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Al Gore Chainsaw Heart Heart Heart
Dr House Sarcasm Heart
Approved by the devil
Face book (3 versions)
Be yourself
Bloody cooking tools Heart
Arm yourself instead to self harm
Darth Vader self harm Heart Heart Heart
Scarification tattoos vs. self harm
Failure self harm
Hello Kitty shotgun

Al Gore Chainsaw

Gore: Sometimes it’s good for the environment "Stop CO2 or else!"

Al Gore Chainsaw

I always found Al Gore's name conflicting with being an environmentalist. Now it finally makes sense! Kill the problem: US! (I mean all of us humans, but starting with the USA would be a good start.) I'm really fond of it. I can use out of frame effects since I'm not using a generator.

I took this pleasantly satisfied picture of Al Gore at terrefuture. It's in French but they're basically outraged at how he invested in the companies that will basically save the world to make money. Well, it proves that he believed in them. And why shouldn't he make tons of cash if he stops us from suffocating, drowning in some places and starving to death on dry arid earth in other areas, and being basically set in fire with dinosaur farts... Give him the cash.

This super wonderful chainsaw was taken from canitbesaturdaynow. Thank you.

Blood splatters from layoutsparks and putaforkinit. Speech balloonfrom wikipedia.

I like the out of frame effect. The blue color was taken from a real sky. I wanted a poetic effect for the font, to add even more of an "in your face" contrast.

I can't get enough of his satisfied smirk. I love you man! Too bad bush rigged the election or/and that red necks are a majority. Probably both.

I was tempted to say "Stop breathing or else" to make it sound more morbid, but I love his message and I was afraid to taint it. Stopping poisons isn't as impossible and damaging as stopping to breathe, good riddance if a destructive industry dies, what they bring should be better than what they make us lose. Al Gore cares for all living things, like a father doesn’t want his immature unaware kids to play with matches and set themselves and the house on fire. I wanted the maniac vibe to be the right kind~ Like Dexter :D

Somehow I wish my posters were the standard 640px wide size so they can be spread around, but my site is 500px to make it easier to read... and that picture is as big as it gets, so why waste people's precious time adding loading time just to see more black on the sides... and sometimes they are too tall and you need to scroll up and down to see the whole thing... So it's smaller. My stuff is still awesome.

Lisa Of Shades
25 November 2013
Added a joke: 15 June 2014

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Dr House sarcasm

Sarcasm : Helps resist the urge to kill stupid people

Dr House Sarcasm

Edited the previous "Sarcasm: The next best thing instead of killing stupid people." It’s easier to read and sounds more evil and therapeutic. Yes, sarcasms are helpful. They help keep me sane. The alternative might be crazier~

I chose this font because it has a nice madness after taste. I put the extra darker to make the word stand out more. It was either that or calligraphy pr really strong capital letters a bit shattered. The color is his eye color with more saturation.

I chose the picture from fond-ecran. (Background in French.) If you want to see how someone without much skill cut an image... check out the original weird neck, it looks as if someone took bites out of his neck... creepy. Funny though. It clearly states that it's free so maybe I don't have to worry about the copyright, but many sites write that and then ask you for money... so... let's say that I own it for modifying it. I like how he seems to sneak out of the darkest pit of hell to get you. Ah~ evil predatory stare~ <3

As cool as the full dark was, it seem plain... But I found those characters looking for my font. Nice fluffy poesy, to add contrast to his glare. You're not quiet sure if he's going to cure or kill you. Well, with what I know about pill and vaccines side effects, I bet on the killing.

I wanted to write "after killing" but using the word "instead" implies that you really want to... but can't.

"When you can't kill them make fun of them." Bullies are trying to kill you~ But maybe a fight to the death would be better. Perhaps those nerds watching star wars, after all the fight scenes they saw, would actually be able to beat up jocks more easily. A metal bar, since light sabers aren't invented yet, can make up for lack of upper body strength (unless you can't even lift it like Steve from American Dad).

That might help the natural selection if nerds win, since stupid people tend to multiply faster... when you can't think... fuck... when you can't fuck... think.

Ah~ Nature balance itself out~

I could have written: "Doctors. They hate you" they don’t care if you die, don’t expect them to heal you when you won’t even take care of yourself.

Or: "Doctors, when you suffer, they think you lie." That would explain why they send really sick people in psychiatry; and shove antidepressants down the throat of even the people who have proven to be physically ill... assholes.

“Drugs: If you’re too stone to complain, you’re as good as cured! Or are you...”

Antidepressants cause depression and worst. Chemotherapy causes cancer. Who the fuck thinks this was a good idea? Big Pharma's billions, that's who! Ah~ desperate people, you'd even throw money at a psychopath if he promised that his dick will cure you. And you'd swallow happily. While he cut your face. Dumb asses.

Abandon all hopes!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Lisa Of Shades
25 November 2013

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Approved by the devil

Choices: Silly emo you thought you didn't have any (from motivateusnot)
666 up. Approved by the devil. (Coincidences can be freaky)

Choices - Silly emo, you thought you didn't have any - Approved by the devil - 666

This is a pure coincidence... I Photoshoped it to save space but it was really like this. Maybe it means that the devil wants people who are stupid enough to do this to do this.

Ah~ free will. It helps with overpopulation. Natural selection takes care of itself. If you won't fight for your own life... then I guess you still have options.

Actually I list many of them in my suicide tutorial.

Lisa Of Shades
25 November 2013

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Face book (3 versions)

Facebook: For psychopaths

Facebook: For psychopaths (Face book)

Now available for women or gay men:

Facebook: For psychopaths (Face book)


Facebook: For psychopaths (Face book)

(Hit space to skip faster...)

Facebook sure makes it easier for psychopaths to stalk you. And angry ex lovers... and your boss. Be careful with your name and pictures, unlike the memories, they're there to stay.

I wanted to write: "Facebook: Now available for psychopaths" but it was too long.

"Facebook: was invented before the internet by psychopaths"

I wanted to add blood, but the cleanliness kinda looks creepy since he had to really clean them lovingly. I'm too hungry and tired...

They're silicon masks... The guy is from wantchinatimes and the woman is from etsy.

I wish the woman was more realistic but I like the flattened and ripped apart effect.

I wish I had more space to do parents faces too... it would be therapeutic for many.

Did it after all~ The masks were on doll stands, so I didn't have the cut edges and crushed faces effect, so I added blood for gruesomeness.

Mommy and daddy: The Demon from realfleshmask and HAGGIS the OLD WOMAN from thehorrordome. Blood splatter from sagacious.deviantart.

There are real bad ass 500$ and more ones at thehorrordome.

The cool book: darkfame.

The gold glitter effect was cut out of this photo, being lazy with photoshop can be even cooler: 123rf.

Identity theft made easy with a mask of your own face!

