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Friends come and go. What matters is to enjoy the path together while we still can. It's natural that life takes us in different directions. That's why people can be worth knowing even if it always ends badly. Life always ends in death but we can still enjoy living~

But when someone take us for granted, refuses to make the efforts to reciprocate what he asks, and harasses us when we have enough of being hurt by them, disrespecting our limit... that made me regret knowing him. Because he showed me that he never had respect for me by trying to coerce what he wanted against my will... He manipulated and abused me instead to open and share his heart.

That's why my friendship with him had to end, that's why it can never be again... and without trust and respect... it never was... That's why I deleted everything good that I made for him... Because he hurt me so much by harassing me with no regards for my well being, needs and limits... that I regret meeting him.

The pain that he gave me wasn't woerth the good. And it never will be. Not with him and not with anyone who will care more about what they can claw out of me than actually caring about me.
Lisa Of Shades
23 July 2016

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Insanity wolf ~ You're sweet like sugar, grains and corn. Nutritionally worthless. ~ Manipulative and abusive

I transferred the new ones in a previous page to gather the topic together and move on. I did the same by with my new demotivational posters Relationships gone bad. I wanted to kill him, getting him deleted at kat is good enough. I showed him that I could hit back and that he can't win. I'm moving on.

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