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Mostly about 480p vs. HD, because it still has its purpose.

Plus some vengeful insults against ungrateful and arrogant people.

Bigger doesn't mean better. To each their own. The best of the best isn't necessary the best for YOU. It's better to balance resources and needs; they vary for everyone.

There's no point in wasting space and DVD money on bigger files if you don't even notice the difference.

Instead to upgrade my computer, I put my priority and money into upgrading my health.

I share 480p torrents to help my minority. Arrogant people have been hostile against me for not giving them what they want, when I owe them NOTHING. They criticize and complain about something free instead to make their own efforts. They try to control others instead to learn to control their own stuff. This is my revenge.

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Snowflake unique, melt away and disappear, car windshield, water crystal

Attack on Titan - Bloody bowling - Stress relief for sadists - Levi

Attack on Titan ~ Eren ~ Two bitten thumbs up ~ Good job ~ Sort of

Attack on Titan - Shut up - Sasha Blouse

HD vs. SD war ~ anime, Noragami, Yato, Stray god ~ demotivational

Automatic RSS download torrent ~ Noragami ~ demotivational

Sharing torrents. Because you are one of the others too. ~ Demotivational wolf, chicken, egg

Inflated ego ~ kid with a rock balloon ~ abusive moderators on forum ~ bullying ~ abuse of power

Wolf shit ~ pooping shiny uranium flakes ~ Enjoy SD ~ no need for bigger and better ~ party pooper

Give a shit ~ complain ~ bite head off ~ coyote pooping

Wolf ~ Castrate with powerful fanged jaw. Establish dominance ~ balls

Critics. Bite their throat. Decapitate. Hump them in the mouth. Establish dominance. Insanity Wolf. Criticism, complainers.

Arrogance ~ unicorn fart rainbow ~ You're still an asshole ~ opinions aren't facts

Angry chiwawa ~ ungrateful little bitches ~ complainers ~ shut up ~ bark ~ kick through closed window ~ rose heart dog bitch ~ demotivational

Avatar ~ Sokka ~ Elbow leech ~ Seed torrents. Leeches are nasty.

Movie 300 ~ king Leonidas this is Sparta ~ This is 480p ~ SD vs. HD war

480p isn't supposed to be HD. Don't complain that the sky is blue.

480p beats HD ~ morbidly obese ass fight ~ like David and Goliath

PSYCHO-PASS ~ Gun ~ 480p ~ What you do defines you

PSYCHO-PASS ~ Explode ~ 480p. Horrible! Just the way I like it~

General version:

PSYCHO-PASS ~ Gun explodes arm ~ Horrible! Just the way I like it~

Nip Tuck ~ Oh, it's not good enough for you~? GO FORK YOURSELF!

Gundam ~ mecha fight ~ robot chicken ~ robot humping washing machine

Terra Formars ~ Cockroach ~ 480p ~ HD ~ magnified details

Terra Formars ~ Upgrades. They're not always for the best. ~ Butterfly power

480p. You don't like it so you don't like me? The feeling is mutual.

Parasyte the maxim ~ Despise ~ incompatible ~ discrimination

Feeling entitled. I owe you pain. Shut up before you get what you deserve.

Electric bath duck. Suicidal tendency. Solve your own problems. Permanently.

Bee dancer ~ torrents ~ peer swarm

Sam ugliest dog ~ bitch eat shit

Planetes ~ astronaut cleaning garbage in space ~ HD vs 480p ~ shit is good enough for me

Hozuki no Reitetsu ~ 480p is like being in hell. Warm, cozy and fun to watch

Hoozuki no Reitetsu ~ Hozuki's Coolheadedness ~ Hell: warm, cozy and fun to watch

Hozuki no Reitetsu ~ hell bureaucrat ~ Customer service. How may I help you die? ~ annoying complaints, complainers

Hozuki no Reitetsu ~ Complainers ~ ignore ~ be interesting not demanding ~ whining ~ satisfy

HD vs. 480p ~ biggest isn't necessarily the best ~ Morbidly obese girls ~ hungry for you censored

Censored version for the last word. I wanted to cover them up too, but I don't know where to begin:

HD vs. 480p ~ biggest isn't necessarily the best ~ Morbidly obese girls ~ hungry for you censored

Robocop vs. ED209 ~ Gun explosion ~ robots ~ 480p vs. HD ~ I've been happy with worse: avi!

Nobunagun: Disappointment. Take a deep breath and move on peacefully. Statue with sword.

Nobunagun ~ 480p. The definition is not sharp enough for you? Would you rather get cut?

Daily Lives of High School Boys ~ 480p is like a beach. ~ Grainy sand blurry ocean.

Asexual misanthrope ~ fear cat butt ~ human crotch

Duck butt ~ Assholes. Let their crap roll like water off a duck's back.

HD is bad for you ~ unreal gaudy colors and too sharp ~ the glare causes dizziness, headaches and seizures

Einstein ~ atomic bomb ~ stupidity ignorance ~ cope ~ eliminate the problem

Daily Lives of High School Boys: Unconstructive criticism ~ shut up ~ overkill violence

Daily Lives of High School Boys ~ Sugary bribes ~ It seems kind until they get diabetes ~ chocolate candy

Daily Lives of High School Boys ~ Roses ~ Women are full of thorns

Parasyte the maxim ~ Overkill. It's the only way to be sure. ~ Fly

Seraph of the end ~ vampire sucking child blood ~ 480p instead of HD

Plastic Memories ~ You choose 480p over HD!!!? Are you nuts? ~ Yes I am! Mwahaha!

She only says "Are you nuts?", I added the rest. Here's the broader version:

Plastic Memories ~ Are you nuts? ~ Yes I am! Mwahaha!

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