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Cosmetics & other stereotypes

Pedophile vs. vampire
Marriage punches balls
Lesbians can make a baby
Cavemen's feet
Spatula hand
Duck is the new bitch
Natural beauty vs. duck face
Duck face vs. bear trap fellatio
Duck face: Kisses are meant to be shared
Tinker Bell: Laughter
HD vs. 480p ~ Biggest vs. best (2 versions)
Robosexual misanthrope
Sexual vs. Asexual misanthrope
Gender confused wolf
Gagging abuse of abusive gagging?
Avatar: Neytiri & Jake Sully ~ I see you
My Little Pony: Castration day
Gay deer threesome

Cosmetics & other stereotypes

Cosmetics & other stereotypes. Instead to force it on women who don’t want it because we think they should... Instead to forbid it to men who love it because we think they shouldn’t... Let people do what make them happy with their OWN body. Stop being offended by other people’s personal preferences. Mind your own business when it doesn’t hurt or violate anyone! You should learn to appreciate more colors. We’d all benefit from living in a happier world. Except drug pushers like Big Pharma and sadists.

Cosmetics ~ makeup ~ men ~ stereotypes ~ mind your own business ~ happiness ~ freedom

Freedom is the right to do what you want with your own body, not with other people's body.

I found this cutest picture by accident at moddb with the keyword shithead. But I've been moved by how free and happy he looks. Sure it's disturbing at first glance, but then his happy eyes and smile is warming my heart and brightening my day. I don't feel afraid that he'd try to rape me in anger to comfort his frustrations. He seems very fun to be around! Way more fun than people wearing a grey suit.

I always hated how society tried to force so many products on me, trying to convince me that women are only good for decorating, and then preying on the insecurity that I’m not beautiful enough on my own to be wanted. Well, people try to rape me; I’d gladly be less wanted. I won’t color my lips red like a cunt in heat, that’d be sending the wrong message

I’m either too beautiful and don’t need it, or so ugly that even plaster paste from a hard ware store won’t cover it up! I’m both. My beautiful smile make people forget how badly disfigured I am.

Well, I have severe acne as a side effect of kidney problems, and even if I wanted to worsen my health with toxic products that cause cancer, you can’t cover up dragon scales that lack of B3 cause (niacin causes pellagra) or the red spots of scurvy as I bleed in all the scars I ever had from lack of vitamin C.

Many women just plain screw up, or do an ugly line by laziness that looks like it’s been made with a cheap BIC pen, and the blue one that never fits with anything. They pluck their eyebrows so sparse that they look like they have thyroid problems, and it doesn’t even fit their natural bones anymore. All that trying to look like a soulless porcelain doll, the only thing that scares me more than clowns. (I love spiders, one clawed her way across my back and it was a very pleasant sensation~)

If men like make up so much, THEY CAN WEAR IT!!!

I like that guy. You can’t blame him for wearing make up. The brainwash that ads do is so relentless and omnipresent that it will catch a few men too.

As long as you don't force it on anyone unwilling, enjoy what makes you happy~ Just be decent and don't walk around naked. But women are forced to be exhibitionists, yet not everyone wants to have your junk rubbed in their eyes either. (Google the people of Walmart…)

If you want to enjoy righteous wrath. Don't waste it on guys with make up or gays... save it for pedophiles, rapists and people who beat women. Open your eyes, you’ll see so much more important to hate.

Lisa Of Shades
21 August 2014

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Pedophile vs. vampire

Go ahead~ Put your dick in her mouth She swallows~ Kids aren’t such a defenseless and docile prey once you notice their teeth and tantrums, uh~ Even your own hand doesn’t want you. Cut your dick off, suck it, choke on it and DIE!

Vampire kid ~ pedophile blow job ~  30 days of night

Now be a good girl and bite off the fucker’s dick off, with a beautiful temper tantrum, it's the right time for it. Unleash hell, he deserves it. Your parents too for letting that creep near you. Sometimes to be good you have to be bad~

The image is from the movie 30 days of night at tonicgossip.

Yeah right, you want kids because they’re beautiful, undeveloped without boobs hips or anything. You love them that’s why you rip their too small body apart before they can possibly be physically ready and can’t even be mentally because they can’t even understand what’s going on or assume the responsibilities for the consequences. It’s a sex slave that you want.

Life is like a videogame. If you need to go under level 18 to win when you are level 40… you’re a really pathetic player. A good game would never make you a boss, it'd be too pathetic and boring. No one would want to play. Ever. I guess that's why you need to molest, uh. Even your own hand doesn't want you! Cut your dick off, suck it and choke on it.

Anybody else, enjoy~

Lisa Of Shades
21 August 2014

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Marriage punches balls

"Give me more money!", "But annoy me less about sex!". Marriage. Your balls are owned and it’s not to have sex! You’d be insane to want more than one woman!!! The mighty vaginas have spoken. You better obey if you want to see one again. We make you wear ties so it will be faster to hang you.

Marriage punches balls ~ speed bag ~ woman ~ women

I’m so glad that I found a picture with the right bag, and the women have bare hands. It's from wikipedia.

Apparently sex and money are the biggest causes of fights.

I used a typewriter font, imagine mini metallic hammers being punched on your balls to write her name on them.

The fact that it looks like an old picture is even funnier because they were beaten back then. So it brings me relief to see women stand up for themselves even in that era, punching balls in a time they were used like slaves, locked at home and dependent. It had advantages, but too many disadvantages not to have the choice. But trying to have it all can seriously ruin someone’s health with exhaustion, and that can only bring sadness.

This is my revenge for all the women who’ve been abused with violence, even raped by their own husbands, denied free will and the right to choose what they do with their own body. As if men were entitled to it. But a woman can even choose to let her baby starve. Men, we owe you nothing, but you owe women your whole life.

I read too many men complaining against their devoted wives, nothing is ever good enough as long as they don't get everything WITHOUT NEEDING TO EVEN ASK, right freaking away, and giving nothing in return. Women, beat your kids so they won't become spoiled brats who think they're entitled to everything for free. You're not breeding happy kids, or avoiding conflict, you're encouraging rape.

Enjoy kicking balls!
Lisa Of Shades
21 August 2014

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Lesbians can make a baby

Lesbians can make a baby!!! Cloning. Now we only need an ovum and any cell to reproduce. Men aren’t needed anymore, so they better be nice!