Plucky Japanese start-up Real-f creates ultra-realistic mask of your face. Except they're $3,920... Western people make it easier with only 300$!: Realistic mask with your face at toxel.

This baby mask will traumatize me for the rest of my life, especially if I make a joke with it: Realistic Baby Head Masks. Especially the one with scissors... It’s not the size that counts, but it sure can make a difference, especially with scissors.

scares the hell out of me. After seeing this picture, I wish I could abort my own uterus... Poop and cry machines: the best reason to wear a condom.

"The man in the latex mask: BLACK serial armed robber disguised himself as a WHITE man to rob betting shops" dailymail. Clever! He helped the statistics to fight the belief that criminals are mostly blacks... (What choice do they have with all the discrimination and rejection; it's a vicious cycle...) But maybe all white criminals are actually black people in disguise! Either way, blacks are apparently very clever~ When they want to. I don't think reciting a poem counts as signing, but hey, to each their own. I prefer Asians. Too bad I'm just white, but the glass is equally half full...

White bank robber Conrad Zdzierak nabbed wearing black man mask at whatsonxiamen. Racist! That's just wrong... Or maybe it evens the score in the end. Maybe all black robbers are white people then. I think we can agree that all races are just fucked up. Except maybe Japanese. If I could destroy the whole human race, I actually would think about it thanks to them.

Young Chinese man deceives airport officials with old white man mask at deceptology. Hell yes, come in Canada!!! China doesn't seem very good with human rights...

Facebook and psychopaths

Not on Facebook? you may be a psychopath
at thednetworks: "Facebook is at such a center of people’s life that psychologists now believe the ones who aren’t on Social networks could be insane to survive without it."

Cool I'm a psychopath! I think it was really obvious from the art I just made...

Actually I own an account, but I gave it up. It takes me less time to upload 10 pictures here than one at facebook... People that I met in real life didn't want to do activities; they only wanted me to comment there... But I can't because the damn site bugs for me! My computer is probably trying to protect me from mass hysterias...

I have more than 10 000 photos... I am NOT waiting 10 minutes for this lagging site for EACH ones! Madness... There's so much publicity that it makes my Firefox freeze.

I hear someone say “People have thousands of friends on facebook, but not one there for you when you need to move or something. Social Medias just isolate us alone with the machines. I prefer to use them to do medical research, watch animes, or amuse myself here. Way more interesting.

I saw someone write in his blog "I'm writing this for my own amusement" way to go, realistic expectations and enjoying yourself. No one can ruin that. Well, less chances.

Mine isn't a blog, you can't reply. It's a web site.

Hey even antisocial people like to play and express themselves~ At least while I'm doing this I'm not ripping people's faces and putting them in a book. HA!

Identifying Psychopaths Via Facebook Psychopathic Clues at islandcrisis: "A psychopath is a person with a mental disorder which makes them detached from normal emotions."

Nope, I feel a lot, that's why I want to kill stupid people, THEY drive me insane. I'm super nice when people are decent. "They are likely loners and recluses, though not all people who like to be alone have something wrong mentally." Well, there's nothing left of my sanity. I like myself so much better this way. Try to mess with me now! There's no way someone can stay sane with what people did and said to me, but I think I'm doing very good in the circumstances.

"A psychopath feels no remorse or guilt" I want to kill pedophiles, would you really feel guilty to make the world a safer place? He might be a daddy? One more reason to kill him.

"This is what makes psychopaths so dangerous. When they are killers, it’s not because they enjoy the deed, or have some sick fascination with the crime, it is because they see the death of their victim as a means to an end—some purpose is being served."

Oh I'm pretty sure they enjoy it too. If you have to do something, you might as well enjoy it. Sometimes it's the best choice to survive... people don't give you much of a choice... I lived several experiences where murder would have been legal.

"The science is so consistent, that experts believe they will be able to analyze people’s Facebook posts and identify psychopathic clues." It's always the quiet ones.

They think people kill because they're mentally ill... I think something very bad might have happened to them, and killing was the sanest therapy. But killing proxy for someone else, like your mom, is kinda lame... I hate rapists, silencing the victim... urg... They just rely on their primal instinct above the rational and emotional one.

We're all psychopaths. We can all have our emotions shut down from trauma. It's the freeze reaction, there's more than just fight or flight in dangerous situations.

Some people are just assholes. Whether they kill or not. Psychopaths can be nice, I hope there's some Dexter people out there. But just look at American dad and South Park, how popular it's gruesomeness is... We're all psychopaths. We eat meat. We're all predators. Vegetarians are just in denial. Their build up craving for blood can make them dangerous. Hither was a vegetarian.

"Psychopaths interviewed used a lot of what experts called “cause and effect” language—words like “in order to” and “because of” and “so that”. They all viewed their crimes as a response to a basic need."

But it sounds very sane. I literally worship the laws of causalities, then oh yeah I'm a totally mad person... I can even calculate probable futures, which is a symptom of schizophrenia… except that I’m rarely wrong… It’s called being intelligent and careful… I think that people doing anything anyhow, oblivious to the consequences... are the ones that are really empty inside.

"All of the crimes committed were linked back to a basic need such as food, money, or drink."

So... sane people starve in the streets all docile when society refuses to give them a chance and let them rot to death... Oh yeah I choose madness. You sick fucks…

"Other murders interviewed, even if suffering from another form of mental illness, had crimes related to family, honor, friends, or “higher” desires."

So drowning your kid because she won't wear a scarf on her head is saner than killing someone to avoid starving... What can possibly be "higher" than basic survival!!!

I want to kill so bad right now!

"The detachment to their crimes was also apparent in the common use of past-tense words. Psychopaths had already dismissed their crimes, unlike other murderers who either suffered with guilt of relived their continual pleasure through remembrance."

Duh~ The crime wasn't done today... So moving on is madness now? People masturbating everyday remembering their crime are saner??? Seriously???

"Experts documented that psychopath frequently used words like “um” and “uh” ..."

That's because you ask stupid questions that are completely illogical!!!

Here's a trick: Everyone is crazy, everyone is out to get you for a reason or another. At least with psychopaths, as long as you get the hell out of their way for basic survival needs, you'll be okay.

Don't try to steal my cheese or bang on my aquarium glass!

Sociopathic Tendencies and the Sociopath – Are You?
at islandcrisis.

Their list sound like any kids or any businessman.

"8. A sociopath does not talk much and even if he talks much he is lying most of the time to divert your attention."

Oh god I'm not one then! I can't shut up, and the truth is much more amusing... I can't stand fake data. They screw up the whole calculations and plans... I have to make life choices based on those! My memory is limited, I wouldn't be able to anyway. I can if I'm in danger though. It’s often best if someone just wants to discriminate you, or the ones that won't rest until you agree with his reality while mocking yours... Don't waste energy with people who have their heads up their asses... Sometimes playing along with stupid people saves precious energy... But most of the time, I can’t help but rub facts all over their faces… Pop that pink bubble, pop that bitch I say!

