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Vaccination collection 01-18 part 3. They where meant to be one giant poster:

Vaccination 13 ~ True healers are farmers
Vaccination 14 ~ Doctors cause injuries
Vaccination 15 ~ You can't trust any industries
Vaccination 16 ~ Are you eating foods or toxins?
Vaccination 17 ~ Diseases are not old age!
Vaccination 18 ~ Vaccines kill nutrition heals

Vaccination 13 ~ True healers are farmers

(The text is below)

True healers are farmers ~ Monsanto make toxic GMO with viruses ~ dead bees ~ dandelion heal

True healers Are not in a laboratory, they're on a farm. They're the ones who know how to make life grow. But even they can put greed above nature. Monsanto's GMO are edible plants mixed with a virus that secretes toxins, to kill insects. But the plant became poisonous for all life forms! Including the bees! Flower won't turn into food without their pollination. And it slowly kills us too!

They should have spliced GMOs with a fast growing & resistant plant. The dandelion has a strong and deep root to get a lot of nutrients. It's so healthy that it heals. Giving that root to other plants would have made more super foods. It outgrows weed so fast that it can share the land. It's so hard to kill that insects can eat a few leaves.


That one is basically 3 posters but I left them as one.

Yup, healers aren't in a sterile laboratory. They're covered in dirt. I wanted to use a very ugly red neck, looking completely stupid, dirty like a hobo... and write "Here's your savior!" But the idea that grannies know more about our health is more convincing. I like her box of cures. You can't cure life using diseases, dead substances or things that where never alive and cannot be part of a living body. You can only cure life with life.


There's a reason our ancestors didn't cultivate toxic plants even though they probably grow super well and no insects would bother eating them away from us... It's because they're toxic. And making edible plants toxic was the stupidest move ever. Animals eating GMO end up sick. They reproduce faster than us so we get to know our doom. After a few generations, they are sickly and infertile... they get extinct. So go ahead, replace our food with GMO, stupid humanity, and go extinct!

Monsanto claim that the plant is hardier to be able to use even stronger pesticides and herbicides; as if the plant being drenched in poison wasn't bad enough they had to make it worse. But it takes nutrients to heal! Especially vitamin C. So even if the plant manage to stand up alive, she's going to be at the end of her reserves... an empty stick that won't nourish us... and that will give us an extra dose of poison!

It's not true that this method gives more production. Many farmers in poor countries committed suicide because it caused them to go bankrupt. Even if it was giving them more cops, they are strangled because they are forbidden to collect Monsanto's exclusive seeds. They have to buy them again. But their field is contaminated so it's not like they can give up.

Monsanto sued a bio farmer, who never planted their mutant crops to avoid losing his bio seeking clients. The wind brought seeds and contaminated his fields. It's Monsanto who should have paid for the damage, but they sued for the money! Monsanto is a greedy giant having the power to crush and steal everything from the smaller. Not because they are better with more people wanted their superior product... but because they destroyed lives with cruel practice to make cash, and can now use it to destroy even more lives. It's a machine powered by people who only look at their bank account... Even if the theory was good for math... the damage for lives is devastating.

They also spliced their crops with a virus that secretes toxin... Spraying toxins is absorbed into the plant and that's hard and impossible to wash off... But with a plant that secretes toxin in its every cells... it keeps doing it even when you're not spraying... even in your gut... and since you renew your cells with those cells... a man ended up having a gut that secreted toxins, permanently poisoning him! No wonder the animals got sicker and sicker and died out after the generations.

Who cares about profit once all humans died out...? I bet Monsanto CEO doesn't eat his own cheap crap corn... But he'll need the people he looks down on to do services that no one can live without. Try to spend some months without garbage men... It can quickly turn your fancy home to hell.

They should have spliced the plants with the best one available. Have you ever tried to get rid of dandelions? I dug so deep but a mini piece of root was left and it grew tall and strong so quickly. It either spring back up after passing on it with the lawn mower, or it grows a feet tall before the grass can grow one centimeter. That plant is amazing. I always thought that it was a weed, but it's actually a medicinal plant. Yeah, because medicine was supposed to be super foods.

The medical industry wanted to bypass life and isolate just one chemical element, put it in a pill and sell it… But we're life forms, you can't bypass life to heal… life forms… you'll bypass their needs too. You can't put life in a pill. And if you do, it has to be vitamins and minerals so the body can decide of its own use and harmony.

