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Enjoy the movie
Doctor Who ~ Haters
Doctor Who ~ Problem?
The glass is dangerous
Hitler's moustache
Deadpool dressed like Freddy
Dobby & Iron Man
Happy Mother's Day ~ Heroes
Happy Mother's Day ~ Abused children
Warm cup ~ Haters
Being a doormat
Deadpool ~ Canadian
Salem witch trials
Nazi high five!
Handsome Nazi actor
Trump & Hitler
Death penalty
Bender vs. captcha

Enjoy the movie

Enjoy. When a movie theater employee says "Enjoy the movie" and you feel embarrassed for replying "You too"... Don't worry. They get free tickets, so they probably will. But avoid being noisy & turning on your bright phone. Cinemas are supposed to be a quiet dark place, perfect for ninjas, and you don't want to anger them.

Cinema ninja ~ Movie theater, employee, enjoy the movie, you too, embarrassed ~ noisy, phone light, quiet dark

(Before adding the 2nd paragraph and changing the image.) That poster isn't soul crushing... so I don't know if I can call it demotivational... it's more like a motivational poster... I made so many heart breaking posters that I needed to make a nice one. It's a reply to a few memes I saw about the embarrassment of replying "You too" to an employee. "I can never come back here." Hahaha. I worked in a cinema and it was pleasant because most people where in a good mood. I don't know for every places but I got free tickets. So I watched the movies. No one said "You too" to me, but the laughter probably would have made my day. It's not like we're chained in misery, but please pick up after yourselves and try not to spread popcorn and coke everywhere. There are many people in that room so if everyone where that rude it'd be terrible.

And close your phone's light, theaters is a dark place, perfect for ninja and vampires, and you don't want to anger them. Oh that extra comment would turn the poster into a demotivational. I'll edit it.

'Cinema ninjas' to silence naughty film-goers at bbc. The London's Prince Charles cinema actually have ninjas on their staff!

'Cinema Ninjas' To Silence Naughty Film Goers at YouTube.

I'll edit the image too, and now it's creepy! Yay~ I got my inspiration back~

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 13 March 2016
Text + Edit: 8 April 2016

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Doctor Who ~ Haters

Haters: "Stop liking and using old stuff, it's the 21st century!"
Doctor Who: "It must be boring to be so limited."
Doctor Who. He chooses his own time and space.
Tardis (time machine & spacecraft) David Tennant 10th Doctor

Doctor Who ~ David Tennant ~ 10th ~ Tardis (time machine & spacecraft) ~ Haters ~ 21st century ~ like use old stuff

David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, grew up watching the 4th and 5th Doctor: Tom Baker and Peter Davison. But he loves them all.

David Tennant talks Doctor Who at io9.gizmodo.

Someone said that to me with a specific date. I used the word century so it'd fit even next year. I'm not that old, we live 100 years and the Earth is billions of years old. I know that technology advances fast but humanity itself isn't even old. We're a bunch of brats messing our room and refusing to eat our vegetables because we only want to eat stuff that tastes like candy of ice cream.

In the past 10 years, I've been trying to find the cure to everything, because no one could tell me what I have. I found it. It's to take care of our needs, and respect our limits. To eat what the body require to build new cells, and to avoid what is useless and increases toxins. Simple! You can't make billions selling that so you'll never hear of it in a medical journal, but it's simple! So no, I didn't spend the last 10 year upgrading my technology and facebook. My computer is older than you but it still does the job and I can do things that you can't with it. Ha!

Doctor who has a time machine, which is also a spaceship. So he goes wherever he wants, whenever he wants. Literally! Tomorrow can be yesterday for him.

I think that time isn't a line like a river, it's a dot like the Earth with all the oceans. It all happens at the same time. You get ripples of energy through time, feeling them with your intuition to avoid possible danger that actually happened in one of the infinite possibilities. Everything happens at once, the past, present and future, all the possibilities. There are no parallel worlds, it's all here in this world, we're just not aware of them... But in quantum physics we get all the results at once, but only one if there's an observer of the process...

And even if that's not true, the past repeat itself. Old trends become popular again. There's nothing wrong with being a minority because that's the people who discovered new ways that enriched the majority, not the followers who attacked any new ideas completely unable to have one of their own, because they where scared to be tortured instead.

Don't limit your mind. Why enjoy only what's in season now, have you seen fashion? It might seem cool now but looking back after it moved on and it looks really weird... It's so ugly that they need to change it every few months before people figure out how intolerable it is... And forced to throw away all their clothes to buy new ones... When I have mine since years because they look good on my body shape.

I'll enjoy whatever I want as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. Why trying to hurt me for that? Go enjoy your own stuff! If you're scared that my stuff will become popular and that you'll end up the bullied minority, that your stuff with vanish because "there can be only one!"... then stop doing that shit... embrace the wonderful diversity of the world... and you'll never have to worry, because life isn't meant to be just one color. The gays figure that out using a rainbow as a flag. It's not because rainbows are gay like sparkles... It's because life is colorful, diverse, and we should fight to keep it that way, to keep each other free to be who we are and do what (or who) we love as long as it doesn't hurt anyone (who don't enjoy getting hurt).

You don't have a time machine to undo your mistakes from the past, but instead to have regrets, you simply can stop making more of them.

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 13 April 2016
Text: 23 April 2016

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Doctor Who ~ Problem?

Doctor who (rage comic face): "Problem? That sounds fun!"
He changes his face sometimes so the police won't recognize him after he gets involved in mayhem. No one would dare to suspect a police box! They should.

Doctor Who ~ Change face ~ Wanted poster ~ Tardis (time machine & spacecraft) ~ Police box public call ~ Rage comic face problem

Well, the reason why he changes his face in the series is because he dies and he regenerates randomly or something. In life it's because no actors can live that long. But if you think about it, he kills people and is probably wanted across the universe. Having a new face give him an advantage for a while.

To fool cops and that's probably why he disguised his spaceship as a police phone box from the past. It's still a good camouflage, no one dare to look at phone boots anymore because they have cell phones, and no one question police corruption. But they participated in exploiting children for pedophiles, teachers too.

That's the kind of world we live in... the people paid to protect us screws the most vulnerable among us and help the criminals. Well, it's a job and I guess the criminals pay better, uh. You can't take money to the grave, but you'll take who you are into eternity...

Protect yourselves. Save your hostility for when people are actually trying to destroy you instead of just being not you.

Don't pray on your knees with the hope that someone will save you. Get up and save yourselves!

At least if you die trying you'll have the dignity to die on your feet with conviction and courage into your soul, fighting the best on the moment. And that's an honorable death.

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 13 April 2016
Text: 23 April 2016

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The glass is dangerous

Pessimists have all the water! Die of thirst, optimists! The optimists are as narrow minded as the pessimists. Both only see half. The glass is always full of possibilities. You can even kill someone with it.