Lesbian wedding ~ baby ~ cloning ~ women don't need men so they better be nice

I write too much. Here's the rest of the text:

Even if you make it illegal, it only takes one intercourse. And that’s only for those who want a baby. HA! Women are finally noticing how useless men have always been. You want us. You need us. But we don’t have to care about your bullshit. Give us better or we’ll find happiness with each other. If being a lesbian isn’t a choice, celibacy and abstinence sure are!

I'm not a lesbian, so don't take what I say against them. I can't be one. All humans are crazy just the same, but in different ways.

It's from another poster "Love. It's what makes a family." I don't have the exact page but you can find so many at motifake.

Lisa Of Shades
21 August 2014

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Cavemen's feet

Women belong at men’s feet. Now get on your knees and make me a sandwich on the floor! Because I don’t know how to take care of myself or do the simplest things. My mother never showed it to me. Cleaning my ass was her only way to valorize herself. So I expect you to do the same. Now scrub! Evolution? I don’t know what that is. Caves? I love them.

Women belong at men's feet ~ scrub ~ sandwich on the floor ~ Legend of Korra

It's from the cartoon Legend of Korra season 3 episode 08.

As a misanthrope, I'm against both sexes, so I can double my laughter! I can understand both views and find both stupid.

Mothers, teach independence to your boys; instead to serve them mindlessly. It will be best for everyone.

Lisa Of Shades
21 August 2014

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Spatula hand

Fake or overgrown square nails. This is how absurd and ugly you look. Now stop wasting time and money with that nonsense. Go cook me something already!!!

Fake or overgrown square nails are as ugly and absurd as spatulas

The male hand is from beautifulonholiday. The spatulas are from billlabrie.

This is an example among many that fads of beauty are uglier than doing nothing. It freaks me out and I can’t stand it. I cut my nails short and let them grow until I can’t touch things, otherwise it annoys me. And they have this perfect natural curve.

WTF with this ugly square! Even my hairs don’t have sharp angles. I’m not a robot! It’s so ugly, it’s unbearable. I don’t want to be touched with those monsters. It’s a handicap! You loose your sense of touch! It twists your nail straight in your nerves at the root when you poke things. It’s so unpleasant! I wouldn’t be able to do anything with those monsters.

I want to write, dig in the hearth, FEEL! Not look like a freaking clown with spatulas for nails! Hell it’s ugly. No matter how you decorate it, it’s just plain hideous! Fake eyebrows too!!! Google failed plastic surgery and you’ll get the idea.

Leave it natural, raw, carnal… Messy. It sounds way sexier than nail polish, hair spray and plucking. Then you wonder why men won’t consider you a person like them with how much you look like a fake doll. I bet even the people who invented all that crap find it ugly, they just wanted women to mutilate themselves constantly for yet another foolish trend, so they could cash in. Nail polish is dangerous, and the workers get sick for being so exposed.

It’s all just to hide diseased nails. Invest your money and time in decent food and you won’t need to cover yourself up with paint and plastic, EAT and you won’t need to stuff yourself with botox and silicone. It’s repulsive, sick and wrong!

Enjoy your real nails and freaking nail clippers!!!
Lisa Of Shades
21 August 2014

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Duck is the new bitch

Duck is the new bitch. Why try to become one more swan when you can be the ugliest duckling! Beak mouth pout. Duck feet square nails. You must be so drunk to think that it’s attractive. I guess stupid people like each other.

Duck face ~ square nails duck feet ~ duck is the new bitch ~ demotivational

The story of the ugly duckling from wikipedia: "The story tells of a homely little bird born in a barnyard who suffers abuse from the others around him until, much to his delight (and to the surprise of others), he matures into a beautiful swan, the most beautiful bird of all."

YouTube: Walt Disney - Ugly Duckling. It's so sad.

I got the idea from Making your nails look like duck feet is the newest horrible trend at jezebel. I always compared them to spatulas, so I thought it fits the duck face. But the nails are different, wider, even uglier... but that trend is just plain max-ugly from the start so it's over-kill.

They're hilarious:

"Do your nails not get in your way enough? Do you find yourself wishing they were wider and even less likely to fit on the keys of your keyboard? Well then you will love duck feet nails, the newest trend that is sweeping the nation. These flared nails are meant to resemble (you guessed it) duck's feet, and they do in the loosest, most unflattering way possible. If you want to see this new trend in all its glory, Buzzfeed has quite a collection, but the toenails are truly the worst. Oh, God, the toenails."

Is this the worst nail trend ever at buzzfeed. All trends are the worst to me. They blur into a big vomit pile of bullshit. OH GOD I WAS WRONG THERE'S ONE SET WITH TWILIGHT FACES!!! *claws eyes out* With a big copyright in the middle, no one would want to steal that, and if they do… are you sure that you want people to know that you spawned this abomination? Oh god don't use your real name online you stupid bitch. You'll be stalked by murderers and could loose job opportunities! If you want to have your soul die a little more, you can see the picture of twilight nails... The next one is money with "in god we trust"... no... there is no god...

The original duck face without my edits was taken from funnypica.

The duck mouth is from cloudfront. The feet are from chariotonfire.

I guess stupid men feel superior when women look stupid. I do hide my IQ and go weee~ But if women have to go that far in the stupidity spectrum to make men feel superior... then they really aren't.

Girls maybe we should stop pretending to be hair heads to pet men's ego, which is even more insecure than ours since he has so much bragging to do with other men. Maybe we should make men our bitches. They already are, they just don't notice with all the foolish stuff that we hoodwink them with.

I say "we" but I'm staying out of the dating game completely. You're all a bunch of dumb asses trying to rub each other's bullshit and farts. I have more than my dose just noticing how messed up you all are...

Lisa Of Shades
21 August 2014

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Natural beauty vs. duck face

Your natural beauty
. Stop butchering it with fashion! Bleached toasts aren’t pretty. You look better the way you’re meant to be. Stop trying to make porno faces, ducks aren’t sexy! To be desirable, just smile~ And be healthy. (Photoshop gave them back their soul.)

natural beauty vs duck face ~ ugly fashion tan bleached hairs

Pale skin and dark hairs are great. Don’t invert them!
You end up looking like a freak. Pale skin and dark hairs are great. Don’t invert them! You end up looking like a freak. Not the fun murderous kind; more like the trash whore throwing her ugly babies in a dumpster.

Whoever convinced you that looking like a bleached toast was desirable can't appreciate you even if you burn your skin and hairs. Why would you want to please such a shit head anyway! Publicities like that don't have your best interest at heart; don't waste your money. Or someone else's if you took the trashy whore look for business reasons.