"There is another higher level of sociopath where the person feels like he is always superior."

I would LOVE to meet someone with a superior IQ... I would really REALLY... I need that.

"Winning is the most important factor for him."
Rejoice losers, at least you're not a psychopath! You're just losers.

"So are you a sociopath? No worry as it's nothing wrong. Its just natural. Sociopaths do not become such due to society. Real sociopaths are born with these tendencies."

I was born like this, but society is giving me a reason to use it.

The reply by Richard was so awesome! He wrote that it makes all those people psychopaths according to the description: actors, people with ADD or ADHD and geniuses. (Well Einstein did make the atomic bomb, but knowing how much he had to deal with stupidity, with such a big gap between normal people and him... can you really blame him? You can't even handle one little kiddy with a lower IQ. You have to drug the shit out of kids into zombie statues... Normal people are fucked up! With all the torture that you do, don't ask why we want to punch you in the face!)

"It takes years to learn how to be able to CORRECTLY diagnose a Sociopath."

Yeah but if it's based on that stupid list anyway, any jerk off can put a discriminating label on a sane person too.

Even psychiatrists haven't got a clue, it's all speculations anyway. You can't even test for nutritional deficiencies efficiently because the blood isn't everything and you can't test every cells... so that's just a judgement... Someone can treat you like crap and be very nice to another. If someone makes you cry instead of laugh, it doesn't matter the title, if they're there to help you... just walk away. That's why serial killers can have lovers too. I wouldn't want a wuss aslover who won't try to kill someone who's trying to kill me.

I think people who spend more time on facebook than with actual people are even crazier than I am. At least I'm aware that I'm just talking to myself. HA!

Well, from my opinion, it's simpler to say:

Misanthropes: hate people
Sociopaths: hurt people
Psychopaths: kill people

I'm a misanthrope.

Actually I'm an Empath (My page in my coping section). I can feel other people's emotions and I can't turn it off. We all have mirror cells that copy the emotional clues that we see. Psychopaths are believed to have less, then maybe I have more. It's awful. Anger helps me stay sane. Since thoughts are emotions translated into words, even if my translations are different, I can basically read your mind... that's despicable most of the time. We try to hide it, but what if someone could see trough bullshit, lies, hypocrisies and manipulations... believe me it’s so sickening that I understand murderers. People hate it when they can be seen raw… I try to act all cheerful… but really… People are boring to death; scary as hell… they stink with chemical toxic perfumes. They’re an insult to all my senses. I probably am one to yours, but you have no idea… You only have me to bear and by annoyed by… I have to endure all of you!!!

I'd prefer to have friends who will spend time with me rather than be on facebook. I made a friend who sneaked out while I was cooking us dinner to go on facebook even though I said no and to help me... When I asked why he said "I feel cut from people and the world" and I replied "Then what am I, a piece of crap!?" I kicked him out soon after that. "Return in your little world." Unreal bullshit...The people I met in real life first only wanted to have contact with me there! And I'M the one who's antisocial? Then hell yeah!

Being normal doesn't make you sane when the majority are shit heads.

Facebook are for people who don't have the talent to make their own web site.

It's a huge publicity board. Nothing else.
The photo album and friends are just the worms on the hook. You have more chances to lose friends than make any real ones.

Facebook: Because the government wants to know what you are doing, all the time, with whom, and how you feel about it... but human rights forbid them to drill a computer chip in your brain. It revealed that it caused brain cancer in monkeys.

I wouldn't even be surprised. I read worst real facts.


I found a wonderful article: The REAL Reason to Quit Facebook (and 10 what-ifs). It explains all the even greater things that you could be doing with your time. Like living your life for real and connecting to real people deeply and meaningfully. But Matthew Warner says it with a gentle and deep poetry.

Thank you Facebook for bugging my account or making the site incompatible with my older computer, you made it impossible for me to post anymore. (I'm not upgrading my whole computer just for one site that overdosed on publicity, stuffing pages against any web design common sense!!!) You really saved me from a lot of crap. Now I do medical research and my own web site. It takes me less time to post 100 pictures here than just one in Facebook. I couldn't be happier!

I do use Facebook to see when my geek meetings happen. But if you check your status every 3 minutes all day long... I pity you more than I feel sorry for my invalid lonely life. I'm more alive than you are.


Lisa Of Shades
26 November 2013
Added 2nd version 29 November 2013
Added more 10 Avril 2014

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Be yourself

A piece of shit

Because you’ll never be any better and your “best try” isn’t fooling anyone.
You'll never be good enough

Be yourself ~ A piece of shit ~ You'll never be good enough

I laughed like hell even though it's really depressing.

This is so freaking overboard harsh that it makes everyone who ever told it to me sounds ridiculous!

But it’s still true. We are what we are. If people can’t appreciate us now, they won’t later. Because no matter what we do, if they don’t feel good in their own skin, only them can do something about it.

If they can’t appreciate the now and live in idealistic utopian fantasies, only a good slap on the face might wake them up to reality. Or a good punch. If that doesn’t work, it’s futile to try to please them.

They should either leave you or make do of what they have. Even the worse people just won’t stop being the lowest trash. So slap yourself and run for your life.

You'll never be good enough anyway.
(Maybe I should have added the word anyway, but it sounds crueler like this.)

If you become a doctor they'll complain that your tie isn't perfectly symmetrical. What they want is to complain to make you feel low, empower themselves and distract you from the fact that they're shittier than you'll ever be.

People who aren't constructive are destructive. Period.
Petty asses. They’re the #1 cause of lack of self esteem; they're the CAUSE of your shittiness.

Maybe it’s a good motivator too since allowing people to be their shitty self isn’t asking them to kill themselves. But maybe the picture would look better with splashes of blood.


Lisa Of Shades
9 April 2014
Added more text: 10 April 2014

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Bloody cooking tools

Cooking tools
Women can defend themselves against spousal abuse!
Start cooking! It’s a good excuse to arm yourself.
Say *Splat clang wham* to domestic violence.

Bloody butcher knife, cast iron frying pan, marble rolling pin

Tools: Butcher knife, Cast iron frying pan (icollector), Marble rolling pin (amazon). I added the blood.

That knife is wonderful to cut carrots. I usually use a small steak knife though. I have a similar pan, it's very heavy. I was desperate to find it hoping to get some extra iron for my blood instead of aluminum for the cancer that I don't want to have. I found it at Walmart. I don't want to encourage eating grains (they're cardboard) but if you're going to eat pastry, make them yourself with real and fresh ingredients. They all make very nice weapons~

Use the pan to hit his knee, slightly would hurt, or as hard as you can. He won’t be able to run after you. Or the pointy bone on the side the ankles… It’s surprisingly sensitive. Or bash his skull if you want him dead, probably best only if he hurt you first to be able to plea self defense. Unless you know how to get rid of a body. In the movie Fried green potatoes they put it in the sauce of the village’s annual barbecue. The inspector found it delicious~ HA!