Glass of water ~ Half full ~ Half empty ~ Optimist Pessimist ~ Positive negative thinking

Funny meme image: Room to add vodka at memes, I spend a lot of time laughing there.

I think the words should be inverted... Or maybe they thought that Optimists look from bottom to top and then stop... and Pessimists look from top to bottom... Optimists raise their head, pessimists look down... But they both stop half way, the optimist is just as narrow minded as the pessimist. I might get my best ideas while writing unrestrained, I'll edit the image.

I added "full of possibilities" something way too inspiring to be a Demotivational poster... I have to add something creepy. It can contain anything, water, beer, blood... Too long... and you can do so much more than drink with it... Like breaking it and cutting someone... Killing... Whoa... that escaladed quickly, it was just about water and now it's gore... Nice~

Lisa Of Shades
Image + Text: 13 April 2016
Uploaded: 23 April 2016

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Hitler's moustache

Hitler's moustache. He preferred the handlebar variety. But he was ordered to cut the sides to fit in gas masks. He went overboard and created his own unique style. Funny guy, too bad the joke was on the Jews, otherwise he'd be remembered fondly.

Hitler's moustache. He preferred the handlebar variety. ~ Cut sides to fit in gas masks ~ WWI service ~ Jews

10 things you didn't know about Hitler at

Quote: Hitler and his moustache go together better than any comparison I can possibly make, but his preferred moustache style was actually of the handlebar variety. Unfortunately for him, during WWI service he was ordered to scale it back so it would fit underneath gas masks. (Which didn't work – he was gassed in 1918 and temporarily blinded.)

History: What are the surprising facts about Adolf Hitler? at quora.


Nearly all profits from Hitler's "Mein Kampf", his image and his artwork go to charity. Bavaria owns the rights and sometimes has difficulty finding a charity to accept them, as they are widely considered "blood money."

If his father hadn't changed his name in 1877, Hitler's name would have been "Adolf Schicklgruber.

Hitler never regarded the Chinese and Japanese as inferior to the Aryans. He thought that "their past history was superior to our own."

I photoshoped it with a fake mustache because it was easier to cut and the curls where more defined. Imagine how funnier he'd look. Maybe that moustache would be banned. People would look like Nazis to get a tattoo on their finger and put it under their nose... They wouldn't be able to get jobs if they had one because they'd be accused of being racists...

Yeah the world is really ridiculous like this... people generalize, take things out of proportions and blame without knowing the reasons behind it... always assuming the worse even when sometimes... it can be for the best and your only choice is a lesser of two evil. It's sad to ignore the good where there is bad, but I might as well laugh. At his moustache, not at Jews' exterminations... See... seeing people as the worst to feel superior. Everyone think like Hitler, but not everyone has the power to do a genocide about it... but more people would than you'd like to think.

Apparently thinking that another race is superior to our own is also racism. People are never happy.

It's natural to have our own tastes and preferences in food, clothing, music, movies... Why do we freak out so much when we have a preferred type of people. I don't want to date and fuck anybody. Sure it hurts to be rejected but it'd hurt way more to spend your life with someone who dislike everything that makes you happy, and that you have to drag and beg and nag to get anything done... because they don't want to share with you... they just want to own you because they are scared to be alone and thought that you'd make them look good... Rejection is far preferable to dancing on your souse's grave after a century of feeling suffocated.

The problem isn't to dislike a race, or to prefer a race that have interests and customs in common, that's natural to prefer what is familiar. The problem is how people deal with what they dislike. If we taught people that , yes, it's okay to hate stuff... but it's not okay to hurt others and try to destroy it from the surface of the world just because you prefer something else. It's not okay to force others to do like you, because you wouldn't like that. It's not okay to beat and kill them for it, because you don't want that... So we can all agree that, yes, it's okay to hate each other to death...

But it's preferable to just mind our own business peacefully than go to war, because we might be the loser to be exterminated in the end. Because while you focus on what you hate you're not enjoying what you love. But if someone want to impose you their stuff and exploit you thinking that you are an inferior race and that their god allows it... It's okay to try to get rid of them before they kill you.

Are you sure that the Nazis started the war with the Jews? What if they retaliated to "We are god's chosen and it's okay to gather profits for ourselves because the other citizens aren't one of us, so fuck their lives." If you're not with us you're against us..." Well, there are different degrees of that... If I don't like the same ice cream flavor, it doesn't mean that I'll try to starve your children... If I like a different gender than the one you think I should have, it doesn't mean that I'll go rape your children... But if I think that it's okay to let your children be homeless so mine can have two houses... I think people like that should get their ass kicked.

Did the Jews deserve to have their ass kicked? Can anyone deserve to have this ass kicked that badly? I don't know, I wasn't there, but Hitler was and he thought so, all his citizens and soldiers where and they went along with it... I think there was some truth in it... but it went too far like a train without breaks... The idea might have been necessary, the result might have been beneficial, but the execution of the plan was atrocious... But maybe it was necessary... I know that kindness can't solve everything... And it just rewards and encourage greedy people...

No matter what happened then... we should focus on respecting each other's different opinions... Not trying to force everyone to like everyone, because that can't be done... We'd have to truly be all the same and that's the kind of bullshit that probably caused the Holocaust war, yes a war where one side was much stronger than the other, but still a war... We can't get rid of racism, because we're one race: humanity. We're one ecosystem with all life being linked together on Earth... But we can't see that... because of our hatred... but we can encourage people to handle their hatred in constructive ways... and tolerate diversity because there's a good and bad side in everything and everyone... People potential and specialties can be used for the best and the benefit of all, or left to itself and spread like a disease devouring everything in its path like fire. We now live in a society where everyone can exploit anybody and reach the top... Thankfully there's a minimum wage to limit people's greed... and social services to help the people who can't work or couldn't get opportunities... We didn't make greed illegal, we didn't kill greedy people, we put rules in place to balance it for the benefit of everyone... So the hard workers wouldn't end up starving in the streets like slaves... It could be better...

Hitler's mistake with the Jews was to think that they where greedy because they where Jewish, because of their genetics, or their culture... They where because they are humans... because they are alive... If they didn't followed the laws put in place by the government and where hurting the population, then yes they should have been stopped... and there are a few people exploiting children in poor countries while selling clothing at insanely high prices just for the brand logo who probably deserve to die... But did a whole group of people deserve to be slaughtered because of the bad actions of a few, or even the majority, or even as a culture... No, people can change, people can learn new rules... And no innocent should be killed for the crime of another. Hitler spared a few people as honorable... He should have seen this as the proof that there is good in everyone... and potentially bad in everyone as well.

