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Vaccination collection 01-18 part 1. They where meant to be one giant poster:

Vaccination 01 ~ Vaccine injury ~ Boy with rotten arm
Vaccination 02 ~ Skeptical baby meme
Vaccination 03 ~ Dead baby ~ Meningitis vaccine caused death
Vaccination 04 ~ Vaccine holocaust
Vaccination 05 ~ Nutrition ~ Vegetables & fruits
Vaccination 06 ~ White blood cell

Vaccination 01 ~ Vaccine injury ~ Boy with rotten arm

Vaccination is murder.
This boy had a massive flesh eating infection caused by vaccination. Obviously, you can’t blame anything else! His immune system was weak
before the shot. The injuries killed him.

Vaccine injury ~ dead boy with rotten arm ~ weak immune system ~ immunocompromised

Dedicated to my friend Grumpy. May I scare you as much as you scared me, when you said that you think that vaccines are good, believing the propaganda given at your school. Hopefully offering you those facts will help you make your own mind and decide what's best for your own life. At best vaccines did nothing for me, until they made me sicker. But nutrition healed me more than I thought possible, both physically and mentally.

Edited dedication 2: I know I'm mean... but when Grumpy said that the school promoted how good vaccines are and she was so convinced by the propaganda... I wanted to show her all the horrible deadly stuff that I found while searching how to cure myself... so she wouldn't end up like that herself...

The VACCINE killed him. Look at the hole that the needle made!!! How can you possibly blame that on his body. How can you possibly claim that it immunize people! It kills the most fragile, it doesn't make them stronger!!!

The kids who survived this attack had to struggle against death and it left them weakened. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is a lie! It can cause permanent damage too!!!

You can't train an immune system by injecting more diseases! You have to build a stronger body with nutritive materials! Not deadly challenges! That would make sick the healthiest, so of course it will kill the weakest!

It's so obvious... that killing the weak is probably their true hidden goal. Otherwise they're oblivious. Either way, don't trust vaccine advocates to make you healthier! They only care about their wealth.

The logic that training makes you stronger is false even with exercise. It doesn't make fragile people with heart disease stronger either, it gives them heart attacks! When you are in a weakened state, you want to increase nutrition and minimize strains. Not injecting diseases and running marathons!!! You can only survive that when you're already at the peek of health! Being healthy is the cause that allows you to do challenges, not the consequence!!! Making weakened people imitate the strong when they can't will only hurt them more! Vaccines do!!! They even kill!

Healing starts with nutrition. You rebuild your home with building blocks, not by nuking it!

Vaccine Injury Photos From The CDC at vaccineriskawareness.

I simplified the quote but there's an important word in it:
"This boy had progressive vaccinia, a massive flesh eating infection caused by vaccination. He had been immuno compromised prior to his shot and unfortunately he died as a result of his injuries."

at dictionary:

"Incapable of developing a normal immune response, usually as a result of disease, malnutrition, or immunosuppressive therapy."

THERE! Put the facts together already!!!

Weak immune system from malnutrition = you need nutrition to have a strong immune system!

Weak immune system from disease = injective diseases (that's what vaccines are and do) will make your immune system WEAKER! And when it's already at death's door from malnutrition, vaccines will KILL YOU!!!

There! You have all the proof you need from a simple phrase from the dictionary!!! WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED PEOPLE!!!

Abandon all hopes! They are LIES!!!

MAKE IT HAPPEN! With the true healthy solution! With healthy life forms! With nutrition!!!

IT WORKS! The industries of death can't make billions from it, so they don't want you to know, but IT WORKS!!!

"Vaccinia" that word sounds like the word vaccine... The word vaccine is basically a disease name now? And we still believe that it will make us healthier... well, you... not me.

Enjoy real food~ Avoid diseases, don't inject them!!! WTF!???

Lisa Of Shades
20-27 October 2015
Edited: 2 November 2015
Edited: 6 November 2015

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Vaccination 02 ~ Skeptical baby meme

Vaccination kills children with weak immune systems.
So when the medical industry said: “Vaccines strengthen the immune system to protect children and adults from specific diseases.” It was a bullshit to sell vaccines by using fear and false hope!!!? You can’t improve health by injecting diseases...?

Vaccination ~ injecting disease kills ~ lies scam ~ Skeptical baby meme

Of course not!

