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Vaccination collection 01-18 part 2. They where meant to be one giant poster:

Vaccination 07 ~ You are as healthy as what you eat
Vaccination 08 ~ Toxins are the problem not the cure
Vaccination 09 ~ Compatible bacteria protect you
Vaccination 10 ~ Fermented vegetables are more nourishing
Vaccination 11 ~ Doctors inject STDs in children
Vaccination 12 ~ Preservatives in vaccines destroy your brain

Vaccination 07 ~ You are as healthy as what you eat

Unhealthy food won't make you healthy. Better sanitation got rid of diseases, not the invention of vaccination, because decaying filth was the problem! So eat meat grown in salubrious conditions, not overcrowded in shit and cannibalizing rotten corpses. That would make anyone mad. It's not antibiotic, painkillers and antidepressants that are needed. But to finally promote life!

Vaccination ~ mad cows, chickens ~ CAFO ~ unhealthy animals will make you sick too

CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation at wiki) are basically Nazi concentration camps for animals. We don't have respect for them because we don't consider them one of us, lesser beings who are there for the taking, and that we can just mistreat and kill in the worst manner. And then we think that we're better than Hitler.

But we resort to overpopulating animals in stressed overcrowded environment, feeding them junk... because we are overpopulated ourselves... We don't need to increase food productions until all life forms end up being cogs in a machine... we need to lower our numbers so we can have a better quality of life. But it's still possible to give animals and ourselves a good quality of life... to choose health for all of us, including animals, instead of the efficiency of a machine, because none of us are. We have complex vital needs as complex life forms, that math and even chemistry can't comprehend.

If you put aside animal rights and only care about yourself... here's why it's still wrong for your own sake:

A cow that never gets to see the sun and graze fresh grass won't have the same amount of nutrients in her flesh. If you only allow cows to eat grains that they where never meant to digest because it's so useless that it can only be stored as fat instead of healthy tissue... Once you eat her you'll only be able to store fat instead to built healthy flesh too, because the materials for the "organ recipe" are not there.

If you overcrowd animals on top of each other, shitting on each other, once you cut their meat, they will be full of shit and that will go into their meat. That's how e coli ends up killing you. Because you literally eat shit!

Giving animals antibiotics won't make them healthier. It will just add one more toxin that will be in the meat and poison you too. Antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in your gut that are a major part of your immune system. Without them, you'd die. So a meat full of antibiotics will destroy your immune system... and vaccines won't provoke a fighting reaction unless you HAVE a immune system! So it's not the vaccine that you need, it's not antibiotics that you need... it's to have a immune system... and they both destroy it. So eating meat that will destroy your capacity to fight diseases won't make you healthy. You might as well not eat at all. That would be safer.

Giving growth hormones because the industry wants to make profits faster... means that they are given steroids. That will overwrite their own glands. Their body won't want that much steroid because it's exhausting to execute such a huge amount of commands... especially when you don't have the resources to go that fast... so the body compensate by making less hormones and the gland atrophies to the point that they wouldn't be able to do their job if allowed, by stopping the drug. That's why the bodybuilders who abuse steroids end up with atrophied testicles. The male hormone tells the body to make more muscle... but also other things... like sex... so what's the point of having all those muscles if you can't use them and end up dead by breaking the balance in your body. When you eat a cow that was on steroid... it's drenched in her flesh... so you get a big dose of steroid too... it accumulates slowly in your body... and atrophy your own glands until they can't function... and you get sick... and die... but I'd be more worried about the long agony than the eternal sleep.

To save on feed, they add cow corpses to the food... But they evolved and adapted to ruminate grass with many stomachs to ferment it... they are herbivores who get sick with grains (cows are not birds and we're not either!) They are not meant to eat meat! And certainly not rotting corpses of their own friends. (Yes, cows have best friends.)

We can't eat our own species... and this is what can happen if we try:

We are not one individual... we are a collective of countless different cells in harmony. After your brain dies, they can still function independently for the rest of their short life (that's why we have to renew cells constantly). The bacteria that you fear so much? They're pieces of other people getting into you, thinking it's their home, and trying to take over. If you are healthy you won't be bothered by a few tourists, but they can become a problem if you are malnourished and frail. That's why blood transfusions need to be the exact same blood type, or the new cells won't be compatible to be in harmony with the rest of your "cell society". That's also why anti-rejection drugs are needed to do an organ transplant, it's too complex to be perfectly compatible and the body will see it as an invader up to no good and will get rid of it. When your body win...

Disease transmitted by cannibalism: Kuru (disease) at wiki.
Also: Why does cannibalism cause disease? at reddit.

