facebook, because people would rather click a stupid "like" button than express their thoughts and feelings, than share ideas, so our mind can both widen and grows, and ourselves as individuals.

It's disturbing that there's only a "like" button, not even a "dislike" or "love" or "I hope you are okay" or "It made me feel sad *hugs*"... In the quest of perfect happiness, we denied people's the right to feel half of their emotions, because negative ones are part of life... and some people are so unlucky that dark moods is all they have, but instead to help them and give them a reason to smile, we deny their right to experience their reality, we deny them as people... I closed my profile after I got kicked out of a group for expressing my negative opinion on facebook, a post I made years before I met any of them. Yes, negative emotions are scary, yes being hated is scary... but they gave me the very thing they where afraid of when all I wanted to share with them is friendship and joy, and then they claimed themselves better than me. They gave me reasons to hate and hurt them back. But I just moved on. To far better but rarer people. People who allow me to be angry and sad as much as being happy... And thanks to that I reached that perfect happiness, when I tried to be perfect all I felt was misery.

I deleted my profile. I abandoned it ages ago. I'm paying for my own website because here I am free. I'm not doing this to boost my stats or get money... I just want to be me, as dark and not politically correct as I NEED to be, to live my reality, cope with it, and enjoy it~ With no one stopping me. No spam, no publicity, no haters void of their own creativity.

On Facebook and other social media, even face to face, people just show off the highlights of their lives, or even fake it... All that matters is shallow appearances. But anything truly meaningful is worth suffering for, by working hard to gain it and especially when we lose it. So the only way to lose nothing is to have nothing. The only way to never be sad is to ever have joy to lose. But that's no way to live... Life isn't like this... So people hide in shame, pretending to be better than what they are instead to do something to try to be... They crave adoration, to be on top, so they will gladly kick someone feeling down... But that sick satisfaction is defeating the very purpose of socializing, of having a society... We gathered to help each other with our qualities to compensate for each other's various flaws... Each having a specialty to offer to the whole... But now we all have the same: pretending and showing off. That's not being and sharing.

Everyone wants everybody to care about them, but no one bother to care about anyone...

So that wish will never be granted. The people who try are exploited until they wither away empty. Taking isn't sharing. But people don't even take the time to take... They don't appreciate.

I couldn't help to compare myself and feel miserable, and I didn't want to see it that way... I didn't need to see what my friends did without me and feel left out, I wanted to spend quality time with them. But many just wanted one more follower to boost their stats and ego... I am a person not a number. That's what videogames are for, not social media. People have thousands of friends, but no one to help them when they need help. So busy trying to get their minutes of fames, like celebrities even though they accomplished nothing entertaining, that they don't open up when they are in pain, and no one would care anyway because they're too busy taking yet another selfie.

By watching other people's lives being updated, you're not being part of it, you're just an observer.

People argued with the "Look up" video, saying that he check Facebook to have a new picture of his nephew... But why not take that time to go meet him, play with him, teach him something new, share good memories together by making them together... The kid doesn't know you if all you do is observe from afar like a stalker. And people are tired; they find it convenient, not to go all the way, not even to write a full phrase... It's like eating fast food instead to cook a real feast... It gives you a little something but it doesn't really nourish you... It gives you an illusion while it poisons you. And you forget how awesome the real deal is, how much it's worth every effort to get it...

No, it's not as good... certainly not to click a button without a word... Imagine meeting your friends for something important to you, like your birthday, they come into the room, look at you with a blank face, say "like" and walk out. Even if a thousand people do this to you... your evening will feel very lonely... You won't be mentally stimulated and your emotions won't really be comforted, not the way they would be if you shared funny moments and had a laugh together.

Facebook is pathetic. Some choices are so inferior that they're not even valid. But we made them the norm. Psychiatrists think that people who don't own a profile on facebook, and I don't anymore, are psychopaths. Why? Because I'd rather meet people face to face and make memories TOGETHER, than stalk like an unwanted criminal? And do voyeurism. Without bringing anything valuable to the moment... no thoughts, no real emotions... just some numbers in a stat... Tragic.