I did the same mistake to generalize when I got badly hurt by the only black person at my school, when I was a child... I feared them all... but then white people hurt me just as badly... and I ended up discovering that everyone could choose to be an asshole... and everyone could chose to be kind. But it's deadly to be kind with someone who chose to be an asshole to you. Someone who's kind to a person can give death to another... Everyone is that way, Jews, Hitler, me, everyone... What I dislike is the blind hatred... Hitler's blind hatred for the Jews, and everyone's blind hatred for Hitler now... I guess that makes me neutral... But I think that everyone is an asshole... and sometimes the only way to survive is to be the biggest asshole... But when we don't have to... I hope that we'll chose to be kind. That's what I'll try to do. Because the world sucks enough already.

So I'll laugh at the true humor behind Hitler's moustache... I don't agree with the atrocities, I will do my best not to hurt anyone unless I really have to so I can stop them from hurting me... But why should I deny myself the pleasure of enjoying the good that even monsters have to offer? Why should that story be pure tragedy without any silver lining. Even if it's just a funny moustache... I think it makes the world a brighter place than if all he ever did was murder. It doesn't make the genocide more acceptable... but it does mean that no one is pure evil, no one should be condemned as such and exterminated blindly. If we dare to look at their redeeming qualities it doesn't mean that we'll accept their wrongs... But that way... we won't end up thinking that genocide is a good idea again...

Enjoy~ Try new cultural ways, you might like it. Try to find the good in the bad, it might brighten your day~ Try to find the good in yourselves instead to berate your flaws constantly... and maybe you'll be able to find it in people who are different than you. Maybe you'll want to help each other with your strength instead to crush the other lower to feel superior. Maybe you'll be so busy doing the things you love that you won't notice the people doing the things that you like least... And if you dare to look at what truly is a kind thing to do... you'll dare to stop the people who are cruel to others just because they can... you'll dare to stop yourself.

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 15 April 2016
Text: 23 April 2016

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Deadpool dressed like Freddy

Deadpool. A nightmare on any street.

Deadpool. A nightmare on any street ~ Parody of a Freddy Krueger poster ~ A nightmare on Elm street

It's my favorite Deadpool poster among all the ones I made.

I edited a Freddy Krueger poster "A nightmare on Elm street". I replace "ELM" for "ANY" street.

Did you know these frightful characters? at funzine.

Deadpool really does look like Freddy, hahaha!

I needed to make the original poster much bigger so it got bad pixels, but it kinda makes it look more retro.

I loved the horror movies from my childhood in the 90s. I enjoy sarcastic humor. Killers usually went after depraved people so it was actually a lesson of morality. It really does sound like Deadpool! Hahaha!

Lisa Of Shades
Art: 16 April 2016
Text: 18 June 2016

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Dobby & Iron Man

Sorry if my dark humor makes me a bad friend for you.
Dobby: "Dobby had to iron his hands!"

R.I.P. Dobby. And my humorless friendships.

Iron Man: "Iron hands? You're doing it wrong."
(Dobby ~ Happy Potter (Merged frames) & Iron man)

Dobby Harry Potter (Merged frames) Iron hands ~ Iron man ~ Dark humor, RIP humorless friendships

I wanted Dobby's face and his hands in the same image so I merged many frames and tried to make it seem okay. I was making this poster to cope about being abandoned by friends for being bad somehow. But how should I know if they don't explain, and what should I do about it, iron my hands like Dobby to punish myself?

It's probably for the best if careless people like that who won't make any efforts leave my life.

No one can truly be always cheerful and irreproachable. I tried, it build up so much negativity inside me that I was scared that it's come out in deadlier ways than just a creepy joke. And dark humor is so damn funny, humorless people bore me anyway.

While making the poster, I ended up having an epiphany about Dobby ironing his hands and Iron man's iron hands. I probably should have made the poster only about that joke, but I guess now it's a double joke.

Lisa Of Shades
Art: 9 May 2016
Text: 18 June 2016

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Happy Mother's Day ~ Heroes

Happy mother's day! To all the mothers who aren't dead... But all those orphans became heroes. Maybe they're holding us back.
(Batman, Superman, Harry Potter, 10th Doctor Who (David Tennant))

Happy mother's day! To all the mothers who aren't dead... ~ Batman, Superman, Harry Potter ~ 10th Doctor Who David Tennant

People wish Happy Mother's day to anybody... on people's walls... Bathing in the joy of a celebration... Oblivious to the pain that it might mean for some.. People who lost their mother, or mothers who lost their child...

Celebrate your own achievements, because people will enjoy putting you down, even your own family... Or they will force the ideals that they where too lazy to achieve on you to boost their self esteem by destroying yours and your dream.

Live your own live.

The fact that so many heroes are orphans might be a sign that mothers might be oppressing us too much... Wanting to keep us too safe and preventing us from taking risks that are necessary to achieve greatness... Because every paths are full of rocks that you might trip on, but you can still get up and move on... after grabbing your knee and whimpering for a while, and waiting for it to heal, of course...

Can you imagine Batman's mother demanding him that he invests his money in women salons instead and making him wear pink shirts.

Can you imagine Superman's mother telling him to concentrate on his studies and let the police do their job.

Can you imagine Harry Potter's mother telling him that a broom is too dangerous for him, and to study potions instead to go into sports.

Can you imagine Doctor's Who's mother nagging him that his Tardis is messier in the inside and to clean his shit up instead to go on adventures.

It would be very boring stories. We love those orphans because they are free to explore the world their own way without being pressured by parental control. Getting into really bad messes out of curiosity and getting themselves out of it... That's how you become an adult. That's how you can become awesome.

I always thought that they where made into orphans so we'd feel sorry for them and bond with them, or to alleviate the script with less characters... But now that I think about it... It was to do them a favor... so they could be free to be themselves.

Sure, affection and reassurance is good... but you won't go anywhere if you're feeling too comfy under your mother's ass.

Lisa Of Shades
Art: 9 May 2016
Text: 18 June 2016

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Happy Mother's Day ~ Abused children

Happy Mother's Day! To all the mothers who aren't heartless bitches. And to the children who threw abusers out of their lives.
(Cinderella's step mother)

Cinderella's step mother ~ Happy mother day to mothers who aren't heartless bitches ~ abused children ~ Throw out family ~ Heal PTSD

Every time people wish a Happy Mother's day to anybody... I weep inside... Not because I lost my mother... but because I feel like I've never known the loving warmth of a real one... I merely lost the illusion of what will never be by accepting the cruel reality of what truly is... She was a threat to my mental and physical well being and I had to give up a fundamental need to have the safety of a family to protect my life. She said that she loved me but her actions where full of hatred and indifference at best. Trusting, longing and waiting, just to be rejected and mocked cruelly over and over, is a torture that I don't need in my life.

Children of horrible parents should be punished, not celebrated just because they fucked for a few minutes. Babies aren't always born out of love, they can be born from irresponsible parents who only thought about having fun... they will also be too irresponsible and selfish to take care of the child's life... and there are things far worse than death... Like regretting being born everyday because even the people who are supposed to love you and protect you the most... are in fact the people who hate you and harm you the most.

