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TekSavvy vs Bell
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TekSavvy ~ Grandfather
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TekSavvy vs Bell

Customer service & Tech support. Teksavvy “Hi friend~ What can I do for you? Fetch a ball, lick yours, no problem!” Bell “Everything is your fault, it’s not my problem. Now feed me more money!” Fear of change. Sometimes, it’s not too good to be true. It only looks that way because you got used to something too bad to be acceptable. When it can’t be worse, you can only find better.

Teksavvy vs Bell ~ customer service ~ tech support ~ demotivational ~ Savvy

The illustrations are by The Oatmeal:
Dog: I illustrated some photos from Facebook
Cancer: 3 reasons tumors are assholes

His animation Blacked out in protest of SOPA / PIPA - The Oatmeal make me believe that he's ok with me taking his art without his permission.

Right before my recent horror story with Bell, I found this hilarious comic by The Oatmeal:

Why I'd rather be punched in the testicles than call customer service at theoatmeal.

And then I experienced it intensely with Bell.

Boycott Bell Canada at YouTube. Bell have to:
  • End Usage Based Billing (UBB)
  • Give correct prices
  • Stop ultra aggressive sale tactics
  • Better customer service

Bell Canada customer service. User reviews, ratings and comments at customerservicescoreboard.

Ranked #399 out of the 749 companies.
600 negative comments out of 645. 93.02% BAD.
Rated: "Disappointing". It was barely above terrible.

TekSavvy. Their customer service is so pleasant that I want to work there. I'm switching for them as my Internet provider:


  • Super kind employees that are in Canada. Receive a good pay by the hour, with free snacks and gym, so they're even happy to chat with you as long as needed, about anything, even stuff unrelated to your internet.

    (Instead of people in India paid 3$ per call, quickly blaming you and your computer to move on to the next client, and if torturing and degrading you doesn't scare you away, they hang the phone on you.)
  • Even their lowest option has more Gigs to download AND is cheaper than Bell.
  • They don't count the uploads so you're less likely to need unlimited downloads.
  • You get unlimited download too at night between 2am and 8am, for free!
  • Way cheaper! Unlimited is barely more expensive, it's less than 40$ when Bell best offer for angry loyal customers was 60$ for the same speed of 5mb/s. The 75gigs of downloads at 5mb/s is only 25$ (plus tax)
  • They don't have their own lines and repair technicians, they buy extra lines from big companies. They're Bell and Videoton's bitch and their clients are seen as low priority. So the delay to get an installation and activation can take 2 weeks, the appointment can be changed, missed, and it can take some time even after the technician for the connection to kick in. But I think the big companies are to blame for their last effort to get you back by sabotaging TekSavvy, to torture you one last time while they still can. Just bear with it until it's done. Leaving because the line is defective sometimes would also be pointless, because it will be the same with the big company providing it, but at a higher price.

    Avoid getting DSL by phone, it's still Bell even if someone from TekSavvy has to deal with them for you. Most bad comments I read about them were actually about Bell, they force them to make you pay every time you want to change your plan in any way. But not with Cable, which is more stable and cheaper, but you have to share the max speed of your area with everyone in it. The closer your speed gets to the 100%, the more likely you'll notice a change when you have to share. But with a reasonable lower speed, like 5mb/s in a 120mb/s area, you'll barely notice.
BELL: My horrible experience

My nightmare began 10 years ago, when I first left Videotron to have Internet sympatico, hoping that it'd be less expensive (Ha!).

They kept messing my order so bad that they gave me 6 months free... they're money hungry, it had to be extreme. They messed up my account several times, I spent those 6 months with an Internet so unstable that I basically had none.

It was so awful that when it finally became usable, I didn't dare to change anymore. My internet was supposed to be 35$ but it soared at 94$! It's twice what other people pay!!! When I asked why, they told me it's an old package and they want to motivate me to pick another. I was supposed to have unlimited, but on their site it merely said that I was not but paying extra for more gigs.

They told me that I’d have to pay a fee of 100$ to have a new package and a new modem, that I can just send back, but it’s the procedure. So basically I had to restart from zero, as if I was a new customer, and I couldn’t get a special price for my loyalty. No, it was rewarded with extra charges!!! Back then I was too sick to deal with this issue, so I endured… when anybody else paid less.

Recently I lost the internet. I did my own tech support because I have the same computer and modem since 10 years. So I know how to fix problems on my end. It didn’t work so I called them to know if they have issues with the service.

They said they don’t have any. I told them there’s one with me. They mindlessly followed their procedure, even though I kept telling them that I already did it. When they heard that I still use window XP, they said that it couldn’t be anything else than my computer, just because they didn't like what it was (DISCRIMINATION!), that they don’t do technical support for that, so they refused to check anything on their end, they even blamed the fact that I was using Firefox instead of explorer and made me screw up my settings back to default for nothing, even though my download program and web design program couldn’t connect either!

But my computer could see the web page to edit the modem’s options, so I knew that they were both working right and communicating together. But it kept saying that my ID and password were refused by my provider. So the problem was between the modem and THEM! They made me create a new connection 3 times on my computer, they changed my password 6 times!!! I had to call them 3 times and they hanged the phone on me 2 times!!!

Finally they took a look at their screen and said “Oh… the internet is going out… but your modem isn’t answering back, it’s defective. We’ll send you a new one, it will take a week.” Why didn't you check from the start!!! It was right in front of you!

I knew that it wasn’t, and a week without internet is an outrage! I asked them to send a technician in case it’s the line, that I need internet to work. They finally agreed. Someone came quickly, and tested with a machine that bypass my computer and mode4m with an universal password and STILL couldn’t get a connection.

He went outside to move a cable to another hole so my ID would be analyzed by a different card at their headquarters. It didn’t work! He said that the last time it happened, something was really messed up with the account and it took 4h by phone to make the workers get their head out of their asses and fix it. He wanted to came back the next day because he was about to end his shift. Someone came after, plugged the cable to get yet another card, and it finally worked. So their machine has many pieces that are defective. It’s worst than my window XP!!!

The tech support was in India, aggressive, degrading… They said that it was because of my XP, to upgrade it to window 8. I said that my machine can’t handle it. They said to buy another. I replied that I can barely afford eating, I can’t buy one. They said “It’s not my problem.” Well, if Bell didn’t charge me an insane price for nothing, I’d be able to afford a new computer since years!!!

