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Demotivational posters of the anime: Parasyte - the maxim / Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu.

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Parasyte the maxim ~ upside ~ hand shape shifting ~ wink

Stare ~ Masturbation ~ God isn't watching and judging you ~ But your hand is.

Self harm. No matter how you do it, you're doing it wrong.

Passive aggressive ~ Vengeance with the benefit of the doubt

480p. You don't like it so you don't like me? The feeling is mutual.

Parasyte the maxim ~ Despise ~ incompatible ~ discrimination

Feeling entitled. I owe you pain. Shut up before you get what you deserve.

Corpse on a laundry pole ~ Flesh ~ feet ~ Hang in there ~ Go towards the light

Parasyte the maxim ~ Overkill. It's the only way to be sure. ~ Fly

Parasyte the maxim ~ Girls ~ I think I finally understand them ~ Empty head

Parasyte the maxim ~ Intelligence ~ Empty head ~ Learn something useful

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