5 scary fairy tales to never tell your children at weirdlittleworlds. I find very nice stuff doing searches. Tell the stories to your kids, it's best to give them nightmares than have them learn the herd way... such as not to play "slaughter the pig's throat" on their little brother.

Nice blood splatter backgrounds at abackgrounds. I didn't use those but I enjoyed them. Especially the flame looking one by Azyattic.

I chose the sounds from Written Sound from the Onomatopoeia Dictionary. One for each weapon. They're probably the wrong ones, but they're all hitting sounds so you get the point anyway. It's ironic to put violent sound instead of "say no to violence". Hey I'm all for peace, but if someone start hitting you, hit them right back and make sure to win, or at last make their victory hurt, or suffer trying, at least you'll save some dignity.

Domestic violence can be done on men too, I don't want to be sexist here, just embrace the sadly true stereotype.

I really wonder why women allow themselves to be beaten up with such weapons at their disposal. It used to be worse in the previous generation but they had all those weapons back then. I guess the guy had an axe too... Hey may the craziest person win! And by craziest I mean the one with the biggest survival instinct to overcome the political correctness.

Don't be bean out of love, unless you're a masochist. If not, then you're just stupid.

I did leave my fiancé and I don't have a lover since 1998, I'll die alone and free. Because if that's my pattern, if that's what I deserve, then I'd rather face hardship alone than have "love" be a hardship. Gains should improve not worsen life... There IS a positive and negative side to everything... but being a maid, whore, punching bag, mother, nurse for some jerk who gives nothing in return than destroy my self esteem, bones and face... HELL NO!

I read that some women have the choice between being beaten or homeless.

No~ Just gather a bunch of women and stuff a small apartment with bunk beds, find yourself a modest job or welfare to pay your share of the rest and food. At least you're warm in winter and don't have to stop washing yourself hoping that it will discourage men to rape you in your sleep.

Well, if you'd rather open your legs and be beaten than move to a smaller apartment and win your own life, it’s your choice... but don't blame the kids saying that you endure it for them, you make THEM endure insecurities and fear! Your cowardly sacrifice, you're doing it for yourself. So enjoy being beaten if it's a lesser of two evil for you. Or hit him hard until his primal brain learns that hitting you means DANGER! Punch his cock.

Fast facts on domestic violence at clarkprosecutor.

"Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States, more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined."

Tch... if that's love, loneliness is bliss! Wake up women, revolt! You owe men nothing but they owe us LIFE! And thy better be nice if they want to plow our garden!

We can clone people from our cells, we can work, we don't need men anymore. Heck, just turn lesbian if you have to (it's not a choice but you can be curious). If you want affection... get yourself some pet and stuffed animal.

"There are 1,500 shelters for battered women in the United States. There are 3,800 animal shelters."

That's a lot. But it's disturbing that there's more for bitches. Just one more proof of how "high" women are in society's eyes. A black guy got president of the united state before a woman... In such a enslaving racist country, it's really insulting to women. Great for Africans though... They so earn it. But hell, women too just for giving birth!

"Three to four million women in the United States are beaten in their homes each year by their husbands, ex-husbands, or male lovers."

Why don't you unite and all avenge each other, ganging 3-4 million women on one sorry jerk at a time. Beating up 3-4 million guys sure would boost your self esteem. Instant therapy. They can't send you all in jail... men sure don't! Stop waiting for his paycheck like a dog at the door, it's pay back time!!!

One woman is beaten by her husband or partner every 15 seconds in the United States.

Tie the jerk on a bed after getting him drunk and beat him 15 seconds for days~ Let him piss and shit himself. tell the judge that it was BDSM to improve your sex life and that you're sorry that he didn't appreciate your "gift", you thought he'd like that since he does it to you so often.


"One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime."

I did. I guess I'm vaccinated now. Too bad it can happen more than once... Oh well, all vaccines are useless anyway.

"85% of domestic violence victims are women." 15% males. I hope they deserved it, but probably not. We need to improve the odds people, Raise it to 50%! Beat a guy today~

"Police report that between 40% and 60% of the calls they receive, especially on the night shift, are domestic violence disputes."

And that's the ones that they bother to take seriously... what's not reported by them or at all is more gruesome. They never do anything, so what's the point. Avenge yourself! Justice was made by men to protect men! Hell, if they didn't care about their women being fucked by another guy, rape would probably be legal. Oh hell, I think it is in some places...

"Police are more likely to respond within 5 minutes if an offender is a stranger than if an offender is known to a female victim."

Fucking jerks!!! Yeah it's always someone you know because he has opportunity. I guess if you let your husband beat you to a pulp over and over without trying to leave, running away mindlessly in the sunset with only the clothes you're wearing at worst... well, it becomes a choice... and no one can save you from your own stupidity.

"Battering occurs among people of all races, ages, socio-economic classes, religious affiliations, occupations, and educational backgrounds."

Yup, everyone is an asshole. That's why I'm a full misanthrope instead of a racist.

"A battering incident is rarely an isolated event.

Battering tends to increase and become more violent over time.

Many batterers learned violent behavior growing up in an abusive family."

We end up thinking it's the way it should be. I got rid of my whole family to be able to learn new ways, free from their venom disguised as care and love... Tch! They're bad in their skin and have nothing better to share... I'm doing my best to spread better around me, and I vent with text on no one in particular, because I don't want to live in the middle of misery and crap... and when I get angry being mean isn't enough, I want to kill and eat people... But I don't want that, people are full of shit! And freedom is the most precious thing I know. Freedom, truth and health.

"25% - 45% of all women who are battered are battered during pregnancy."

Just get an abortion... you sick fuck; keep it in your pants!

"Domestic violence does not end immediately with separation. Over 70% of the women injured in domestic violence cases are injured after separation."

Hell, separate anyway! Make it harder!!! And arm yourself, defend yourself, open the bastard's skull!!! Tell the judge that you wanted to be in the statistics that weren't injured or dead!

"1 in 12 women and 1 in 45 men have been stalked in their lifetime."

Clearly social medias weren't taken in consideration in those statistics, or it'd probably be 1 in 1. Ugly losers stalk ugly losers too. To each their own.

"One in 6 women and 1 in 33 men have experienced an attempted or completed rape."

I have, thankfully it was incomplete. A tree saved me. I threw myself on the floor, sitting on my ass, and clang to it with my arms and legs. Use your environment to save your life... or to kill with it. A pen in the eye can be very effective. Avoid becoming drunk or stone... they claim it's cool... but that's because it makes you easier to rape. Duh! Be cool and fun for yourself; avoid being raped! It can be as simple as: Hug a tree.

"Nearly 7.8 million women have been raped by an intimate partner at some point in their lives."