Trying to bypass body processes and force things that are missing ingredients to work… it leads to disaster. The dandelion root is healing because roots are a powerful nutritional reserve for the plant, with healing elements that we can't make ourselves … like vitamin C.

The dandelion root is a living plant with countless ingredients and different cells (life forms) in harmony… and it is very good at keeping the balance, so it can help us restore our own… all healthy life forms can… Splicing them with harmful substances to cause harm on purpose… it will come back to bite us. And we can't do a vaccine against poison! I wish we could make one against stupidity… but only a properly nourished clear mind and good information can improve that.

Lisa Of Shades
20 October - 1 November 2015

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Vaccination 14 ~ Doctors cause injuries

Doctor stabbing patient: "Trust me. I’m a doctor." Our idea of health is to destroy what we don’t want, instead of nurturing what we need. But the unpleasant symptoms are the body fighting for life! You need pain and sadness to know how to be safe. We're trying to kill diseases. No wonder we get so sick. That's as dumb as stabbing a wound to make it go away! Operations, drugs and vaccines create more injuries.

Doctor stabs patient ~ Trust me I'm a doctor ~ Promote life not death

Doctors are the new religion. We go to them hoping to be saved, on our knees, like docile lambs for the slaughter. At least religion was honest enough to tell us that we'd only be saved by them AFTER WE DIE.
We wouldn't blindly let a stranger cut us open... so why do we allow any doctors to do that? Because they are too busy for us to choose, we get lucky even with someone who only scored 60% at school, the lowest of the low... we even put our lives in the hands of unqualified plastic surgeons because we want to cling to false hope that someone can make us better, and that we can even cheat the price... not just with money... but with our health and lives.

The only way to be beautiful, healthy, pain free and happy is by TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES the healthy way. Not covering up wounds with bandages and a sickly face and nails with paint and varnish. That's just nonsense.

Depression and pain are the way your body is telling you that you're taking care of yourself wrong. When you sit in a flame, you don't take pain killers and let it poison you while you burn to death... you GET UP AND LEAVE THE BAD SITUATION!!! If your lover threats you like shit and beat you to a pulp, you don't take antidepressant to cling to the idea that you are better off with someone, you move on and give love to yourself! If you make that choice, then be happy about the reasons you made that choice. But is more money really worth fear and broken bones? How can that possibly make you feel safer in life... More useful? Pick up the trash on the sidewalk, it will be more useful than becoming the lover of someone who's trash and threat you like trash. Maybe if everyone start acting this way we'll all wake up and threat each other with respect. But no, instead of trying to fix the problem, people take drugs to help them deny it! Ignorance is only bliss for the people who exploit you. Even if you aren't aware of your suffering because you're too stone or high, you're still suffering. Even if we could push a button in your brain to make you feel happy, the rest of your organs would STILL BE DYING AND IN URGENT NEED OF BETTER CARES!!!

Eating junk won't give the same results as eating healthy. Being addicted to sugar and satisfying an addiction isn't the same thing as satisfying nutritional needs. It doesn't matter if you only like steak and don't want to eat anything else. You might be able to build muscles and skin with those materials, but not joints and bones!!! Not vital organs!!! Pack animals fight over them because they ensure their survival better. Vital organs are full of nutritional reserves and the Alfa male in pack is the one who get to eat them. The strong gets the best part. The lower, weaker animals get the cheap stuff... the flesh that you think is the best but is not. You can choose to eat like a king but you stubbornly eat garbage willingly. That's seriously stupid to choose to be a low life, it doesn't matter how much money you have in the bank after that, or how high your social status is, or how many people follow you on facebook... You chose to behave like a low life where it matters the most: taking care of yourself.

No operations or pill will magically be able to undo decades of abuse and neglect... of toxins and nutritional deficiencies. Heck even nanomachines wouldn't be able to patch you up because they wouldn't have enough of the right organic materials. You can't build a real strong heart with food that is mostly synthetic materials and artificial flavors. And no, synthetic shit doesn't taste better, it just has an overpowering taste that makes you unable to taste the richness of real flavor once you get too used to it. Scientifically crafted to addict you. And since it won't nourish you, you keep starving for more... in a vicious cycle of bad choices.