I had to pretend that I had it checked up by a repair guy for them to take me seriously, because those misogynistic people from India refused to believe that a woman could do her own tech support! I did call the company that build my computer custom for me, and they said I was right. And how can I be wrong, the damn connection icon said active! It doesn’t take a genius to know that the computer works!

They said a virus could block the connection on my computer, but then it’d also block the web page to see my modem’s information, but it didn’t. And I was working on my own web site when I lost the internet, I wouldn't send myself viruses!!!

Their technician even told me to leave Bell for a few months and that I’d be able to buy a new computer. That I will NEVER have internet again until I upgrade to better than XP. It’s a lie. I have it now. They just wanted to get rid of me and looked down on me. Imagine if I had paid for repairs, paid for a new computer... FOR NOTHING. Because they were too retarded to look at their screen and see that there was indeed no connection, you need back and forth, the communication hit a wall.

But I’ll still take their advice to get the hell away from them even after getting the internet back. I only asked them to give it back to me to make extra sure that my computer was ok, and to have it until I get a new provider.

Even if it’s the first time in 10 years that I had to call Bell, I'm OUT! I had issues but I managed to solve them myself, by resetting my modem. So I knew that if I couldn't fix it, it was on their end. I don’t want to give money to someone who treats me like crap and blame me, belittle me, mess with my head, exhaust me... when it's THEIR FAULT!

What the hell were BELL thinking, that I’d keep giving them way too much money than it’s worth AND while they don’t even give me the service!!!?

I should have left at the second it went above 60$... it got 94$ just for the internet!!! I've been wondering for years if they didn't make me pay for the phone too in secret.

They were so intensely degrading that I fell ill. It’s true that my endocrine system is fragile and I need to avoid to be over stressed… but I’m doing great now… So to make me cry, be unable to eat, barely sleep, waking up drenched in cold sweats… The only change in my life was dealing with Bell’s customer service!!! I have a strong mind, but they PHYSICALLY damaged my body because they drained me so much. It was seriously abusive, violent and traumatic. I can handle mental violence mentally, but my vital organs couldn't bear the strain of all the energy that it took! They were literally killing me. And I wish I was exaggerating. Someone with a strong health would have been stressed out too, I'm fragile so I fell ill, but an old lady could have got a heart attack and died. BELL's customer service and tech support was that bad. Murderously bad.

They shouldn’t have made me call 3 times (they hanged the phone on me insulting me) and restarted the same procedure 6 times. They shouldn’t have rubbed my face in the gutter because I’m poor, twisting the blade in the wounds of not being able to afford a new computer even if it breaks… and the fear haunts me constantly. Making me face how utterly alone I feel as an invalid by loosing the internet for days with no hope for help... my only window on the world… telling me that I will never have Internet again. But still taking my money of course! Assholes.

They messed with my mind, made me jump through hoops, gave me violence, and made me fall physically ill from the exhaustion… That’s unforgivable. I’d rather get robbed by anyone else. I’d rather have a worse internet. I'd rather pay even more to have a minimum of respect. Those inhuman bastards don’t deserve my money. I’ll go do medical researches at the library and give up my internet if I have to!

But I don't have to.

TEKSAVVY: I love them so much I'd like to work with them.

1(800) 368-6909

Of course no one is perfect, and I don't know how it will be once I'll be an official client. But one thing for sure, they absolutely amazed me.

I called their tech support when Bell abandoned me. They said that they can’t help me because I’m not with them. Of course, it’s on the provider’s end and they’re not my provider. But they helped me anyway! When I told them about the state of my computer and modem, they agreed with me that it sounds ok and can’t be on my end.

I called them several times, and they explained me that the tech support in India aren’t paid by the hour like them, they’re paid a mere $ by call! So if they try to help someone for 1h, they get paid $ an hour!!! That’s why they hanged the phone saying that it’s your fault as quickly as possible. But TekSavvy told me that they would gladly talk to me all night if I wanted to. And we did for a long time, maybe even hours, every time I called them, one of them even shared movie ideas with me and we laughed. They calmed me down kindly when I was scared out of my mind. Even though they owed me nothing, even though they knew I wasn’t giving them a cent!

So I asked them questions about their services and it blew my mind!!! Of course it can get very expensive if you want the highest possible speed, but they have extremely reasonable options for my simple needs.

I told them that I absolutely don't want to be with Bell not even indirectly! SO if you have problems with TekSavvy when you take DSL, blame Bell! Cable is from Videotron and they don't charge a fee when you want to change your package, but Bell does with DSL!

So with cable, I can switch back and forth between the lowest package and unlimited according to my needs that month and TekSavvy will do it gladly without asking for a cent!

With cable I also don't need a ID and password so it's one less thing that can make me lose the internet. I guess Bell does that so that if you have a phone you can't steal the internet without receiving permission. But if the card that analyze that is going to break, I want to avoid that at all cost... but cable is cheaper!!!

75 Gigs of downloads. For 25$!!! 5mb of download speed, 1mb of upload speed. Bell was 5 but only 0.8 for the upload.

BUT, with cable you have to share the line with everyone in the sector. The max available speed is 120mb, since I only take 5, the chances of ending up with lower are slim, I can get 3, maybe even 1 sometimes though. But for someone who takes the max 120... he'll be able to take it all IF no one needs him to share the line, so he'll probably get 80 most of the time, but it's still a lot.

With DSL it's easier to own the same IP address to get a server, but I don't need that. Their price is so low that I don't mind paying for my server anymore.

Their unlimited speed is 35$, less than 40 with tax! Bell sent me to their cancellation/loyalty department and the lowest they could offer me for unlimited was 60$, and I had to get Fibe and pay 100$ to create a new account, even though I was already with them!!!

With TekSavy, you have to buy a modem. It's scary to have to pay 100$ right away for it, but I prefer that than having to rent it. Bell probably made me pay 1000$ for my modem in 10 years and they still want it back!!! I might have to upgrade a new modem sometimes, but it's guaranteed a year and it's cheaper than renting it in the long run.

There's no Wifi so I'd have to buy a rooter if I want one or find my own cable modem. I'd rather buy theirs to make sure there are no incompatibilities. But it's awesome because I am afraid of wifi, I don't need it. There's no firewall either but I'd rather use my computer's anyway.

