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Adolf Hitler only (Adolf means wolf) in the order I made them.
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I love Hitler, even though those arts are probably more insulting to him than anybody else. I respect him as a great man full of convictions and willpower. He accomplished greatness and wasn't scared to dirty his hands for it. Even though the emphasis was put on the bad to demonize him, the good that he did changed Germany and the world for the best. If we adopted more Nazi policies, the people and nature would be even better.

Even the Jews: "Hitler and Nazis are also known as Founder of Modern day Israel by being first to actually start Jewish settlement in Palestine (modern day Israel) to fulfill 2000 year old desire of Jews to have their own homeland."

50 things that people should know about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism at dailystormer.

Hopefully, by seeing Hitler in silly ways, people will drop the mindless hate and open their mind to the good. Either way I’m enjoying myself immensely, even if he really is the antichrist.

Hitler, Hit her, domestic abuse, bang zoom straight to the moon, feminism

Superhitler ~ Hitler as Superman

Hitler ~ Basketball ~ He shoots, he scores!

Statue of Liberty Hitler ~ Dead eagle ~ God bless America

Hitler ~ Buzz Lightyear ~ To infinity and beyond!

Hitler ~ Descent into madness ~ rainbow ~ squid, banana, Hawaiian dancer, mermaid, unicorn, fairy tutu

Admire: Hitler ~ Descent into madness ~ Bigger

Anorexia ~ Nazi fashion ~ Hollywood ideal: blond with blue eyes, starving people ~ Aryan race

Korea wants to ban the Japanese flag. Their invasion wasn't a Holocaust. ~ Hitler.

Superpowers ~ Hitler ~ Superman ~ Jesus ~ Clean your own mess ~ Superhuman ~ demotivational

Hitler ~ Grammar Nazi ~ Teacher black board ~ The willfully ignorant are the stupidest

Hitler ~ innocent baby ~ roses ~ prevention, kill, castration ~ demotivational

Hitler smiling balloons ~ Happy birthday ~ Brace yourself for another year of misery ~ blue sky

Hitler ~ Nazi flag ~ pinwheel child fan wind ~ forbidding flags ~ dying laughing

Vaccination ~ Hitler ~ death rates medical industry ~ survival of the fittest

Pun: Hail Hitler! ~ Heil Hitler ~ snow ice ball with spikes

Anti dog abuse project. Against prong, choker and electric collars.
This is part 3/4 of an art that was too long.

Anti dog abuse 3 ~ Prong choker electric collar ~ cruelty domination damage gore ~ loyal loving playing fetch ~ Hitler Nazi ~ better laws

Hitler was a good person. You're not as righteous as you think you are either. ~ Holding hand of a little girl ~ Bad things done by good people

Hitler's painting, Mary with Jesus ~ Love warmth ~ Hollocaust ~ Yin Yang ~ Good and evil in everyone

Hitler with bunny ears and his dog ~ Hitler never killed any Jews, the whole country did ~ Holocaust

Hitler's moustache. He preferred the handlebar variety. ~ Cut sides to fit in gas masks ~ WWI service ~ Jews

High five, Hitler, Nazi salute, Jews, left hanging, holocaust

Actor Ralph Fiennes played Amon Leopold Goth in the film Schindler's List. Star wars reference, droids you're looking for

Trump, Hitler, Nazi salute, Muslims, It's not racism when they really are trying to kill you.

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