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Bible club

Bible club

God: "The first rule of Bible club is don't kill others."
Humanity: "Kill all the others in god's name!"
God: "I should have made it the second rule too. You're all going to hell."

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I don't like how people choose to believe blindly without trying to see out the truth with their own reason. It makes you vulnerable to abuse, and religion is used to control people... Or to claim that wrong doings are good and unquestionable... It's dangerous to be desperate to see good... even when there's only bad. Good will is when you make an effort with your own actions, not when you refuse to see the bad in ill will. That makes you accomplice of abuse. Being self righteous and convinced that you can only do good will make you blind to your own wrong doings. We don't like, want or need the same things. Forcing yourself on others is wrong, no matter how good you think they should see it. They're not wrong for not seeing it your way, you are wrong for denying them the free will to see it their own way.

Maybe the Bible started as a good idea to better ourselves and the world with good value. But when you look at the massacres during the crusades, to force god on others, killing in his name... You see the hypocrisy of religious people, because they betray their own god's first rule... in the 10 commandments.

"I should have made it the second rule too" refers to the movie "Fight club". I thought it was silly to have twice the same rule "You must not talk about fight club"... and guessed that it showed how important it was... but people are so dumb that you have to tell them over and over... and they still don't get it.

Don't wait for a magical daddy in the sky to save you. Stop being in denial clinging to faith in the worst people, and save yourself so you can find the best ones.

I added the character "All of the things" from rage comic. It shows the mindless greed well.

When you have to kill all the people who disagree with you to feel right... You're very insecure... and very wrong.

But if someone tries to kill you, kill him right back. Like Mal said in Firefly or Serenity.

When I searched for god's faces... Morgan Freeman showed up. I keep thinking that I'm a racist, but I couldn't agree more that he'd make a wonderful god after seeing him in Bruce Almighty, with Jim Carrey. Now that's a god of compassion, love and wisdom. But a god who want to send people to suffer in hell for all eternity can only be the devil.

Lisa Of Shades
8 October 2016

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