Lisa Of Shades
20-27 October 2015

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Vaccination 03 ~ Dead baby ~ Meningitis vaccine caused death

9 vaccines in 1 day: Meningitis, pneumococcus, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, pertussis, hepatitis B, haemophilus type B, and rotavirus. Result: Fever, blood infection (sepsis), elevated heartbeat, gastroenteritis and diarrhoea (rotavirus?).

Cause of death: Meningitis.

Vaccines are & give diseases. The brain swells, irritated by harmful substances. Some babies will survive without noticeable issues, others will be brain damaged and be declared autistic. Autism can have other causes but vaccinations are definitively one of them. The lucky survivors aren’t the proof that injecting diseases & toxins is safe and effective... It’s deadly! They become virus carriers and spread epidemics.

Vaccination ~ Dead baby ~ Meningitis vaccine caused death ~ blood poisoning

If vaccine injuries and death are a myth... then this baby is what a myth looks like... and it's brutally real!

He died by blood poisoning, it's not like he had the time to be in contact with anything else than the rotten putrid vaccines. I bet they tried to blame nourishing him with mother's milk instead of chemical sugary formula...

Denial won't bring babies back to life, and it will make doctors kill more "for their own good". Disgusting.

83 cases of autism associated with childhood vaccine injury compensated in federal vaccine court at robertscottbell.

They wouldn't give money unless they really have to, by being no longer able to deny it because of massive proof.

Photo from:
Malaysian Vaccination Schedule: Do You Know What Your Child is Getting? at healthbitesonline. They have more photos of mutilated children if that rotting baby isn't convincing enough...

Sometimes I write things from pure logic and I search the proof after. Here's the proof for: "They become virus carriers and spread epidemics."

Can a vaccinated person be a carrier for the disease they are vaccinated against and spread it to other people? at reddit.

That person speaks from experience:

"...some viral vaccines are live, some are heat killed. I do not know a ton about carriage rates with these but I believe what you are thinking of is actually being able to spread illness simply from being given a vaccine. This is true to a limited extent with the oral polio vaccine and the nasal spray flu vaccine. Since these are both live, there is a period after vaccination during which you may spread the illness to others. I know this because I am immunecompromised and cannot be given nor be around anyone who has recently had one of these vaccines."

Doctors don't test to see if the person can handle the vaccine without dying... the vaccine IS the test!

Someone else said:

"Some diseases can form physical structures within the body and effectively 'hide' from the immune system, then can be released at a given time."

Actually it's more logical if the body seals them in a jail because they are too hard to kill... the body also does that to seal toxins in tumors to prevent poison from reaching the vital organs.

"The classic example of a disease doing this is Tuberculosis. If you do happen to inspire some particles of M. tuberculosis, and they happen to reach your lung, they can form what is known as a Tubercule within your lung, a small round nodule of bacteria surrounded by fibrous tissue that is ignored by your immune system. You can carry these while not infected with TB for decades, but rupturing one through physical trauma or respiratory distress (Such as heavy coughing) can activate an infection in you and/or make you infection to other people."

So there you have it, vaccines doesn't immunize people from diseases, it makes them into carriers and spread diseases. A disease cannot go extinct if we keep injecting it into EVERYONE!!!

The industry uses fear to justify this nonsense... That we MUST accept vaccines because we MUST prevent:

Polio (poliomyelitis) is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus. It invades
the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis in a matter of hours.

It's the other way around!!! If you must prevent the atrocities of its effect, then DON'T RISK INJECTING IT INTO PEOPLE!!!

It's like allowing everyone to have a gun because we are scared to get shot... well in that case if everyone has a gun I want one too... But if everyone has polio I don't want to be injected with it too!!! How will that prevent it from spreading!!!???

It helps it spread! Which side are you on!!!

Vaccines cause paralysis, but instead to call it polio, they call it something else!!! Example:

Guillain-Barré syndrome and Flu Vaccine

"Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a rare disorder in which a person’s own immune system damages their nerve cells, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis."

So instead to admit that injecting paralysis juice was a bad idea, they blame your own body for doing something stupid to itself FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN YOUUUU BEING THE STUPID ONE! Better get more vaccine to reinforce that stupid body of yours... *roll eyes!*

No it's not rare. They just rarely admit that it's happening... that's some quality bullshit for you. And you open your mouth, swallow it up, and say thank you... Because you SO WISH that it was possible to have some magical potion to make you invincible against really horrible things.

But there is ONE moment when you can't get a virus... do you know when? WHEN YOU ARE ALREADY SICK WITH IT!!! People with aids aren't scared to get aids anymore, some won't even wear condoms to prevent the other STDs because they already have the worst one and it's as it gets. "Why wear a rain coat when you are already wet."