I can always get a cheap rooter for the firewall and Wifi. The simpler the modem, the less likely it will give me trouble. If the rooter fails I can still have the internet. Bell's old modem didn't have one, the new one did... I called them because I couldn't upload and Bell never knew that it could be that. I had to find out on my own. Thankfully I systematically explore everything that I can get my hands on, so I fixed it under an hour. Bell wouldn't have.

What annoys me is that I'll have to wait 2 weeks for someone to come and install it. But I can't blame TekSavvy. They're looked down on by Videotron's as being at the bottom of the food chain, so they can't promise which day it will be either. They gave me 2 possible days and it could take up to 48h before the limit to be sure... I'm worried about what will happen if I lose the internet, but they tell me that it's faster. For 25$ a month, I guess I can handle the risk. It's better than having to give up the internet completely because I can't afford it, or because I'd rather die than give money to Bell ever again.

People got problems with delays with starting the though. TekSavvy sent me an email that it could take 10 days after the technician came to activate the service. I called them worried and told me that it'd be extremely rare, only if it's something bad out of their control.

Like if Bell never repaired the line before I left them and got DSL with TekSavvy, they'd have to struggle with Bell to have it fixed before being able to give me the service as well. Makes sense. Thankfully I'm going to be with the cable.

But at worst, it usually takes until midnight for the service to start, and it often start right away.

I consider that as being part of breaking my chain from the big companies. They still make it hard to escape into another one, if they can make it harder and make you regret going for another, they will. They sell their extra lines to TekSavvy so that company is at their mercy too. But once that pain is over and it's done, they ask you for less money, so it's worth it. And I'd rather have my ass kicked by someone new for less money.

The customer service and tech support is so amazingly kind, fun and knowledgeable that I'm almost looking forward to having to call them. Paying a 3rd of the price to lose the internet a few days a year still sounds like a good deal.

I read reviews that people have been treated badly there: Comments for TekSavvy Solutions Inc at canadianisp. But someone kindly replied and was eager to help. People posted again that their issues were solved. Some complained for things that they were warned about from the start and agreed on.

There are no refunds if you change your mind after a certain date. You have to pay for the whole month (you did in advance instead of at the end) if you want to cancel. But it's so cheap that it doesn't bother me. People wanted to cancel simply for delays before giving them a chance. They are cheaper for a reason, folks! Most of the problems that I’ve been warned about come from having another internet provider above them for repairs who consider their customers as low priority, because they don’t have their own lines. But at less than half the price, it's reasonable!

And you deal with TekSavvy’s super nice people, and THEY have to deal with the corporative assholes or the shit heads from India. All you have to bear is the delays… but I can forgive anything to a respectful person. I read people complain that they refuse to take the blame, claiming that it’s the companies above them who won’t repair their equipment… They’re not dismissing you or taking you for a fool. It’s actually true! Be grateful you can deal with sincere people at least. They suffer with you and for you.

All I want is the internet and respect. Lower prices are damn good too!

When I asked them if I could work for them, even though I'm a bit crazy and there's a hole in my CV because I've been sick a few years, and I'm afraid to be discarded right away as damaged goods... He told me I sound perfectly fine to him. Aww~ He said to mention that I'm French, that it will greatly improve my chances because they have problems getting good people in French. Most of the Canada is English, Quebec is a small portion, so yes it's kinda hard to get someone to speak French. When they do sometimes it's not that good. But they try. And I'm turning into an English person anyway. But it can be a problem for some, but they'd gladly hire more if they could find employees.

Someone at the customer service told me that they start above the minimum salary, at 12.50$/h. He quickly got raises after a few months and he's now at 14$ after only 2 years. Tech support makes even more, but he doesn't want to go because a lot of people scream on top of their lungs at them. That could explain if some get rude. I was happy to call and I've been welcomed extremely warmly. I could feel cared about, like a small family. We're part of the same country and they're paid by the hour, so it's a whole different attitude than someone in a completely different culture that sees you as an outsider and couldn't even fix the computers if they wanted to, because they're no where near them.

TekSavvy also get free snacks and gym, and other social advantages. They're happy employees who are happy to care and serve. You can apply with a high school diploma and you're patiently taught everything you need. There are also people with a college diploma and a master degree at the university. So if the basics don't work, they still have very knowledgeable people available to consult.

So I'm looking forward to be finally plugged in and an official member. I didn't cancel my internet because I expect delays. They're sending my modem by mail because the person coming to do the installation is from another company that doesn't have access to it. It's an inconvenient that can explain the delays. I think there will be more advantages than inconveniences once it's done.

It can't be worse than Bell screwing up my account for 6 months, charging extra fees out of the blue (my neighbor too) and having hostile tech support in India who follow procedures mindlessly from a list, doing it over and over even when it's obvious that the problem isn't there. The tech support from Bell didn't even know that Window updates can be turned off. He told me that it’s impossible that I still have SP1, that my window can't work right because it's no longer supported and no longer send me updates. That's being a freaking retard. Saying that I'll never have the internet again until I buy a new computer with window 8 was freaking stupid too.

TekSavvy knew their own stuff, they even knew about Bell! Bell told me that I have 300gigs of usage, which is impossible because I never burn more than 20g a month. Unless they count my uploads, and TekSavvy said that they do. But they don't! Because I have no control over it and it's too hard to know, they don't want to limit me and make me pay for sharing, so they never count the uploads.

So I don't actually need unlimited! 300g for 32$, or even 75g for 25$ would be easy to respect! Because they don't count the upload either between 2am and 8am it's unlimited for everyone!

So for all the kindness given, I think I can forgive a few hiccups. I hope that I won't end up a week without the internet from time to times... but Bell's best offer was 20gigs for still a higher price than 75 for 25$... So I can bend over for TekSavvy, get kicked and still say thank you.

Just take my money! Take my soul! Free me from Bell!!!

When Bell came they gave me a new modem and left both with me... because they said they often forget to take notes when the technician bring them back... so someone got charged 600$ for TV equipment that they returned! I'll make sure to get a tracking number or something when I'll send their shit back... My first modem is from 10 years ago, they can't even use it as modern art or in a museum... but they still want it back. I paid it 10 times over, but they'd still charge me 200$ for the modem AND as punishment.