I wish we could cut you open and take the stupid out... but it doesn't work that way. You have to make one good choice at a time to finally undo the consequences... hopefully you have enough time to undo the damage, before the results of your bad decisions kill you. But one thing for sure, cutting you open and patching bad materials together won't turn them into good materials. If you use shitty materials to build your home, it's going to look and be shitty. And a paint job won't stop it from crumbling.

Enjoy better and you'll have better consequences~ No one can undo that with a pill or scalpel. Mommy and daddy won't come to make the tummy ache go away... because it's your vital organs that turned to shit and it's too late!!! And then all sorts of small organism are going to come and have a feast on your half dead corpse, because you're as good as dead to them. And no vaccine will be able to prevent that! Even if you use a poison to kill them, you'll just hurt what's left of you even more, accelerating your doom. Even if you use drugs to feel better about it... You'll still be in agony and not really feeling great... and you'll live that miserable life... yeah, I wouldn't be scared to die either. Keep eating shit. The world is overpopulated anyway. I just wish that the people who are still alive weren't morons out of their mind because of toxic foods and drugs... and predatory propaganda for products that do the opposite of what they promise, but everyone so wish it was true. BUT IT ISN'T!!!


And not everyone can survive doctors... and especially vaccines.

Lisa Of Shades
20 October - 1 November 2015

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Vaccination 15 ~ You can't trust any industries

You can’t trust any industries. Because they are lifeless creations needing profits to survive. So they will put profit above your survival, even if it goes against their very purpose!

You can’t even trust yourself. The industries will try to deceive all your senses. Sugar, artificial flavors and colors are added to products. It's to fool your taste buds, eyes and brain into thinking that it’s food, super ripe and full of nutrients. It’s not. They will even misinform your common sense, by twisting facts into their very opposite. Merely giving you an illusion of freedom. Killing you without guilt because it was your choice. Being tasty is a lie. It’s not enough to survive anymore!

Fooled by sugar, dyes, artificial flavors ~ chemical toxins

I used that picture before for my other poster ADHD is malnutrition.

The image is bigger in my other art. It's by deesillustration, his political satire section is awesome. It’s probably to warn against the brain damaging effects of artificial sweeteners, but it represents ADHD as well.

Lisa Of Shades
20 October - 2 November 2015

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Vaccination 16 ~ Are you eating foods or toxins?

(The text is below)

Obesity, skinny children, both starving, fat stores toxins

Are you eating foods or toxins? The chemicals added to processed products overstimulate your senses so much that it kills brain cells. You end up addicted because real food seems bland in comparison. People overeat, desperate to get nutrition, but they keep starving for usable materials.

Fat doesn't just store fuel and nutrients, it stores TOXINS too. That’s why people are obese, yet so exhausted & famished. They’re not eating food!

Both starving for vitamins and minerals. It’s nutrition that counts, not calories. Your vital functions need specific nutrients in sufficient amount to even be able to burn energy. The children in poor countries might actually be healthier. They don’t have the sweet toxic wastes to eat, so they won’t die from diabetes and cancer.

At least you have a choice. Make sure you make the right one. You’ll have to live with the consequences. Drugs and vaccines can’t save you from that. Only changing your lifestyle permanently will.


In the movie Tomorrowland (IMDb) someone criticize our world saying that there are children starving in Africa and people obese in American, to explain that.

The first idea is to think that Americans keep all the food for themselves and let poor children starve in other countries where food can't grow as well. But that's just being short sighted, fooled by superficial appearances.
The reason for both is starvation. The difference with industrialized countries is that they have the technology to produce artificial food. But eating plastic fruits won't nourish you. That's obvious. But using cheap fillers like grains isn't any better because they lack the various vitamins and minerals necessary for life.

Grains are so transformed that it's like eating the cardboard box. The taste reflects its lack of nutritional value. No one would want to eat that.

Vegetables and fruits that are highly nutritious, they taste sweet when they are ripe and ready to eat. We instinctively go for foods like that. So the "food" industry adds sugar to their worthless foods to trick you.

They also add synthetic colors and flavors to make it look like real food, but like the plastic fruit, it's not. Subway claimed to be healthy but they added the same ingredient used to make shoe soles and yoga carpets to their bread to make it look more appetizing, because it wasn't.

But the body is organic, he can't use synthetic chemicals to renew his cells and make body functions happen. It's unusable so it's a burden, a toxin. It takes water and green plant fiber to detox, so when people only feed on denatured junk beautified with toxins, they can't be used but they can't even be expelled either! So they are stored in fat. And sometimes in tumors when that no longer works because the body is too saturated with poisons.