So sure, vaccinations to be unable to catch it (twice) makes sense... but in a way that you don't REALLY want... That's why you need to be vaccinated again for the same thing... when your body wins the fight and finally gets rid of the virus... *shakes head appalled* Then you become a carrier all over again and spread it to people who won't be as lucky, who'll have horrible symptoms and die... Viruses tend to be nicer on their host because they need the taxi (you) long enough to spread... but they can kill you later, r waste your nutritional reserves by fighting it and die of weakened organs from it. But of course the virus sucking your life away slowly won't be blamed. You will.

Lack of the B complex vitamins destroys the nerves and can cause paralysis. You can't vaccinate against that. Scurvy, the vitamin C deficiency pirate edition (I'm joking everyone can have it), will causes paralysis too. They're all water soluble vitamins and their deficiency can be slowly accumulating, disintegrating you, in the most agonizing manner.

Vaccination is wishful thinking and false hope at best... they even want to make a vaccine against obesity but that's the consequence of unhealthy life choices, accumulating toxins in fat instead of the nutrients that you need to function! It's clearly a scam.

The vaccination idea started because of chickenpox. It causes a nasty skin rash in children, but the symptoms if you get it after you matured sexually are even worse... Adults become infertile. So they INFECTED children ON PURPOSE. Because then they don't seem to react to the virus. Science turned play dates coughing on each other into injecting it straight into the bloodstream. It bypassed the skin so you where certain that the kids would get sick... suffer... and hopefully not suffer sterility as adults.

But is there really a proof that kids can't become infertile later? We don't see the link if we get an allergic reaction to food eaten a few days later... so if they become infertile once they mature sexually a decade later, they won't think back and blame the chickenpox. They will probably just blame the body for being born defective. So it might be a bad idea completely to infect children with diseases on purpose, even if getting that disease later would make them sicker...

But the point is... vaccinations started with the goal of INFECTING people with diseases and make them sick ON PURPOSE. Your body might, MIGHT, be better off catching chickenpox sooner than later... might become immune... but it's not true for every diseases!!!

You can't become immune like that to STDs! Herpes flares on and off but it NEVER goes away! There are no cures! EVER! And the medical industry call not having symptoms for a while being immune!!!? Doctors know it but they inject STDs too! You're not better off catching those as kids! They didn't do pedophile play dates to infect kids before vaccination "for their own good" (oh god I just threw up in my head...) NO! You're better off not getting an STD, not sooner, and not later either!!!

Chickenpox, if it even works that way, is an exception not the rule! Injecting dozens of diseases... when just ONE would make an adult struggle to survive... but injecting that in a new born without a fully developed immune system yet...

That's the WORST idea!!! You want to isolate that fragile baby from harm, not let him play in a toxic waste dumpster, or in the pile of needle at a junky party house... But that's what they inject in the kid... and when things go wrong... they blame the kid for being weak... after robbing the chance to become strong, a chance at life, away from your baby... Or they just cripple your child for life. And blame YOU.

They will call you a bad parent if you refuse to vaccinate, and they will call you a bad parent if the vaccination destroys your kid. Just don't risk it and nourish your kid and yourself with healthy foods!!!

Fight for your right to not be stabbed with death! There are laws in the basic human rights... but they managed to bypass it... because the money is tooooo gooood. And you docilely let them because they claimed to be here to help you, and you wanted to believe them so much that you threw yourself and defenseless baby at STRANGERS who don't give a goddamn fuck.

You think that everything coming out of the mouth of someone in a lab coat is the truth and that they can't even be mistaken? *puts a lab coat on* Do you believe me more now? I feel sorry for you either way. I want to tell you to trust your own body, but you've been drenched in so many chemicals by the food industry that you can't really do that either. Trust no one blindly. Search the positive and negative sides, dig for the negative because they don't want you t know... believe the myth a little... and make your own decision... so when they blame you for being a stupid weakling... at least you would have done your best not to be...

I don't know the difference between chickenpox and smallpox, but they're both believed to cause infertility if caught as adult if you didn't get it as children. So what I said seems to apply to smallpox too. Similar symptoms by different viruses:

Chickenpox and smallpox rash comparison at webmd.

chickenpox: a disease, commonly of children, caused by the varicella zoster virus and characterized by mild headache and fever, malaise, and eruption of blisters on the skin and mucous membranes.

smallpox: an acute, highly contagious, febrile disease, caused by the variola virus, and characterized by a pustular eruption that often leaves permanent pits or scars: eradicated worldwide by vaccination programs.