Yup, but becoming a couple still makes you a person. You're not a thing to be owned and used. Saying yes to share a path doesn't mean yes to do anything, anyhow, any time... being loyal is one thing, being a mindless toilet is another. If you're with someone who doesn't know, teach them... if you're with someone who doesn't agree, ditch them.

"Witnessing violence between one’s parents or caretakers is the strongest risk factor of transmitting violent behavior from one generation to the next."

Kids learn by watching you. But you can break free and discover new ways. People are usually too stupid though. Making new brain connections, lost in the unknown, is scary and painful... but so worth it! That's how we moved on from living in caves... well, not the guy who dragged me by the hairs hoping to fuck me though. I got pissed, told him to let go of me, and was about to gram his arm and kick him in the face. Be original, don't get abused politely.

Return what is given to you, no matter if it makes you grateful or vengeful.

"Boys who witness domestic violence are twice as likely to abuse their own partners and children when they become adults."

They think they are entitled to force women to do whatever their want with violence and that women deserve it. We're not your moms, you little pieces of failed abortions!

"Children who witness violence at home display emotional and behavioral disturbances as diverse as withdrawal, low self-esteem, nightmares, self-blame and aggression against peers, family members and property."

I don't have low self esteem. It's YOU that I don't trust!!!

"30% to 60% of perpetrators of intimate partner violence also abuse children in the household."

So staying for the sake of the children, to let them see their beloved father, is a pathetic excuse to face reality and dare to change. Do it for the children: LEAVE!

"The cost of intimate partner violence exceeds $5.8 billion each year, $4.1 billion of which is for direct medical and mental health services."

"Victims of intimate partner violence lost almost 8 million days of paid work because of the violence perpetrated against them by current or former husbands, boyfriends and dates. This loss is the equivalent of more than 32,000 full-time jobs and almost 5.6 million days of household productivity as a result of violence."

"There are 16,800 homicides and $2.2 million (medically treated) injuries due to intimate partner violence annually, which costs $37 billion."

Knife: 5$
Frying pan: 10$
Rolling pin: 17$
Kick in the nuts: priceless
Punch in the throat: free

Oh a lover will help me pay the bills to have a better quality of life. HA! Walt Disney LIED TO YOU!!!

"One in ten calls made to alert police of domestic violence is placed by a child in the home. One of every three abused children becomes an adult abuser or victim."

When you can't beat them join them? Nah, when you can't stop them to beat you, beat the hell out of them! THEM! Not your lover and kids later. Dig out your dead beat dad and beat his skull to dust if you have to!!!

Instant therapy.

"The average prison sentence of men who kill their women partners is 2 to 6 years. Women who kill their partners are, on average, sentenced to 15 years."

That's seriously fucking sick!!! FUCK YOU SOCIETY!!! FUCK YOU!!! I'm staying single and I'll kill if I have to!!!

Women, riot to have their dick cut off if they send a woman to an hospital without it being self defense. It will probably be as much beating, but less rapes. And it will be damn hilarious.

"People with lower annual income (below $25K) are at a 3-times higher risk of intimate partner violence than people with higher annual income (over $50K)."

Whoa, I make way less than that. Better stay single. Frustrated at work? Make sure your home life become hell too! Tch! Retards.

"Residents in suburban and rural areas experience about 20% less nonfatal intimate partner violence than those in urban areas."

Overpopulation make people crowded, frustrated to have to compete for work and everything... Solution? Less babies. Stop fucking. Stay single. Don't get beaten. Win-win!

Move to the city for the convenience and hype, get beaten 20% more... I miss living in the country... There were cows and horse near where I last lived... easier to find a place to burry a body.

Don't scream for help. You're all the help you need.

Learn to scream with threatening anger, free the bitch in you. Hurt sensitive places, like the eyes, throat, groin... Practice on your children. (Don't! It's funny because it's horrifying.)

Read on self defense at the hubbardtwppd cop site; my favorite is the Throat Strike.

I was thinking... maybe there's 2 sides of the story. I can think of many "good" reasons to beat up a girl. Especially if she text while eating or having sex!

A guy tried to withdrew cash from his account but it was completely empty, then he beat his girlfriend. I have absolutely no pity for her. But for him either since he allowed her. Bitch, go earn a living, at least once in your stupid life, to learn the value of money! Leave the guy and pay for your own shit! Getting a sugar daddy encourage pedophilia. If you get a sex "lover" just to have him pay for your life expenses, you're not a fucking princess with a vassal at your feet, you're a trash WHORE!

I don’t care when spineless carpets get walked on. I don’t care when garbage get burned. I don’t care when insects get crushed. Unless they’re spiders. And butterflies. And bumblebees. But they can… fly away~~~ (Even spiders, they knit little parachutes and fly into a new home. Freaking adorable!)

When you choose to get out of a bad situation, with will and conviction, you'll find a way and you'll do what it takes. Don't underestimate the power of a hysterical bitch. Life isn't worth living in fear and bruises... defend yourself without giving a damn about surviving; only obliterating your enemy. You'll have the most terrifying eyes, the eyes of Death itself.

If you find being beaten to a pulp cozy and convenient, then shut the fuck up and smile. Your wish is granted, and you agree to pay the price.

Getting out may be hard, but easier than you think. Facing the sad reality and choosing to move on is the hardest part. There's no way that loneliness and povrety can be worse. When it's an improvement to having a lover... it's not only over, it never was.

Choose better, give yourself better, instead to waste it on others then get pain as a reward.

Or use your freedom to choose suffering.

Either way, enjoy~
Lisa Of Shades
11 June 2014

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Arm yourself instead to self harm

Stupid people love them. So they can make mindless people do dumb things. PROTECT YOURSELF!!! Clearly, no one else will. Or maybe it’s “Ham yourself”. That would explain America’s obsession with bacon.

Arm yourself instead to self harm

I got the idea from a sticker at weaponstickers.

I was too repulsed by self harm images that I found at pigsarms and sessionaltherapist. But they don't deserve to be displayed in my jokes. You can go look how stupid it really is. Oh so someone hurt you... and your solution is to hurt yourself even more than they ever did? Stupid shit head! I guess that's all you deserve after all. If you don't respect yourself and protect yourself, no one will volunteer for the job! It's YOUR life!

Shit happens. The least you can do is NOTHING, don't make it worse!!! Don't relive the pain over and over and over... Yes someone disrespected your body and free will (some people who got raped do it...) at least don't use your free will to massacre your body even more! Geez!

And yes I know pain... But even more pain won't make it go away. Someone wrote on her back "Inside you just want to scream". Then SCREAM!!!!? Grab a pillow and scream until you cough out your lungs or laugh at yourself. Scream until the people who wronged you get deaf. Go cut THEM! But hell if there is ONE THING that you shouldn't do is joining in with your own bullies. WTF!!!?