But from what I vaguely understand, when we eat someone of our own species (cannibalism) some cells (a protein called prion) can be so similar to our own body that we let it do whatever it wants without defending ourselves... but it's not us! It's from someone else that we ate... it goes into our blood, travel to our brain... and then see the surrounding cell as an enemy! After we welcomed it, it sees us as an invader IN OUR OWN BODY! So what it does it to start killing brain cells all around him, making holes in our brain... years later we end up unable to think clearly and just go mad. And that's mad cow disease. Apparently it's transmissible to humans... maybe because the protein prion is so used to act like a loner destroying everything around it that it mutates into something too resistant to kill easily by us too. And eating mad cannibal cows isn't as appetizing as grass fed ruminating daisies anyway...

Also... there are different modes... an attack mode when all creatures feel under stress, misery, pain and fear... and a healing mode when they are well fed, well rested, feel safe and happy. In attack mode, the immune system is aggressive and will kill everything suspicious, but in healing mode, it will be friendly, welcoming and will probably even accept becoming part of the immune system of another creature.

That's the purpose of romance. Couples hold hand and kiss, exchanging cells while being in a happy non aggressive mode, so the cells get to know each other, that they don't have to react aggressively because they're both friendly. So the people literally become one.

Your crotch is full of bacteria because it's moist down there and a wonderful place for mold to grow, so the bacteria eat it. If you use antibiotics you can get a vaginal infection... But it's not an infection... you actually destroyed the infection protecting you against crotch rot...

When you have sex, those bacteria gets rubbed and mixed with someone else's bacteria... they can seriously freak out and consider it a war... but thanks to getting to know each other with "romance" a little dose at a time, they can just stay happy and welcoming "oh it's you guys, come on in friends!".

You know how AIDS "destroys" the immune system... I think it's because people slept around without slowly habituating each other's bacteria to their new surroundings as friends... so imagine sleeping with hundreds of people... and they all put a little of their freaked out immune system into you... It's like trying to fight a world wide war across the entire galaxy...

People's immune system is so busy and overwhelmed that they'd die if they caught a simple cold. Because the amount of nutrients required to heal and fight is so HUGE that people stay at death's door with a normal diet...

It didn't seem all that important to have romance, it seemed harmless to feel stressed and shy with a stranger, it seemed easier and worth it because one night stand feel good without the heart breaking drama...

But when people exchange that much fluid in a stressed state... they don't merge as allies, it feels like an attack to your immune system... And by carrying so many unknown immune system into you, they can breed together and create new diseases...

But I'm not saying that all the people with AIDs are sleeping with too many stressed strangers, only that the disease was probably created this way. A poor virgin can come along someone's path of debauchery, and get all that huge mix of freaked out cells from so many different people, all at once... and that's how you can get AIDS just having sex once... because someone, somewhere in time, decided to take in more aggressive cells than his body could handle, they overpowered his immune system and created a disease.

Or someone did bestiality and it's from an animal with an immune system way more powerful than ours. Or it was created in a lab trying to make a vaccine by mixing things that shouldn't be mixed and multiplying cells in isolation, making them extra antisocial with everything and everyone. Either way you should probably get to know who's going to fuck you to avoid being fucked in a way that you don't want.

I used AIDS as an example to show you how a few stressed out cells can overpower you, how good pleasurable cells can become the deadliest disease. The fight is so hard fight that you can't deal with any other challengers. Injecting diseases with vaccines in people with AIDS would kill them.

Bacteria and viruses don't come out of nowhere... it was observed that red blood cells can transform into a rob bacteria then back! I read that it was dismissed by scientists because it would change science and biology as we know it. I didn't dismiss it. I tried to understand it.

Here's an article with a video:
The biological transformation of a rod bacteria into a red blood cell at articlesofhealth.
By Robert O. Young M.Sc.,D.Sc., Ph.D., ND.

ND means naturopath. When I discovered them, the advices from healers finally started to make sense and work! That article actually opened my mind and changed my life years ago. I'm glad to read it again.

QUOTE: "...bacteria must be a biological evolutionary transformation of what use to be a healthy organized plant, animal or human cell, even the human red blood cell."

Actually it's the other way around, we ARE bacteria evolved into specialized cells, and it can evolve so quickly that it could be filmed!!! Bacteria don't cause disease, they're the creators of all life, if they attack it's purely from retaliation to a bad environment. We must improve the environment, with good nutrition, not toxic drugs, and calm. Not try to kill bacteria or inject angry incompatible viruses with vaccines!

QUOTE: "Bacteria cannot be the cause of disease but only an expression of an acidic compromise of the internal milieu. Blood will transform into bacteria and yeast when its alkaline environment is compromised from dietary and metabolic acids."