Photoshop. It can give you back your soul... temporarily... at least remind you of what you left behind... and how much you wasted your efforts making yourself worse, trying to look like someone else... someone UGLIER THAN YOU!

The original duck faces are from another poster at grandpajohn.blogspot.

Everytime I see an obvious brown girl with an overtan, I think of the option Ctrl+I in my (old) Photoshop, it inverts the colors. Black becomes white... Brown bitches become blond, pale skins become over tan. No I actually had to struggle with effects, but it reminds me of it to the point that I always wish to invert their faces back to normal. And now I did.

They look so much better! It's probably the way they'd look if they didn't butcher their skin and hairs.

I added smiles from other mouths because I couldn't repair their asshole-mouth into a real smile. The left smile is from orchiddentalspa. I lost the other source.

The awesome backgrounds: Night sky and bright stars at boomsbeat and Epping Forest Centenary Walk at wikipedia. Much better than a stupid car (why, because then you'd be too drunk and trashed?) of a shitty brown wall.

The delicate flower necklace to avoid looking like a gaudy whore is from beonpark.

Stop trying to look like someone else and embrace your true beauty. Otherwise you look like a freak! And not the fun kind.

Fashion models don’t pout; they blow through their lips ever so gently. Even I know that and I’m doing my best to be utterly ignorant of that topic. If you can’t do it right and with grace, then don’t force it. Even the best result is boring to death, especially compared to a shiny smile.

Enjoy~ It’s the secret for everything, beauty too!


I guess it's scary to advertise smiling teeth for blow jobs, uh~ Cunt face. Insecure slut.

I'd like to photoshop a vagina on her face but then I'd have to look at it. I guess the written joke will be an extra... if there's any lost souls mad enough to actually read my texts. That would surprise me, but at least I enjoy writing.


Lisa Of Shades
21 August 2014
Edited: 22 August 2014

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Duck face vs. bear trap fellatio

Cunt lips duck face. Because smiling teeth scare dicks away. But I still think that it’s an improvement.

Cunt lips duck face. Smiling teeth scare dicks away. Bear trap fellatio.

This is the continuation of the previous one: Natural beauty vs. duck face. I added it between 2 older posters.

The bear trap mouth is actually a ring from sarahhartsu.

The background of dead woods, a metaphor for killing a hard on, is from userwww. Strangely it's about bears: "Grizzly Bear ATTACKS have become more common. One of the main reasons is the food scarcity in their ecosystem." Finally nature gets back at us.

I found an amusing picture: Cherokee Clothing: "BEAR TRAP" Print Ad by LOWE at coloribus. If it was a real bear trap, she wouldn't look so relaxed, especially such a big one, she'd be missing a leg. I like the idea to be chained to nature and forced to enjoy it doing nothing.

The spiraling eyes sucking in your soul freak me out. I wanted to change her warm inviting expression. I was missing some arms, I tried to draw some random tentacles behind, but trying to merge the picture above spread some cool ghostly smoke, so I went with that idea instead. Screwing up a bad idea is the best inspiration.

It offers an explanation to the duck face... just add red lipstick like a engorged vagina and anybody will just grab you thinking you're in heat and that he doesn't have to bother seducing you. Or don't. Try to get to know whoever lurks around you before sending ready-to-fuck-anytime signals... unless you’re a slut; then feel free to send them to anybody, and post your cunt lips (politely called duck face) on facebook for the whole planet to mock your face and disfigure you with photoshop. I still think that I improved her.

Seriously, smile... It's way more effective than anything else. Unfortunately for me. I stopped wearing make up, my skin is a disaster, my hairs are a rebellious mess and I dress like a guy… but people still manage to harass me sexually. I seem so happy basking in my own loveliness and enjoyment. They want a piece of that. I’m not going to stop smiling. I’m not a flower, if you grab me I can punch, kick and bite.

Some people would go for anything. So don’t worry about being desirable, even the ugliest duckling has hope, yes you, because there’s also ugly ducks that will fit with you perfectly... like a pair of dirty used up Walmart gloves.


Lisa Of Shades
Added between 2 older.
4 September 2014

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Duck face: Kisses are meant to be shared

Kisses. They’re meant to be shared. Your lips should be felt but not seen. Kissing the void coldly is unattractive and looks desperate. You become an ugly duckling. But when you have a great sense of humor, you’re gorgeous no matter what you do.

Kisses are meant to be shared ~ Asian kissing a duck face

She's so lovely that I feel bad putting her in my sex section, but I don't have a romance one... That's how disillusioned I am about it. Sarcasm is my only love.

I did a search to know if their goal was to look like a porno or if the duck face originated somewhere else. Well, it’s true that pulpous lips remind men of engorged vaginas in heat, and that sucking your lips in make people hope to look skinnier. Anorexia does this bony face but it’s better plump and round.

I read that some people just have a pathetic way to send kisses. So it gave me my new idea. They disgust me so I did a search for Asian duck face, and found this extremely adorable person and her blog:

Hey Honey Honey at honeykissu.blog138.fc2. She made the most amazing cosplays. It made me weep with admiration.

At first I wrote "Unless you're Asian" but I read that it's a racist thing to say, even though it's true! She managed to make the duckface adorable... add a duck! I've seen people add pasta but the not a duck, even though it's obvious.

She's actually Canadian like I am (but with more amazing hobbies) and I ended up noticing that it's not really the fact that she's cuteness incarnate that made the picture so lovely, it's her great sense of humor! And it can even make ugly people adorable, it seems to work for me just fine in spite of my bad skin. So I wrote "Unless you have a great sense of humor."

Some people take themselves too seriously even when they make a joke, but she clearly enjoys the moment as if there was nothing else in the world, as if it was it for eternity~

And THAT's enjoyment.


Lisa Of Shades
22 August 2014
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Tinker Bell: Laughter

"I’m gonna laugh at your ass tonight! Okay, let’s get stone with dust too!" Fairies. They reproduce with laughter.

Fairies reproduce with laughter ~ sex, laugh, ass, dust, stone ~ Tinker Bell

From the movie Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009).

Fairies get born from a baby’s first laugh. I guess they do it the other way around.

Women have issues about their asses. The odd and novel idea that laughing at it is a way to have sex is amusing to me. They talk about dust so much; I guess it was just a matter of time before someone made a drug joke. I can’t believe I managed to make a sex joke out of it too. At the same time!

I destroyed the purity of your childhood memories. You’re welcome. You would have done it anyway *sigh*

*Gasps* How could they. This hurts me a little.