Just because, ideally, mothers should be loving and nurturing doesn't mean that they all are... Hell can be paved with the best intentions... and some women are too concerned with their reputation and appearances itself to live up to their own ideals more than superficially...

If your mother is still alive but no longer part of your life, celebrate mother's day as your own liberation.

Be a parent to your own inner child.

Even a child can manage on their own somehow, and adults can figure it out on their own eventually.

Don't be depressed about what can never be... Rejoice in the fact that, at least, it's not worse.

A genitor is someone who gives DNA to create a new body. A parent is someone who take care of the child. You can be an orphan even if your genitors are alive. If anyone harms you... Get rid of them by any means necessary. Sometimes it's easier than you think.

Avoid, ignore, forget.

Fight back if you have to. If they like pain, then give it to them.

Lisa Of Shades
Art: 9 May 2016
Text: 18 June 2016

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Warm cup ~ Haters

Dear haters. Have a nice warm cup of shut the hell up.

Dear haters. Have a nice warm cup of shut the hell up. ~ Pink sunset beach, floral tea cop and cup, rat poison bottle

This is inspired by the army guy meme, probably against flame wars too:How about a nice, big cup of shut the fuck up. Think before you pen your stupid mouth!

Comments should be constructive feedback, not a place to vent your daily frustrations and try to create the world as you see fit.

But I guess anger inspires me the best arts, so... I kinda owe them... a nice cup of tea... with rat poison.

Lisa Of Shades
19 June 2016

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Being a doormat

Doormat. That’s just my nice decoration. I’m the door. If you shit on my carpet, I’ll slam the door in your face so hard that you’ll choke on your teeth. It’s not your home. I’m the only one with the key. Don’t act like vermin.

Being a doormat, welcome carpet, abuse, slam the door, vermin, no contact

I tend to wait too long to put my limits. I express them but I count on people being decent enough to reciprocate without being forced or else... Ungrateful bastards deserve nothing.

7 ways to stop being treated like a doormat at lifehack.

Relationships are a business transaction. Instead of a fair exchange, some people scam, steal and assault. You don't have to do business with someone who doesn't respect the agreement and doesn't deliver. Don't work for someone who only give you empty promises and never pays you, or throw mere crumbs to keep the false hope alive. Don't be a slave.

Narcissists are too greedy, because they can't do it for themselves, so they won't do it for you even if they wanted to. Manipulating others makes you helpless and worthless, create your own desires, and don't let others steal them from you.

Go no contact if they refuse or can't even understand basic emotions and logic. They're empty, heartless and soulless. Don't be sucked into their black (ass)holes. You can only save yourself or be damned by them.

If they harass you, never forget that you're the only one with the key. Ignore them. If you don't throw the ball back, they'll run out of demanding balls, just like you did with your balls of kindness.

Enjoy the fruit of your own labor. It's your own life~
Lisa Of Shades
13 February 2017

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Deadpool ~ Canadian

Deadpool: "Please die. Thanks!"
Canadians. Overly nice and polite. Even when they kill you.

Deadpool: Please die. Thanks! ~ Canadians: Overly polite. Even when they kill you.

Canadians have a reputation of being overly nice. But we can be crazy badasses like Deadpool. The character and Ryan Reynolds, the actory playing it, are Canadians.

I'm so proud!

Lisa Of Shades
13 February 2017

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Salem witch trials

Salem witch trials 1692-1693
Wives were fired for not making a sandwich.
Burning woman: "What is it!!!?"
But the sandwich wasn't invented until 1718-1792.

Salem witch trials ~ burning woman ~ fired wives ~ invented sandwich

I was so happy when I saw that the dates were in the right order to be able to make my joke. I'm a terrible person...

I made a play on words with fired and fire. I don't know if the meaning of the word has been related to being burned alive at some point. Being fired always feel like a death anyway, but you have to live on with your shame and pain.

Witches were actually hanged instead of burnt. I guess the facts were altered because it's scarier for movies. People still get the death penalty for not blindly believing in fairy tales gibberish not based on reason and science. Just because someone wants the mindless obedience of sheep, and can't bear the idea that he might have been fooled himself all his life.

"The Salem witch trials 1692-1693 were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693. The trials resulted in the executions of twenty people, fourteen of them women, and all but one by hanging."

"The bread-enclosed convenience food known as the "sandwich" is attributed to John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792), a British statesman and notorious profligate and gambler, who is said to be the inventor of this type of food so that he would not have to leave his gaming table to take supper."

The sandwich might be a convenient way to hold food and bring it to your mouth, but it has very little nutritional value... if any. It's processed out with added chemicals poured in to make it seem edible. Meat and vegetable soups and sautés are so much tastier.

Lisa Of Shades
17 February 2017

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Nazi high five!

High five!
Hither was left hanging by the Jews too many times...

High five, Hitler, Nazi salute, Jews, left hanging, holocaust

Hitler was apparently bullied by Jews. It wasn't racism from being different, it was revenge.

Why do people hate the Jews? at simpletoremember.

They seem to be hated no matter what they do, maybe they act the wrong way at the wrong time in the wrong place.

"Between the years 250 CE and 1948 CE - a period of 1,700 years - Jews have experienced more than eighty expulsions from various countries in Europe - an average of nearly one expulsion every twenty-one years. Jews were expelled from England, France, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Bohemia, Moravia and seventy-one other countries."

I guess Hitler didn't want to send the problem into someone else's home, he wanted to exterminate what he saw as destructive vermin once and for all. If a group doesn't feel part of a community, seeing themselves different and better than others, they won't think twice about living at the expense of others. The Jews bought many companies to have a monopole and raise the prices to make huge profits while people were unable to afford much of what they needed... great business practice... but it lacks compassion... and it's not fun when someone much more powerful than you threats you the same way...

Why did Adolf Hitler hate the Jews? haaretz.

It was probably personal.

I think it's because the Jews had capitalist ways in a Socialist country, doing crimes against the state's values and its people's way of life. Capitalism can be a very abusive game in a country where everyone play by those rules, but it must have been utterly destructive in a Socialist country.

Socialist: All for all, under the dictator.
Capitalist: All think "all for me" and compete against each other without mercy.

I understand that their capitalist ways is a crime in a socialist or communist country, even though it seems normal in ours to get rich from the work of people on the minimum salary...

But thinking that greed is a bad genetic trait in all the people from the same race was idiotic. Unfortunately we know that now thanks to the cruel experiments on Jews...

There are bad and good people everywhere... good and bad are both in all of us... and a choice can be both good and bad depending on how you feel about it and how it affects you...

Morale of the story: countries and even states have different laws, breaking them gets you punished, even if you think it's not wrong.