I got tempted by the anti self harm parody from devianart by wolfluver1290.

I ended up using a bazooka from callofduty.wikia and a nuclear bomb from What would happen if a nuclear bomb hit Washington D.C.? I wanted to center the explosion, but it was better in a corner, the way it ended up when I threw the image in my workspace. Sometimes random dumb luck does things better than attempts at perfection.

It exaggerates the mere guns, so I parody Americans quick tendency to blow everything up as first solution at the same time! 2 for 1 jokes! They're both free!

Maybe the typo was "Ham yourself" that would explain the USA's obsession with bacon. (Added it.)

Lisa Of Shades
11 June 2014

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Darth Vader self harm

"My cutter friends are gonna be so impressed when I’ll post selfies online!

Attention whores
Not worth paying attention to even when they’re dying. Parents, pay attention to your kids; give them the educational beating they’re craving!

Geeks & nerds
Sensitive but not stupid enough to cut themselves. Enjoy games, program, create, write or learn something! Then maybe we’ll care if you share something lovable.

Darth Vader self harm, cutting with light saber, selfie

Admire: Darth Vader only and full size

I do all of my suggestions.

I made a double idea, it evolved and I loved both.

OMG I suck at editing perspective, his arm looks all crocked, I'll go cut myself to relieve my pain... NOT! It's not perfect but still giving the point and funny. I bet you didn't notice. It took me forever my neck hurts. Maybe if I cut my arm it will distract me from the neck pain... Nah my IQ is too high. And so is my self respect. And dignity.

It's true that even services paid to help people in distress won't take you seriously unless you throw out the "suicide" word. But as soon as you understand that you're not a helpless baby anymore, you CAN do it alone, and NO ONE can make things better except YOU... You'll stop wasting time and actually solve problems. It can be as simple as throwing shit away and doing something fun... and eating something that will help your tired body and mind heal.

More ideas to cope: Health ~ Coping ~ Vent anger for balance & inner peace

I searched to see if cutters were stupid enough to post picture of their mutilations on facebook... they do...

Why do people post pictures of their self harm on facebook? To comment 2 replies:

"It's a offensive and horrible way for attention that lucky I have not encountered." Yes! And I have!!!

"Well, I like to post pictures of my cuts/burns on tumblr because I like the way they look. I think that they're fascinating. (then learn about biology with google!!!) I don't do it for attention (then why do you post them!!!?), I honestly don't think that it's that big of a deal. (I pity your girlfriend when you'll cut her and think it's no biggie.) It’s a lot like taking a picture of your tattoo; it's pretty much the same concept. (NO!!!! Scarification of an elaborated picture is a non toxic tattoo, but random lines and dots are just UGLY! 5 years old draw better pictures!!! In many colors!) but I completely agree about the suicide thing. (You're an insult to handicapped people are art. GO KILL YOURSELF!!!)"

Attention whore! Yes, we're social creatures and it's a vital need to be with others, prisoners in isolation become psychotic as they have to stimulate their brain with day dreams that they end up believing. But thanks to TV you can have the impression of company... and if you're going to share what you do online, draw on a piece of paper with a PEN, not on your body with a KNIFE!!!

I've been completely isolated for the last 10 years because I was too sick and weak to leave my bed or even sit!... I didn't even have family. So I have no pity for attention whores. Control yourself! Give yourself attention to your own freaking needs! I'm as crazy as it gets and I DON'T DO THIS SHIT!!! I suffer ENOUGH!

Nerd. Geek. Emo. What's the difference? at yahoo answers: Emos are pampered by their parents and "they are whiney, teenage brats who give others of their age a bad name. The ones who have the balls to cut themselves make "chicken scratches" in order to fit in with their peers. They are a DISGRACE to people who are truly mentally ill and depressed."

Indeed!!! Find yourself some better peers. Where is bullying when people actually deserve it!? There's no glory and gratification in this!!!

To answer the question, from what I understand nerd and geeks are intellectuals, the geeks are more into technology (computer and games). Nerds may be into other sciences and writing. I'm both. Hipster is a geek who wants to be stylish. Emos are like Goth, but instead to be romantic or hard core, they're dwelling in fake sadness for fashion. I like Goth clothes but I don't like the attention (assault) so I patiently wait for the proper occasion.

I searched to see if Geeks cut themselves, I found this cute The Pac-man cutting board at whatthecool, so I guess not.

I wanted to see if "He he" was the right way to write the laugh. I used "Teehee" from the Onomatopoeia Dictionary's laugh list. It makes it sound even more pathetic to be amused and proud of such a thing.

Make up burn marks from hahmotuksia. It's cool because it's art! And no one got hurt~

Darth Vader:

I wanted to make him add "I'm such a bad ass" but it'd take away the focus from the sizzle sound. Causing pointless adversity to your perfect body doesn't make you a bad ass, accomplishing great things in spite of a disabled body makes you a hero. Even if it's just tying up your shoes yourself!

Image soul4-vader4 from fightersgeneration's Vader pictures and modified by me.

Dart Vader injuries from theforce:

"During his confrontation with Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mustafar, Anakin Skywalker was first maimed by lightsabre cuts. He lost both legs around the knees, and much of his left arm. He fell onto a slope of volcanic sand, and slid helplessly to the edge of a lava river. His body ignited due to heat radiated off that flow. His lungs were scorched by the hot gases he inhaled."

"he was able to "claw" his way out"

Even though he "has paralysis from a spinal injury, but for a man so strong in the Force, the exertion of raw willpower might temporarily overcome the physical handicap."

"This explains most (but not all) of Lord Vader's injuries."

He's too disfigured to have a date, certainly not kiss her without making her run away screaming, and his dick probably melted off...

But he still became a powerful Sith Lord conquering the stars...

While all you cutters do is conquer your mother's kitchen knife and pointlessly hurt yourself with neither conviction, will power nor the force to live. And you expect us and life to hand over rewards from that... Fuck you! Go jump in lava!!!

People who self harm freak me out big time. I had a friend who did it, he asked me for help, but I found out that he loved cutting more than me as a friend. I dumped him when he backstabbed me and basically laughed on my grave. I was dumb to expect any better from someone who think cutting is comforting.

Haven't you suffered enough!!!?

Actually you don't even know the meaning of the world pain. You're not even worthy of pity.

Enjoy my disdain. I do. Endless fun~

Lisa Of Shades
11 June 2014

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Scarification tattoos vs. self harm

Scarification Tattoos
You think your messy self harm cuts are cool... Behold true skill, beauty and guts! Notice how pathetic you are and weep in their loveliness. Don’t try skinning at home. If you must, go to a professional artist.

scarification tattoos vs self harm

I don't want to encourage people to do this, it's dangerous. You can get a serious infection and diseases that lurks on your skin. But I also know that you can't stop people from messing themselves up. So if you're going to disrespect and harm your body, you might as well have artistic results. And this is NOT: pigsarms.