Lisa Of Shades
18 September 2014

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HD vs. 480p ~ Biggest vs. best

HD vs. 480p. If only the biggest can be the best… then go date them, they’re hungry for you. "I love McCakes. I love 720p! I love 1080p! I love anal."

HD vs. 480p ~ biggest isn't necessarily the best ~ Morbidly obese girls ~ hungry for you censored

Censored version for the word anal, in case I post it in some sites. But they’re almost naked. I wish they wore dresses but I can't bear to look at more pictures. I wanted to cover them up too, but I don't know where to begin:

HD vs. 480p ~ biggest isn't necessarily the best ~ Morbidly obese girls ~ hungry for you censored

Morbidly obese girls from loss-fa.blogspot. I edited it with another to remove all the logos.

I finally got to use my skittle font! It’s probably the worst poster about my running gag against HD bullies. It’s making my point damn clear though.

I am the proof that obesity has nothing to do with exercise. I’ve been basically bed ridden for the last 10 years, the highest I reached was 135 pounds (I'm under 125 now), and that’s by stuffing my face with nuts all the time. But I ate fresh healthy fats instead of refined sugars, vegetables instead of grains, nutrients instead of industrial chemicals…

I balanced my hormones and endocrine system by getting rid of soy and other horrors. I didn’t stuff my face with candy because my blood sugar was low, I AVOIDED sugar to prevent crashes after a high. I took vitamin C and that got rid of my cravings because that’s what I truly needed. The body will never crave man made chemicals, candies of drugs. They crave what it’s made of: nature.

If the biggest stuff is the best for you, it's fine if it makes you happy. But don't look down on people who have less, because being frugal can be the wisest.

Edited: I don’t think I should add that one where I post anime torrents… and yet, some anime annoy me so much with panties that it’s all the same to me. Hm… no this is way more gross.

Lisa Of Shades
5 March 2015

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Robosexual misanthrope

Robosexual misanthrope. Terminators are hot!

Robosexual misanthrope ~ Terminators are hot! ~ Robot sex

Robosexual: Being sexually attracted by robots. See Robosexuality at uncyclopedia, they have an hilarious list. I first heard of that in Futurama, with Bender the robot and Amy.

Misanthrope: Hater of humanity.

Terminators: Machine that kill humans.

Even the hottest people can't turn me on... but I was working in a storehouse and used a vibrating machine with a sticker "Heavy duty drill" on it... It made me melt so much that I could barely stand up.

Lisa Of Shades
6 March 2015

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Sapiosexual / Sapioromatic

Sexual or romantic-platonic attraction to intelligence. Stephen Hawking is hotter than a sun turning into a black hole!

Sapiosexual or sapioromatic ~ sexy lovable intelligence ~ Stephen Hawking

Sapioromantic because there are asexual people who aren't attracted by any genders, but can still have romantic attractions.

Stephen Hawking (wiki) a british studying the fields of General relativity & Quantum gravity. He's basically Einstein in a wheelchair.

"He is an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge. His scientific works include a collaboration with Roger Penrose on gravitational singularity theorems in the framework of general relativity, and the theoretical prediction that black holes emit radiation, often called Hawking radiation. Hawking was the first to set forth a cosmology explained by a union of the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. He is a vigorous supporter of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics."

The image is from Science technology quiz at theguardian.

Quotes at whoisstephenhawking:
  • My expectation were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus.
  • I have noticed that even people who claim everything is predetermined and that we can do nothing to change it look before they cross the road.
  • My expectation were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus.
  • We are entering an increasingly dangerous period of our history. But I’m an optimist.
  • We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.
  • The quietest people have the loudest minds.
  • Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up.
  • The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.
  • There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority and science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win because it works.
"Artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race": Stephen Hawking warns a robotic uprising will spiral out of our control at dailymail.

It's a ironic wartning coming from someone who's so reliant on machines that he's almost a dalek (The actor playing him in the movie "The theory of everything" immitated one, it was so adorable.)

But I think that Terminators might be an improvement. People are already mindless with their head buried in their phones and online media, I think we're doomed. But horror movies stopped using robots and use computer graphics instead. So it might not turn into Skynet with humanoid machines running into the streets. Instead we'll get owned online with images... of dancing cats and squirrels. The human mind will become so rotten by chat talk that we'll become unable to form a coherent thought. It's already happening.

Lisa Of Shades
6 March 2015

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Sexual vs. Asexual misanthrope

Sexual vs. Asexual misanthrope. “Don’t give up on sex, you just need to find the right person.” Hypersexual.

This is what most humans and “the miracle of birth” can look like to a misanthrope. You’re asking me to pick one and let it crawl all over my privates. NOOOOOO!!!

Sexual vs. Asexual misanthrope. ~ Cockroach giving birth ~ Cock ~ Hypersexual

Well, there's the word cock in cockroach...

Not all asexuals are misanthropes, and not all misanthropes are asexual.

This is about a conversation I had with someone who's really into porn since a very young age.

Telling an asexual not to give up on sex is as bad as telling:
  • A lesbians not to give up on cocks.
  • A gay man not to give up on pussies.
  • A heterosexual man not to give up on being gay because he just needs to find the right cock for his ass.
  • And telling a woman that they should all allow threesomes, because all women should be bi, to please their man... who's too greedy to appreciate her as good enough on her own... when he can't even please just one and she has to fake orgasm to avoid hurting his insecure inflated ego. Ha!
Oh~ you think that it can't happen to you~? It's more common than you think. A lot of people open their legs when they just don't want to be alone. Try snuggling or going for a hike… or talking! A whole lot of problems would be avoided (or found but then you can solve them) if you did that.

Just say no when you don't want something, maybe they'll appreciate the yes more and will work harder to get them for you. Someone who doesn't respect your will doesn't respect YOU! And someone who doesn’t respect you deserves nothing good from you.

I don't see what I'm missing from sex as important, otherwise I would. I know myself better than anyone so no one could please me more anyway.

Take a look at my Sexual education tutorial, I couldn't finish the Health risks page, it was too repulsive, but I hope that it will give you second thoughts about merging your dirty crotches with anything that moves mindlessly.

I'm very glad that my body gave up its libido to preserve my hard to make energy. I can think about wiser things than just hammering and giving birth to shrieking pink worms. I'd rather build a bird house or something. They wake me up screaming but I don't have to give up the stuff that I want to spoil them.

I found interesting and disturbing stuff while looking for an image. I found it there:
Omg just found out how cockroaches give birth at socialexp.