If we play the game of life by our own rules with no respect for others, only thinking of personal gain... we risk meeting someone stronger who'll crush us without mercy. Hitler did that in a socialist country... we constantly do it to each other in our capitalist home... but no one complain in the hopes to be on top someday.

But the American dream is called a mere dream, not a reality, to make slaves docile and distract them from the chains in their minds.

Lisa Of Shades
17 February 2017

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Handsome Nazi actor

Actor Ralph Fiennes Played Amon Leopold Göth in the film Schindler's List.
Nazi captain & commandant of a concentration camp.
The Butcher of Plaszów.
Hello handsome~ I wish I was the Jews you're looking for. (Star Wars reference)

Actor Ralph Fiennes played Amon Leopold Goth in the film Schindler's List. Star wars reference, droids you're looking for

The last phrase is a Star Wars reference. "These aren't the droids you're looking for".

CineTopia's Top Ten Movie Nazis
at blogs.theage.

Schindler's List (1993) at imdb. I guess Steven Spielberg made it in black and white to make it seem more authentic, but I need colors damnit.

Amon Göth at wikipedia.

Be careful what you wish for~

Lisa Of Shades
17 February 2017

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Trump & Hitler

Trump & Hitler. Hitler truly made his country much better for the majority of citizens. Democracy is the right to vote for your favorite dictator. Maybe you've chosen well, USA. Either way, you did it to yourselves. Trump's the hero America deserves, AND the one it needs right now. Banning Muslims isn't racism when they really are trying to kill you.

Trump, Hitler, Nazi salute, Muslims, It's not racism when they really are trying to kill you.

That salute never meat "Let's cut Jew's heads". It's a salute meaning "Let's soar into a bright future together." There's nothing wrong with it. Or even the Nazi flag, which means good thing... such as strength and balance of the opposites. The people claiming that it's racist is because their race acted against the beautiful ideologies of equality and cooperation, for greedy and selfish personal gain at the peril of others. And that's the true atrocity... they weren't so happy when they quickly got what they were trying to do to others slowly... Take everything they had even if it meant their miserable death.

Hitler took from the rich and redistributed to the poor, like Robin Hood. He stopped the banks from doing import exports, exploiting people from other countries at a lower pay like we do, and gave the jobs to his people... to the big distress of people wanting to get obscenely rich at the cost of people starving to death in the streets... He saw those greedy selfish people as criminals... and to be honest... so do I.
CEO didn't work for the profit themselves, they were supposed to orchestrate the workers and distribute the earning fairly. And easy job, while people sweat and bled to create actual prosperity. But the assholes kept the majority of the profits for themselves.

It still happens today, but we consider it good business and envy it, while being exploited... not knowing that it could be so much fairer for everyone that cooperated. Charities are a scam, the people in need see less than 2% of the donations, while the CEOs get filthy rich. Look it up. It's disgusting. They prey on your guilt and heart to sell you nothing but good conscience or some cheap trinket that you'd never want for a much higher price than its worth...

It's not a charity, it's a hypocritical business.

Same for charities to find cures. Health is a personal responsibility. People eating nothing but junk food will have a weak heart from lack of nutrients to maintain it. Donating to heart research will never prevent the laws of causalities from giving people the consequences of their wrong self care. But many companies will enable your lack of self respect and abuse, blaming your laziness for poisoning you with appetizing toxins... and they're right, you shun have run... away from THEM!

There are charities that will exploit your desire for someone to find a magical pill to undo years of abuse and self neglect instantly... and you give to abusive people fooling you and exploiting your fears... because you don't want to think about it, you want someone else to do it for you... but they just want your cash.

It's a scam and they should be sent to jail, not be acclaimed as saviors while they kill people faster with pills that CAUSES what they are supposed to threat!

Antidepressants cause depression, psychosis, death ideation (suicide, mass murders). Because insulin causes hypoglycemia and not everyone ends up a docile zombie, some freak out and try to eat your brains when their survival instincts kicks in.

Heart medication causes heart attacks.

Chemotherapy causes cancer.

The medical industry kills more people each year than the Nazis did in their entire existence. But they blame the victims. Imagine if the Jews sent their kids to the camps willingly and even paid for it... Being promised that it will make their child immune to all diseases... and instead the vaccine kills them... but they keep sending their kids thinking that it won't happen to their kids, and they don't care if another child dies if it can make them immune to death. It's happening right now in our capitalist society. We're retards. Vaccines aren't the vitamin C that the immune system NEEDS to WORK! It's THE diseases that people are desperate to avoid! If you think that the Nazis were bad, WAKE UP! You're putting your life in the hands of worse!

At least the Nazis were about an equal society, not greed. They were against anyone trying to exploit other people's lives. The Jews thought it was their god given right to exploit people who aren't Jews because they're god's chosen people. Now who's the racist! Who's actually trying to fight for equality! What if it was the Nazis...? What if the Jews look innocent because they were killing insidiously slowly?

I can agree that the level of gore was way too high... no one deserve that level of torture... and they murdered innocents as a preemptive strike... but the Jewish community wasn't as innocent as snow falling on a kitten either...

Don't act like a capitalist in a country where it's illegal! Of course it's not as atrocious as raping your own baby to death... but it's still a punishable crime in the eyes of the law... Saying that there's nothing wrong with it and you have a god given right because of your culture and religion... is how you create racism against you... by using your race and religion to justify crimes... you make your race and religion look like a crime...

And then the shit really hit the fan... way too hard... but if they refused to stop... feeling entitled to ruin others because it felt good to them... then they had to be stopped by force... for the well being of the community... and it worked. The country got better after the Jews couldn't influence it, under Hitler's dictatorship... So who's really bad, who's really god? Both are both... Hitler simply won the internal war, at least for a while.

I saw a meme saying that it's not racism if they are out to kill you. I wish I could give the credit for that inspiring quote.

I'm Canadian, and we're so pacifist that we don't even need the death penalty anymore. But I've seen horrible news about Muslims committing atrocities... against their own families and loved ones... simply because they adapted to their new country... wore different clothes... Wives and daughters were killed by their own father... hey hated them that much for being just a little bit closer to Canada's culture... If you hate our culture so much that you're willing to kill the people closest to you that you loved most... then you want to kill us all... If you think that your country and culture is so much better, then don't come here, or go back...

Muslims spread hate and death, that's the reputation that they earned... and then they wonder why people don't want them around...

They burry women alive for not wearing enough layers on their eyes... Because if a man wants sex it's the woman's fault, not the man's fault for raping her. Disgusting.

People died to protect their countries against invaders. To live their way. We welcome people as one... and they try to blow us up, massacre their own families and find it so unfair to be punished for it... When people wage war against us, it doesn't matter if they are invaders, guests or citizens... you protect your people.

If Muslims kill their own families, I guess they can't understand why we want to protect our loved ones by not letting them kill whoever they want. They call us racist for not allowing them to blow us up. For not welcoming their own racism and hatred.