In my article Health ~ Nutrition ~ Purpose of fat I explain that it's to:
  • Store fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K)
  • Protect against the cold when your metabolism slows down from malnutrition
  • Seal toxins away from the vital organs
It also stores excess sugars, the hormone insulin does that. Refined sugars cause intense blood sugar fluctuations, in the brain too, so it causes mood swings. Because the body was never meant to handle so much, so it becomes a toxin because the balance with nutrients was broken. Fat is actually a much better fuel, because it's converted slowly. Sugar can't be used to build cells, but fresh fat can (but not rancid fried fats). From healthy sources. Canola oil is named as "Canadian oil", but it comes from the Rapeseed plant, a toxic weed. The industry wanted to keep the profits local instead to import olive oil. It's healthy for their personal economy. But not for your body. It's a toxic plant.

People don't become obese because they eat too much healthy fat soluble vitamins... and it's worse than eating too many calories... the main reason is because they eat TOXINS instead of actual food.

So since toxins are consumed instead of usable fuel and vitamins... people are obese because their fat cells are inflated like balloons... full of poison.

Fat is actually a wonderful fuel vital to your health. Your hormones, the way vital organs communicate together, are made with cholesterol. All your cells membranes are made of fat to seal ad protect them. Your brain is mostly fat.

The problem with fried foods isn't that they are fat. The cold refrigerator preserves life by slowing it down, cooking accelerates it. Overcooking vegetables makes them taste putrid, because they are. So the problem with fried foods is that the fat was turned rancid by too fast and too high heat, and that's like eating a toxic rotten corpse. Why people prefer that to fresh food is probably because of all the colorful sugary sauce that is added, and that might as well be paint. Eating fries without Ketchup is boring. But eating the orange sweet potatoes isn't. And you can add butter.

So people are fat because they are being poisoned. They are not being nourished. They are starving. That's why they can't stop overeating, because they are desperately trying to find the nutrition to survive, renew their cells and function. It's not over eating calories versus nutrition. It's plain unusable poison. And the companies will just tell you to eat less and exercise more, but YOU CANNOT CONVERT TOXINS INTO MUSCLES!!!

It's the other way around: when you are well nourished, you have the URGE to move. When you are starving to death, you avoid moving to conserve energy. The body isn't stupid, he won't hold on to more calories than he can ever use in a lifetime, he does that because every processes require specific materials to happen, like a recipe. And you eat such deadly toxic waste that you can't even make shit to take it out!!! You're eating worse than shit. Some animals eat shit and they don't catch cancer from that!

The tragedy is that we have food available, maybe not for all of us, but we can all choose to eat healthy. I am poor and I put nutrition as a priority. Because I can survive without a cell phone, but I can't if I fail to renew the cells in my heart with sufficient vitamin C.

The medical industry claims that we eat too much fat and salt... but that's not the problem. The fat is a rancid toxic dead fat unusable by life forms. Table salt is full of toxins to bleach out the grey trace minerals necessary for life. It's because we lack vitamin C to make elastic blood vessels that people have heart problems, the cholesterol is being used as a last resort to clog fissures so you won't bleed out. Vitamin C makes elastic collagen, a symptom of scurvy is ripped blood vessels bleeding internally.

If we stopped people from eating toxins and let them eat only the usable nutritional stuff... they would look as skinny as skeletons, just like those starving children. The government allow it because while people have cardboard, sand and cancer juice in their gut, they don't revolt for food. They get addicted to sugar, a refined concentrated white powder that stimulated the pleasure center of the brain, just like cocaine and heroin. So they shut up quietly, stuffing themselves with deadly products instead of actual food. If the FDA really cared, they would make it all illegal. Everything that can't be used to make cells, organs, or body processes. But they don't because they get bribes. Everyone gets rich while you die.

As long as people will stubbornly stay in the vicious cycle of nutritionally starving by eating junk food but eating more junk instead of going towards real food... they will get more obese and sicker.

If your body doesn't have enough vitamin C to make a strong heart, you won't have enough to handle stress. A symptom of scurvy is extreme exhaustion and depression. Your immune system won't have vitamin C as weapons to protect you. Since you never eat raw organic food, your gut bacteria will die out from starvation and won't be able to protect you against invaders and mold, but those will thrive on acidic sugary toxins. They will even start eating you as if you where a corpse while still alive, because you barely are.