Toxic dead foods, or chemical imitations that where never alive and never meant to be in a living body, are all acidic. Stress makes your body acidic. Fear and anger are a stress. The way your cells know if you are safe or in danger is from the PH. Raw vegetables are alkaline, they detox and calm you with their fibers and nutrients, restoring the balance. I'm against being a vegetarian because you need B12 from meat, and it's damn tasty. My point is... No need to choose one or the other, meat of vegetables, eating it all makes each other even tastier. Eat life. Unless you want to die, then go ahead and eat sweet toxic waste. But don't blame bacteria if you get sick!

QUOTE: "This has now brought me to my current hypothesis that germs or microbes are the expression of cellular transformation caused by a physical or emotional disturbance and not the cause of ANY specific dis-ease or diseased state. Germs are the evidence
of a compromised acidic environment."

QUOTE: "After twenty-five years of cellular research I have come to the following conclusions:
  • 1) Microbes including bacteria, yeast, molds and viruses DO NOT CAUSE DIS-EASE of DISEASE.
  • 2) Microbes are the biological transformation of a changed or acidic environment brought on by an inverted way of living, thinking and eating.
  • 3) The germ is nothing the terrain is everything.
  • 4) The true cause of dis-ease or disease is due to an inverted way of living, eating and thinking.
  • 5) There is only one sickness and one disease and that is the over-acidification of the blood and tissues due to and inverted way of living, eating and thinking.
  • 6) The cure for disease will be found in its prevention not its treatment.
  • 7) The key to health, energy and longevity is to maintain the alkaline design of the body.
  • 8) All bodily functions are acidifying to the blood and tissues.
  • 9) The most important discovery that I have made is that the body is alkaline by design and acidic by function.
  • 10) There is no disease - there are only states of acid/alkaline imbalance.
  • 11) Health and fitness is all about balance - alkaline balance.
  • 12) True health, energy, vitality, fitness and longevity is
    the expression of a clean alkaline internal environment.

QUOTE: "The most important factor that one can monitor on their own for maintaining the alkaline design of their body is to test their morning urine pH each day. Ideally the morning pH should be at least 7.2 and ideally above 8.0."

QUOTE: "Maintaining the alkaline design of the body and removing excess acidity through the four channels of elimination (skin, bowels, bladder and lungs) is the cure of prevention from ALL sickness and disease."

Blaming bacteria for diseases is like blaming the maid for the mess, when she's the one trying to clean it up. If your terrain (body) is a putrid trash dumpster of junk... you'll have cockroaches, not butterflies the way you'd get in a field full of greens and roses.

No. Eating calories isn't about eating enough or too much. It's about eating the right kind with a good balanced with nutrition. Not eating refined acidic sugar with a spoon then exercising enough... Bicarbonate was successfully used to cure cancer because it's alkaline. Life forms can be acidic, like citrus, but they have an alkalinizing effect in your body... because life is more complex than math and even chemistry... Life promotes life, and nothing that humans can arrogantly invent will ever compare, and certainly not surpass, what life itself creates naturally.

Bacteria (and probably viruses too) are part of the immune system of another creature (they actually ARE all creatures) and they can survive away from home... if the last message they got from the collective is to attack, they will until they die. They will if the collective is stressed into aggression. All the cells will want to destroy invaders, to protect themselves and their colony (the creature). They will still do their purpose even after the colony collapsed, for the rest of their short individual life. They will try to kill you if you eat them or find a way into your body. Even bacteria are good cells, protective cells, the problem was aggressing them. It's natural to fight back... with everything you've got... with every single one of your cells.

Diseases happen from malnutrition, sleep deprivation, poisons... but also because we are so stressed by unreasonable demands and goals... and so stressfully mean to each other.

Sigurd Eysteinsson, his war story from wikipedia:

"Sigurd strapped Máel Brigte's head to his saddle as a trophy of conquest, and as he rode, Máel Brigte's teeth grazed against Sigurd's leg. The wound became infected and Sigurd died."

It wasn't an infection from something filthy... it was a deliberate act of revenge from beyond the grave. We all evolved from blue green algae, a colony of bacteria. They gathered together and some of them became specialized in a society of bacteria so they could accomplish more together than alone... and walk around... You ARE a colony of bacteria. So when the guy died stressed out in attack mode in the middle of a war, wanting to murder his enemy... his brain, the post office relaying information between all cells, couldn't work anymore from lack of oxygen... but the cells where still alive and with a mind of their own! Skin doesn't just hold the ocean of cells together, it's also a protective shield. When the teeth created an opening (I'm guessing that this one was by pure luck, but who knows what they where thinking) cells could infiltrate the watery world of their enemy... and in an amazing passionate act of stressful desperation, they killed the threat! A few cells took down a giant collective from the inside! They accomplished their purpose of protecting themselves even when they had no more home to go back to... Because they got stressed out into aggressive rage.