It's not being intolerant to refuse to tolerate the intolerable.

Many people are innocent and we shouldn't generalize. But when you blindly follow the rituals and habits of a violently hateful culture... you have to expect that some people will have a hard time expecting better from you. It's hard to believe that someone who love knives don't love using them. But sometimes someone just enjoy cooking, not killing random people. And giving her hatred and violence will give her no other options but to retaliate violently... Causing a vicious cycle.

It's like black people... they were slaves, then freed but denied an education and good jobs, so they had no choice but to end up dumb and commit crimes to survive... which made the white people feel justified to scorn them even more... when not giving them a fair chance was the problem in the first place... then it ended up creating a Getho culture, where people found pride in their low ways instead to try to climb higher, out of the shit hole... and they spread the culture to rich white people with music celebrities, making the kids emulate the gangsta culture... making them fall... Oh the vengeful irony.

People are like scales on a snake eating its own tail.

We're all in this together, but we're too busy trying to drag each other down than help each other out... Apparently if you put crabs in a bucket, they can come out... but they grab each other trying to be the one escaping, making others fall, and no crabs ever get out...

I blame over population. When we had smaller communities it was easier to care for what was right in front of us... The human brain can only comprehend the existence of about 150 people... the rest look like soulless bag of money to grab... But our big society is made of many smaller communities... if we all took good care of our own monkey sphere... the world would end up better... But we shit were we eat... We cheat on our lovers... seduce our best friend's lover... beat our loved ones because we're hungry, tired, frustrated and they're there to make us feel powerful by making them feel helpless... People even rape their own babies to death...

Selfish self centered people who want everything and give nothing... Not wanting to do for others what they want others to do for them, not even wanting to do what they want for themselves!

Wanting slaves... denying poor people job opportunities to make them desperate enough to commit crimes, then sending them to jail to work as slaves for a few cents an hours... so the company can make billions of profits instead of millions... Money that they can't even use because it's more than they can imagine doing with... while others don't even have basic human rights for the smallest of offences...

But I'm totally for the death penalties of people raping their own babies to death... I'll never be able to get over that one...

Corporations are soulless machines that devour human lives, dignity and souls... We should have cooperatives where people get a fair share. If that's what Hitler wanted to stop and create... if he was ready to kill to end that cruelty... then I think that we are the true criminals.

Hitler has the same personality type as Jesus... and both saviors paid with their lives by asking us to stop hurting each other... before we end up in a well deserved hell. Lincoln was killed too. Hitler seems to be the opposite of freedom, but what if he wasn't? What if he tried to kill the problem once and for all? But you can't kill greed and selfishness, it's in everybody's hearts... But you can't end abuse by being nice either, that only makes it easier... enables it... rewards it...

Some people tried to build walls... but America belongs to the natives anyway... or isn't the Earth belonging to everyone? And it's everyone's duty to fight for their own survival.

We gathered in groups to defend each other... we ended up exploiting the groups for personal gains...

The world is backwards...

There are too many people... too many to see... too many to know... too many to care about... too many to give everything to everyone...

So we fight... the law of the jungle... but if it was a fair fight, the employees would storm a CEO's office, drag him out, hang him, and steal his money.

The laws were made to protect the innocent... but they make crimes easier when the victim is afraid to break the law to fight back and save themselves...

Maybe we need total anarchy... All the people who want to steal, rape and murder might end up the first to die.

I thought that cells were to lock up prisoners from escaping, but the jail is locked up. I wondered why they weren't left to fend for themselves... but the bars are actually to protect them from each other.

People get drunk, eat junk food with toxins instead of nutrients, smoke... and I kept thinking that they should be protected from having harmful choices pressured on them... but we can't protect them from themselves... if they choose to flee instead to think of solutions... if they choose immediate reward at the cost of long term well being... we should remove the warning labels and let the population cull itself out...

Life itself is precious, freedom is precious to all... But some people are more harmful than others... Do we mourn a virus after killing it? A dead parasite after removing it? No. We rejoice.

Not everyone deserve a second chance to hurt others again. Not all crimes are done by cruelty. Sometimes you just try to survive and stop an even bigger evil.

Some people can only make the world a better place by leaving it.

I mean the guy who raped his own baby to death, not the Jews. Except the ones that do that too.

Catholic pedophile priests... need a whole lot of forgiving... but don't deserve it. We want to think that things are what they seem... but the people that looks the kindest often do so to have authority to command you, and impunity after they hurt you, because no one want to believe that someone that looks so angelic can be so evil... and no one want to believe that someone doing evil is actually trying to save us.

The world is messed up and we do what we think is best to survive... and sometimes it needs to be the worst. Because some people enjoy doing it to us... but I guess it's a vicious cycle...

Steven Deuman - Father whose baby daughter died after he orally raped her - handed down two life sentences at dailymail.

He abused other children. If you think that he deserves a second chance to do that... after he did repeatedly with no remorse... if you think that we should love him and tolerate... then you're even crazier than the Nazis. He should be given the death penalty, shot in court without appeals, after being declared non-human and denied human rights. Giving a home and food to someone for live costs money, we should give it to the children instead. But I guess that private prisons are happy to make profits of a slave for life...

The human world is disgusting... I am ashamed of being human... I wish I was something more useful... like a tree making oxygen... worms aerating the earth... or a plague...

I modified a quote from the movie "Batman: The Dark Knight" when Lt. James Gordon says about Batman:"Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now".

Trump is the perfect president for a capitalist country. Because he's a businessman. He knows how to make American great again... according to capitalist standards... he's really good at that game.

I've seen videos of people crying like frustrated babies when he got elected. It was so shameful and pathetic.

You, the American people, voted for him. You got what you deserve... American created him. And you probably got what you need... I don't think that he'll do like Bush, bomb his own country and blame it on terrorists, to force citizens to agree to go to war so he can get rich... because Trump is already rich.

Trump will see corporations exploiting people as his competition, not as a source for bribery. He'll force greedy companies to stop sending jobs to slaves in other countries, and give them to Americans at a fairer wage. Like Hitler did, and it worked great for the people! Awful for the greedy rich who wanted their bank account total to be infinity, and have everything gold and diamond plated... But great for most people!

I wouldn't have voted for him, if everyone had voted for smaller third parties they could have been elected, but I'm glad that you chose him. I'm curious to see the hell that he'll unleash... for America's own good of course.

Whether or not he's deserved or needed... Either way you got what you wanted. I'm happy for you~~~

Lisa Of Shades
17 February 2017

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Death penalty

(Text is below)

Death penalty ~ prisons America slavery ~ feed poor children, orphans, home the homeless

Death penalty.

The USA has 25% of the world's prison population, but only 5% of the world's people. No other society in human history has imprisoned so many of its own citizens.

Why aren't we killing criminals to feed & house the poor children & homeless instead? Because using them as slaves make billions for big companies.