Antibiotics and vaccines aren't the solution to this.

Raising more cattle and growing more GMO grains aren't the solution either.

The solution for America is the same as for the starving children in Africa: there are more people than resources available to feed them.


The vaccine industry goes to Africa to vaccine the starving children like saviors. But what they actually do is use their expired vaccines, even more rotten than usual. So they can manage to make a profit with something that would cause a scandal if they did it to Americans. They probably get paid by charity organizations that people donated to. The church gave blankets to orphan natives... full of deadly diseases... and let them die. Kindness is often the worst selfish cruelty in disguise.

The children in Africa have no food, no drinking water, and parasites all over the place... and you think that all their need is a vaccine? And how are they supposed to nourish themselves to survive? By eating sand and drinking each other's tears?

It's known that vaccines don't work without an immune system, all that they do is provoke a reaction... because they attack it...

What people need to be strong is real food. Living foods with living cells that can be welcomed in the collective of cells that you are.

They don't need more diseases and more toxins to make toxins more appetizing.

People need FOOD!!!

Not just good taste. Artificial sugar was invented because someone foolishly licked his fingers while creating a substance never meant to be used as food... so it's not even if he liked the taste of POISON!

Artificial sugar makes people more obese. Because with sugar, the balance with nutrients is broken, but you can still manage to burn some with the little nutrients that you manage to get in your diet... But with artificial sweet poison, it's absolutely unusable... that's why people got even MORE OBESE drinking diet cola than one with real sugar.

They took away the only thing that was almost food, in that acidic cancer juice full of fart bubble. There's nothing cool about malnourished and poisoned people who suffer from dehydration, because cola leeches minerals from the body to buffer the acid before it melts your vital organs. It gives you nothing, except the illusion to be part of a cool team because some athlete endorsed it, but probably wouldn't drink it if he wants to stay a healthy winner.

Biology is a complex living organism in harmony with many substances. You can't refine one ingredient from a life form, sugar, and think that it's enough to nourish a living being. They need to eat living beings in the FOOD CHAIN OF LIFE! And you sure as hell can't use synthetic ingredients. Even a car can't function on fuel alone. Even a robot needs more than one synthetic ingredient and pretty colorful paint to function.

Obese people are starving. They're not being gluttonous from greed. They're not unable to move from laziness. It's starvation.

Even if you ate only vitamins and minerals, if you eat too much of the wrong one (iron and vitamin A can kill you) and neglect to take as much as you need (vitamin C is needed in very high doses during stress, like emotional grief or disease) it's not going to make you healthy if your nutrients aren't balanced with your needs.

So artificial products with toxins instead of nutrients... your chances of survival are so slim that it's absolutely amazing how the body manage to prolong your life.

The obese fat is actually saving your life... weight and lack of exercise isn't what's causing the problems, it's the survival mechanisms to POISONS AND MALNUTRITION! To seal toxins and prolong life by trying to preserve energy.

Of course you'll get cancer by eating toxins instead of nutrients. And to keep the lie going, the medical industry only uses cancer causing chemotherapy and radiations as a "cure". But while it might destroy the cells sealing the toxins in the tumor, it only spreads the toxins it contains in your body, in your vital organs, while adding more toxins from the treatment. So yeah, the tumors come back, in a desperate attempt to save your life. But people turned their back on eating toxic products and turned towards life forms full of nutrition, and the juicy fibers and water to detoxify... and their cancer went away naturally. The only side effect was pooping. Gerson proved it and cured many people. But the medical industry put a 5 year barrier before declaring you cured, to improve the statistics of success. But people got declared cured and died 6 months later...

Toxins are the problem, not the solution. Starvation is the problem, and when you are, you won't be able to fight diseases... so injecting them won't make you healthier! When you are starving, you don't have energy for your vital functions, so doing pointless repetitive exercise will only exhaust you even closer to death.

It's nutrition that counts, not calories... But that's not even what is making you fat... it's pure poison. Junk food isn't bad for you because there are too many calories in this healthy usable food, it's because it's NOT FOOD and NOT USABLE... because it's PURE TOXIC WASTE!

You can't chew wheat in a field, what made people think they could eat that at all? But you can pick an apple from a tree, and it's so healthy that it's said that one apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Make healthy life choices if you want to be healthy. Not doing a "diet" of eating nothing, only drinking liquid sugar and nothing else for a week. If you are thirsty, drink water, sugar and the caffeine in cola makes you even thirstier.

