Bananapoop ~ The "How to be less stupid" tutorial ~ This is not a banana tree!

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SD vs. HD statistics ~ pie chart (circle chart) circular statistical graphic ~ bullying the minority

Log Horizon ~ Akatsuki ~ before guy after real girl ~ HD vs. SD

Time to upgrade browser, OS, computer ~ web site menu mess ~ no thanks

Cock contest ~ SD vs. HD ~ chicken fight ~ cockfight

Samurai squirrel ~ katana ~ bullshit ~ nuts ~ demotivational poster

Sharing rare torrents. Because you want them too. ~ Demotivational wolf, chicken

Noragami ~ Eyes on back ~ 480p ~ The way I want it even if it freaks you out

Technology ~ space shuttle, phone, terminator, Iron Man, remote control, windows 8, upgrade, 480p video

Insanity Wolf ~ Torrent, swarm, bumblebee, complainers, haters

Technology ~ 480p ~ blue screen of death ~ customized Windows ~ XP, 8, 10 ~ Cortana

The Irregular at Magic High School ~ Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei ~ bullying 480p vs. 720p vs. 1080p

The Irregular at Magic High School ~ Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei ~ tackle glomp hug overkill

Ushio to Tora ~ torrent HD vs. 480p ~ drink tears grin

World trigger ~ bail out ~ leaving dislike internet nag argue

Sharing torrents ~ Insanity wolf ~ Poop emoji ~ smileys happy ninjas gifts

Doctor Who ~ David Tennant ~ 10th ~ Tardis (time machine & spacecraft) ~ Haters ~ 21st century ~ like use old stuff

Insanity wolf ~ life choices ~ Argue ~ I'm obviously insane and that's the way I like it

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash ~ Hai to Gensou no Grimgar ~ Internet troll stabbed ~ Help me moderators ~ Being worse than you means better at being bad.

Insanity wolf ~ Haters waste time they could be spending having fun ~ Nothing better to do

Anime ~ Snow White with the Red Hair ~ Akagami no Shirayukihime ~ Upgrade alert arrow ~ No. Get out of my way.

Black cat ~ Kuroneko sama from Trigun ~ Cat videos are the most popular ~ Impossible to please everybody ~ Shut up haters

Dear haters. Have a nice warm cup of shut the hell up. ~ Pink sunset beach, floral tea cop and cup, rat poison bottle

Teletubbies & Oompa loompa threesome ~ field, understanding each other, mock, argue, step away slowly

Torrents peers ~ Japanese flag ~ Red dot ~ Cats love laser pointers

Rage comics, computer, forever alone, anime torrents, enjoy life

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