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Preservatives in food Kill
Stimulants won't nourish you
Grains are for birds, not for you
Doping for lazy people
Man breasts
Stop eating grains, the right color is green!

Preservatives in food Kill

Preservatives in food Kill. If they truly preserved life, we'd drink bottles of it. But they're poison! Their purpose is to kill! Because we don't want mold to feast on our food before we do. But what can kill a small life quickly will kill a big one slowly. It's poison to you too! If mold don't want to eat it, we shouldn't either.

Preservatives in food kill ~ elderly drinking

Food additives like colorant and artificial flavors are added to junk that isn't even edible to fool you into thinking that it's food. They add poison to kill mold, small living organisms, from eating your food before they have the chance to sell it. If they called it poison it would be more honest about its purpose, but if you saw that in the ingredients you might wake up from the illusion that they care about your health and want to nourish you... they don't... they just want to sell. So they call the poison "preservative". Because everyone wants to preserve themselves and stuff... it sounds so idealistic, so kind and good, so innocent... but it's POISON. If it truly preserved, we'd drink bottles of it. But then we'd see just how deadly it is. That would actually be kinder than a slow agonizing death. You sure are a good reason to be depressed.

Antidepressants are another example. They're not serotonin. And they don't recapture it to recycle your happy juices and enjoy them all over again. No. Crazy people are scary and they just want to control them. Psychiatry doesn't give a shit if you are happy or not as long as you don't inconvenience others. Not everyone is distressed quietly, some people get berserk from the panic of being poisoned and malnourished by so many things in society, including relationships.

So psychiatry uses insulin, the hormone that stores blood sugar into fat. To make you lethargic, nice and quiet. Maybe you'll like it because being unable to think clearly means that you won't be tormented by your problems... but it also means that you'll never be able to think of a solution to find a better way to live

That's why people become obese, lethargic, and even die on antidepressants. And since it causes hypoglycemia and that causes depression... people end up even more depressed!!! So the antidepressant actually cause depression! It does the opposite of what it promises. But it makes the Pharmaceutical industry even richer because then they blame you and up the dose. So I guess antidepressants make someone happy, just not you~

If they called it a chemical straight jacket, people wouldn't want to take it, they'd turn to other choices... they might even take responsibility for their lives and change it... people might even decide to take better care of themselves so they'd stop feeling so awful from the consequences of abuse and neglect. But the medical industry doesn't want that. They want you to be dependent of them for life.

Hypoglycemia also causes psychosis, because the brain can't think clearly when starving, and murderous killing sprees... people actually go on a hunt to kill prey so they can finally eat real food... a starving woman in a poor country woman even ate her own children thinking they where pigs.

So yeah. Without nutrition, no products invented by our "superior modern" science will be able to replace the most basics of biology.

Enjoy food! Preferably without preservatives and dead children.

Lisa Of Shades
2 November 2015

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Stimulants won't nourish you

Stimulants. Won't give you the nutrients necessary to burn energy. They won't even give you fuel. Stimulants won't nourish your body with the materials necessary to renew your tired cells into stronger ones. Instead they will force your body to cannibalize your flesh and organs to burn as fuel. They won't make you able to do more with your starved, exhausted and depressed body. Stimulants will destroy your life even faster. You need nutrition and rest to rejuvenate yourself. Otherwise you'll be in decaying agony and death won't come soon enough.

Old man drinking coffee from the pot ~ Stimulants won't nourish you ~ heart attack

I'm surprised that he lived this long by doing this to himself.

I read people say that if they put coconut oil in their morning coffee they get more energy. Of course! Because then you actually have some food! And fat is a better and more stable fuel than sugar. And your brain is made of fat (and nerves from the B complex) so fat helps to think more clearly.

But imagine how much more energy, how better you'd feel, if you ditched the coffee completely and actually ate breakfast. I used to wake up as late as possible because I was so exhausted. Then I'd have no time to eat. But I couldn't drink coffee because it irritates my gut, and last time I tried I threw up so hard that it came out of my nose before I had the time to have diarrhea. I spent all day exhausted from starvation, of course. I didn't have much time to eat lunch which was two slices of worthless white bread and cold cut made of waste goo.. No nutrition whatsoever there... But after eating a big supper out of starved desperation, at last... I felt so good and energetic that I couldn't sleep. I didn't want to sleep and get tortured all over again! By myself...

One day I made a wish... How I wish I could be energetic in the morning instead of after supper... and then voice of reason replied me: then eat supper in the morning.

It's so freaking simple!!! AND IT WORKS!!!

So I think I made two portions of supper one night, I could quickly heat it on the stove without having to cut my vegetables and meat for 10 minutes. I woke 1h earlier to give myself the time to chew my meal, enjoy it, and relax watching a funny cartoon to happily start my morning. I thought that it might be harder to sacrifice some sleep at first, but I'd have more energy during the day for taking that time to eat, and I'd be able to go to sleep earlier without the phobia of waking up to a rushed morning, I could just continue to watch my cartoons instead.

It also have the advantage of letting me poop at home... coming to work and having to smell the insalubrious public toilets because people rushed to work so fast that they ended up dumping their stink bomb there... that's just gross... and embarrassing...

My meals are better spread through the day. Breakfast is the most important meal because it breaks the fast... you're not supposed to continue to fast after you wake up. You need sustenance to face the demands of day ahead. Stuffing yourself right before bed isn't for the best because then you can only store it, and it takes very specific nutrients to be able to take it out... Vitamin C isn't in coffee.

The problem with coffee is that your body will want to slow down to preserves resources and prolong your life. But stimulants won't allow it and force your body to cannibalize itself for energy, when you'll be needing nutrition even more from burning yourself out so much... so your cells won't be able to be renewed...

Coffee doesn't enable the adrenals to free fuel... it brutally punch the juice out of them until they disintegrate into an even worse exhaustion. Then they produce adrenalin to make your heart beat faster and send oxygen to all your cells to burn energy... the energy being surrounding cells because you didn't send nutrition with the stimulation...So your heart has to eat itself to be able to beat... you get pains... your brain scream that this situation is depressing... but you continue to push... until you drop dead from an heart attack... and then you blame the fat in your coffee when it's the only thing that was keeping you alive. Eat. Then you won't need stimulants. Because your body will gladly burn energy and function properly if you give him the nutritional means to do so. And that's not coffee.