It looks like he got attacked by a crazy lady’s epileptic cats on speed. No cutting yourself isn't a sign of individualism. A unique custom made tattoo, yeah. But random lines just make you a mindless follower of a stupid trend. As if you weren't stupid enough on your own without trying to be approved and impress people even stupider than you.

I removed the red links to let the drawing stand out better and added the links back after making everything else but the skin desaturated and dark. It was hard to figure out what was written but here's the links: pbascars, BMEzine, tattoostime.

Scarification isn't that bad compared to corneal tattooing. I have such severe myopia that I'm kinda half blind so this is just unthinkable to me. Body modifications that are just too creepy at itthing. It's where I took the bird.

The fish is from deviantart. I was tempted by this other bird at pinterest, the full body sakura flowers at news.bme, the squid at holytaco, this website looks divine and you can see before after pictures: janeenscharms. I like the dandelion at blameitonthevoices and the detailed heart on the chest at chasecampbell. I don't like the fake battle scars on the face, they didn't earn it. And the "help me" is pathetic.

Help yourself! If you can't then maybe it can't be done! Respect your limit!!!
Don’t throw your wants on other people’s shoulders like donkeys; they’re not your slaves, even if you guilt them into acting like one. I hate manipulative hypocritical people. Especially when they are spoiled and fake pain to be even more fucking spoiled!!!

I wanted to have a tattoo but couldn't. With my weak kidneys having toxic dyes injected under my skin would have lead to disaster. So I thought about scarification for a long time. It's illegal in many places but as old as tattoos, back in the tribal times. (see wikipedia) I didn't because I tend to lack vitamin C, it's burned from stress and I got a lot of that... so I get infections and rot. I heal quickly now that I take supplements but I don't want to over burden my already exhausted body.

Scarification, an alternative to tattoos at ctvnews.

A woman who got an unsightly scar on her leg by accident decided to turn it into art. A tattoo would have been too painful, hammering a scar with needles... so she opted for scarification. I can't blame her. Way to make lemonade with the lemons that life gave her.

But the process is gruesome. There's a slideshow of photos at YouTube. I felt faint and nauseous a bit seeing the big chunks get peeled of. I actually don't mind seeing operations, but I have bad skin so it got to me.

I confess I actually have one. I have 3 dots on my right hand, to me, it means the same thing as a trisquel (the elements in nature). I don't regret that one, but I regretted the one I did on my left arm so much that I had a doctor remove the whole skin. 4x2 cm... I have a shiny hole. The plan was to wear a bracelet on it but I stopped wearing them! And the thing that it reminded me I learn to hate... I scar easily and my skin breaks easily... So I just scratched with a needle lightly over and over for a very long time. Eventually the mark stayed. But I'd never stab myself. Unless I need to get out an ingrown hair or a bad infection so it can heal... but not with a knife! And not for pleasure... and certainly not to comfort myself.

So I'm not against self harm like a prude. I'm seriously messed up and gruesome. THAT's how I can tell cutters that they're shit heads. Because of the reason why they do it and the result! It's not beautiful, it's a incoherent mess! It's not abstract, even that is planned carefully, it's just crap.
  • It's not bautiful, it's a incoherent mess! It's not abstract, even that is planned carefuly, it's just crap.
  • You can choose anyone to follow, anything to show off, anything to cheer yourself up. Pain will NOT improve pain!!!
  • If you have to hurt yourself to convince someone that you're serious (about your distress or love) their assholes and their attention isn't worth anything.
The scarification that I got removed was a symbol that represented a guy... he kept dismissing my love saying that he plans to travel for a year and that I would forget him... I was ready to wait... I liked the symbol so I did it to prove him that I wouldn't forget him... Well, to this day, I didn't... I'll never forget what an asshole he was... Now the big line that replaced it reminds me to never endanger myself to gain approval... Because people come and go, even my own feelings, but my body is for as long as I live... so I better take care of it.

When someone asked me what it was I was so ashamed that I said, with a very humoristic tone, "I tried to kill myself but I cut on the wrong side" (it's on top). He replied "Really!?" All amused. I said no, but the truth is just as stupid but less funny. He didn't ask more.

So whatever you do, think about it thoroughly... Don't do it on a hurt, drunk or stone impulse. Make sure that it's something that fully represent you and that you'll still love it as an elder... old ladies with snakes on their face look silly. Make sure it doesn't compromise getting a job, homeless people might look cool with a skull tattoo all over their faces, but being hungry and cold is not.

Make sure to eat well so you can heal well.
  • If you're a masochist you don't need to bleed to feel pain. Whipping hurts just fine~
  • If you're craving blood, make sure you get enough B12, C and iron. I have serious murderous blood thirsty rages when I get anemic for way too long... I control myself.
  • If you're angry just punch a pillow or whoever deserves it. That doesn't leave a shameful mark of your self loathing-ness, powerlessness and self pity.
  • If you hate yourself then learn a skill, you'll become more bearable or will be too busy doing it to think about how much you suck at other stuff.
  • If you need approval, affection and love... start by respecting yourself. Having the whole world at your feet won't compensate for nurturing darkness in you.
  • If you think it's glamorous to nurture a fucking black hole and suck the life out of others, becoming an emotional vampire... that's why you're all alone and no one wants to pay attention to you! People owe you nothing! Why should they give you their life force, they need it to live! While all you give in return is more whining. It gets old.
Pay attention to your needs... and pay attention to someone else... maybe you'll finally notice that you had what you wanted all along.

The "weep in my loveliness" quote is inspired from Bender in Futurama.

Lisa Of Shades
11 June 2014
Added "Don't try this at home" 14 June 2014

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Failure self harm

Being a failure
Every time you harm your body, you fail at protecting yourself and at suicide. You fail at life AND death. That’s as pathetic as it gets. Kick the bucket or leave the knife alone. It’s your choice, so no one can save you from yourself. Trying would be futile.

Being a failure, self harm, kick the bucket

I made that image for my Uncommon sense ~ How to suicide ~ Verify the goal.

I added the last part to avoid looking like I want to encourage people to kill themselves... It sounds even harsher now, I like it.

No one can force people to do anything. You can always choose to bite the dick of a pedophile and endure the beating later if it has to come to that. But they'll probably be too busy being in pain crying.

Even when the whole world is against you and that absolutely no one want you to be alive... that people would rather send you cards on your birthday than spend time with you and give you good memories for a change... just one day of respect, attention and consideration a year being too much to ask... even if you could just die and disappear and that no one would miss you, notice, or that people would laugh and get a party...

You can still enjoy your life. Against everything and everyone.

I had my group of friends celebrate someone else on MY birthday, 2 people who weren't born that day but earlier during the month. They didn't let me come because one of them didn't like me, telling me that the apartment was too small to have a place for me... That's one of the cruelest things that "friends" did to me... I had criminal things done to me, but nothing was so extremely clear that people didn't want me to be born than when they celebrated the life of other people instead of me... That's beyond cruel... so don't give me bullshit about "oh you can't understand my pain". I have a very good imagination, I read, and being nice gave me a hell of abuse.

