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Humor ~ Shad Wolf ~ Greetings

Shad Wolf, the black wolf, greeting friends.

Good mourning~!

Have a wonder-fluff day!
How do you do
Hello ~ I bite
Frozen ~ Insanity wolf
Shad Wolf's greetings ~ Hello from the darkness

Have a wonder-fluff day!

I am lurking to wish you to Have a wonder-fluff day!

Shad Wolf's greetings ~ Have a wonder-fluff day! ~ Wonderful ~ fur ball with eyes

The original fur ball was pink with yellow eyes. I took it from datehookup, thread for lurkers.

I did what I could to make it match my own colors.

It's a mix of wonderful, wonder and fluff.

Lisa Of Shades
9 April 2015

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How do you do

How do you do. Care to join me for a nice warm cup of mayhem in the moonlight~?

Shad Wolf's greetings ~ How do you do ~ Mayhem in the moonlight ~ tall hat blue tie

I'll use it for my friend naboli, he's using a Lincoln avatar from the movie "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)", and we seem to have a lot in common.

I made this one as the second part of my Gender confused wolf demotivational poster. Unlike the male wolf in granny's dress from Shrek, I'm the other way around, a female in a tuxedo. In my Intro ~ Writer page, I'm disguised and Lincoln.

What is the correct response to the question "How do you do"? from quora.

"“How do you do?” is usually a formal greeting used on the first occasion of meeting or introduction. It is often accompanied by shaking hands or nodding heads, sometimes even outright bowing.

It is not meant as a question and an answer is not expected. The reply “How do you do?” is appropriate.

Note that the tone of this question is not the same as “How are you,” which is more casual and used as a daily greeting by strangers, acquaintances, and close friends alike. A polite but vague, and usually positive, answer is generally expected along with a reciprocating question. Appropriate replies to a stranger or acquaintance may be “Fine, and how are you?” or “Very well, thank you. And you?”"

So it wasn't bad English, it was super fancy English.

I like alliteration, there's a lot of "m" sounds in my quote.

Lisa Of Shades
2 May 2015

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Hello ~ I bite

Thank you for adding me as a friend. I’d like to invite you to talk by saying “Don’t worry I don’t bite” but... I do~

The original that tij gave me as a gift looks friendlier and better, but Shad Wolf is a black wolf with blue eyes. I enjoy looking ominous.

People add me as a friend and never say hello, some are shy, some are just greedy and careless... but I do bite... hopefully I do it wisely. But not always. I'm shy too.

Lisa Of Shades
20 May 2015

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Frozen ~ Insanity wolf


Shad Wolf's greetings ~ Frozen ~ Here I am! ~ Insanity wolf

Sparkle version:



Shad Wolf's greetings ~ Frozen ~ Here I am! ~ Insanity wolf ~ sparkles

I first merely changed the color of the skin, but then I cut pieces of fur and made the hands look like bigger paws. I didn’t change the color of the transparent dress to keep it lively.

My friends were worried because I was away longer than usual. I first wanted to come every week like a TV show but they missed me too, so I’ve been trying to come every 2 days. I’ve succeeded but my chores have been piling up so I went berserk and did them for days.

I was almost gone a week and my friend Suzy asked “WHERE ARE YOU?”. I couldn’t resist making Shad as Frozen.

I see me wolf character is a guy though, but the wolf picture that I cut the face from is also being used for the “Insanity wolf” memes, and anything goes with those.

And… I am indeed a female, but it’s weird to see.

Well, weird is what I do best so... enjoy~
Lisa Of Shades
7 June 2015

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Shad Wolf's greetings ~ Hello from the darkness

Hello! I'm glad you're with me. Let's enjoy the darkness together.

Shad Wolf's greetings ~ Hello from the darkness ~ Hello! I'm glad you're with me. Let's enjoy the darkness together.

I wasn't sure if I needed to add "that" you are with me. So I searched it in google. Frodo says it to his friend for never abandoning him through hell and certain death, even though he pushed him away... The quote fits my unpleasant situation and the friends who are still with me.

I edited the one I made thanking people for adding me as friends. I ended up deleting almost 100 people who never spoke with me after adding me. I am a real person (even as a wolf), not a stat to boost people's reputation and ego.