Stop the vicious cycles. Stop the poisons. Stop starving. Eat real food. Humans will never be able to do artificially what nature does naturally. People even destroy everything good when they try to improve it.

To be able to think clearly your brain needs to be nourished properly, well rested, and not irritated by allergens and toxins. The better you nourish yourself, the more intelligent you'll be, and the easier it will be to make intelligent choices.


Lisa Of Shades
20 October - 2 November 2015

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Vaccination 17 ~ Diseases are not old age!

Your cells need organic materials to be renewed constantly, otherwise your body deteriorates slowly. Diseases are not old age! You’re always a young clone. They’re an accumulation of nutritional deficiencies!

Old age diseases are accumulated deficiencies ~ renew your cells with nutrition

Every 6-7 years it's a whole new you.
Some cells renew themselves faster than others but they all do. You can notice your nails and hairs grow. Your vital organs do it too, you just don't notice it because the cells are expulsed as poop.

That's why people get diseases. Because society think that once we're done growing up, we're done growing and only need fuel (calories) to function... and apply toxic products to our skin that is absorbed and damage the internal organs...

Instead you should eat the vitamin C so you can make the collagen that fills wrinkles. But they're the least of your problem, the tip of the iceberg, because the heart needs a lot. So your stupid anti aging creams full of silicone won't save you from death even if you look prettier with a face full of bath sealant. The B complex will give you energy and help to make strong blood that will bring healthy colors to your face.

It's believed that the brain can't renew itself. But it does. That's why we need to sleep! It's advised not to take vitamin B12 before bed because it gives vivid dreams... but that's a sign that your cells are being renewed very effectively! So I do. You can't renew your brain cells when you are using them, the same way that you can't make a copy of your computer's operating system while you are using it, you need a ghost to turn it off.

Sleep is your body's way to turn your brain off. Then it takes the information in an old neuron and transfer it to a new one. Your consciousness can get a glimpse of that information, to make sense of it, it patches the ideas together with some more to make a story, which doesn't always makes sense. Remembering your dreams is a good sign that you consumed enough of the B complex.

If you don't sleep for about 11 days... you die.

Sleep also puts you in a healing mode to renew other cells.

Nightmares can be caused by reactive hypoglycemia. Your adrenals need vitamin C to free fuel as you need it. If you eat refined sugar without the vitamin C contained in the original plants, your pancreas will store it all into fat, then you'll crash because your adrenals won't be able to free it... and you won't be able to burn without the B complex. You can die from low blood glucose, so your brain will send you all the fears it can stimulate to wake you up. You'll also feel anxious paranoia if it happens while you are awake.

Or you can have nightmares because your life was one and the bad memories need to be copied too. It can be useful to learn from them instead to repeat the same mistake, so bad memories are important too. Instead to try to destroy them and forget with alcohol, drugs or a lobotomy... make new memories. Good memories that you like. That way the bad will be diluted among the good until it will become barely noticeable. You don't notice insect parts and rat dropping in your processed food, you don't even notice the toxins until you're very sick, because they're buried in artificial flavors. That's also why household products are full of perfume. It's to hide how dangerously toxic they are, but on the bottle it says to use them in a well aerated room because you're not supposed to even breathe the perfumes.

Bad memories can also be buried under better ones. We tend to remember better what happened more recently and the memories that we use the most. So try to let go until the bad memories start to atrophy. You don't need one massively good event to make up for the bad... that would be only one memory. My trick is to fill my head with a massive quantity of jokes. I also like health information so I can make better decisions to feel better. So anything positive to you can overcrowd the bad. Any good life choices is a step towards health. And any time you cheat with something harmful, you cheat yourself and your very life.

Every bite, every drink, every breath... can be a death by a thousand needles. They seem insignificant on their own, but together they can overpower your defenses and ability to heal. Because they add up. And so does the good memories over the bad ones... but it's better to have bad memories than none at all. So don't try to cope with destructive ways that might seem to give relief and pleasure short term, but worsen everything long term... Bad choices to flee bad choices are often the problem itself and nothing good can come out of that vicious cycle.

The B complex has many uses, and a very important one is to renew the nerves. Your brain is mostly a fat ball of nerves. If you don't eat enough of the B complex to renew those nerves... your memories won't be able to be copied and the cell will die along with it... It can be a slight deficiency that will accumulate over time. Eventually you won't be able to remember enough to function. Pellagra (lack of B3) causes dementia.

