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Humor ~ Inner world ~ The shades

The characters represent different sides of me, my true self is all of them combined.
  • Annaé (Anna Éternité, French for Eternity. Pronounced Anna + "A". Adult woman.) She's my emotional side and my main one, she's in the front to perceive the world. Her duty is to feel everything, the bad as well as the good, to empower the rational side with wise judgment by being properly informed. She's an empath able to feel other people's emotions; it can be overwhelming to feel too much. She has kindness for all in the world, which gives her great sorrow by compassion or by being abused.

    Shade (Warrior woman.) Annaé turned evil by revolting against her own caring nature and humankind. How my dark side first came out. The name was given to me by the person who's been cruel enough to break my good will. I keep it to never forget that some people don't deserve kindness, if they choose to inflict worse, and that sometimes darkness is my only shield.

  • Shad (The man, twin brother of Annaé, somehow 6 years older from not being bound by space and time. His real name means honesty and truth. He took the name from her so she could turn back to being herself. She merged him with the dark side to control it with reason, so they ended up with the same name.) He's my rational side. The wise lord of logic. The master causalities, by being able to calculate the cause and effect, able to predict the probabilities of fate. The voice of reason is my lord and master. His role is to guide. He observes in the background analyzing the information given by the emotions. He's too cold and blunt to be good at socializing with others, but he's the best at decision making.

    He doesn't dress like that, it's an art. (I edited Keanu Reeves' photo, I don't draw this well, especially not perspectives, proportions and hands.) He grew his hairs longer so his twin sister would keep them long, because she wanted to be like him.

    Wisdom, seeing beyond time and space ~ Shad ~ Lord of logic. Master of causalities. ~ Hourglass galaxy.

  • Holy (The little girl, eternally 6 years old.) She's my kid side. She is innocence, trust, curiosity, sheer joy and the capacity to be amazed at the wonders of the world. Every side of me is a leader and follower under different circumstances; she's the cheer leader. Essential for my sense of humor, helping me find amusement even in the darkest tragedy to cope and find the courage to face it. She gets back up on her feet quickly, crying hard is a good way to get all the sorrows out fast, but she rarely has to. She's the most outgoing, pleasant and likely to interact with the world and people. She's fearless but naive. She only sees and remembers the good, otherwise she sleeps. She's the nicest but also the most defenseless. Annaé freed the wolf so he would protect her.

    (I drew above an Asian girl and I still couldn't get the proportions right. But it's still accomplished.)

    Holy ~ cheer leader ~ Cheerleader ~ Little girl with ponytails jumping with pompoms

  • Shad (The dark side. A wolf spirit made of demonic shadows, but with the glowing blue eyes of an angel.) Genderless, but tends to be more male. He's my primal side, my survival instinct, even if it means doing evil so it won't befall me. He's the gatekeeper of my inner world. His purpose is to protect. He gets rid of threats by any means necessary and regulates vital functions. He only comes out in times of evil danger, so he was misunderstood as being evil himself. I thought that he was a sword but shades can mean sunglasses and that's a shield. I thought that he was death, but he's the guardian of life.

    He looks like the insanity wolf meme, but with blue eyes.
My subconscious use them as metaphors to confront different points of view from different parts of my brain, so I can have a wider mind seeing more of the endless truth, finding balance by taking everything into consideration wisely. Those stories are as real as my thoughts and life can be, but on a different plane of existence than the material world.

That is why I am calling myself Lisa of Shades. I am more than one.

Lisa Of Shades
28 + 29 March 2016
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