That's how Bell reward loyalty. Raise the prices.

TekSavvy doesn't, no hidden charges, they warn you about their shortcomings since they're Bell's and Videotron's bitch.

It's not perfect... but so far I'm almost looking forward to have problems so I have an excuse to call them. That's how nice they are.

I asked TekSavvy if they could help me with my Window XP firewall if I don’t understand. They were in right to tell me “it’s not my problem” the way Bell did when I said that I couldn’t afford the best computer and to please help me anyway, especially since it was clearly on their end. But TekSavvy said that they wanted to try to help me anyway! Aww~ They wanted me to have the best internet experience.

I was confused with their email, so I replied with comments. The send button was still warm that they CALLED me back to help!!! I'm absolutely amazed. They reassured me that they'll call me if they need information; I won't need to dig in their site everyday just in case. I gave them suggestions and they took them gratefully, saying that they made many changes but it's hard to please everyone since someone can hate what another demand screaming hysterically. But they sure try hard.

I’d rather be with a company that fails trying, than with a money hungry asshole like Bell who don’t care if I starve. They’ll gladly claw more money than they promised for any reason, especially if you’re loyal and scared to change.

Thank you Bell, for advising me to end my services with you. It’s the only intelligent thing that ever came from your mouth!

Fuck you Bell at fuckyoubell.

Lisa Of Shades
18 November 2014

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Bell puppet

"I love paying more for less!" TekSavvy. Option cable. Because fuck you Bell.

Bell fisting a puppet version of you ~ I love paying more for less ~ fuck you right back bell ~ TekSavvy option cable

I drew it, scanned it and painted it with Photoshop. If it wasn't for the logos, I'd own the copyright for that one. The puppet's blue skin makes the middle finger stand out up your ass. Can you feel it? Soon I won't anymore.

Bell lowest price is 40$ for 5mb/s, limited by 20g of download, but they count the downloads too!

TekSavvy’s best deal at the same speed is 75gigs, they DON’T count the uploads, and it’s free unlimited at night! And their customer service is super kind.

Sure it takes longer for them to reach the big companies to get an appointment for installation (and I suspect repairs too) but at least you don’t have to deal with their stupidity…

I was so angry at how Bell treated me that I’m taking the cable option because it’s less likely to break, even if I have to share the line’s speed with my whole sector. I bet I’ll get a better service anyway. And it’s free to modify your plan anytime, so if I need unlimited just for a month I pay nothing!

Bell really is manipulating us into thinking that it’s great to pay more for less downloads and services. I’m done being a mindless puppet with Bell’s fist up my ass.

Hello TekSavvy!

To be fair, when I spoke to Bell cancellation / loyalty, the last guy I spoke to was finally decent. He was from Canada and paid by the hour. He offered me to be able to switch my plan without paying the 100$ for the fibe installation. Even though he’s not supposed to.

But it’s still too expensive. 60$ instead of 40$ to have unlimited at all times, and I can get it at night for 25$! It’s too little too late. You can’t torture someone for hours, after robbing them for years, and be able to keep them with one almost decent offer.

The tech support who told me to cancel my service to upgrade myP4 XP said the only clever thing I ever heard from Bell. About the cancellation, not the upgrade. Because when I lost the internet, it was because THEIR computer was defective. Now who has shitty equipment Bell! YOU do!

Enjoy TekSavvy~ Even the wrapping around the modem they sent me was fun! Bell laugh only when they manage to take more money than they promised. The joke’s on you Bell. I’m gone. Fuck you right back Bell!

Lisa Of Shades
20 November 2014

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TekSavvy ~ Lincoln

Time to free the slaves. Now! TekSavvy. Free uploads. Free downloads at night for all. Now THAT’s freedom! We're different. In a good way.

TekSavvy Lincoln time to free the slaves from big corporations ~ free uploads ~ free downloads at night ~ freedom

They have unlimited download available, but it's unlimited at night for everyone!
You can upload without worry; they won't make you pay for your generosity!

The price difference to have unlimited is small (10$ from a 25$ to 35$ for the 5mb/sec). But Bell demands an extra 30$, you could get a second TekSavvy account for that price!

I’m so in love with TekSavvy. When I saw their publicity it deepened even more. I disguised myself as Lincoln for Halloween and I got the idea because I’m so happy to free myself from the tyranny of big corporations.

I only had very bad quality pictures to work with. I tried to blur the pixels manually, one by one. It’s not worthy to be used the way their official publicity are, since I don’t have a photography studio. But you can still enjoy this unofficial ad by me.

Yup~ This is me. I'm probably different in a creepy crazy way, but I have more fun this way.

I used Lincoln as Lin Coln to make it sound like a woman's name. It's not obvious on that one, but I'm technically a girl, except that I like more technical things than just paint my nails all day. It's funnier with an obvious girl because it shouts "Hey, women can be geek too!" and it's creepier that way.

I only wanted to write the first 2 lines, but all the ads have 3. It's kind of a parody of aggressive ads, but yet there is wisdom in it... seriously what was I waiting for... what are you waiting for... be free!

The uploads are free, and the downloads are free at night. Now THAT's freedom.

I wanted to make an animation of brains turning into smaller fireworks brains... "Our low prices will blow your mind." But Lincoln died by getting his brains shot out... That gives my idea a much more creepy twist. But I don't think I'll do that one. Believe it or not, I actually hold back worse!

Lisa Of Shades
21 November 2014

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TekSavvy ~ Grandfather

I was paying way too much! Arg! Don’t worry. It’s not a heart attack. It’s love for our low prices!

TekSavvy ~ I was paying way too much! Arg! ~ Don't worry. It's not a heart attack. It's love for our low prices ~ Grandfather

I called him Pepper Mint.

I wanted a woman, but the picture is too perfect. That's how I felt when I compared the prices with Bell and saw all the money I wasted in a decade...

What you don’t know about your ISP service will hurt you (2/2) at davidellis.

I was paying unlimited for nothing. I don't even use above TekSavvy's 75gigs of downloads, if you don't count my uploads, and of course Bell did... I won't pay for being generous anymore. Thank you TekSavvy! I love you!

The guy is from The cause of heart attack are not saturated fat and cholesterol! at

It's sugar, toxins and lack of those good fats. Lack of vitamin C also leaves you defenseless against inflammation. That precious vitamin creates the collagen that makes everything elastic and more able to resist damage. You wouldn't be able to see the difference between pictures of refined sugar and crushed sharp glass, and your arteries can't see a difference either!