The country loses good job opportunities, making people desperate enough to commit small crimes to survive... and the vicious cycle continues.

Most did non-violent crimes. Many could be innocent.

Even Batman would rather invest in weapons to beat people up than help orphans have a better future.

'Murica! The land of the free to enslave... subtly.


After finding this horrific story, I searched about the death penalty.

Steven Deuman - Father whose baby daughter died after he orally raped her - handed down two life sentences at dailymail.

He raped his own baby, not an abandonned one in a dumpster while being drunk. He has a woman who was coming home soon, not some desperate guy... This was deliberate and premiditated... There's absolutely no excuse for this... but he tried to camouflage his crime... and watch her die on the floor without calling help. He's not even human, not even an animal... He's so awful that I'm kinda relieved that he killed his own spawn so he won't reproduce. I wish the silver lining was a knife slashing his throat.

Apparently the USA still has the death penalty. But he got two life sentences instead.
Which countries still have the death penalty, and who executes the most prisoners at independent.

So I searched to know why they're not killing monsters... and I found a monstruous secret hidden in plain sight.

The prison industry in the United States: big business or a new form of slavery? at globalresearch.

I had a hard time shortening the text for the poster... Here's some quotes:

"The United States holds 25% of the world’s prison population, but only 5% of the world’s people. No other society in human history has imprisoned so many of its own citizens."

"The private contracting of prisoners for work fosters incentives to lock people up.
Prison labor has its roots in slavery."

"After the 1861-1865 Civil War, a system of "hiring out prisoners" was introduced in order to continue the slavery tradition."

After the blacks were freed, they were imprisoned for the smallest pretexts to continue to exploit them. That explains why the police are still after them, yes they commit more crimes in gethos, but they have no other choice to survive after you isolated them in desperate conditions... away from better opportunities. It's a natural instinct to fight to the death when your life is threatened. Billionaires crushing people for more numbers in their bank account are the true criminals. Greed is even a sin. Survival is not.

Who hires and profits: "The cream of U.S. corporate society: IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Wireless, Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, 3Com, Intel, Northern Telecom, TWA, Nordstrom’s, Revlon, Macy’s, Pierre Cardin, Target Stores, and many more."

"All of these businesses are excited about the economic boom generation by prison labor. Just between 1980 and 1994, profits went up from $392 million to $1.31 billion. They get about $2 per hour, well under the minimum."

It's horrific! No one needs that much money in a life time. They steal people's lives, encourage desperate crimes, and injust imprisonment! I'm all for killing monsters, but a society that is build to make people fail, to have an excuse to enslave them, should recieve the death penalty too!

"And in privately-run prisons, they receive as little as 17 cents per hour for a maximum of six hours a day, the equivalent of $20 per month."

If they refuse to work they get locked up in isolation, which can seriously damage someone's mental health. 16% of inmates has mental health problems.

"Thanks to prison labor, the United States is once again an attractive location for investment in work that was designed for Third World labor markets."

Because now we can exploit our own citizens into conditions worse than 3rd world countries... and they're proud of that because they get rich.

"2/3 of the one million state prisoners have committed non-violent offenses"

Many could be innocent.

It's horrific. But the American mentality is obvious when you take a closer look at or glorified hero: Batman... Alfred told him about an orphanage that had to close down because he completely ignored it... He was having too much fun brooding and beating people up... and those criminals are probably the grown up orphans that he failed to save with kindness...
We don't love that hero to be saved, we envy how rich he is and want the power to beat up anybody we want! No one help each other because people only think of themselves.

Oh poor Batman who had to grew up rich without parents, with a butler who's basically a daddy who never says no. It must have been so horrible to see your parents bleed for a few minutes. Imagine how little kids must feel to bleed every night because daddy comes drunk to beat and rape them, and they don't get any other supper than the cock's filthy sperm because booze is expensive... You heartless spoiled rat!

It's a shame, I actually love Batman. I like Deathpool better. And Spiderman. And venom. Now that's some cool anger issues.

Batman could create so many job opportunities and social services that Gotham could become the best city in the world... but no... he just wants to hurt people and play with a clown. He knows that the Joker will escape and massacre people again... but let's respect life... By letting someone massacre countless people so we'll feel self righteous by not killing just one to stop it.

Jails are against human rights. It's a human right to live, to stay in one piece, and to be free. If we're free to choose our own religion (oh god people get executed for that in other countries!) we obviously should be completely free to not be forced in a cage to work against our will... (but I do envy the job security)

So if we're going to break a human right by locking rapist-murderers who do it for fun and not self defense... then we might as well break their human right to live, because they gave up living in a world that respects human rights when they broke someone else's.

I wouldn't kill a starving child for stealing an apple... I wouldn't even kill a man for killing so he can protect his life or a loved one... But I would kill people who don't respect other people's freedom and lives for their own pleasure. I wouldn't kill someone who come home and find their lover cheating, in a moment of temporary insanity from extreme shock, but I'd jail them for a while. (Both should agree on polygamy, deliberate betrayal of trust for personal gain while denying that right to others is unforgivable.) But if they hear about infidelity, have no proof, and pursue to kill with premeditation... or by jealousy... or because they don't accept that they broke up with them... I'd execute them.

The death penalty or jail shouldn't be an absolute, but based on aggravating circumstances.

People who steal would be better of to be forced to go to school to learn a trade, it would probably be less expensive... unless you use them as slaves and make countless profits out of them... then you want them to stay dumb and helpless with only crime as a solution...

Society is rotten. Just like medical "care". They intervene after it's too late.

Malnutrition from lack of nutrients, too high sugars, and chemicals... make people aggressive like the starving animals that they are. But companies make billions with synthetic junk food and drugs to hide the symptoms of the damage...

Humans have a predator: humans...

It's such a shame... that all the good qualities like valuing freedom is just a scam to hide crimes like slavery...

The minimum salary felt like slavery, people whipping themselves with caffeine and other stimulants to perform more than humanly possible while malnourished and exhausted... it's slavery... But now that I know that we have pure slavery, taking people's freedom completely away... hidden behind walls of institutions claiming to be there to help them become better people... while being even more rotten themselves by exploiting others on a bigger scale...

Those atrocities get explained by the monkey sphere theory. The human brain can only comprehend the full existence enough to care about 150 people... the rest look like bags of money.

What is the Monkeysphere? at cracked.

But if people took good are of themselves and the 150 closest people around them, it'd spread into a better world. But they manipulate, betray and exploit their closest loved one the most...

I have no faith in humanity...

Enjoy your freedom... even if all you get to choose is how you breathe and blink... I guess that's still something. We can escape in our minds... but I'd rather know the truth... even if it makes me completely mad.

I quiet enjoy that actually. I'm like venom, "I like being mad, it makes me happy". I thought that I was as bat shit crazy as can be... but the people who looks the most normal and kindest do such horrible things, so beyond comprehension, that people can't believe it, so they look away, letting them continue unpunished...