Enjoy breakfast~ With eggs, veggies, a salad... Eat something full of life and you will be!

Lisa Of Shades
2 November 2015

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Grains are for birds, not for you

(The text is below)

Grains are for birds ~ toxic ~ Celiac ~ Destroy everything in your body and everybody ~ Candida

Version 2 shorter. You might as well skip it to read the longer one:

Bird: "I'm a bird! I'm a bird! I'm a bird! (...)"

YOU ARE NOT A BIRD! Don't eat grains. Especially not wheat and corn. All nutrition is processed out of them. Unstable fuel = unstable energy, mood, weight... One of the most common allergen / intolerance. Too hardy to digest, for everyone not just Celiac. Decrease your ability to absorb nutrients. Destroy the gut, kidneys, brain... all tissues & organs. Wrong kind of fibers cause constipation instead of detox. Promote Candida instead of vital gut bacteria. Too acidic, cause inflammation creating diseases. Mess with your hormones, decreasing body functions & fertility. Toxic. Cause cancer. Tasteless. Flavor is added with poisonous additives. Greens & fresh meats don't do this. They nourish & heal your body & mind. But living foods are harder to handle and aren't as profitable. So the industries won't invest money to advertise those. But even eating bugs would be healthier than grains.

First version with more explanations:

Bird: "I'm a bird! I'm a bird! I'm a bird! (...)"


Don't eat grains.
Especially not wheat and corn.
  • All nutrition is processed out of them.
    Never satisfy hunger, body functions & organ repairs.
  • Unstable fuel, too high on the glycemic index.
    Cause blood sugar swings = mood swings.
    Anger & depression.
    Cause low hypoglycemic crashes
    = cravings for another high
    = addiction, diabetes & obesity.
  • One of the most common allergen / intolerance.
    Harms you even when you don't notice
    or can't trace the delayed reaction back to grains.
  • Too hardy to digest, for everyone not just Celiac.
    The gluten damages the gut, kidneys and brain.
    Removing that protein,
    the only nutrition left before grains becomes sand,
    doesn't stop the problems.
    Lectins destroy the gut too and all tissues & organs.
    Phytates stop mineral absorption.
  • Grains decrease your ability to absorb nutrients
    but raise your needs by causing damages to repair.
  • Wrong kind of fiber.
    Dry white paper and even whole brown cardboard
    can't absorb toxins and drag them out
    the way gelatinous green plant fiber does.
    Grains constipate and bloat you even more.
  • Promote Candida instead of the vital gut bacteria
    that helps you digest and is part of your immune system.
    Molds clean rotten materials. Grains make you rot inside.
  • Too acidic, cause inflammation creating diseases.
    Weaken the immune system, nerves, joints, heart...
  • Mess with your hormones.
    It's the way that your vital organs communicate.
    Grains decrease body functions such as fertility.
  • Toxic.
    Causes cancer.
  • Tasteless. Flavor is added with poisonous additives.
    The added sugar, artificial flavors, colors & preservatives
    in jam and sauces worsen it all.
Greens & fresh meats don't do this.
They nourish & heal your body & mind.
But living foods are harder to handle and aren't as profitable.
So the industries won't invest money to advertise those.
But even eating bugs would be healthier than grains.


I used this article to help me list the problems: What is wrong with grains at paleoleap.

When I got so sick that I couldn't sit and struggled to breathe... It became a race against death to figure out what was weakening me so much. I got rid of all the obvious toxic house hold products and artificial additives in food... But I didn't expect life forms to be deadly... but they got so transformed by industrialization and processing that they aren't lifeforms anymore.

I was told that I have IBS... irritable bowel syndrome... BUT ALL BOWELS CAN BE IRRITAED! I wasn't doomed by a stupid gut, I made stupid food choices that damaged it!!! It should be called IRRITATED BOWEL INVESTIGATE the cause and get rid of it!!!

The inflammation and irritation got so bad... At first my ass was so itchy that I thought I had worms. Then my body couldn't hold on anymore and all hell broke loose... my anus ripped apart. I used to have painful periods with massive amount of blood before I increased my nutrition and lowered the toxins and hormonal disruptors... so when I say that my anus ripped apart and lost a lot of blood... It was A LOT of blood. I'm like horror... but this was scary. Before that I spent years whimpering in agony every time I pooped... it literally felt like razor blades was passing through me...

The body is amazing to have survived decencies of that much torture... But I'm very small, I'm half blind (thankfully correctable with thick glasses but they can be a pain, especially with bullying, as if I wasn't suffering enough... asshole kids)... I was always lethargic and frail, not a good way to make friends and keep a job... and there is just so much distress a mind can take before breaking...

I invented a stew that became a much healthier healing soup... because someday I forgot to add a dangerous ingredient that I mistook for a god one... the canned corn. I made a huge reserve when it was a bargain, so I lost the habit of buying it every week... and I kept forgetting for weeks... the bloody ass... finally went away... Believe me, the expression "it's a pain in the ass" means that it's a lot... I thought it was just the way I was... no... that was the way corn is... I thought I was unable to eat spicy food... no, it's the corn that usually came with it that destroyed me.

Corn isn't a vegetable... it's a grain...

In the case of corn on the cob, it's actually the lack of processing that makes it lack nutrition. Corn needs to be treated with dangerous lye to unlock the B complex so you can absorb it. A step that is skipped to save profit because then you'll just be hungry for more because you don't get nourished. Without the B complex you can't even burn the carbs so they're useless too. So you just starve with a gut full of sand.

When I finally discovered how health felt like for the first time in my life... I started to notice a difference when I wasn't eating wheat either... I discovered that I have hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. The pancreas stores fuel with insulin, and the Adrenal glands releases it as you need it, otherwise sugar would poison your blood and make you hyper relentless... I was able to store the sugar... but I wasn't able to take it out...