That's how powerful our body can be. That's what infections actually are... the immune system of another creature. And that's why it's so important to be well fed and strong, INSIDE, not just to paint our face to superficially look that way. And that's why it's important to threat animals with respect as our friends... especially if we intent to make them become a part of us... because killing their brain cells won't stop them from attacking us if we stress out all their cells into a rage frenzy.

In the movie "War of the worlds", aliens makes a massacre of humans, but they end up dying suddently from a sickness. That was cells from dead people's blood floating in the air and getting into the invaders as they inhaled them... and wrecking havok in their stressed out state. Well, the movie is science fiction, but that's why it makes perfect sense.

That's also why back in the day that we threw our rotten food garbage and shit into the streets, before we invented garbage men and sanitation... all those orphan cells decaying in distress ended up creating massive epidemics, especially in the frail who couldn't afford much food.

Vaccines have nothing to do with that improvement, but the medical industry sure claimed that they do to make profits. The epidemics ended before vaccines, when we stopped living in a big pile of death. We'd be even healthier if we didn't inject epidemics!

Vaccines have nothing to do with the health improvements that better sanitation brought, but the medical industry sure claimed that they do to make profits. The epidemics ended before vaccines, when we stopped living in a big pile of death. We'd be even healthier if we didn't inject epidemics! Don't thank your doctor; thank garbage men and the people who clean the shit out of the water after you flush your toilet. Actually in my aquarium, and even better in nature, it's various sets of bacteria that do that, and plants, not people. Rain does water changes I guess.

Nature is very intelligent to adapt in harmony and design itself, and bacteria are a vital part of the life chain. It is THE chain. They do good in good conditions, and bad in bad conditions. All life does. Everything does.

When we are overcrowded and stressed from it, we end up sharing stressed cells in attack mode, and then it's a big free for all war inside everyone's bodies. That's why overcrowding animals isn't a good idea. You can cut off the beak of chicken so they'll be unable to fight over space... you can give them antibiotics to limit the number of bacteria in their immune system... but that won't make them healthy, and their cells will be aggressive too, and not inclined to be welcome into your body, not without a fight. The animals might seem docile unable to fight you without hands and guns... but if you stress out their cells by torturing them needlessly... they can take you out from the inside. I have no problem with killing animals to survive. They survive inside us. But giving them a unhealthy life and stressful death will come back to haunt us... as their cells live on after their official death.

So even healthy animals can give you a "disease" if he died in a state of stress, turning their cells from the healing mode into the attack mode. They won't be friendly inside your body, they won't become part of the collective... they will get a revenge from beyond the grave. That's why it's important to give animals a good healthy life, then a quick and painless death. So they will be nutritious, harmless and won't taste LIKE SHIT.

You can put all the ketchup, sugar, artificial flavors and colors in a shit burger... it will still be unhealthy shit even if you don't know how much better meat is supposed to taste. Bio grass fed meat tastes like a field of flowers, regular industrial meat tastes like sweaty workers in a warehouse. The taste alone is worth paying more, but you get more nutrients and less toxins so it's really worth it in the long run too. I don't care about dying either, but quality of life matters to me.

So if you eat a sick and crazy cow... it will make you sick and crazy. If you eat a cow that was well nourished and is full of nutrients, it will make you well nourished and full of nutrients. If you eat a chicken who spent his entire life bathing in piss and shit... you'll literally end up eating piss and shit, good luck being healthy with that. You won't be for long...

Enjoy better~ Threat animals and yourself better~ You'll have healthier results~

Lisa Of Shades
20-28 October 2015

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Vaccination 08 ~ Toxins are the problem not the cure

Artificial chemicals and radiations cause cancer. They don't improve food and life. They're the problem not the cure. Vaccines too.

Toxins are the problem not the cure ~ chemotherapy, radiations, vaccines

Chemotherapy and radiations cause cancer. Because their very goal is to kill the cells that are considered the problem. But the tumor is a survival mechanism to seal toxins away from your body. Those poisons are the real cancer. So trying to cure you by adding more poison is illogical in every ways.

The only purpose that this can have is fooling you once again that chemicals make your life better. If they finally admit that they're killing you, the industry won't be able to increase their profits by adding them to your food and every other products...

Diseases are an imbalance between things that promote life and things that cause death.

Chemotherapy, radiations and the viruses in vaccines promote death.