Someone made a cool demotivational poster about it:
How cockroaches give birth at memecenter.

And an article:
Cockroach farms multiplying in China at latimes.

"At least five pharmaceutical companies are using cockroaches for traditional Chinese medicine. Research is underway in China (and South Korea) on the use of pulverized cockroaches for treating baldness, AIDS and cancer and as a vitamin supplement. South Korea's Jeonnam Province Agricultural Research Institute and China's Dali University College of Pharmacy have published papers on the anti-carcinogenic properties of the cockroach."

That's probably the healthiest ingredient used by Big Pharma, but it sure is gross.

"What is disgusting about them?" Li Wanrong, Wang's wife, asked as a roach scurried around her black leather pumps. "Look how beautiful they are. So shiny!"

Well, I guess there's hope for anyone to mate...

Enjoy~ But please protect yourselves at least to avoid making more humans. There's already too many crawling on Earth as it is. Remember: less people means more stuff for you~
Lisa Of Shades
1 May 2015

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Gender confused wolf

Gender confused. Because it’s my mind that defines me, not my crotch.

Shrek ~ Big bad wolf ~ Gender confused

In my case the genders would be the other way around, instead of a male wolf in granny's dress; I would be a female black wolf in a manly tuxedo. I made the poster How do you do in my "Shad Wolf's greetings" page.

People associate genders with their crotch and some are appalled by gays, transvestites, transgenders... but it's not the crotch that tells the brain who you are. It's hormones that tell both the crotch and the brain how to develop.

Both genders have both female (estrogen) and male (testosterone) hormones in their bodies. Hormones are one of the ways your organs communicate together.

Fetuses start the same and then develop differently. That's why men have nipples and drop their testicles in their sack later. For women the nipples develop into breasts and the ovaries stay inside. We call them differently but they are the same. The clitoris is an underdeveloped penis, that's why it's sensitive and pleasurable too.

The hormones also stimulate different parts of the brain.

We actually have 3 brains:
  • The left rational one.
  • The right emotional one.
  • The primal brain at the back of the head that handles vital functions.
There's an image with more left brain vs. right brain at ucmas. And more different characteristics at web-us.

A funny article: 19 everyday struggles of being a right-brained person at buzzfeed. It sounds like me a lot, even though I pride myself in using both sides, the emotional one is in the front like an extrovert, and my rational brain thinks & tinkers quietly in the background like an introvert. When my wise voice or reason reaches a conclusion and tells something to my intuition, I listen. It'd be insane not to spare myself the incoming troubles, if my intellect calculated that they're more probable than a favorable outcome.

(While searching for the wolf image from pixgood, I found a funny photo montages with Angelina Jolie's leg at dailymail.)

We all alternate between the two sides of the brain constantly, and some functions requires both working together.

We tend to favor one side of the brain more than the other, like right and left handed people. The majority of men tend to use their rational brain as a priority, and the emotional one for women. But it's not always the case!!!

Hormones influence this and giving hormones to a person for a sex change changed this. The motor skills improved by being able to click a button faster, but the ability to recognize emotions in facial expressions.

During conception, the genitals can develop one way and then hormones can be influenced by external sources and the brain can develop a different way. Some people even have a mix of female and male genitals, called the rd sex, or they clearly have both. We dumped so much female hormones in the water supply that fishes ended up with both sex. The birth control is a female hormone, lots of it gets peed out in the water supply.

If a woman keeps taking it after becoming pregnant, it could influence the child's development. But many chemicals and soy mimics estrogen. You cannot blame the male child for being born with feminine characteristics and tastes, you can't force someone to act against their identity and expect them to be as happy as you are following yours.

The gonads make the majority of the hormones, the ovaries make estrogen, and the testicles make testosterone. But the adrenal glands make the other, and a little of both. If there's a health problem with your gonads or adrenal glands, or if you consume external sources of hormones, it will influence your whole body.

Men can develop breasts, it's not being fat, they're true breasts. Women can grow facial hairs.

And of course it influences the brain.

So it's not true that men are pure testosterone and women are pure estrogen. Everyone is a mix of female and male hormones and characteristics. We're all in a grey zone. You can't just take the extremes and cut out everything in between, life doesn't work that way, even statistics in math never work that way.

So you can find effeminate men and manly women. That's just how they developed. The brain isn't necessarily in sync with the crotch.

And women are required to do a whole lot of body modification to widen the gap between men and women. They remove body hairs, pluck eyebrows, apply chemicals to change the appearance of their face, they even get extreme surgeries. But in their natural state, without boosting their female hormones with the birth control pill, without forcing them to act like mindless decorative sex dolls... the difference between genders is slimmer than you'd expect.

I actually wanted to change sex to become a man very badly because I was too disgusted at the expectations put on the female gender. I loved to explore dark woods and build things with a hammer; crack rocks open and admire the crystals inside. I didn't want to be a porcelain doll and go "teehee" every time a man felt like grabbing me and using me as toilet paper.

I love science, I freaking hate dresses and make up, they're impractical and a waste of good money. And don't ask me to walk in high heels, my legs and back hurt enough as it is, and I can't climb trees with those. If men love them so much, they can wear them!

I wanted to change sex not for myself, but to change the view that society had of me and see the real me, accept me for who I really am as a person, IN MY BRAIN, not reduce me to a mere lump of flesh between legs.

I couldn't stand society denying me the right to use the rational side of my brain and dismissing anything wise that comes out of it, just because I have a taco somewhere in my basement. It's ridiculous! But it happens everywhere you look! Constantly! Are men really that insecure that they can't stand to challenge a woman's mind and lose, it's pathetic. I guess that's why some men crave little girls who haven't forged a strong identity yet, it's repulsing. Buy a blow up doll!

I wanted to change sex into a man to be allowed to be and seen for who I am, to be treated with respect and dignity.

But then I figured out... that I don't need a penis to love science, I never did. And if people are too stupid and close minded to get to know the real me, they still won't bother even after I get my privates brutally butchered. And I like girly stuff too sometimes.

I am indeed very sensitive, perhaps way more than a typical female, but it’s those intense feelings that give so much information to my rational brain. My perceptions are so acute that it allows my reason to reach a profound wisdom. It’s that emotional weakness that makes my intellect so strong. I don't want to get rid of my feminine side, it’s a part of who I am too and I wouldn’t be myself without it.

Why should I have to choose one extreme or the other? I don't like forceful stereotypical things for any genders. I don't like watching spots with a beer at the pub, and I don’t want to watch some soap opera while painting my toe nails pink either!