Because to do that the adrenals need water soluble vitamins, C and the B complex, and minerals... but all there is in refined grains is sugar... flour and sugar are both white powders void of nutrients... and like cocaine they cause highs and addictions... The high causes the crash so as long as you believe that it's your cure you'll be trapped in the vicious cycle.

I started taking vitamin C along with my greens, because I was malnourished all my life and about to die so I needed to catch up to the deficiencies and heal as quickly as I could... but I still had to start slow because my body was too frail to handle the new found energy... from fresh fats such as nuts! I had more energy from fats than sugar, stable energy that takes a while to digest s it's released slower into the blood, so the pancreas doesn't have to store a massive quantity of fuel in one shot... so the adrenals don't have to work hard to take it out... the gut just slowly release it without draining the other vital organs.

But sugar is what makes you fat... and sick... and miserable... and grains are so refined that they're pure sugar, and then they add more to it. Look at refined sugar grains, it looks like glass, and it will rip open your arteries... because you don't have the vitamin C to make strong ones, cholesterol is the second option to path the wholes so you won't hemorrhage to death. Fat has never been the problem. Grains are. It can't be at the bottom of the food pyramid as the healthiest thing ever, and at the top as junk to use sparingly. Brain and cake have the same ingredients...

It was obvious that refined sugars made me sick because it's too high on the glycemic index and void f nutrition... But grains made me just as sick. I had a hard time finding a pure brown bread made with ancestral methods that only had wheat, water and salt... and maybe eggs I forgot... but no high fructose corn syrup abomination and no preservatives... It was like eating the bark of a tree... I still had painful got problems. I added bran to my meals... it made constipation way worse. I feared that I was so blocked that it'd burst my insides...

I didn't know why wheat was making me sick but it obviously did... was it become of an allergy, intolerance, celiac, too high on the glycemic index, void of nutrition, the toxins present in grains? Then after such a long list of horrors... it became clear... Grains are just plain bad... for so many reasons... for everybody... PERIOD.

I didn't think it was possible to stop eating grains... but then I noticed that I couldn't remember the last time I ate them. It was so utterly wonderful to eat all that variety of vegetables and fresh meat... I felt such pride and amusement cooking my own meals... I didn't want a damn piece of cardboard topped with sugary paint, or meat goo that I couldn't identify between 2 slices or basically air... toxic air...

I didn't miss canned soup because mine are TRULY chunky. And for a much lower price. I eat a salad as a side dish, to create fluffy layers so I don't get clogged by a brick from hell with spikes of doom... But without grains I now eat it for pleasure. I can't live without my cucumbers, apples and raisins in my fluffy salad... I don't understand how I survived without it...

Of course I eat more than that, much more, I just chew for me than an hour stuffing myself until I'm stuffed. But I can always eat more, my brains tells me I'm good and that we'll ferment that for a while. And good job because I feel sooo happy~ Not just when the coat of sugar touches my tongues for 10 second before melting and tasting like cardboard... I don't eat sugar or grains anymore... The more I chew, especially nuts, the more flavorful it becomes! I don't swallow quickly in a starvation addiction rage, I savor less for longer, with pure pleasure, without the craving desperations.

Unless I eat sugar... then I start craving a few minutes after, when the foul taste of dead processed material starts to stand out once the toxic artificial flavors wears off... I just fight the cravings and detox... eventually... I never wanted to torture myself like that again. I read that we cannot cheat on an allergy... It's pure wisdom. A diet is a lifestyle, not one week of anorexia drinking milkshakes made of pure sugar. Health and disease, even mental ones, are the result of our self care choices.

I'm leaving grains to birds... But I think grains are bad even for birds, they need to get more nutrition from bugs. I buy free range eggs to make sure that the chicken can eat bugs. Some farmer think that bugs would make birds sick... but that's how wild birds survive the harshest conditions in winter or fly all the long way to the south! The eggs from hen that ate bugs under the sun in the grass taste so rich! The farmer that I trust doesn't even put wheat and corn in their mixed grains.

Even cattle get sick eating them, especially since the GMO made them even more toxic and too hardy to digest. Cows don't need antibiotics; they need the grass that they are meant to eat! The industries feed them grains because it makes them fatter, so they can sell obese malnourished cows for a higher price because it's per pound, not per nutritional value. So we get malnourished and obese too... They tried fattening cows fast with coconut fat... it makes them super healthy, energetic and lean... so they fed them grains instead... they became lethargic and fat... the food industry got rich... population became lethargic and fat... the medical industry got rich... and if we dare complain of that torturous misery... psychiatry got rich...

But no matter the propaganda based on profits healthy for the industry instead of the living population... you have the control, you have the choice, and your decisions don't just change the way your body function and feel... Your choices change the industry and the world.

Enjoy, more than short term, enjoy the consequences long term. If you don't... as long as you are alive, you can choose something better.

Enjoy healing, even though detox is so unpleasant that you crave the very thing that poisons you, after the storm you get rainbows:

Health ~ Recipes for happiness ~ Healing soup

Enjoy true health~ I sure do and it feels wonderful!

After getting chemicals out of my senses, tongue and brain they became sharper. When I walked in the row of industrial breads at the grocery store, the stench sting so much that I actually hold my breath! I avoid that row like the plague that it is. Fresh artisan bread closer to the vegetable section doesn't do this because they don't use as much toxic chemicals or high fructose corn syrup but I still can't eat it without crashing into hell. It takes a few days then I agonize physically and mentally for 3 days to a week, just for eating sugar or grains once! Sometimes I can get away with it as the damage builds up slowly, draining me of precious vitamins to do repairs instead to strengthen me.

If just smelling it hurts, no wonder I always had colds that turned into tonsil infection and, when I got them removed, pneumonias with bloody coughs. I got countless vaccines almost every week for months... It never worked. But now that I stopped eating grains and replaced them with tasty greens instead, I am NEVER sick. I get so much vitamin C from my salad and supplements (cooking destroys it as the plant tries to hear her burns), I can heal anything. I even grow vital organs back to a stronger health, saving myself from crippling chronic diseases... said to be incurable.