Doctors and fast food tries to make you believe that you just need to exercise. Yes, healthy people with a strong heart will be able to run a marathon. But someone with a heart problem (from scurvy) won’t get healthier from that exercise; they’ll get a heart attack! They put the law of causality in reverse! Obese people can’t move because they’re malnourished. Running a marathon won’t enable you to eat fast food non stop, because it’s toxic and void of nutrition. It makes exercise even more dangerous to fight against the wise body’s desire for energy conservation!

When you can you want! Not the other way around!!! Food first, energy after! You can't even rest at night properly unless you eat the materials for repairs!

Monster energy drink causes grandmother monster heart attack at stuppid has a funny picture of a grandmother giving the finger. She was drinking way too many, it would give a heart attack to anyone. They sent her a T-shirt... it's so mean it's kinda funny.

My add is way too creepy to be usable... but I still love it. Let's hope that no one will get sued for this... it's all in good laugh... creepy unpolitically correct laughter~

Enjoy~ (Please don't sue me.)
Lisa Of Shades
21 November 2014

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Avatar ~ Sokka ~ Elbow leech

Seed torrents.
Leeches are nasty.

Avatar ~ Sokka ~ Elbow leech ~ Seed torrents. Leeches are nasty.

It's important to share, otherwise if everyone only took, there would be nothing to recieve.

I took the image from another demotivational poster by dragsa at deviantart. And now I give a new joke to the world.

Lisa Of Shades
20 January 2015

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Suicide balcony

New at doom. Movie stuntmen rescue woman from balcony. Men working across the street when they heard screaming. You didn’t save her. You stopped her suicide momentarily. And since she was trying to escape a terminal disease, or something else obviously worse than death, you doomed her to a slow agony. Either way, touching someone against their will is assault.

Drunk woman jump suicide balcony ~ rescue isn't saving

The image is from the article Terrifying moment stunt men in town for Comic-Con save woman in the seconds before she jumps from a balcony. I changed "news at 5" for "News at doom", and "abc 10" for "die GO".

"The drunk woman was threatening to jump. They snuck up behind her, grabbed her in a bear hug and pulled her away from the edge."

It really does sound like assault. They just threw her right back into her pain without giving a damn about what she needed or teaching her coping mechanism. They didn't care, they just didn't it to happen in front of them, that would have put a dirty negative stain on THEIR day. Now they get to feel like hero after they send her back to her doom... and future attempts.

Screaming "Good for you, have fun with your free will, send me a post card from heaven, or a pitchfork from hell!" would have been more considerate. But yeah, it wouldn't have looked as "heroic" on the news.

Well, letting her off herself would have been one less drunk driver potentially running little kids over... or unwanted drunk pregnancy babies, doomed to yet another life of violence and suicide attempts, for feeling unwanted in this world. All you need is to want yourself to at least not commit suicide, and that also tend to make asshole look insignificant when you value yourself. You don't need a reason. If you can value all the junk shit that you buy and eat, why not yourself.

I added the meme face forever alone from imgdesc. Because I suspect that she wanted to kill herself because some other drunk fucked some other bitch. Instead to take care of herself and define her own value, she threw her responsibility away at the mercy of other people's lame opinions. It never work out.

She probably thought that she's worthless because some worthless guy went to another worthless girl hoping to prove to himself that he's not as worthless as he thinks.

You are more than your vagina... and if you're not and that's useless now... what's wrong with taking out the trash? Good for you. I'm perfectly happy alone, sometimes I think it sucks until someone comes along and make things suck even more. So you’re better off without him if he makes you regret to be alive, you dumb drunk blond bitch (try saying that quickly a few times). Don't worry there are a lot of stupid people like you to make friends with, and bars are loaded with other dumb drunks like you who'll gladly unload their cum in you so you'll feel loved, useful and less empty inside. Yup, I'd rather die too.

But there are plenty of other cool stuff to do in life. Try being an otaku (anime fan), a gamer or a psycho making demotivational posters. Endless supply of fun. Especially when you're crazy. There's actually a fun type of crazy, not just the pathetic "grab me away from my balcony suicide" kind of crazy. Or "Look at the collection of my self harm photos on facebook" if they can have friends and a reason to go on... so can you... join a cat lady anonymous and snort cat pee all day long or something. Well, at least you were on TV, good for you. It would have been more entertaining if you did a back flip though. I was looking for a splatter photo for another poster... better luck next time.

I don't see what’s the big deal with letting her have what she wants, especially if she's only using death as a threat; no reason to care about what happens to someone like that! I feel more for the janitor who'll have to clean that shit up after she splatters. But you can let the seagulls, pigeons and rain do that for you. Why the terror, it's not like she was threatening to kill you. I guess seeing people splatter from above like flies on a windshield reminds you of your own frailty and mortality, and that's scary as shit, for you.

As far as I can tell, I'm immortal, in one form or another... "Nothing can be created or destroyed, everything changes." All the cells that were me 7 years ago are dead, I'm a different person. And different as a person too.

You can't save someone from themselves. If someone refuses to live, they're already dead. Dying won't change much. But it might result in a lot of bird poop.

We slaughter animals relentlessly everyday, everything dies... why should it matter if someone wants to die in this overpopulated world? They should have pushed her on her merry way. She threatened just to get attention, she had plenty of time to jump but she screamed or gave someone plenty of time to do so.

I can be cruel like this because I never wanted to be born and I regretted it almost every day of my life. I thought that I needed someone to care for me, to love me, to save me... but I had myself all along.

When you become the enemy of the one and only person who'll always be there for you... yourself... then it doesn't matter whether you live or die... your life is only worthless when you decide that it is.

She did. She chose death. Free will should be respected.

I know that alcohol causes hypoglycemia which causes pain worse than death... and alcohol gives the most powerful sugar high, therefore the worst sugar crash. And people do that because they're exhausted and stressed out, and they don't know that the adrenal glands need vitamin C and not sugar to handle stress... and the vitamin B complex to have energy.

Now I know how to take care of myself. I don't want to die anymore... I do remember how intense agony and distress feels like. I still feel it sometimes. But once you choose death... no one can do anything for you, not even yourself.