Even those horrible arts I made are better than social media, at least I was genuinely laughing out loud whe I made them and offered them to the world:
Face book (3 versions)

I would meet my friend offline if I could. We appreciate intensely everything that we can share, the closest way that we can share it. That makes our relationship better than the ones we have with the people we can meet face to face... but don't put any efforts into it. As if the room we're in magically build a relationship for us without any efforts and risks, as if technology could open our hearts without us actually doing it.

I went out on my own, bringing my camera hoping to somehow share the good memories with my long distance best friend. I felt like a complete lonely loser until I saw a group of people at a round table... They where all looking down, no one was talking, no one was looking in each other's eyes... and no one was smiling...

Phones don't avoid awkward silences and bad conversations... it enables them.

It made me feel so sad for them.

My friend told me that he never talks, and as little as possible when he's asked something... Because he noticed that people are annoyed with communication. So his friends don't know anything about him, they don't ask, they don't want to know... They just want to party, get drunk, pass out... and my friend carries them home...

I don't feel like I'm missing out on their fun, my friend hates it as much as I do. Parties are noisy but there's no meaning in the sound... We can't hear each other but we talk so much more. We can't meet, but we're even closer and hug all the time. When I'm with people, and their blank expression, I feel cold... But with his loving attention, I feel warm.

I feel like it's his party friends who are missing out... too busy being out of their minds with alcohol and loud music to discover how wonderful my friend's mind, heart and soul are...

Taking for granted that they are with him, just because they are in the same room... while their attention couldn't be further away. It's especially true for people on their cell phones.

I had a friend who was always on the phone with the people who weren't with her, ignoring the people who where actually there, because she tried to have everything and focused on what she didn't have instead to appreciate he moment. She did everything half way, no wonder she felt so lonely and empty; she never was fully with the people by her side. Cell phone didn't even exist back then... but it sure made such saddening greedy behavior even easier to indulge in.

I met a guy who chatted with other girls after inviting me to his home for the first time. When I asked him to please pay attention to me, because I was bored and lonely. I didn't want to go out because I was feeling ill but he begged saying that he'd cheer me up... but he made me feel miserable and lonelier than alone. He mocked my feelings telling me to entertain myself, and refuse to stop chatting saying that his friends where very important to him. Then what was I, shit? There was no second date. Use technology to reach, meet and spend quality time with your friends. In that order. But if someone is right by your side, and you feel the need to reach to someone else... It's so insulting, it's worse than being spat in the face... as disgusting as it is, at least you acknowledge the person and give them some attention instead to toy with their emotions as they wait for nothing. It's even more disgusting to ignore people for your phone. If it was some cool robot butler I could understand... But not pixels on a square.

Yes, your phone is cool, but damn you suck. Be respectful of the people who are kind enough to accept to be with you. That luck can fade away.

Phones where invented to talk, but now people don't even talk, they write texts, and they don't even write a phrase, they send some incoherent code, and most of the time they send smileys...

We are so in a hurry to live that we don't take the time to live.

People have so many ways to connect that they don't make the effort to truly connect.

It breaks my heart... because it's so wonderful once you bother making the efforts.

Technology is good. How you use it is not.

Enjoy something real when you can, don't let pixels take your opportunities away.

Don't let technology take away the wonders of having a sentient body.

Don't let tools silence the music of your voice.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul... No invention will ever surpass the connection of looking into each other's eyes and share the energy of the present moment.


Thank you Tij, for connecting deeply with me, on every possible levels, with the means at our disposal.

Thank you Grumpy for being my friend, in spite of the fact that the best gift I could think of, to express how much I care about you, is a vaccine warning with pictures of Hitler and dead babies... so it wouldn't happen to you.

Life can be so dark and harsh, thank you for sharing it with me. Nothing makes me happier~

Lisa Of Shades
8 December 2015

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