I discovered that I am neither stereotypes, and yet I am BOTH genders. That’s the way that my brain functions. I developed a strong identity for all the parts of my brain. I have various ways to perceive and understand the world; I look at things from various angles. I confront the various ideas together because they can seem in contradiction, but that’s just how complex everything is, and to understand the whole truth, you need to see all the angles and possibilities, but that’s endless.

The more you see and the broader your mind becomes, the more you notice that there is so much more to understand. My mind is like being ambidextrous, although I can’t write with my left hand; I can pick up things with both feet. Being ambidextrous is even rarer than being left handed, but it happens, and it's freaking awesome to use your body and mind's full potential! Why would you want to limit yourself? It’s your right, but don’t try to limit others. Life wasn’t meant to be squished into tiny boxes.

I even have subtle physical characteristics that make me look like a hybrid of both genders. I don't look completely androgynous now, with my short stature and very long hairs, but as a child people mistook me for a boy. Both genders are so similar that we need different hair length and clothe styles to be able to tell them apart! We are the same! But we should stop those constricting social conventions and just take some time to discover the person.

Women can wear pants now, but boys can't wear skirts... how is that fair? Well, unless they're Scottish, but even with a kilt people would be unkindly shocked at a man not wearing pants. I think kilts are very manly, especially with a sword, and I think men with long hairs look noble (when they wash it). They still look like men, and I think they look even manlier this way: guy wearing a kilt with sword or this other guy without a shirt wearing a black camo kilt. It's all about attitude and demeanor.

It's about the mind, having a penis isn't what truly makes you THE Man. And having a penis shouldn't force you to be one, if you don't have the aptitudes and tastes to reach that level of expectation. I spoke with a guy who had severe anger and behavior issues because he was trying too hard to be the stereotypical man and fight his sensitive side, when all he wanted was to embrace it. He was angry at himself for being himself, because stereotypes wouldn't include his reality as a person. He should have denied the false ideal, not himself. But he didn't want to be denied as a person by everyone else...

Society's stereotypes are unhealthy. You can force a gay man to marry and bed a woman, but that won't make a healthy couple full of love, desires and harmony. You have to be that way with yourself first, and society should respect that. We should expect people to be respectful of others and not harm them, and leave it at that. It's better to have two gay men in serenity than a man beating his wife, or raping his own little girl. Don't waste hatred on people whose only crime is to love one another with the same tool in their pocket.

But I'm asexual; I don't have sexual attraction for any gender. So you can't be outraged at me for being a sexual deviant. I am purely fighting for my core identity. And once you accept the fact that everyone have attribute of both genders, and that we both have the same parts in the brain... once you accept that someone's identity might not match their crotch, or that their mind is a blur of both genders... You figure out that being attracted by the same sex or both looks natural.

It does to me. Even though I don't share that desire, I can understand it, and you should at least respect it. You'd feel better with happier feelings than negative ones. If you're not in danger, you're just wasting energy being all worked up over how other people find happiness. Focus on finding your own.

I'm not the only one in the grey zone of gender identity; everyone is a mix of both. But they're too busy trying to play their stereotypical gender roles out of the fear to be attacked the way they attack others, when no one want or should attack anybody and we just perpetuate old gender myths that no longer have a reason to be.

Sure, in prehistoric times, men were strong to go hunt, and women were sensitive to understand the need of the family, especially children unable to speak yet. But with our technology and huge society, we have the tools and the help to meet our needs, so we are freer to explore our own specialties and identity for the benefit of the whole. That's how we developed so many different skills and craft. Back then making a wheel and fire was miraculous, so we shouldn't cling to the old narrow ways.

There's no black and white, good and bad, it's only how we choose to see it. Something good for someone can be bad for another. And something good for you at some point can destroy you later. So we should stop being judgmental and use that time to explore our own minds instead to try to correspond to an extreme stereotype that no one ever was and never will be. It's just an idea based on false logic.

Men and women are the same; they just use the same parts differently and in various degrees. But in the start, and in the end, they're the same.

Life is rich and colorful. There's more than just red and blue. There's everything in between, and there's yellow too!

So stop trying to limit people, stop looking at their crotches. Look at their faces; discover the actual person and the vastness of their mind. Once you stop being confused and open your own mind, you'll see that possibilities aren't binary... they are infinite and endless~ It shouldn't be scary and overwhelming... it should be inspiring~ There is no greater hope and acceptance than to know that everything is possible.

Be who you are, but please try not to be an ass.

Lisa Of Shades
2 May 2015

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Gagging abuse or abusive gagging?

Being muted in forums.
Being gagged can be fun when someone is asking for it, but when it’s unwanted and undeserved… it’s abuse.

Robot chicken ~ muted in forums ~ gagged ~ gag ball ~ tied up ~ BDSM

In an ideal world, the people in authority would be there to truly protect us with the rules. But in fact, the rules are there to justify their abuse for the satisfaction of their own ego, or to appease the bully that they should gag instead.

Enjoy power trips with mutual agreements, or you're just an abusive asshole.

Lisa Of Shades
24 May 2015

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Avatar: Neytiri & Jake Sully ~ I see you

I see you. I see into you. I see the essence of your unique being. I welcome you. I open my mind, heart and soul to connect with yours.

*Ignores.* *Doesn’t even say hello.* *Copy & pastes the same image on yet another person.* *Walks away to the next wall.* *That night, he didn’t get the mating of his life.*

Copy & pasting in comments. Without paying attention to the person, it’s too cheap to be considered friendship. Don’t expect everyone to appreciate being used as a dump. Make the effort to have a real conversation.

Avatar: Neytiri & Jake Sully ~ I see you ~ Copy and pasting in comments

You can't connect to someone who won't do the same.

You can't enjoy someone that you ignore.

You can't receive love that you dismiss.

And you can't expect to have it all, and be appreciated as if you gave it all, by treating someone like crap.

I called someone on it, and called him cheap, on behalf of a friend, by agreeing with her request to not to this to her. She said so before but he didn't pay attention.

Instead to take a break from gatling-gunning people for the sake of the image instead of the people... instead to have a deep conversation with us... he blocked us both, asked a common friend to block me... and I suspect that he asked a mod to mute me for spamming, for what HE was doing, because I don't believe that I got muted by coincidence.

All that because we didn't appreciate something harmful, instead to wake up he hurt us even more.

But I'm glad. Good riddance. I don't need fake friends and he clearly shown that he doesn't care about our opinions and feelings, from start to end.