So I edited it for a private group, as a welcome and thank you for real friends. I don't need more. I just want to spend more good times with the ones I have and bond closer. While I still can.

I probably only have darkness to share… but even in darkness there is light and colors. So maybe I do have something good to offer after all. I'll let my friends be the judge of that and will be there for them if they wish. I wanted to leave and never suffer a cruel ending again… But there is one thing worse than coming for fake friends who don't care if you are there or not… Leaving real friends who miss you behind.


I wrote lots of thoughts about myself, how I think, and why I reacted the way I did. Since I suffered to learn some of it, I'll share it here too. Maybe someone can avoid learning the hard way... or maybe it can help people understand me.

I posted it in a thread I made to let people help me see that I still have friends who want me and trustworthy enough to offer them the best and most fragile parts of me:

I'm trying to figure myself out and everything... I wrote a few intelligent things:

A quote from the text I wrote about an art (I gave the link to this page)

I probably only have darkness to share… but even in darkness there is light and colors. So maybe I do have something good to offer after all. I'll let my friends be the judge of that and will be there for them if they wish. I wanted to leave and never suffer a cruel ending again… But there is one thing worse than coming for fake friends who don't care if you are there or not… Leaving real friends who miss you behind.

Also... The command to release all the evil that my survival instinct is capable of isn't "That person isn't good enough." or "That person didn't give me enough". My heart is strongly against hurting people, I have a strong mental hypnosis that prevents me from doing it knowingly (I'm an empath feeling other people's feelings as my own so it would just hurt me), but sometimes it's necessary. The command to unlock my wolf's evil is "I acknowledge this person as a threat." and I don't do this lightly. I was becoming very sick from all the stress. Once the command was given, the only thing that matters is to eliminate threats by any means necessary...

It doesn't take much... Some people where culled out for saying "you take things too seriously" or "you care too much".

But to goal is to clean up the world around me so I can allow my heart to be unlocked again without risking my very life (stress can kill you).

Someone who doesn't take my pain seriously, even if I'm wrong about the cause, someone who mock that I care... can't possibly nurture, heal or deserve my heart.

The only person I have a hard time accepting the loss of is Suzy. As my heart, I perceive the world differently, from a different angle than my pure reason, so I have different memories. All I remember is her cheerfulness and rainbows and sparkles and how much she claimed for my company... if I had to give up on someone like that... then friendship doesn't exist... if I can't trust someone kind like that... then I can't trust anyone... That's what I thought... until people showed me better while I was just a messy wounded animal... and I noticed the gap between their warm friendship and hers.

We are defined by our actions more than our words... but also by the company that we keep with us. I think it's of no coincidence that the group of friends "naboli, thanos and phantom" all survived the purge even though I met and judged them individually.

It's when I met Suzy's friend that I noticed how utterly vile he is. Not a literate person, speaking awful on purpose. Emotionally manipulative. Claiming for things without earning them, instead of offering and sharing them. Demanding with a tantrum. Ungrateful, claiming that no one love him with thousands of friends and more than 300k of reputation, of love received... pushy... controlling... closed minded... demanding blind obedience instead to explain his point of you, why it's best, that he cares... Just assuming that only him can know best even about hpeople's lives and bossing them around without a word of reassurance, without an explanation of his logic, just demanding to be ... as if all his words should be obeyed instead to discuss our opinions as equals.

I hated him, I utterly loathed him. He represented the 2 extremes that I hate merged into one. Childish and stupid, but controlling and bossy... He made my time in my wall suffocating.

Suzy sent him to me "for my own good" without asking me first.

And she used aggressiveness to force me to please him against my will.

But it's not what he did to me that I reproach her... It's not because she was stupid enough to send a hunter to my den to protect me from hunters that really made me lose trust in her.

It's because everything that I loathed in him... in her friend... I started to notice them in her! She chose to have him as a friend... she could tolerate someone so vile... maybe not because she welcome anybody... but because they had things in common...

Demanding me to give her more than I could. Demanding me to reply only her. The same selfish greed at my perils... forcing things on me without asking my opinion first...

Being caring isn't enough when you are careless. Being joyful isn't enough when you cause sadness.

Maybe she did nothing wrong at all, like the last thing I told her... maybe she simply didn't give me a reason to believe in her when I needed her the most.

All that mess, it was never about wanting more... but about wanting to know the truth.