Both my parents told me that I was an accident and that they never wanted me. Not out of anger, they said that causally like it was nothing. That's how much I meant to them. At least my mom fed me? She harassed me saying that I'm ugly and fat until I became anorexic, so she could buy herself more hand bags and dresses, and parade in my face, with the money that my father sent to feed me... So... I vent my anger in text, not on my body with knives. I feel better. But I'm angry at kids having way better than I do and shitting all over it! I know that my life was nice compared to many... but if your life is truly that hellish it's all the more reasons to be your own ally against the world, and not make the harm worse!!!

I don't want to be here. But I am. And I'll make the best of it. My body is the only person on my side. I'd be stupid to hurt him.

But even the worse monsters on death row can enjoy their day. A nap at least. You can enjoy so much more. Even if no one wants you to. Because you don't need anyone permission. You're already here, alive, no one asked you if you wanted to be, so why should you get THEIR approval now!?

So fuck this shit and enjoy yourself.

And if you enjoy cutting yourself... then I'm enjoying telling you that you're a shit head, unworthy of your body, and that if you die from a staph infection (mayoclinic), you'll do the overcrowded planet a favor. So keep it up if that's what you'll do no matter what I do or say... Who knows, maybe you'll succeed and hurt yourself so bad that you'll actually die.

It makes you happy so I'm happy for you. Now go be pathetic somewhere else. Or stay I'm not done bitching. But I should really move on. It's just that I can't think of anyone stupider to write about. As horrifying as pedophiles are, and devastatingly hurtful, at least they don't hurt themselves and give their all towards their goals... So while no one is more murderable than a pedophile, cutters are even more pathetic. Not even worthy to kill~



Ever wonder why the world is so screwed up? Research proves people find pleasure in physical and emotional pain at naturalnews.

YouTube: The AHA! Process: An End to Self-Sabotage

Basically it describes in detail that we do self-sabotaging behavior because we’re addicted to the pain it gives us. Researchers tested people and discovered that when the pain was removed, the relieved was a positive emotion higher than how they previously felt. There’s masochism also, for the pure sake of dwelling in misery.

"It should be noted that physical and emotional pain follow the same neurological pathways."

“As much as 28% of college students cut or burn themselves.”

Go for a run, it will do billions of cuts in your muscles, like paper cuts, all over your body and will make you stronger, instead to look like a scarred self pity loser. The fresh air will make you feel better.

Or just make sure that you trip a few times, hey maybe you'll even win the jackpot and get hit by a car! Imagine all the pity you'll get from a broken leg. Tch. Retard. It's a miracle that humanity proliferated so much... I wish it didn't.

I’m all for BDSM. Just do it wisely. If you end up scarred and disfigured, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s true that those who never suffered can’t know how good they have it, take it for granted, and can’t fully appreciate it. I suffered and I can be overjoyed for very simple things just because I’m not in mortal danger. I appreciate it… while I still can. Yes suffering makes you a better person… if you overcome the hardship that life throws at you. But inflicting harm to yourself or loved ones… or people around you… it only makes you an asshole.

And if you call for help when it’s from your own hand… then you don’t really want to stop or you’d JUST STOP. You only want to enjoy pity, like an attention whore, to have an audience while you do your stupid tricks. Learn to juggle. If you jump right back into the fire willingly, then even if it’s a deadly crisis, people won’t take you seriously.

I’ve been a martyr. Never again. The world is still full of assholes, but I’m not going to try to get their impossible approval, love… or anything because I don’t keep people who mistreat me around me. Since I have to keep myself, I make sure that I’m fun to be with. I am addicted to anger, but even the worst things can be used constructively. I’m sure surgeons are hard core sadists.

I have nothing against scars. They can be a symbol that you lived, of victory. But not if you curl up in your mother’s basement, cutting yourself with her kitchen knife, when you can’t even cook for yourself. Go out there and EARN YOUR SCARS. Throw yourself off a mountain recklessly with a mountain bike; then you’ll be able to say “Hey, I’ve done that, I lived, and it was amazing!” But sitting on your ass and mutilating yourself pointlessly to provoke the same brain juices… It’s pathetic in a way not even worthy of pity.

I’m making demotivational posters because it amuses me, not to change your worthless self. When you’ll truly wish to, you won’t need anyone to help you. It changes nothing to me, I don't let people like you near me; but hating you does brighten my day~ Thanks to me, not you. Go die by jumping off a plane with a defective parachute or something, but if you want excitement that desperatedly, make it fabulous~

Lisa Of Shades
11 June 2014
Edited: 19 June 2014

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Hello Kitty shotgun

Suicide success statistics
Cut wrists/arms/legs: 6%
Cut throat: 55%
Shotgun to head: 99%
Now you know how to stop failing. Stop cutting and find yourself a shotgun.
Preferably a Hello Kitty motif so you can go with style~

Hello kitty shotgun, self harm, suicide success statistics

More statistics at the bottom of my page Uncommon sense ~ How to suicide ~ Verify the goal.

Hey I'm just respecting people's wishes to destroy their own life; and informing them so they can make a wiser decision.

I thought the gun Hello Kitty AR-15 Assault Rifle was fake; but it might actually be real. You can see custom painted guns at sojalprime, they have a hello kitty but this one have cuter flowers. There seem to be more than one online so maybe it's not custom, it's strangely popular to kill with cuteness... I took the picture at wired "Photo: Courtesy of David Christian". People seem to be using it for real at 2dayblog.

This picture is so insulting and funny at the same time: Sniper girl with a pink gun "Don't be scared. she's only a girl." at i216.photobucket.

The statistic actually are the proof that cutting is deadly, even if it's for the druggy feeling of endorphin release, for attention or to compete with other stupid people online like a mindless emo sheep... you can really die from cutting!!! But it's a very inefficient way to suicide. You have to be amazed and humbled that your body can have his throat cut and still almost half the chance to survive! It's an amazing creature, even if the pilot is a worthless shit head.

Heck, even zombies don't even do self harm, so how stupid do you have to be!?

They actuially try to eat others to have the materials to heal and fully get back to life. Human killed all the preys in cities, so all there is left is an all you can eat buffet of humans!

It's also amazing that you can blow your head off and still have 1% of chance of survival... disfigured and with finally a good reason to hate and kill yourself... but strangely the survival instinct finally kicks in and people are finally happy to live... Well, whatever it takes, right?

Or you can appreciate your body now and stop messing with it, before it breaks and you end up in pain, but not on YOUR terms... then you'll know how pain truly feels like. And it's not going to be pretty like a Hello Kitty shotgun!

Lisa Of Shades
11 June 2014

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