If you're already at death door, doing nothing at all would be better to increase your chances at survival. At least you wouldn't make your life worse.

Enjoy life and eat it too~ Life itself has the cure, by making it become your own. Not chemicals, they're worse than dead, they were never alive to begin with. Increase what you need, it will overcrowd what you don't want and that will go away naturally...

Enjoy life the way life is meant to be and worked for thousands of years.

Lisa Of Shades
20-28 October 2015

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Vaccination 09 ~ Compatible bacteria protect you

Friendly gut bacteria: "E. coli, you don't belong here. Let's all get rid of him, friendly gut bacteria!"
E. coli: "SHRIEKS!?"

Bacteria are good for you. If they're the right kind and in the right place! Probiotics and enzymes are compatible with your body. They protect you against the bacteria that are not. You'd die without them acting as your immune system. Antibiotic and antibacterial soap kill what you need too! Strengthen your life with more lives, not killing. Eat some raw vegetables and fruits. It will colonize & nourish the bacteria that are your allies. Then they will nourish you by making more nutrients. They will protect you if you protect them.

Compatible bacteria protect you against the others ~ gut flora ~ E. coli

The faces are from rage comic.

I gave a lot of details about bacteria in part 07.

You are a colony of bacteria, they evolved into different specialized cells, gathered as a collective, forming various different life forms.

They defend their home against bacteria that aren't compatible with their way of living and would make everything collapse. And die. They both fight for their life and home, even the tourist who's away. They all do their purpose.

Bacteria found in cow shit doesn't belong in your blood. Even your own bacteria specialized in digestion would make a mess outside of your gut. It's not nuking your whole colony with antibiotics that you need, it's to stop making cows live in insalubrious conditions, mixing their shit with their meat.

The food industry just want to shift the blame to keep getting rich with cheap practices, and then the medical industry gets even richer by selling you drugs that will just make the toxic mess worse... and the industries pat each other n the back for a job well done, standing on top of your corpse. Nice uh~ And your bacteria are just the scapegoat. Just another way of blaming YOU.

Without bacteria as your immune system, you would die. Without bacteria, the first form of life, the planet would be a dead rock.

So nurture your bacteria with some raw food that they can ferment and you'll all thrive. When you get a few tourists in your home, you'll be able to defend yourself. But injecting angry mutated soldiers in toxic preservative juice won't make anyone healthy... Not even the virus if he wins... and if you're not nurturing your immune system with nutrition the way you should in the first place... you'll probably lose the fight. So you might as well not provoke a fight on purpose, healthy or not. That's just asking for trouble.

Eat bacteria and other cells from friendly vegetables, fruits, and happy animals who had a healthy life.

Lisa Of Shades
20-28 October 2015

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Vaccination 10 ~ Fermented vegetables are more nourishing

Your gut is a jar. The bacteria in raw foods colonize your gut flora. You'll both thrive as they ferment organic materials. They produce more nutrients, gas & acid. Your gut renews itself fast enough to handle their acid. But it can erode teeth if you let food decay there. If the bacteria where injected in your blood, they would travel everywhere and digest your vital organs. Not because they are bad, they're doing their beneficial purpose, it's simply because they don't belong there.

Fermented vegetables ~ bacteria makes them more nourishing ~ your gut is a jar

I keep fishes in aquariums. Since all life is connected it helped me understand my own. The otocinclus is a small cat fish that eat algae, they're wonderful cleaners for my plants. To keep them alive I learn something about how they survive.
They don't just eat algae, they need bacteria to ferment it and turn it into some sort of yogurt, like cows do, and that's what actually nourishes their body. Without bacteria, they could eat massive quantities but they would still end up dying from starvation.

If they are too long without eating, their colony of bacteria will die, and then the rest of them will seem alive but they'll be doomed. That's how important bacteria are.

If you think that your god made you different than animals... think again. You creator is creation itself. It all started with the evolution of bacteria. So of course we can't live without them, we ARE them.

Now that I think about it, there's something different about humans than most animals. We can't turn glucose (the only good type of sugar) into vitamin C (one of the most important vitamin to build, glue everything together, heal and function). We need to eat vitamin C from greens because we can't make our own... It's a big evolutionary disadvantage, so I guess that your god hates you. And guinea pigs, because they can't either. Their need for vitamin C by weight is far higher than what you where told for yourself... so you need much more than the "minimum requirement"; that merely stops you from bleeding all over the place and dying instantly, shrieking. You need more to be healthy, happy and thrive. Thankfully vegetables can save us, if we let them become part of us, and fermenting them can make them even more nutritive.