So if you choose death... I hope that death will find you. It did for me... and when I saw it, it wasn't what I've expected at all...

I didn't see emptiness; I didn't see a heaven of clouds or a fiery pit of hell...

On my way out I wondered... what does death looks like... and then I felt that it wasn't the right question... I took the time to think and then asked "what does the universe looks like, outside of time, and outside of matter..." and then I saw it blossom before me like a flower in my mind... endless possibilities able to reach the same point like the roots of a tree, then spreading in endless possibilities like branches... then a whole forest of possibilities spreading for every form of life that were are and will be... I saw eternity itself... endless possibilities... absolute hope.

It was both terrifying and magnificent... My mind would shatter outside of a body set in time if I was bathing in that much information... so I clang to life... and then I asked "How can I heal."

And the answer was simple: eat materials that are alive and full of vitamins and minerals that can help you heal, then you'll feel a joy deeper than mere taste.

I healed from hell's door. Because I asked the right question and the right wish.

I turned my back to what I don't want, not my life or life itself. I made my own world, my own life. Who knows what kind of branch tomorrow will bring. The only thing that matters right now... is that I'm not in pain, or I know how to end it. And I don't need to end it all. I just need to walk away from the bad and swallow the good. I took my happiness between my own hands, no one can take it away, because it comes from me, and I won't allow anything to take my life away.

Enjoy your own choices, and don't waste efforts on something that you don't mean... and when you make a decision... give it everything you've got... if it's healing... or even if it's death.

If more about what I saw, or I should rather say, the concept that I understood, you can read my page Uncommon sense ~ Life & death ~ The right question.

It's actually quantum physics, once you look at everything with a microscope and test the behavior, you see that everything in the universe is literally made of infinite possibilities, even you.

Double slit experiment: What the bleep do we know? Down the rabbit hole. part 4 (at around 3 minutes)

And when I almost died and my mind opened... this is actually what I've understood, before seeing the movie... and then... according to the law of attraction (See the movie The Secret) I attracted that movie so I could understand even more... and everything kept blossoming... simply because I was resonating with life and healing... and the universe was answering me.

I also made a Suicide tutorial.

Try it and enjoy~
Lisa Of Shades
20 January 2015

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Movie: 300 ~ This is 480p

"This is 480p" SD. Because it’s not how big your screen is that makes something great; but how much you appreciate what you watch.

Movie 300 ~ king Leonidas this is Sparta ~ This is 480p ~ SD vs. HD war

Someone else complained that I make torrents that are not in HD, to help the people who still need it. I wanted to make this joke since a long time. I turned my anger into something constructive, unlike the jerks who tried to shit on my efforts.

I took the image from a wallpaper of Movie 300 ~ King Leonidas ~ This is sparta at techmoran.

Lisa Of Shades
3 February 2015

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480p ~ Blue sky

480p. HD is anything above: 576p, 720p, 1080p... Complaining about the quality, when it's supposed to be this way, is like nagging that the sky is blue. It makes you look like an idiot. Just because it can be better doesn't mean that it's bad.

480p isn't supposed to be HD. Don't complain that the sky is blue.

I'm planning to post that to stop people from complaining when I share anime torrents in the size that I need. I don't understand why people don't just move on and learn to search better. I made a whole tutorial about that:

Block keywords (and permanently at

The blue sky is from pichost.

You can find a bigger wallpaper and more blue skies at eweb4.

Lisa Of Shades
9 February 2015

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Nip / Tuck: Go fork yourself!

Oh, it's not good enough for you~? GO FORK YOURSELF!

Nip Tuck ~ Oh, it's not good enough for you~? GO FORK YOURSELF!

I should put a warning before the picture, but not about horror for the sensitive hearts:

Warning: High fructose corn syrup and dyes. It's so toxic and so badly wreck your metabolism... that's way scarier than blood.

The image is a capture from the series Nip Tuck. A woman hurt herself to have an excuse to scam the hospital into giving her drugs. The extra hands are the guy trying to stop her, pointlessly. Even your god couldn’t go against free will so leave self destructive people to their doom instead to enable them to manipulate you, or you’d just be encouraging more self mutilation.

Try vitamin C to feel better. Magnesium will help you relax and sleep. Food doesn't need a prescription... and if you're going to be addicted to something, that that first. There are enough vital needs without adding harmful obsessions. Filling your needs is what you need in the first place. Bypassing eating, sleeping and the other needs to jump straight to the good feeling with drugs won't change the fact that your entire body and being is miserable and suffering. Don't voluntarily add poison to your list of problems.

If you do, then enjoy the results, you masochist. No need to help people who grant their own wishes of doom. You can’t force happiness on people, not even with drugs. Antidepressants are a scam. They’re insulin that make people quiet, and kill them; no one’s quieter than a buried corpse. That’s probably why I like cemeteries. No one gives you shit over nothing over there.

I made this for the ungrateful people who complain that 480p isn't HD and not good enough for them. It's a pun with go fuck yourself. Don't make demands when it's not meant for you, that the person doesn't owe you anything and when it's free. Especially not when it's the all of that at the same time!!!

Lisa Of Shades
15 February 2015

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Knife ~ Silver lining

Silver lining. Everything has one, especially knives. If they get red, clean them and everything will be neat again!

Knives ~ silver lining ~ clean red ~ neat again

The knife photo is from wikioso.

Sometimes I watch dramatic movies and I really wonder why they're waiting for to kill their enemies. I wouldn't want to go to jail, that's for sure... But it's undeniable that nails have a silver lining...

The positive side can be more than self defense; it can be self care too. Slice yourself some fresh vegetables and meat and you'll feel all neat and shiny.

Neat means clean and wonderful too. That's nice when the English language make it easy on me to make puns.

Lisa Of Shades
16 + 19 February 2015

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Suicide: Electric bath duck

(Electric bath duck. Suicidal tendency. One use only.) You have a problem with me and what I do? You can solve your own problems. PERMANENTLY.

Electric bath duck. Suicidal tendency. Solve your own problems. Permanently.

I added the first line to avoid making depressed people think that I'm pushing them off their cliff. Try vitamin C for that, it helps handle stress and heal.

But the people who harass me just because they don't like what I like... as if I owed them anything and should be the one solving their problems... those can go kill themselves. If they're so helpless that they need to coerce people into giving them what they want, instead to find and do it for themselves... then they won't survive long on their own anyway. Parasites.