Alzheimer’s isn't old age. It's a slowly accumulated deficiency over time. Nerves are also needed to see and move, that's why there are other symptoms. B12 improves it, by healing the nerves, improves mental clarity. Choline helps memory. Zinc deficiency is associated with Alzheimer’s deficiency.

The medical industry like to give complicated names to make you feel confused, powerless so you'd surrender your life, power and money into their hands. But malnutrition by any other name will still kill you the same. Except that by giving it another name, you lose sight of the cause and therefore the cure. Drugs aren't the answer. Good foods are. But to catch up to the debt and heal a long accumulated deficiency, the right natural supplements could be vital to do it quickly enough before it's too late.

You can get more information by searching keywords in my page:
Health ~ Nutrition ~ Vitamins & minerals

It can be reversed, but the memories won't grow back if the whole neurons died. But the links between neurons can grow back and allow you to access the memory they contain again.
Nerve damage doesn't always make you deaf or your limbs numb. Damage to the myelin sheath around nerves is called demyelination. When the nerves lose their shield and get damaged, sensations aren't filtered so everything can end up extremely painful. Slight sounds and light can become torture. It can be very hard emotionally to be so overwhelmed. Emotions aren't imaginary; they're the result of nerve stimulation.

Not everyone is bed ridden when they get old. And I was in my 20s!!! I literally came back to life by eliminating toxins and embracing nutritive life forms. Half raw half cooked. All the will power, positive thinking and good will won't work without nutrition.

Vaccines and preservatives won't make you healthier longer.

The water soluble vitamins C and Bs are so extremely important that they're never stored in fat. If the body manage to absorb them, they will be turned into flesh, bones and nerves. Vitamin C will be accumulated straight into your vital organs, in your adrenals, brain and eyes because they need so much to function.

You don't grow up anymore, but you grow... but you don't grow old. You just grow. Eat the materials to build new organs so your next clone will be able to function without pains and distress.


Lisa Of Shades
20 October - 2 November 2015

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Vaccination 18 ~ Vaccines kill nutrition heals

Vaccines and preservatives are the wrong way to save lives! Strengthen your immune system by eating nutritive life forms, making them your ally. Not by putting toxins and diseases into your body. Heal yourself in your own kitchen, with fresh living ingredients.
Preferably certified 100% organic. Without poison! Vaccines kill nutrition heals.

Vaccines kill nutrition heals ~ strong immune system with vegetables and fruits

An apple a day keeps the doctor away~

But eating vegetables everyday is essential. And I'm not saying that to promote vegetarianism. They have vital ingredients that can't be found in meat. Maybe more if you make a soup with the bones and joints, but you still need living enzymes that can only be found in raw food, and can only thrive in you if you nourish them and yourself with raw foods. But tofu messes with your hormones, and the B12 is hard to find in plant sources. So both are essential.

We are omnivores, we are meant to eat a variety of everything.

We aren't birds living on seeds.

We aren't carnivores.

But that would be an improvement over the toxic junk that many uses as lifestyle. And then they wonder why they look and feel like junk. You are what you eat. Because it renews your cells.

So make sure you eat living organisms with a strong health.

Plants are sentient being too. They can't scream while you eat them alive but they are alive too. So life is about consuming life to prolong your own life. Not synthetic flavor because you like it. The reason why you like it and sugar is because that's how vegetables and fruits signal that they are ready to eat. The animal will poop the seeds away so it's a good deal for the plant, she'll get to spread babies far away without having her own legs. Sweet means full of vitamin C. So when you crave sweets, you don't want a piece of painted glass made of sweet sand called candy. You want a life form with actual vitamin C. Don't be fooled.

Focus on what you need, not what you think you want.

Enjoy vegetables, fruits, fresh meats (not cold cuts), fresh fats (not fried), nuts and dairy with probiotics.

Don't limit yourself to just meats or vegetables... you'll miss out on life.

Don't only turn towards artificial toxins because natural flavor seems bland in comparison... you can't survive on addictive drugs and poison.

You don't need drugs to be happy and healthy. You need what all life forms always needed... materials compatible with life.

And vaccines are not.

Enjoy nutritive tasty foods~ Your body will have the materials to do what he does best.

Try new choices, you might like the results even better!

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Lisa Of Shades
20 October - 2 November 2015

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