But of course it's different with my own friends, who post loving picture of wolves on my wall for me, because they know that I love them and that it brightens my day. It makes me happy because they saw my heart, connected to it, and offering me something that I love.

A way to copy and paste the right way is to inform people of an event to all have fun together. That's very acceptable to me, but maybe not to my friend. But it's best to say hello and reply the person too... asking someone to come participate in an activity for the sake of friendship is great. But just doing publicity without looking at the friend for the activity's sake, to boost your ego... Some people will give you the same disregard and you deserve it.

Acknowledge people and how you are yourself.

Lisa Of Shades
25 May 2015

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My Little Pony: Castration day

Happy CASTRATION day! Because rape is NOT okay!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ~ Happy castration day because rape is not okay ~ chainsaw

I made this a long time ago, before this site in 2012. I added it because it was cool, I remembered it when I made my comic with ponies:
Thyroid madness & Adrenal glands fatigue

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a really good cartoon, with great value, diversity and everypony is crazy in their own amusing way. Info at IMdB. I used the
Pony Creator Full Version by generalzoi at deviantart. He now has a version 3.

Apparently thousands of kids get sexually assaulted at SCHOOL!!! Even as young as 5 years old. And as if it wasn't bad enough... 5 years old are the victim AND the rapist too! What are they going to turn into later if they're maniacs with no respect and obsessed with sex already.

How are they even able to have an erection at 5 years old!? Their balls haven't even descended yet... but I wouldn't know... I'm a woman so mine stayed inside as ovaries.

Apparently parent let their kid watch hard core sex... Maybe they ignore their kids while they watch it, fucking doesn't make you a good parent... Or maybe google gave them bestiality videos when they tried to search for My Little Pony cartoon... parents should stop being such dicks and cunts and start educating, they sure won't learn decent things at school.

Besides reading and counting, even in special classes for the gifted, it was all useless. I learned to make muffins but not to make a balanced meal. I didn't learn the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies or diabetes if I eat too much of said muffins. I didn't learn to balance a budget but I forgot very complex equations to do useless things unless you want to build a space ship something...

School won't teach you how to live, thrive, be healthy and a decent member of society.

Sexual abuse and bullying are ignored because it's easier to look away and claim that it's not the teacher's job. Sure it's not what you are paid for or what you learned... But that's your job as a freaking fellow human being! But teachers and even the police participated in pedophile sex slaves... As if it wasn't bad enough doing it themselves, they even sold the kids around.

And you think social phobia is just being crazy, and that kids who quit school are just lazy and unwilling to learn. Yeah right. Whatever you say. It's pointless to argue with willfully stupid people who don't even try to understand and refuse to see.

Asexuals are people who have "neither" as sexual orientation. Some have romantic attraction, and some have sexual desires, but they don't want to have sex with others. Some compromise to keep a sexual lover, but not because they want to have sex with them for their own desires. Sexually, they are basically what children are (supposed to be) forever~

That's what I am. When I have a libido I just ignore it, or I grab a machine, not someone saying no, crying, begging, or too polite to kick you in the balls and bite your nose off.

Asexuals are a minority, and this is what people think of us according to google search worst suggestions: Asexuals are...
  • ... not real.

    If people can't even believe that some people aren't attracted to anyone, clearly they can't believe that people aren't attracted to them either. When someone say no, even a whore changing her min, it's not because they play hard to get. Respect free will, or we'll gang up on you and throw you in a cage to rot and be raped by bigger people. Citizens even dragged a rapist out of jail and beat him to death.

    Now that's clear that we don't want to be disrespected with invasive things inserted into us. No matter how sex can be good, it can be horribly painful when not done right, and plain boring and filthy with no benefit when not in the mood. So fuck off and go fuck yourself! Buy a dildo or a Flesh light. With all the porn you don't even need imagination if you're that stupid that you need visual. But fill your head with something else.

    Learn a skill. At least be clean and talk properly. Then you'll be more attractive to others and won't need to rape. And if you want power, controlling others is easy, but not as satisfying as controlling yourself, your life, and getting your shit together. That's attractive too. Be more patient. If sex is the only thing you can think of to feel good, eat your damn vegetables and get yourself a creative hobby.
  • ... selfish.

    THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING SELFISH!!! It means self care. If you don't YOU DIE! People who say that are just frustrated that they can't abuse you for their own personal selfish desires. FUCK YOU! Learn some respect. Rape is selfish, not screwing up anyone is doing them a favor, especially if someone have a sexual disease like herpes or AIDS.
  • ... going to hell.

    We are LITERALLY doing NOTHING. So how can we possibly be sinning? Masturbation is a sin. Not fucking is a sin. Well, seems like we're going to hell no matter what we do or not. Being raped feel like being in hell. Raping will send you in jail with is pretty close to hell. So I'll stick with being an asexual. I'm not hurting anybody.

    If someone is frustrated by being told no, when it's not even personal because no one else will ever get any, then learn to deal with it, because life is full of no. You can't have everything you want, and what others want matter too. Stop wanting to burn asexuals because they refuse to be your sex slave, and go kick rapists before they teach you the hard way what it feels like to be treated like you have no "god given" sacred free will.
  • ... stupid.

    The average IQ is about 100. Geniuses are around 160. I'm an asexual and my IQ is between 130-140 depending on the test. Your argument is invalid. And if your best argument is calling something or someone stupid... then you are the one who's stupid. Learn to find elaborated reasons to explain your feelings, point of view, and what we have to win if we agree with what you are asking... then maybe you can learn to make a win-win situation instead of being a loser.... even if you win sex from rape you're a loser because you can't satisfy your losing partner.

    But even if it was good, the fact that you denied them the free will of the person that they are, that you denied them their humanity, you really ruined the moment for them, and maybe ruined sex for them forever, their ability to trust others, their self confidence and the dignity of having their own right and identity... you denied them being people, being alive... being free... forever... for a few minutes of selfish pleasure. It's not the sex itself that is wrong, it's forcing it against someone's wishes, even if the thing itself is good, the disrespect is UNNACEPTABLE!!!

    Harassing asexuals to have sex is disrespecting their identity as well. It's barking at the wrong tree. Like trying to have apples from a pine tree. It's not going to happen and if you are given something to eat, it won't taste the same.