The true disease was simply being malnourished and poisoned... by lack of fresh living creatures... and I'd like to say too many grains and chemicals, but there's no safe amount of something that kill you slowly, it just prolongs the agony to use lower quantities.

A salad is still alive and keeps growing in the refrigerator; even the cells in fresh meat are still alive! Grains are dead. Dry to death. That's why they're so easy to preserve... because they're already dead... and the dead can't prolong your life.

Enjoy real food~ And you'll discover real enjoyment~

Lisa Of Shades
7 November 2015

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Doping for lazy people

(The text is below)

Doping lazy people ~ Endurance drug ~ Intensive care ~ Obesity crisis ~ Exercise myth ~ Nutrition is the only cure

Second shorter version:

Quote: “I hope "doping for lazy people" will be considered fairly and seriously.” Professor Samuele Marcora, University of Kent

Gym teacher: "Get up and run! That will make you healthier!"
Sick person too weak to breathe: "I wish I could..."

Diseases aren't caused by lack of exercise and obesity. They're both early symptoms of TOO LITTLE NUTRITION & TOO MANY TOXINS and that's causing diseases and death!!!

When you are well nourished you are healthy,
then you have energy and the urge to spend it.

The medical industry only wants to sell toxic drugs. You have to take care of your own vital needs yourself.

Only solving the problem with better nutrition can improve your health, quality of life and potential.

Doctors must make advices based on science not scorn!
A jock with no knowledge of biology should shut up! A gym teacher who thinks that it's healthy to use dope to enhance performance should be fired and prosecuted!

First longer version:

Quote: “I hope "doping for lazy people" will be considered fairly and seriously.” Professor Samuele Marcora, University of Kent

Doctor: "Get up and run! That will make you healthier!"
Sick person too weak to breathe: "I wish I could..."

The quote was about obesity and lack of exercise but

It doesn't causes diseases, they're early symptoms of TOO LITTLE NUTRITION & TOO MANY TOXINS and that's causing diseases and death!!!

The comment is as cruel and unacceptable as saying it for intensive care patients. Especially from a doctor.

“Give fat people endurance drugs to make them exercise.”

NO! You can't run away from nutritional deficiencies. Toxins will turn into cancer but not energy or muscles!

If you are starving for vitamins and minerals, you need to conserve energy and resources or you'll die FASTER! If you are poisoned by more additives than you can excrete, you'll die unless they're sealed in fat!

Only nutrition can prevent body degeneration.

When you are well fed and healthy, you have energy and the urge to spend it. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

The medical industry only wants to sell toxic drugs. You have to take care of your own vital needs yourself. Only solving the problem, only nutrition, can save you.


The guy in the photo got hit by a car, I don't think running in front of another one will help him heal. Same for obese people, you can't burn toxins for energy or it wouldn't be stored into fat to begin with! You can't turn poison into muscle.

The obesity epidemic is NOT because of too many calories and too little exercise. It's caused by too little nutrients from real food and too many toxins.

I got outraged at the doctor's comments in an article from a site I like:

'Give fat people endurance drugs to make them exercise': So-called 'doping for lazy people' could be the solution to the obesity crisis, academic claims at dailymail.

Oh so he's a teacher not a doctor... what the hell is he teaching...?

"Samuele Marcora is from Kent Uni's School of Sport and Exercise Sciences"

There you go, for carpenters who only have a hammer for a tool, all problems look like a nail... because they want more work and waving a hammer is the only thing they know how to do. It's purely self serving... from a limited range of knowledge but a wide ego.

In other words... he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about... he just want more people to do like him. And if they don't, he doesn't care that those people can't or don't want to... let's drug them into conformity so people will be created in HIS own godly image...

Unless you have studied biology, or battled crippling exhaustion and exercise saved you from chronic pain... the way nutrition did for me... Shut the fuck up!!! You fucking brain dead jock! I wish there was a pill for stupidity and being an asshole! Oh yeah... there is... ARSENIC!

A gym teacher who wants to open the door to using illegal doping in sports as "healthy" by forcing them on obese people by shaming them for being sick... It's despicable... just DIE!!!

He's basically saying "I can't use steroids, it's not fair." Go ahead use them until your testicles shrink and fall off, you retard (no offence to mentally challenged people). You'll do the world a favor by being unable to reproduce.

Even doctors don't know what they're talking about. They said to eat less fat and replace it with sugar and grains... obesity, diabetes, cancers, depression, heart disease... everything got worse!

There is propaganda that when you exercise, you get more energetic and strong... and you get healthy.

WTF!? This goes against the basics of biology! Let's compare it to a car... If you drive, gas will appear in the tank out of nowhere and rust will magically repair itself.

That's pure nonsense, even more for an organic life forms with needs far more complex than just fuel. Even the car need a special kind of liquid and a battery to ignite to burning process.

What obese people are eating isn't food... and they don't get nutrition, not even the B complex to ignite the fuel like the battery does for the car. And they sure don't get vitamin C to do body maintenance and repairs, life forms don't rust, but they rot.

The exercise myth is only healthy for the profits of fitness clubs and junk food companies. Instead to take responsibility for selling nutritionally worthless toxic synthetic junk, they shift the blame the consumer, calling them lazy and gluttonous, when they added drugs to addict them, and the obese person's only crime was to trust that they where being fed food... Not synthetic chemicals used to make shoe soles and yoga carpets, the way Subway did, by putting it in the bread to make it look less disgusting, while claiming to be a healthy alternative...

The only way to have a healthy life is to live healthy by eating healthy life forms.

You cannot force the body to do what he can't with drugs; it will have devastating consequences long term, like cannibalizing organs for nutrients to execute body processed and exercise... You must provide what the body needs to be able to do it.

It's true for "lazy" obese people, and it's true for hyperactive children. They need calcium and magnesium to appease their nerves. They are trying to burn that overdose of sugar that you fed them... You either burn it by being hyperactive or you are unable to burn it and store it in fat.

Oh my god the gym teacher wants to use meth to make the obese people more active. It's the same illegal street drug that is like cocaine given to hyperactive children... My comparison with the most fucked up thing I could think of was even truer than I thought... It's all about selling meth without being arrested by the cops...

