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All the adventures of Shad Wolf, the black wolf.

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This section started as Facebook parody.

Shad Wolf is my darkest shade, he represents my primal brain & survival instinct.

Black wolves are actually wolf-dogs hybrids: less scared, bigger, more aggressive and unpredictable. Loyal and loving if they trust you, but brutally merciless if you abuse them. You can't force them to do what you want with threats and punishment; they will fight fiercely to protect themselves. Highly intelligent and independent, you can only try to motivate them with something worth their interest. They will adapt to how you threat them, wrong them at your own perils. Even if they let you pet them, they're still feral wild animals and they can bite harder than you can scream.

My demotivational posters are probably more interesting, I used the same style but they're not meant to induce despair. But friendship can end up this way...

It became about the people I met at as [WolfPack]. You can contact me there at the moment. But I won't waste my energy on people who don't respect me.


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Shad the black Wolf travels ~ Australia ~ kangaroos ~ come hop into my mouth

Shad the black Wolf travels ~ South Pole ~ Penguins ~ They think I'm one of them

Shad Wolf's friends ~ sz235711 ~ Meeting half way ~ between darkness and light

Optimus Prime ~ Unoffendable robot ~ asshole insult ~ as ~ gun shot ~ dead guy

Optimus Prime ~ Shad Wolf ~ Morality is relative ~ Eat corpse

Shad Wolf's friends ~ warlord90 ~ The punisher ~ skull delicious skullicious ~ ice cream diabetes sugar

Shad Wolf's greetings ~ Have a wonder-fluff day! ~ Wonderful ~ fur ball with eyes

Shad Wolf's friends ~ ZombieQueen ~ Zombies go to war

Shad Wolf's friends ~ warlord90 ~ The punisher ~ blonds and beer ~ big breasts boobs bikini

Shad Wolf's friends ~ th4n05 ~ Kisuke Arahara ~ bleach ~ secret cave

Death Note: L (Lawliet) ~ Sugar, grains, diabetes, celiac disease ~ healthier, happier, fat, vegetables

Optimus Prime ~ Shad Wolf ~ Thank you ~ Tank explosion

Shad Wolf friends ~ Gorilly.Grodd ~ gorilla family ~ you look pretty tasty

Shad Wolf's friends ~ sz235711 ~ happily chasing you through a rainbow

Shad Wolf's anger ~ Pikachu ~ l33t netspeak chatspeak lazy shortcuts smiley

Shad Wolf's anger against unreasonable demands ~ NO!

Shad Wolf's anger ~ hunger ~ gift ~ Everybody loves cats ~ Hurting cats for cuteness

Shad Wolf's greetings ~ How do you do ~ Mayhem in the moonlight ~ tall hat blue tie

Shad Wolf's greetings ~ Hello ~ I bite

Shad Wolf anger ~ mod abuse ~ muzzle spay neuter dog ~ wolf freedom

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