    Fucking or not should always be a choice. But wanting to fuck or not, which gender or not, or which individual or not... is never a choice. We don't control our primal instincts, but we can control what we DO with them! We have no reason to do the things we don't want for people who don't even like us enough to respect fundamental things about our identity and our will. I had to give up ever being loved because I didn't want to compromise about sex, I'm a repulsed asexual, not everyone is disgusted but the brutal way people treated me enforced how vile is sex to me. It would feel like being passive while being raped if I even have sex with a loved one, because I extremely DON'T WANT TO!

    I'd feel like a sperm dumpster, a toilet... And my lovers never gave me affection, so there was no trade anyway. They just ignored me until they felt like harassing me sexually... That's not companionship, sharing and love. It was heartbreaking for me to have to give up love forever, to be alone forever, just because I don't want to be treated like a sex object, worst than a whore to me, because whores are willing IF they chose you as client and if you give them money, but they can enjoy somehow... It just plain disgusts me... And that would be with a loved one that I find cute... With someone that I find ugly, brutal, and who won't care if he rips me apart inside by being too violent... I'd rather be stabbed to death first. Seriously. If not wanting to give you that "pleasure" makes me selfish, then hell yeah I'm selfish!!! And how can I be stupid... every time people look at porn, it's always the same old stick in a hole. But I learn tutorials about various stuff instead. Or I write them.

    Sexual orientation is how our body is. You can choose your music, but you can't choose to be deaf or not. There's no on/off switch to sexual desire. But you can choose if you want to go for it or not... and you have to respect what your partner choose, because the dance won't be the same with an unwilling partner who'll walk on your feet and punch you on the tip of the dick. And they should.
  • ... weird.

    Everything out of the average is weird. But just because there are more of you doesn't make it right. Just because there are little of us doesn't make us wrong. If the majority of people raped everything that moves, say no, cry and bleed... it still won't be right. What you watch isn't necessarily how things are done, and how things are done isn't necessarily how things should be. The fact is that someone who gets raped can end up pregnant and get the court to make you pay a fortune every month for the child.

    It will be much more expensive than a prostitute; and you can find submissive ones that will go for a BDSM hard core rape-play, without risking having your eyes clawed out with fake nails. People can get revenge by getting a group of their male friends, and if they are so irresistible that you need to rape them, they could have a group of men at their disposal, to beat the shit out of you. And one of my friends did that. The guy was on his knees unable to stand up. He never went to the police either. But some people will face the embarrassment of public humiliation, as the victim is being scorn, so society can agree that they don't want to be raped by you either, and that you'll be put in jail away from society.

    People blame the victim because they want to cling to the illusion that life is just and that we get what we deserve... that bad things don't happen to good people. That we control our life and can avoid attracting wrong things if we do it right. People want to believe that the good that happens to them is because they are good and deserve it, not because of dumb luck and they're not superior to filthy homeless people who had no one to give them support and opportunities. By blaming the victim of rape, they can continue to believe that they are safe from rape. And they perpetuate the idea that it's okay to rape someone because they're just asking for it even if they say no.

    Good people are monsters. Even the police will laugh in your face. I've been told that giving sex to a man is my only purpose in life and all I'm good for. Just because a woman took care of your every need as a baby doesn't mean that all women should do the same! It's not because WOMEN owe you anything, it's because YOU where a hopeless baby and if a woman didn't take care of you, you would have died. Not all babies are so lucky, some are ignored until they starve to death or beaten to death for crying... by their own mother. So if you where lucky enough to have a loving nurturing caring mother, you OWE women gratitude and respect... not to threat them like slaves to men! You fucking bag of shit.
KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS once in a while, or at least when someone say no. And if you are 5 years old, you are in no position to take care of a baby if that little girl gets pregnant. You're still a baby yourself, not even a teen! You can't work to buy diapers and food... If you can't even take care of yourself, then don't take the risk to create a new life that you can't take care of! Sex isn't about having pleasure, sex is about making more babies, it just happen to be fun but that's not the goal itself even if it's yours. It's like murder, shooting is fun, shooting people even funnier, but then they die, family cries, you get put in a cage and have everything you do controlled like cattle... It's just not worth the fun of it. So think of the consequences.

Rape is just like murder... like stabbing people inside... There are phantasms that should never be done. It's what you do that defines you. But the thoughts that you nurture as well. Learn something for a change; learn respect, consideration... to trade equal value, to share an exchange of favor with someone who's interested. They might do things for you that you never thought of and surprise you when they are willing to share, if you offer tem something they are interested in. But if you're nothing but a mindless dick, no wonder no one wants to have sex with you. And no matter how stronger you are to your victims, you're powerless if you can't find the strength of will to control your own urges.

There will always be someone with the same desires as you. There will always be people, somewhere, who'll love and hate you. Even if you are the best or the worst of the earth. Even if you give everything or nothing.

So there is absolutely no need to go for incompatible and unwilling people. While you focus on them you miss finding the people who could be compatible and would give you so much more than sex.

If all you want is the orgasm, then sex becomes like taking a piss... you don't need someone for something so boring. No one wants to be used as a toilet. Milk yourself, use a machine, it's way less trouble and always on hand.

And a cook who refuse to bake won't give you something as delicious.

Enjoy~ But don't hurt people in the process... unless they want to.
Lisa Of Shades
Art: 12 September 2012
Text: 8 September 2015

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Gay deer threesome

Homosexuality is unnatural?
Nature looks pretty gay to me.

Homosexual deer threesome ~ Gay nature

I found that photo by accident looking for an image for a Christmas art. Maybe the male deer was trying to get the female a bit too hard even after another male beat him to it, or maybe he took the opportunity to get what he really wanted, or maybe the urge to mate is stronger than reason, or maybe they made a threesome to spice things up. Either way, a male deer is trying to have sex with another male deer.

If animals don't have a soul and free will, only us, they can only act according to how god made them, to god's will. Well, apparently god doesn't mind gay-ness, otherwise he'd strike them with lighting. But he doesn't even kill pedophiles rapist killer of children...

And god doesn't need your help do accomplish his will if he's powerful enough to create the entire universe, so save your hatred and torches for people who violate other people's free will... raping little kids... or assaulting people because they love each other in a way that you don't approve. For one time that people try to love one another and do thing willfully together... fuck off!

It's just one more thing in the world that isn't in your image. GET USED TO IT!

I'm asexual, not gay, so don't hold my opinion against them. Hereto, homo, you're all a bunch of dirty fuckers to me.

Enjoy! As long as you both want to without being coerced by authority, from someone older and more powerful or some deity.

Lisa Of Shades
Art: 19 December 2015
Text: 25 January 2016

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