From what I was told about digestion, I always thought that my body secreted acid and that it melted food into particles small enough to be absorbed through my gut and into my blood. That's not how digestion works at all. Acid isn't the cause of digestion, it's the effect. Acid isn't what digests your food; it's what produces the acid that digest your food... and that's bacteria. Acid is merely their waste.

I discovered the truth about digestion when I saw it happen with my own eyes through a transparent gut... a mason jar.

I wanted to increase my health with probiotics. So I made them a home to breed them... to breed bacteria. On purpose. To eat them. It sounds crazy right? Well, life and the truth often seems that way.

I boiled water to kill everything else, to make sure that only what I want would multiply. I let it cool to avoid killing my new friends so they could multiply.

Lactic acid bacteria (also called Lactobacillus) can survive happily in salt, if it's the natural kind, so I add it to the recipe. They're both compatible with life. Other bacteria and molds that helps the dead decay won't thrive in salt, they belong in a different environment. Make sure that your body doesn't become welcoming to them from neglect and abuses... or your body won't be compatible with being alive anymore...

The recipe said 1-3 TBS / 4 cup of water (0.5-1.5/2cup). So I use 1 table spoon / 2 cups.

It's not that salt is a preservative, that just kill the good life forms too. Real salt promotes life. Table salt is bleached white for superficial aesthetic purpose, removing the vital trace elements that make it look grey... It's also full of chemicals to prevent it from clumping in the shaker... It becomes acidic like death. Real salt, like my Grey Celtic Sea Salt (or pink Himalayan) is alkaline and promotes life, by nourishing and detoxing.

It's not just the fact that it comes from the sea that makes it so fancy, sea salt can be table salt if it's processed, it's because it's dirty grey that it's so good. Yes, in chemistry salt is considered to be pure sodium chloride, only NaCl... but you're not a theory in a Petri dish, you're a complex life form. And salt for life forms must be more. It's an electrolyte that must be balanced with the others: potassium, magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate... You can't use bleached denatured salt and expect to be healthy. It's not because it's salt that table salt is bad for you, it's because it's NOT salt.

Bleaching a life form will kill it. As much as alkalinity promotes life, bleach is too alkaline. Don't do it to your food! Life grows in dirt, why are you so obsessed with being clean and white... If you only eat white foods, without the vitamin C from greens, you'll get scurvy and will slowly die in physical and mental agony. It's so awful that people would rather kill themselves. Well, just don't eat white foods!!! Use a grey salt.

Actually, to ferment vegetables, you HAVE to use a natural salt, and not a chemical bleached one, because it will kill the healthy bacteria instead of letting them thrive. Once you eat the probiotics in fermented vegetables, if you eat table salt... you'll kill them all over again... be unable to digest and absorb your food without them... they won't be there to be part of your immune system anymore, so damaging bacteria will infiltrate you... mold will grow in you because you'll be so acidic that they'll think that you are dead and will start decomposing your living corpse to return you to the earth and restart the life cycle with plants... bacteria won't be able to eat them to protect you, their home... because they will be dead by eating salt full of bleach and toxins... and once sick... what do you do? You nuke yourself with antibiotics to kill the few allies that you have left along with the invaders too! Just don't eat toxic garbage! And not all salts are the same!

So once I have my salted water, I put some in a jar. I add shredded cabbage, carrots and celery. The recipe suggested to add a bacteria culture, but life forms have plenty, otherwise they wouldn't be alive.

I add water and veggies until the pot is full. Oxygen cause burns, oxidation, and it takes vitamin C to repair the damage... so water will limit that and allow the bacteria to make more vitamins.

There's a special expensive cover that allow the gas to be expulsed without opening the jar and risking contamination... but I eat my batch quickly, making a little at once, and you can't boil vegetables to make sure they're not having unwanted passengers because you'd kill the friendly bacteria too... So I just use a regular mason jar cover. I leave some air on top so the acid won't corrode the metal... but that's probably the bacteria digesting it if it's in their reach.

I open the jars and push the vegetables down in the juice to get rid of bubbles. I fart the jars everyday, or they could explode! Bacteria are very powerful. I put the jars on a big serving plate because they often overflow. I probably should leave more air.

The vegetables start fermenting by becoming very fizzy. Like cola, and I don't like it, I always felt like it was like drinking farts, so I wait longer. The vegetables end up being more fermented, and water turns into delicious vinegar. Honey is the poop of the bees too, so don't worry about eating that bacteria waste.

It takes a couple of days, a higher temperature can speed it up. Maybe between 3 days and a week. Apparently there are even more delicious fermentation steps after, and you're supposed to be able to leave the jars at room temperature forever... But mine turned into a moldy black mess... so I refrigerate it after a week and it continues to ferment slowly, it's been months in the cold and I don't have mold.