Lisa Of Shades
16 + 19 February 2015

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Torrents: Bee dancer

Why bother making and sharing torrents? When people complain with spite and spam? For the silently grateful peers. For the beautiful swarm.

Bee dancer ~ torrents ~ peer swarm

It's from the YouTube video: Bee Dancer: Bee Queen.

I had a big existential crisis when I read the comments for my latest torrent upload.

I handled the people who complained that 480p isn’t what they want, or that my big batch show up in their automatic RSS, by making tutorials about how to search and filter.

I handled the haters with demotivational posters and just… refusing to die.

But when someone started to stalk me with homophobic comments about a character that wasn’t even in the anime I was uploading… it was so pointless… so meaningless… I felt as if I was engulfed by the void in The Never Ending story. I forgot why I was doing torrents. I was so overwhelmed with contempt for people that I didn’t even want to seed what I took anymore, so certainly not make torrents.

Then I remember why I do this: The swarm is beautiful. Everyone gather like a colony of bees, working together to pass the file along. So after I give the anime a little more than 100%, BAM I get 50 seeders. The sharing, cooperation, from many people all around the planet, all alike in their differences, united for the love of this anime, that I also love… it’s glorious.

It almost make me forget why I’m such a misanthrope, almost make me believe that there’s good in humanity… it soothe my hate, as I see that I’m not really alone, I still have things in common with people. No matter how depressing things get, how life seems useless, it’s still possible to bring joy all over the planet even when we’re too sick to leave our beds. There’s no need for hope when you have the knowledge that there’s meaning if it’s meaningful to you.

I sure don’t do this for trolls spamming in the comments because they’re desperate for attention but too stupid to ask nicely. I don’t do it for the complainers or haters. And I don’t completely do it for the swarm either.

I do it because I think it’s a beautiful sight… and it amazes me. Like when you feed ducks in a pond. Just for the giggling cuteness.

Enjoy~ Or don't, I will anyway.
Lisa Of Shades
16 + 19 February 2015

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Bitch: definition

BITCH. Noun. A female dog. A malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman. Known for: barking too loud, putting her nose where it doesn’t belong and eating her own shit. If the ugly hat fits… wear it.

Sam ugliest dog ~ bitch eat shit

Someone insulted me in a forum and apparently we can't use cuss words, so next time I'll use this poster with a quote from the dictionary.

It's actually a male, but there's no better picture to express my disdain.

Sam: the world's ugliest dog
at knowyourmeme:

"Sam was a blind purebred hairless Chinese Crested owned by Susie Lockheed of Santa Barbara, CA. won the title of World’s Ugliest Dog from 2003-2005.

Due to heart complications Sam was euthanized on November 18, 2005, just shy of his 15th birthday. Shortly after, images of the dog went viral, popping up on Myspaces and forums worldwide."

YouTube picture slide show: Sam the Ugly Dog. R.I.P. Oh god she's kissing him. Some people can love anything... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... but it's the dog that's blind! It really hurts to know that some people would rather kiss that than you, isn't it.

I hope that his ugliness will never be surpassed.

But if ugly people continue to breed by masking their ugly unhealthiness with make up and plastic surgeries to fool people… then the species’ genes will get uglier until no amount of paint and mutilation can cover it up.

Instead of fake nails and carcinogenic nail varnish, make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals. Instead to put red on your cheek and lips, make sure you get enough of the B complex and vitamin C to absorb iron, to avoid anemia and have healthy blood.

It’s what’s inside that matters: beautiful healthy vital organs. If you nourish yourself well, you won’t feel so empty.

Lisa Of Shades
20 February 2015

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Robocop ~ comply

480p. I've been happy with worse. I still enjoy the avi format! "Upgrade to HD, you have 20 seconds to comply." "Not if it’s going to turn me into an arrogant prick!" "Impossible! I’m the best! RAAAA!"

Robocop vs. ED209 ~ Gun explosion ~ robots ~ 480p vs. HD ~ I've been happy with worse: avi!

It's from the movie Robocop from 1987. The robot is called ED209, but I almost made a typo for HD209.

Villains typically scream that when they're defeated.

Prick can mean penis, asshole or to stab with a sharp needle... or someone who metaphorically act like stabbing people with needles.

I wish I could get over being bullied by HD lovers, but I'm having too much fun with the creativity that I get when I channel my anger constructively.

Lisa Of Shades
5 March 2015

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Einstein vs. stupid

Stupidity & ignorance. With his superior intelligence, how did Einstein coped and handled it? He invented the atomic bomb. The best solution: eliminate the cause of the problem. "Take that fools! Shrieks! Oh god! It burns! Free tan! My hairdo is on fire! NOOO! Why? Call 911. My phone is on fire! Dying!"

Einstein ~ atomic bomb ~ stupidity ignorance ~ cope ~ eliminate the problem

Maybe you need to be a misanthrope to fully appreciate this. Too bad it destroys the environment too...

Einstein from deism.

10 Answers to the Most Intriguing Questions About Albert Einstein! at deluxebattery.

He had dyslexia and ADHD. Ha! Fuck you psychiatry and normal people!

"Einstein failed to talk until age of four, the result of language disability and it is also claimed that he could not read until the age of nine. Despite this, during his education he obtained exceptional grades in physics and mathematics."

Atomic bomb from imgarcade.

I bet that if there's a bomb, people will still worry about superficial issues instead of vital basics.

I read something: "Look at how stupid the average person is, know that half of them are even stupider than that." And since everything is relative, for the extremely intelligent people, the gap is even wider, so what seem stupid to you is extremely stupid to them... and what seem normal to you STILL is stupid to them! No wonder he invented weapons of mass destruction.

I read that he had regrets... probably because it fell into the hands of stupid people, unable to think of a wiser way to express their supremacy than by using mindless brute force. It must be scary when everyone is smarter than you. It's scary as hell when you need to rely on stupid people too!

Don’t confuse silliness and ignorance. If I didn’t turn my brain off from time to times I’d be really insane and not just amusingly crazy. And don’t confuse memorizing old lies as being clever. Thankfully memory isn’t the same thing as intelligence or I’d be a fool. But I can learn and notice links between concepts just fine, but of course it takes time for ideas to grow… like a blossoming plant.