Prosecuted means being taken to court for doing something illegal. But according to the Urban Dictionary it means "They kick you in the crotch twelve times and if you grunt they start over." That sounds like a good idea to do to that teacher too. Let's do both to be sure.

Doctors want to dope both the people who exercise and now those who don't... make up your fucking mind! Yeah, they want any excuse to drug and make cash from EVERYONE! If you don't want any of those extreme outcomes, then make them stop eating extreme sugar!

We are meant to eat only the natural sugar, balanced with vitamins, from natural vegetables and fruits. Then the body's energy balance will finally become natural. But you CANNOT have natural healthy results with unnatural unhealthy substances!

Fat is actually a much more stable energy source, unless it's too damaged by frying and become a rancid toxin... but raw nuts and fresh organic coconut oil are very healthy.

I am SO sick and tired of the exercise and fat myths. It disgusts me even more than the eating habits and looks of morbidly obese people... and they REALLY disgust me.

I'm not defending their stupid lifestyle or even their stupid right to make themselves sick.

I want them to be properly informed and doctors to be properly educated.

People aren't obese because they eat too much. I know it seems illogical, but it's in fact because they don't eat enough.

Because what they eat isn't food. There are no vital nutritional value and it's artificial so it's unusable by a living being and therefore a toxic burden. That's why they are always so hungry and can't move.

They're not eating food. They've been tricked to think it is, even better than real, with artificial chemicals... but it's killing them...

Food isn't about pleasure it's about getting nourished. And you are not.

If you absolutely refuse to stop eating toxic waste, then at least add the nutritious foods. Vitamins alone can't be enough because you need to eat living crawling bacterial enzymes, without them you can't absorb food, can't digest, can't defend yourself from invaders because they are part of your immune system... and can't be happy because serotonin is produced in the gut with magnesium.

So too much calories are the least of your worries... are vital if that's the only way to avoid vitamin C deficiency. People can't even recognize the typical symptoms of scurvy anymore, rotten gums and falling teeth like pirates on a ship, because it's now called gingivitis and tooth decay and the connection to the true cause was lost.

But vitamin C holds everything together: joints, minerals in bones, muscles like the heart... There are massive quantities in the brain and eyes... and the adrenals because they need it to cope with stress and release adrenalin... otherwise you can't free and burn energy from your reserves... even if you have plenty...

Amputations and blindness seen in diabetic people aren't because they eat too much sugar... they do because that's how vitamin C tastes like in real food... but instead they eat refined white sand (sugar) in candy... even doctors recommend it for low blood sugar, when it's a sign that your adrenals are failing from malnutrition. And without vitamin C to hold your cell together and heal... your limbs rot off... and your vital organs fail...

The B complex is necessary to burn energy... and have proper nerves... Without folate babies can be born paralyzed. But they want to add the vitamin to bread. WHY! It's obviously a worthless food unable to sustain life! Why not make propaganda to make people eat real food where folate is in its natural form and easier to absorb than adding artificial chemical compounds to a toxic substance...

It's madness... the medical industry won't wake up, they will never get it right, because all they want is to dope people.

Just look at meth addicts who chose to invest in the drug instead of food to feel pleasure... they literally look like rotten corpses... and they give that kind of drug to kids to make them more docile, when they are acting out from malnutrition too! I become confused and hysterical when I get a high from a sugar rush then a crash... it's really intense... because it's DEADLY!

The only healers are life form themselves... living vegetables, fruits, meats and nuts... yogurt with squirming probiotic bacteria... fermented home made vegetables... the more energy you spend doing your own cooking from scratch, the more energy you'll have for anything else... so it's the best investment of energy, time and money.

Or go ahead, eat synthetic materials and slowly die, in a life where your body becomes a burden just to go to the bathroom and wipe your ass...

But the burden of eating a balanced meal by only trusting your own fresh ingredients and cooking love... is a lesser burden that will give you back your independence, pride and dignity.

I did. I wasn't obese, I always had a healthy BMI, but I was so sick I was bedridden and couldn't even sit... because I was too weak to pump blood against gravity to reach my brain so I got dizzy from low blood pressure... And I am not heavy at all... But you want obese people to go run marathons while not only being frail but also carrying hundreds of pounds on their back!!!? How can it not give everyone a heart attack!?

Just getting up to pee with that weight requires a bigger effort than you do all week at the gym! I wasn't fat but at my sickest just breathing required more conscious effort than crossing an entire city with my bicycle!!! Let's see how well you can exercise when starving, exhausted and sick, hm!

Samuele Marcora, and all other so called specialists, spreading their judgmental advices based on scorn instead of science, ideas that can only make things worse... Those obese people should punch you. With their big fat ugly smelly fist.

Doctors told us that fat is the enemy, they replaced it with more sugar and grains and the obesity epidemic and other disease skyrocketed.

When you don't even understand the basics of biology that makes life possible, NUTRITION, just shut the fuck up. You damn glorified drug pusher. Invent an anti-asshole pill already.

If doctors focused on encouraging to eat more nutrition, instead of limiting the calories of a desperate survival instinct struggling not to drop dead... people might be doing better food choices...

No, eating pure worthless poison isn't even okay in moderation!!!

Enjoy true food and you'll discover true pleasure~ Once you get clean by stopping to be a sugar, grains and additive junky... after a while you won't be craving your fixes anymore... you won't be in pain anymore... you won't need comfort junk anymore.

Free yourself from your vicious cycle. Nourish yourself with real food.

Or die rotting inside while your body is desperately trying to shield you with fat.

Some death are worst than others, scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) and pellagra (B3) sure are slowly agonizing physically and mentally. You won't find that in cookies, muffins or even bread; no matter how colorful you paint them.

Enjoy some salted steamed veggies with your fresh meat instead of grains~

Or die choked by your own protective fat, it would probably be a relief after painfully carrying every bite of garbage that you couldn't even shit... until you end up unable to walk... Haunted by the junk...

I've been obsessed by the color green and orange for so long... when I finally ate vegetables of that color... I felt so good... my body rewarded me so much more than usual... than I thought possible...