Sauerkraut is a super food, not an unclean disease carrier. If you thought that bacteria are your enemies, then forget everything that you know about illness, digestion and health... because without bacteria, you'd starve to death while rotting with mold.

Heart burn is actually a lack of acid... showing that you have a lack of bacteria... showing that you're feeding them garbage that they can't digest, ferment and nourish you with. Grains and refined sugars don't promote health. That's used to create alcohol and that's toxic. Grains, sugars and alcohol aren't the way to nourish yourself. It will give you a high then a crash... To be free of the unnatural crash you must give up the unnatural high. It's the cause not the solution... thinking that traps people in the vicious cycle of alcoholism while they starve for the nutrition that would allow them to have sustainable and usable energy.

Saying that you don't like vegetables is like saying that you don't like being alive, healthy and happy.

Saying that you prefer junk is like saying that you'd rather have scurvy, pellagra, and be in physical and mental agony.

You can't have one without the other. You can't take the positive side that you like and not get the bad that comes with it too. When you chose you must choose according to all aspects. A bigger good might not be worth it when it comes with the worst possible hell, worst than death.

The only downside of eating vegetables is farting as they ferment and pooping a whole lot as they drag out toxins, instead to store them in fats or seal them in tumors.

So eat life! And yes, of course, animals to. Everything that you need. Not everything that you think you want because someone added toxic chemicals to make them seem tasty and to addict you.

Bacteria are your friends, your protector, your life, and they are you.

In a healthy state, you have 10 times more bacteria cells in your gut than any other of your cells. They're all you. You are mostly bacteria.

The gut is lined up with neurons, like a brain. Serotonin, the happy neurotransmitter, is made in the gut with magnesium. So if you are in depression, your bacteria are telling you that you are nourishing yourself WRONG! Every nutritional deficiencies cause depression, along with blood sugar imbalances.

Don't disrespect your body's warning, trying to gag them with chemicals, listen to them. Or you'll be in agony even if you are too drugged out to notice, and you'll die helpless without a clue!

Vaccines are the wrong kind of bacteria in the wrong place. Even your healthy gut bacteria would hurt you if you injected them.. into your eyes for example. They would digest them and make you blind. Not because they are bad, but because it's their purpose... and you put them in a unnatural place in a unnatural way... so don't expect to have natural results! If you come in contact with the wrong type of bacteria in nature, the natural way, by breathing, eating or touching... your skin, sneezing reflexes and gut bacteria will protect you. Bypassing your defenses with a syringe won't train them.

If you really want to boost your immune system, then put the compatible protective kind of bacteria in it, not the stressed out murderous ones. Any life forms would probably go mad if they grew up trapped in a lab instead of nature. Even the healthy gut bacteria would hurt you if you injected them in your blood... so eat healthy. Nature knows what to do and does it best, in ways that we cannot comprehend.

So the goal of vaccines is a good idea, but vaccines are not. To truly achieve that goal you need to eat bacteria from healthy unstressed life forms. You will NEVER be able to be fully immunized against anything at all... but if you want to increase your chances of survival... fermented vegetables are a good idea. Vaccines are doing the opposite of what you hope they would do. So stop hoping, but don't despair. Take your life into your own hands:

Make your immune system stronger by eating more of what it's made of.

Bacteria aren't your enemies. Drugs aren't your saviors. The truth is the opposite of what you are told. You can either obey the people who want to make profits with you mindlessly... or you can nourish yourself to be able to think clearly. The more you'll take care of yourself, the easier it will be to do so. And the more you'll surrender to someone else, the more you'll suffer at their mercy...

Instead to be crushed by society's unreasonable demands, exhausted by running after a reward that never goes to you... focus on yourself the right way. Not by buying and hoarding all the newest and biggest gadgets ever invented... but by focusing on your needs above your wants, the basics f life, your vital requirements. You can trust yourself even above specialists, because that's your life to live... and they have the means to make mistakes much worse than what you can make...

Trust nature, all it ever wanted from you is to see you live.

Enjoy life~ With your mouth~
Lisa Of Shades
20-28 October 2015

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Vaccination 11 ~ Doctors inject STDs in children

Doctor with a syringe as a dick: "Kids, come and play~"
Syringes are harmful. They break the skin that protects you. And doctors inject viruses known to be deadly!!! Maybe the virus is part of the immune system of another creature, but it's incompatible with humans! The human papillomavirus is an STD, it's sick to inject that in children!

Doctors inject deadly viruses and STD in children

No one in their right mind would let pedophiles inject their STD infected sperm in children with their dick. So why are we allowing doctors to do it with syringes.