Lisa Of Shades
5 March 2015

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Desert mirage.

Human kindness. It’s like water in the desert. You’d be overjoyed with just a drop, but after a while finding only mirages, you don’t even believe in the sand anymore.

Mirage desert human kindness

The image of a mirage is fromkids.britannica: "A mirage in the desert of Namibia leads people to see a pool of water that is not really there."

Mirage (wiki): "A mirage is a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky. (...) In contrast to a hallucination, a mirage is a real optical phenomenon that can be captured on camera (...) inferior images on land are very easily mistaken for the reflections from a small body of water."

So something seems to be truly and genuinely there, but it's not. But that would be encouraging if it's just a little further than it seems.

The truly terrifying and painful mirage is when someone truly believe that he's giving kindness, that it's the best for you, but how can it be when you don't even try to understand them and force what they don't want without even explaining so they can choose for themselves. Forcing something good upon someone who suffers from that force isn't kindness even if you were right.

(I'd still do it if I was a tyrant though... but to stop people from causing problems around them as they destroy themselves.)

Someone offered me help without truly knowing how, without even verifying if it was right before sending me more than false hope. It felt as if he was torturing me on purpose. People think that it's so great to be intelligent, and yes I am full of myself about that since it's my only pride in all my pain, the loneliness and terror that I can't ask anyone else for help... that I am on my own... even when someone if willing to help, they just twist the blade in the wound. Despair is better than constantly crushed false hopes, at least then you can let go...

I do believe in animal kindness though. At the very least, they give you a quick death before they eat you. They don't bully you all your life making you wish you were dead for decades.

Lisa Of Shades
4 April 2015
Idea: 21 March 2015

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Blog sounds like the blob

Blog. It means web log but to me it sounds like an alien goo digesting everything that it touches. My web site isn’t a blog. It’s a tutorial with a hell load of text and images. Enough to melt your eyes. See, it’s different.

A blog sounds like The blob (1988) and alien goo creature digesting everything that it touches.

Oh god it sounds the same as a blog! It even does sound like the blob too! *shrieks!*

The image is from The blob (1988) at IMDb: "A strange lifeform consumes everything in its path as it grows and grows."

I really loved this movie~

I made the poster because my friend OptimusPr1me kept calling my site a blog. I'm very grateful that he's actually reading my nonsense though. But I'm not hosted in some generic template of a blog, this is purely custom made. That’s why there’s no comment section or option to follow what I add. Sorry for the troubles.

Lisa Of Shades
23 April 2015

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Star Wars: lol

lol is NOT a laugh!!! It’s a Twin Ion Engine (TIE) space ship from Star Wars. It will NEVER equal the sublime satisfaction of a long Mwahaha!

Star Wars ~ twin ion engine (TIE) space ship ~ lol

I wanted to make this one since the 23 January 2014. Suzy, my good friend, said lol to me and I just had to teach her better.

lol doesn't say much, most of the time people aren't even laughing out loud... and making the sound is way richer.

Ha! = victorious.
Haha = kinda amused, or HA-ha = mocking you.
Hahaha = joyfully pleased.
Longer = even more amused.
Teehee~ = amused and adorable (way more worthy of a hug than just a lol).
Mwahaha = pure evil.
Mouhouhahaha! = pure evil in French.

So to reduce it all with just a lot is like chatting a conversation with noting but smileys. After a while you want to punch that smiley and walk away feeling ignored by the one-sided conversation.

Lisa Of Shades
28 April 2015

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Justice is worse than blind

Justice doesn’t exist. Life has unlimited combinations and possibilities. You can’t expect to only get your favorite all the time. Life isn’t about being worthy, it’s about survival. Shit happens randomly, or to make others feel better. You never deserved the good either, so appreciate it while it lasts.

Justice is worse than blind. Justice doesn't exist. Scale, sword, sunset.

I made it for my article:
Uncommon sense ~ Life & death ~ Justice doesn't exist

I was tempted to write "Justice is a woman on PMS" to illustrate that it's not about being rational or fairness, but I don't want to insult women. Men are full of shit too. And PMS is in fact the symptoms of anemia, not having a period. It can be caused by other things than blood loss, and can be avoided by proper nutrition. Since I take the B complex and vitamin C to absorb iron, I don't have PMS and I don't crave human blood all the time...

Good or bad, just or unjust... They’re merely our personal opinion based on feelings, and they vary.

Sometimes you do what you have to do to survive and feel better, even if it makes a mess. Because life isn't about deserving or being worthy, life is about survival.

Lisa Of Shades
13 May 2015

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South Park: Eric Cartman ~ respect my authoritah

Even when they’re old, they can be immature people on a power trip to soothe their insecure ego. But I guess the forum needs someone like that to do the job, because better people have better things to do. Like enjoying the forum with their friends, instead of cleaning bullshit like a janitor.

South Park: Eric Cartman ~ respect my authority ~ moderators

I’m probably being immature, but I’m not perfect either. I left forums for a long time because I couldn’t stand all my loved ones because of the whim of someone who didn’t know me.

If forum moderators truly cared about members, they’d explain us what we did wrong and how to better ourselves. They wouldn’t assume that we’re shit heads doing wrongs on purpose. I’m no better for assuming the same… but the results are obvious enough. I guess they feel the same.

I don’t like how we all have to fit in an imaginary idealistic idea of happy perfection, forbidden to have a bad day or to even defend ourselves against bullies. Forums make it way too easy for one single person to ostracise someone completely even if everybody else love that person. It's cruel. It happens too often, but it shouldn’t at all. Not out of discrimination, not just for not liking someone’s tastes and opinions.

Those who don’t like someone attack them harshly, provoking them to act out to defend their dignity, then use it to justify getting them banned. They can pretend to be the mod’s friend but all they ever care about by sucking up and flattering his ego is to manipulate and use their mod power for themselves. Acting like a worm to lure the fish on a hook.

If people are so obsessed with not being disturbed in any way, then they should open their mind to a variety of things, including the darer ones, at least sarcastic humor. Because the more you allow your mind to be narrow, the more you try to have absolute control, the more things in the world will seem to be disturbing to you. But the more you open your mind and welcome weird stuff out of fascination for the unknown, the more things will look amazing.

Lisa Of Shades
26 May 2015

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