I will enjoy greens forever~ and animals. I found a shop at the farmer's market with grass fed bio beef so healthy that I can eat it raw... It tastes like a flower field instead of sweaty stinky workers in a warehouse...

More of the wrong things won't make it right... you need to discover completely new ways... and there are ways that where hidden from you that would give you far more pleasure that the things that you stubbornly cling to as if they where your choice, when they where forced upon you with ads and addictive additives.

Enjoy discovering all the real flavors of nature...

You can be proud of your body fat, it's the only thing keeping you alive.

But you should be ashamed on all the toxins that you ate and forced your body to store in it... and angry at the companies that lied to you when they claimed that they would take care of you, feed you real food... and that you're just a bad lazy person if you get sick from their tender loving TOXIC AND PROFITABLE cares.

Enjoy being fooled, or enjoy knowledge. I chose the ugly truth and it really did set me free.

The metaphor between people in intensive care and "lazy" people, obese or not... isn't an exaggeration... my own family did this to me... telling me to exercise when I couldn't even sit and breathe... calling me lazy... doctors calling me crazy because I was so distressed from the overwhelming pain all over my body... of course I couldn't cope mentally... of course I couldn't exercise!!! I had two chronic diseases shutting down my metabolism, my endocrine system, all my internal organs... the last thing I needed was exercise... I was so depleted of nutrients, so near death, that exercise wasn't even on the list of things that I needed to do!!! Eating right and getting rid of toxins and allergens was the only thing that mattered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should have been in intensive care... Not ridiculed for being in agony and brutally incapacitated... There's no way anyone could have stayed sane enduring all that! Laughing like a crazy person was the only thing that helped me hold on at times... No one else would cheer me up, they just looked down on me for not being the personification of perfection... but they weren't themselves, especially for doing something so heinous and claim that it's love!

I'm 130 pounds. A healthy BMI for my 5 feet 2. But I was called fat by my own family... My mother wanted me to be too skinny, in the danger zone, she even pressured me into anorexia, probably to save money to buy herself more hand bags that looked exactly the same. But she bought me shitty food... then mocked me for the bad results on my health and looks, when she had the control! Well I have the control now! But it took a while for me to discover that there is a much better way to take care of myself than the abuse and neglect that was inflicted upon me.

I never became obese, not even by being bed ridden for more than 10 years, so I know that the exercise claims are bullshit. My low thyroid / slow metabolism makes it easy to gain weight... because I can't burn energy... but I don't use it as an excuse to eat junk food. Taking supplements f the B complex gave me so much energy that I ran in circles in my kitchen the first time I took them. I could walk, even run faster and longer, without training, just because my body was now made of better materials.

When I was exhausted, I never tried to stuff my face with sugar to boost myself, not even when stupid doctors suggested it for my hypoglycemia... because soon after I felt way WAY worse physically and mentally. But some people would rather do the wrong thing than nothing at all. I chose to do research until I found the right thing. It was simply nutrition... overlooked as being insignificant because it's so obvious that it's important that doctors don't even look into it... but we have invented so many ways to feed ourselves in the most wrong and deadliest manner.

I know... because I've been in the hell of being unable to move from malnutrition... and nutrition was the only salvation that worked instead to make things worse. Naturopathy wants to help your body help you, by filling needs, instead to work against it with drugs to cover up symptoms, or to force things that the body won't do to protect you. I destroyed my health working too hard trying to earn people's respect when I only made their abuse easier... It's only by giving respect to myself that I finally got it and got healthy and finally happy. I am not financially successful... but I can still invest the little I have in what's most precious: my very life.


I remember how I felt for years... like I was trapped in a coffin, buried alive... and the coffin was my own body... I couldn't even sit or move at all without ending up in excruciating pain as if a truck passed on me back and forth and parked on me... (that's a symptom of bone pain from scurvy). I just wanted to die... I couldn't find the energy to do what I love, it was a desperate struggle to stand up long enough to make myself a meal... and everyone suggestion was to exercise and take antidepressant drugs.

Well, I tried to exercise, I joined the gym... hoping that it would give me energy, but it REQUIRED energy so it took it away. My sister tried antidepressant and side effects actually include worsening mental problems, so it destroyed her brain for life, she was a medical student. Seriously... stop this exercise propaganda bullshit... it's just to cover up what's going on that is very wrong in society... we are starving... we are being fed synthetic food... we might as well be eating sand, cardboard, show soles and couch stuffing...

Sheer will won't make a life form, or even a machine, function on that... I couldn't even move to do what is important to me, what I needed and what I wanted... and your suggestion was to waste energy with exercising for the pure sake of wasting the little energy that I have... And you are asking that of people so sick that they end up obese... because you find them unsightly... when it's a survival mechanism and without storing toxins in fat they would have died of cancer long ago... and you want to force them to take more poisons in the form of drugs...

Because it frustrates you that they're not beautiful enough for you to want to fuck them... even if anorexics are just as sick and even sicker with no reserves and nothing to protect them... at least they're easier to grab and fuck. Well, fuck you. It is because we focused on superficial toxic things that we ended up in this mess. The solution isn't even more of them.

The weight that I had to carry wasn't much but I was so sick that I couldn't do it... asking morbidly obese people to run, or even an athlete carrying hundreds of pounds in bags... is absolutely cruel and dangerous. I am exercising by sitting on my ass and typing. I am exercising when I breathe and walk. I can do that now.

No need to go run in place at the gym with no purpose. As long as you move, your lymphatic system gets moved around by being bounced up and down with the help of gravity... it cleans you... so you get healthier. But for it to work you have to stop eating more toxins than nutrients in your body... so they can have the time to come out... I stretch when I feel the need to. But I wouldn't spend hours doing the equivalent of military training on speed...

If your fat is full of fat soluble vitamins it's healthy, if you are skinny but full of toxins it's unhealthy... Biology is more complex than fat makes you fat... and burn the calories you eat with exercise... It's actually the other way around... to be able to burn energy you need vitamins and minerals so your body functions can work and burn energy... To be able to spend it, eat it... By eating only sugar under many artificial flavor disguises... you're only adding sand on top of your coffin... carrying it all around... until you finally eat something alive... and feel alive again.