To protect them? Teach them to protect themselves!!! Not be ignorant and helpless and at the mercy of a needle! Or they'll turn to needles every time they feel bad, that's not a good thing to teach them.

Teach children to say no to sex until they are mature enough to handle the consequences. Teach everyone to be responsible. How to protect themselves and that it might be unwise to have sex with people you know nothing about.

If there is no cure for an STD, then the immune system can't ever win, even if it was true that vaccine helps you build an immunity, but it's not. Even without symptoms people become carriers. The best way to spread diseases is to inject them in everyone from a young age. The best way to avoid disease is TO AVOID THEM!!!

It's just plain sick to inject STD in children... even if vaccines worked but THERE ARE NO PROOF!!! Someone surviving the vaccines isn't a proof that the vaccine helped. But there are plenty of proof proving that vaccines just plain give the disease... and doctors can't deny it because it's the very goal of vaccines! To give your body a disease and hope that he'll learn to fight it forever.

But not all bodies are healthy enough to do that! And if that's possible, then why not let that risky encounter to the random fate of life. It's unlikely to encounter so many diseases all at once, and as a baby! The body was never meant to fight so hard so young. It's a burden, it's a risk of death even if the body wins and could possibly be immune for life after that.

But no soldiers can be immune to losing a war. Ever. So don't go after trouble on purpose. Many children will have the chance to never encounter those diseases for their entire life. Some of them where killed by vaccines... before they had the chance to become stronger...

Vaccines don't raise your chances of survival... it takes away all your chances to never encounter those diseases. There's just so much fight you can win in your life.

Kids are busy trying to grow and discover the world... their first knowledge of sex shouldn't be an STD in a syringe, even having sex for the first time passed out drunk in a party with someone with an STD would be less risky and disgusting.

Doctors... back the fuck off!

Lisa Of Shades
20 October - 1 November 2015

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Vaccination 12 ~ Preservatives in vaccines destroy your brain

(The text is below)

Preservatives in vaccines ~ Mercury destroys the brain ~ Formaldehyde causes cancer

Preservatives in vaccines destroy your brain. It's also toxic for everything else. That's why it's used as a preservative, to kill the life forms that could spoil it. Because the medical industry would rather risk wasting your brain than profits. Don't believe their health claims. They will even deny proven scientific facts to keep getting rich from harmful mistakes. They don't care about you. They only want to look like saviors to sell their poisons.

(Baby in a jar)

Formaldehyde preserves the dead, but it kills the living. It's an irritant that causes cancer. You wouldn't drink it, so don't let anyone inject it into you. Especially not in a fragile baby. Death is a part of life. Small organisms decay the dead back into earth to restart the cycle. This toxin stops it. It's worse than death.


The faces are from rage comics.

Someone told me that the amount of mercury in vaccines where lower than the level found in fish so they must be safe. No. Because when you eat fish, your gut filters the shit our thanks to plant fiber and water. But when you inject it straight in the blood, you bypass all your filters. Even the blood brain barrier doesn't have much of a chance. It's meant to filter food, not the most toxic things on earth injected straight in your veins.

Do you really want to bet your brain on it? Do you really want to trust someone who has no problem risking to brain damage you so he can make profits? You think that doctors inject it because it's safe otherwise they wouldn't? Think again.

The goal of adding mercury is to preserve their product, not your brain. And their only way to know if the vaccine is effective is if your body has a bad reaction to it, fighting for your life! Then the doctors feel like they did a good job... with an effective product... while your immune system struggle not to die. And then they deny causing brain damage injuries violent enough to make kids unresponsive... and paralyzed.

They sleep well at night thinking that it's an acceptable risk, thinking that they saved all the others. But without the vaccines, the healthy ones wouldn't be doomed to get sick. If they survived the diseases injected straight into them, they would have survived its encounter even more easily if it was done the natural way, without breaking the shield that is your skin. But the people who got destroyed, hurt beyond repair and died... without the vaccine, they probably wouldn't have encountered the disease, or they would have had a chance with their skin, coughing reflex and digestive system before it entered the blood.

So the vaccine does nothing to help the healthy people. Without the vaccines... the dead ones would still be alive.

There are still people who catch the disease the natural way even with the vaccines. But the number of victims would be lower without the medical industry's help to spread it with vaccines.

The medical industry wants more work and more profits, they're used to have money stained by blood, so they don't care if they caused it. They don't even want a cure. They just want to threat the disease, even if it kills you, they still make a profit while you are in agony in their hospital bed.

I'll put my fate in the hands of random nature, unlike the doctors who absolutely want to inject diseases in everybody; nature is willing to give me mercy.

Lisa Of Shades
20 October - 1 November 2015

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