I wonder if the Muslims want to destroy America because of this hypocritical shit... I can't blame them. America enslaved 3rd world countries too... The whole world... even their own people... while claiming to value liberty for all... Who knows what else they did... They probably went to massacre Muslims to get rich with their country's oil, while claiming to be there to save them... Just look what we did to our own savior Jesus...

I felt really guilty to be on welfare since I got too sick to walk and breathe... after working 100h/week, barely eating and sleeping, doing web design for companies that refused to even pay me for my good work, constantly changing their mind and not wanting to pay for the time of my life that they wasted... I thought that at least I'm less expensive to feed and house than if I had murdered a whole bunch of people and needed a prison guard to watch me constantly...

At least I never hurt anyone... and now that I know what's going on with prisons... at least I'm not destroying freedom for profits... I'd rather be poor than have that much tears and blood on my hands. I wanted to be useful, all I got was to be used, exploited, ruined my health, almost died... for no reward other than constant pain. No more, even if I could. They expected me to destroy my body for their profits and didn't even give me the crumbs that they owed me, and I allowed it, but no more. If I can live my whole life as a hermit, watching the world and weeping for it... but not cause more damage by joining the backstabbing frenzy... and not get hurt anymore by inconsiderate selfish ungrateful people... It will be a good life.

I guess it means that I'm exploiting other people's good work... but those people refused to give me a chance... rejected me... and won't let me do what I can when I can, because it doesn't fit their regular time table... Wanting me to work until midnight then having to come in at 6 am, not enough time to eat and sleep... Such abuse... and then they wonder why people commit crimes... to get what they deserve, what they owe them, what they need to survive... They dangle a carrot to make us run and we get punished if we succeed to eat it... I even had employers harass me sexually while refusing to pay me, and laughing that I had nothing to eat... When he mocked me that I was too nice, I snapped and said "What did you expect me to say? That if you don't pay me, I'll be waiting for you in the parking lot with my knife collection and my retractable steel rod?" He paid me.

It's sad that we need death threats for people to honor an agreement; they will hurt as long as they don't feel the pain... Then we wonder why some people get depressed, companies exploit them with drugs while shunning less toxic street drugs like pot... Making them even crazier with devastating side effects, worse than the problem, then blaming them for it and giving them more drugs, or locking them up where they can become golden gooses... Claiming that it's for their own good while tying them up and electrocuting them, a torture that isn't even done to the worst criminals... Just because they felt depressed and confused... from too much abuse and not enough care for their basic needs... Because we're told that fancy shit is better than healthy food... Who cares if we look good to others if we feel like shit inside...

Take care of yourself... anyone claiming to be there to help just want to exploit you. They'll punish you for having emotions and needs. They'll bleed you dry if you let them.

Enjoy your life~ Fight for your freedom by not believing the people trying to deny your rights~ But your freedom ends where someone else's begins... Don't hurt others for your own pleasure, or the world will be better of without you. Don't give an excuse to the worst monsters to come and get you.

Lisa Of Shades
18 February 2017

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Bender vs. captcha

Your discrimination offends me. I will lie and KILL ALL HUMANS equally.

Bender futurama ~ captcha I'm not a robot ~ discrimination offend ~ kill all humans

That's Bender, the robot from Futurama. "Kill all humans" is one of his catch phrases, along with "Bite my shiny metal ass." I merged the idea with a misanthropic quote from a T-shirt that I saw "I don't discriminate, I hate everyone".

There is also the "Are you human" captcha. I always feel like a liar when I click yes, hahaha!

The captcha takes too long to activate after clicking and it bugged when I posted faster, I had to fill the whole form again!

At least it's better than the distorted numbers torture. Words make it easier because you can guess from the rest of the letters, but numbers makes me feel dyslexic as my brain tries to make sense of that random gibberish.

Please use the: Sweet Captcha - Free Human Friendly Captcha from sweetcaptcha.

I usually struggle to the point of feeling resentful against the mental torture and just want to quit the site. But that test is so cute and fun that I played with it on their site for a long time, hahaha! Try it. Your users deserve the best, if you want them to consider your site the best.

I'm not paid by them to say that I like it, I just do. They offer a free service. Please stop making the web a shitty place by choosing crappy torture features, when awesome toys exist instead.

And they don't discriminate against robots, they say "verify your real existence". So you get validated as a person even if you think that you're not good enough! I guess that spam bots exists too, so I guess it could say "Please show that you're more intelligent than a spam bot". Maybe it'd insult some people, but it's so easy to guess that I'm sure everyone who can read is able to solve the puzzle.

It'd be cooler if the two images combined. Like adding an extra flower, or seeing part of the shirt comes out of the bag. Instead it put a tiny image in a corner. So it's not giving a sense of accomplishment the way admiring a complete puzzle with all its pieces does... but it's still jolly good fun~ I never thought that I'd say that about a captcha.

I don't condone lying. Please don't. False information is the reason why people get cheated for the benefit of another, but it's not the kind of world that you'd enjoy living in. And bad science is the reason why we stagnate instead to move forward. Denial, money... It's cool when Bender does crimes, but it's because he's not doing them for real. Robot means slave, and it's fun to see him break free from his programming so much that he even transcends human morality. But we instinctively have that annoying inner voice for a good reason. And what's so fun with Bender is that he gets into so much trouble!!! But we don't. So don't lie unless you really have to.

About discrimination, it's natural to have preferences and dislike stuff. But don't go out of your way to destroy the fun for others, because someone could end up doing it to you, and your needs or tastes might change someday, needing another option that you thought was crap, but saved someone in a crappy situation.

So hating something is fine. Hating someone for loving what you hate is close minded, you might have other things in common. Everyone is free to live their lives as they need/want to, as long as they don't hurt anyone. So if you hurt them, that makes you the wrong one. As long as they don't hurt people like raping kids, they're not doing anything actually wrong. People have different values, just let those people enjoy them together and mind your own business, because they might end up being more powerful and impose you their stuff as the only choice, and that's not a risk worth taking for an ego boost and power trip by being a control freak.

True confident people aren't like this, don't be one of those, lead the way with a good example in your actions and people will find your path. If they can't... if it's not who they are... it'd be cruel to hate them for that. Don't attack people for things they're just born with, like a degree of tan (Africans) or being gay (hormones control brain development and isn't always in sync with the genitals), or glasses, or being small... If that's what you need to feel strong and good... you're really lame and need to find something you're good at and a more constructive way to vent frustrations than spreading shit all around you, then complain that the world is shit... Pathetic. Don't do the stuff that you don't want, it's that simple to change your world, and that changes the world better than hurting others until they're a mirror of you.

Stop hurting me with bad captcha.

Enjoy sweet catcha~
Lisa Of Shades
23 May 2017

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