If someone promise me the moon, then I'll expect the moon, and I'll be very disappointed if I don't get the moon. But I am not demanding the moon, only to be able to trust... only that people do as they say so I can trust them.

If someone said that they only had pebbles to offer, and gave me pebbles, I'd be very happy and grateful for those pebbles, because it would mean that I can trust that person, and even if it's not much, they still want to share with me, and I'd be as happy as can be about that.

The problem was that they claimed to BE the moon. While giving me worse than nothing.

I saw them moving on, I only needed to verify so I can move on too. I was ready to wait for them as long as I had to if they wanted to build a friendship with me. But the way they threated me, it wasn't the case. I guess they couldn't admit it to themselves.

But we can't be a good friend to everyone, we have limited time, but we do have time, and we select chosen ones to give it to. Claiming that they don't have the time but being here to give it to others... means that they don't want to give me their time because they have other priorities.

This is natural and perfectly acceptable.

But then don't claim to be my best friend... just let me go... It doesn't mean that you are bad, or that I'm bad... it might not even mean that our friendship is bad... It's just a choice... I know what I am, that I'm a ball of painful darkess... finding better isn't hard... let me be happy for you and move on... Don't claim to be the best I can ever hope for... that pure neglect is all I deserve... waiting at the door like a dog for your return that will never be... when you don't want me. Or you'd be here.

I'm not claiming to be better. I'm worse. I did horrible things. I basically killed the person I loved most. Mercilessly.

I don't think I'm a good friend... or a good person... Life isn't about what we deserve... or I wouldn't have been born because even my own mother didn't want me. So I don't expect that anyone ever would.

But if someone does... I need to know... I don't go where I am unwanted... Where I could just die in the gutter and no one would notice the difference... I'm here because I think people do... but if they don't... if they moved on... I need to as well...

Like the Joker said, people want things to go according to plan... even if the plan is horrible.

Yes it's reassuring. I don't deal well with disappointments and broken words... My heart is too fragile and wounded already... trusting after it almost killed me is hard for me.

My motto is return what is given to you no matter if it makes you grateful or vengeful.

So I need to know what people have to share so I can adjust my expectations and give accordingly if I can.

Many things made me regret being born... and long ago I gave up my life... I didn't want my kindness to exist because all it got me is abused in every possible ways... so I sealed it away. I couldn't kill myself... but I could kill my heart and let another part of me take over like a completely different person. I didn't want my life... to play along all that social
bullshit... weak make up, do as your told, work until you die, become some guy's slave, be his whore while he cheats on you, make babies who'll poop, vomit and shriek...

I didn't want that life. I didn't want to live at all. I thought I was born to serve... to help people... to heal people... to make them smile... in return I was ripped apart and left to die.

I ripped off my own wings and refused to live for others.

I gave up my life.

My body refused to die.

So I said fine... I gave up my dreams, I gave up what I want... all I did was to focus on my vital needs... to take care of myself... like a slave of my own body, chained into this loveless existence... trapped into a sickly coffin of meat barely able to move after exhausting myself to death for others's sake.

I gave up what I want.

I focused only on my vital needs.

And then... for the first time in my life... I felt loved, I felt cherished, I felt protected, I felt like my life has meaning. I stopped being depressed, I stopped being in pain... I simply enjoyed like in the now.

I didn't become rich. I didn't have a high status in society. I didn't have a million friends. I didn't do exciting hobbies like travelling in a golden get around the world and to the moon.

I simply took care of my life. Myself.

I put my wants and desires aside for genuine needs, because those aren't needs... and with all the brainwashing ads by people wanting to exploit us, and peer pressure... our very wants are often not even our own! Not in our best interest. They even kill us! Nothing can ever replaced the basics but we neglect them for superficial trivial garbage... to impress people we don't even care about!

I embraced death... gave up everything... and discovered my very life~

This is how I live and I've never been happier.

But know that if I don't come for you, I can still want to, but be unable to... if I am sick... tired... or think that you don't want me and that I'd just get hurt being with someone who doesn't want to share and isn't happy to see me. So I need to be reminded... regularly... and especially after people messed me up... and especially after I made such an unpleasant mess...

What I want doesn't matter to me. All that matters is what I need.

I do need to share with you. But only if you want to share with me.

Lisa Of Shades
14 July 2015

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