Enjoy healthy life choices. Exhausting yourself and burning out your vital organs, by spending more energy than you can phantom, forcing yourself with drugs... isn't a wise choice. Unless you want to die sooner. Malnutrition tend to make people feel that way.

In google, typing "exercise made me" gave me the suggestion "gain weight" before "lost weight".

How exercise can make you pile on the pounds: Are you keeping fit but still not getting any slimmer? Here are the surprising reasons why at dailymail.

"it ‘does not promote weight loss'. That false perception, they claimed, ‘is rooted in the food industry's public relations machine, which uses tactics chillingly similar to big tobacco companies — denial, doubt and confusing the public'."

And shifting blame...

Exercise for weight loss is just plain not working. You'd have to run for 20 minutes to burn a cookie, and you wouldn't be able to do it by lack of the B complex to make the process possible.

The body will feel attacked and will try even harder to fight the irritation with fat layers to shield you. Exhaustion will damage your endocrine system, including the thyroid gland, which will wisely slow down your metabolism to avoid further damage... which means that you'll be even less likely to be able to burn energy, so you'll get fatter. Also, the adrenal gland secretes cortisol when stressed, not just adrenalin... and that makes you gain weight... any stimulation is a stress, especially beyond your threshold of tolerance and capacity at the time, with the resources provided to your body like nutrients and rest... If you need stimulant drugs to exercise... then you clearly shouldn't. It will hurt you.

Because you can be fat to protect yourself from toxins, and if you burn the fat, the toxins will start to spread to your vital organs, and your body will be desperate to eat more to seal them safely again...

Enjoy vegetables, their gelatinous fiber will drag all the poison out and you'll shit like you never shat before. That's a detox for you. Sweat, burning energy and transforming it into healthy body parts isn't enough, and is not always possible, otherwise we wouldn't have an ass.

Or you can stay full of shit and carry hundreds of pounds of toxins with you. Good luck trying to run like that. Thankfully your fat is sealing that poison in balloons or you'd be so dead.

Also people are made in different ways for different things. It would be very unlikely for a nerd to be an Olympic athlete, and a gold medal winner would be unlikely to also be a rocket scientist. The number of hours in a day that you can use to polish a skill is limited. It's unlikely that a midget with no legs would run faster than a cheetah. Some things are never meant to be. But it means that other things are.

But no one is meant to be morbidly obese... but the problem is what they put or not in their body, not how the body reacts to it. Better materials create a better body. Eating no materials at all might make you skinny but you won't stay that way for long because you'll DIE! It's never the weight that matters, but what it's made of... someone with heavy muscles will probably be healthier than a skinny anorexic, unless he used steroids...

Doctors shouldn't be allowed to prescribe illegal things either...

Stimulants are illegal because the Olympics would become a contest of who dare to take dangerous substances the most; instead of who has the best genetics and has learn to use his body more efficiently with practice. If you want to be like the models in magazines, buy photoshop. If you want to put poison in your body, eat what you're told by advertisements.

Discover the rainbow of life hidden in farmer markets. It would be hard to make the wrong choices there. Everything is alive.

Lisa Of Shades
8 November 2015

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Man breasts

(The text is below)

Breast milk ~ side boob ~ man breast ~ gay adopt babies ~ Jack Nicholson

Final version

"As Walmart announces plan to sell breast milk,
concern grows that gays will be the main customers."

"If god wanted men to have breast milk,
he would have given them breasts."
Janet Willis, Kentucky ~ Reported at

This is a nipple.
It's where the milk comes out
when breasts can produce milk.

Jack Nicholson: "It is MY side boob!"
(This is NOT a balanced meal!)

Man breasts

They exist. Your argument is invalid.

God wants to give breast milk to babies.
You want babies to starve to death because they have
two loving daddies instead of no one to care for them!?

You're going to hell.

Longer version with explanations:

“As Walmart announces plan to sell breast milk,
concern grows that gays will be the main customers.”

“If god wanted men to have breast milk,
he would have given them breasts.”
Janet Willis, Kentucky ~ Reported at

This is a nipple. It's where the milk comes out
when women are able to breast feed.
If they are healthy, drug free, with balanced hormones and nutrition, without damage from surgery or implants blocking the flow...

Jack Nicholson: "It is MY side boob!"
(This is NOT a balanced meal!)

Man breasts

They exist. Your argument is invalid.
God wants to give breast milk to babies.
You want babies to starve to death because they have
two loving daddies instead of no one to care for them!?

Formula isn't as healthy as good breast milk
because it doesn't have protective living enzymes.
It's mostly sugar and soy. It lacks vital nutrition.

Sugar makes babies obese, diabetic and addicted.
Soy mimics female hormones and disturb their growth.
It can make men's breasts grow and cause impotence.
It might even feminize brain development,
causing an unchangeable sexual attraction to men.
Homosexuals aren't at fault, they where created this way.
By god.

Women and men are the same.
They both have female and male hormones,
in different amount, making body parts grow differently.

But we are all people, capable of love.
God said to love one another.
Gay men are doing what god wants.
You're not by hating them. Back off or you'll go to hell!


I'm not religious but it's simpler to speak from their perspective, since the mind of religious fanatics is so narrow and limited by their delusional view of reality.

It's about the article As Walmart announces plan to sell breast milk, concern grows that gays will be the main customers at thenewsnerd.

"Many detractors have been concerned that their milk could go to gay couples who became parents through surrogacy."

So it's to feed a BABY! Why would anyone be concerned if the man in a heterosexual couple buy breast milk to feed his own baby because his wife eats grains instead of the greens to make milk. It makes no difference if there's one more penis in that story. But when there's no one at all, babies starve!

There's a obese baby epidemic, so it's clearly not from lack of exercise. It's the sugar in formula... and soy mimics the female hormone. It's how vital organs communicate. And it says "Hey, we're pregnant, let's pile up the pounds to make it safer... and grow breasts." Hormones work even in males. It even gives fishes two sexes... because of the contraceptive pill being peed and flushed in rivers... The pill make the body believe that she's already pregnant... so she becomes fatter by craving more food and have materials to build a baby... and make a shield on her tummy... and get bigger breasts to be able to feed... It works on men, it even works on babies. Baby formula has so much estrogen from soy, it's like giving them 5 contraceptive pills a day, and that's even more for them considering their small size.

Soy formula for babies: birth control pills in a bottle at healthimpactnews by Dr. Mercola (one of my heroes).

"A study has linked soy formula given to babies with uterine fibroids in adults." Formula is worse than I thought!

You want to stop gays from buying the best food for their babies... natural breast milk the way god intended to... Well, it's YOUR babies since homosexuals can't have them, because you abandoned them to die... and you think heterosexuals are better than gays? You're a bunch of even worse repulsive fuckers! Gays don't kill babies, they nurture them. Because their partnership isn't about fucking, it's about love and family. At least the ones who are going through the extremely hard process of adoption. Because there are sick fuck in any groups. And since I'm asexual, everyone having sex look like the same fuckers to me. At least the gays don't try to rape me.

So if you hate gays, blame society for screwing up their hormones. Or your god. He used surrogacy himself to make Jesus... God, the holy spirit and Jesus, they're all guys... Your god is gay.

I'm more concerned about the men who'll deny this elixir of life to babies to drink the rare supplies themselves... from curiosity or some way to spice up their sex life... It's statistically more likely to come from heterosexuals because they are the majority...

The "It's my side boob" joke is from Family guy. See it at YouTube. I first wanted to use Peter Griffin images... but cartoons can be denied as not real, Jack Nicholson was the perfect example, because he's scary as hell (The shining, and he even played the Joker) so you can't say that he's not really a man and insult him easily. The reason why he got this way is in his hand... Grains and cold meat goo are not a meal to balance your hormones properly, it won't make your body stay young and healthy because it lacks nutrition. Vitamin C turns into collagen to fill wrinkles.

I took the man breast picture from: Jesus man breasts at equinoxpub.

I searched to know why some women can't breast feed, I found some answers at
What causes low milk production?

Cows produce milk and are most healthy by ruminating grass. If you don't eat enough of it for your own needs in calcium and vitamin C, you won't be able to have extra to feed a baby. White bread, cookies and chips won't turn into nutritious milk, because they are not nutritious.

So if you don't want gays to adopt babies... stop fucking when you have no intention of taking care of your own babies. But once the wrong is done, don't get in the way of the tender loving people who want to do the right thing!

Back off!!!

Save your hatred for rapists and pedophiles!

As long as it's consensual, by being properly informed, free to say no without being pressured by authority or threats, mature enough to make the decision, and ready to assume the risks & consequences... (a child isn't ready to have a child!), what two people do in their home to express their love to each other is none of anyone's fucking business!

Enjoy grinding your filthy privates the way you want to, and let others do the same.

Lisa Of Shades
9 November 2015

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Stop eating grains, the right color is green!

(The text is below)

Babies disability ~ flour bread not fortified with folic acid ~ natural source are greens, eggs, fishes

“Hundreds of babies put at risk of disability or aborted because flour & bread has not been fortified with folic acid.”

Grains can neither create nor sustain a healthy life. But you want us to eat them anyway!? When Celiac people notice that grains are destroying everyone's gut, kidneys & brains... You want them to eat grains anyway, by removing the gluten protein, making them even more worthless but making it more expensive!?

Stop caring about the grain industry's wealth!

Start caring about health!

White and brown are equally bad.

The right color is green!

Natural sources of folic acid, part of the B complex: Broccoli, celery, carrots, squash, lettuce, citrus, berries, nuts, eggs, fatty fish… Stop eating sand, start eating life!


It's about the article: Hundreds of babies 'put at risk of disability or aborted because flour and bread has not been fortified with folic acid' at dailymail.

"Fortification of flour and bread with folic acid was recommended in 2006
But others are against what they call the 'mass medication' of people"

When it needs to be fortified it means that it's worthless.
Vitamins are NOT drugs! They are FOODS!!!

But it's better to get it from living organic sources, they're easier to absorb, and with more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to digest them for you. I take vitamins supplements; they add a nice extra to my healthy meals. But adding them to worthless junk doesn't make it a healthy food! It's not even food at all. It's just a tiny vitamin supplement in a whole lot of toxic filler. You might as well try to survive on vitamin pills alone… You'd get more nutrition and less poison than eating grains.

But the best is to eat a wonderfully delicious variety of very colourful greens. I say green but it's really a rainbow once the flowers turn into vegetables and fruits, thanks to bees' pollination. Chemicals made in a lab aren't alive so they can't sustain it. Vitamins and minerals supplements help me, but I take them from natural sources.

Cereals where fortified with iron, but the wrong kind, so inorganic that the cereal moved towards a magnet! It's like eating a fork! You might as well just eat earth directly! But only plant can do that, only plants can turn dead materials into life. So they are an important part of your meal. Especially a salad with fruits because it's still fully alive when you eat it. And of course fresh meats. Eating grains is living at the edge of starvation and death... when nothing better is available. But it IS available so chose that!

I took the food sources from my page:
Health ~ Nutrition ~ Vitamins & minerals ~ Folic Acid

Grains where listed as a food source, but if they need to be fortified with inorganic supplements, then they are not a food source after processing them badly.

There are many more greens but I chose hem based on the ones I like most for this recipe:
Health ~ Recipes for happiness ~ Healing soup

If babies are born severely disabled to the point that it's better for them if they're never born... it means that the mother wasn't eating anything else than grains! They are processed with artificial colors and flavors to pretend to have a variety, but they don't. You're always eating sand... and without adding sugary sand even more... you'd never want to eat that cardboard junk.

There are so many delicious choices! Add them to your means and enjoy. Before you know it, they will push grains out because vegetables are so much more delicious. You just need to give them a chance. Give yourself a chance.

Vegetables and fresh meats like eggs and fishes are really enjoyable~

Enjoy grinding your filthy privates the way you want to, and let others do the same. They don't need toxic additives to be appetizing. Just don't overcook them and add enough Grey Celtic Sea Salt (full of trace minerals and without toxins).


Lisa Of Shades
9 November 2015

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