South Park: Season 2, Episode 10
"The boys get angry and seek revenge when they discover that their parents orchestrated a sleepover at Kenny's house so that they could all get chickenpox."

If we can truly become immune after catching a disease, and spreading it didn't just cause epidemics, then sharing it from person to person would be the only "healthy" way to go. Using the natural way... without messing with the viruses in a lab and probably creating worse abominations... without injecting brain damaging preservatives!!! The skin and gut are part of the immune system and syringes bypass that... It leaves the body with little chances of success against the disease. It's really wanting to spread trouble to do it this way.

I'll use chickenpox in my explanation but it's probably true about smallpox too.

My point wasn't that the vaccine can cause infertility but this article caught my eyes:

Smallpox vaccination is not associated with infertility in a healthy young adult population.

Why did they feel the need to precise "healthy and young"? Because the vaccine DOES cause infertility in people who are fragile, the sick and older, when it claims to protect them... Otherwise they wouldn't need to precise any group.

It's like saying "There are no gingers being bullied in the brown haired population" of course not... there's no ginger at all in that population!

Or it's like saying "No fish suffered from drowning in our pool, so you can swim with confidence, our lifeguards are properly trained to protect you." Well, fishes can't drown... and you're not a fish... so while it's technically true... it makes you jump to the wrong conclusion on purpose... they will let you drown from neglect, they will even hold your head under the water if they make money from it, because if no one drown ever, then they won't be hired as lifeguards anymore.

Oh god it's horrible but it makes sense... the medical industry make you sicker with side effects to make sure that you'll stay a dependent client... and they inject you diseases at birth to make sure that you become one!!! Your own good is only limited by what is profitable to them! They can't see beyond their own good... because they are so convinced to be absolutely right that they will even believe that making themselves steak out of cattle is good for the cattle...

I thought there was a limit to arrogance... people egos are limitless, just like stupidity... and the hope for an impossible perfect ideal that wouldn't require you to make an effort and take care of yourself YOURSELF! You wanted a servant? You got fooled by the industry and became the slave.

That's how the medical industry, and any ads, mislead you. They present the beautiful facts in a shining spotlight, while covering up the bad ones in the dark. It's true that not EVERYONE will be injured or killed by a vaccine... but the survivor in the spotlight are there thanks to being healthy and strong from the start, vaccines try to get that merit... when the only thing that it did is harm and kill the others.

Knowledge is power and the medical industry sure is trying to keep it all for themselves!

But how can it be so evil and greedy when they give us the vaccine for free? You pay it with your taxes. And I'd gladly give a bullet for free to the people I hate and want to see dead. I'm generous like that too.

I'm a misanthrope who smiles at the idea of having the whole humanity get extinct, but my calling was medical research. I'm a caring person, that's actually why I got so crazy by seeing so much shit being done by humans, to each other, and everything else... and the only way to make that suffering stop is pretty much to kill everyone, because you're all so stupid.

I got sick and couldn't study... but I guarantee you that someone else like me, and much worse than me, can be at the top and smiling as you dye believing it's a cure... Yes... it IS a cure... the virus on this planet is humanity.

So if you can't imagine that a healer can want to kill... that it's impossible... look at me, I'm right in front of you.

I would probably kill by mercy to end a unavoidable death and spare the agony, I would do it to protect a loved one... and if I had the means to lower our overpopulation problem I would do it too.

To protect everything and everyone else...

Would you really feel sorry to kill a baby cockroach? They're not by killing yours. They're too busy counting their money and inventing more ways to patent murder.

At least I'm telling you...

Don't trust anyone or anything blindly... don't trust drugs, don't trust vaccines...

Never trust someone who wants to take YOUR power to heal away from you!!! OF COURSE THEY'LL TAKE YOUR LIFE! It's not theirs, what the hell do they care! Oh it's their purpose? Their promise? It's mean? Mean for YOU but good for THEM!!!

They don't give a fuck. When they kill your baby, they blame it for being weak. They think that you'll just fuck like rats and make another one.

They don't vaccine their own children, why do you think that is~? If it's sooooo good for kids to inject death into them? If there's no risk, or that the benefits outweigh them...

It's simple they don't want to risk killing THEIR kids but they won't think twice about killing yours, while your kid is screaming in terror, crying and begging for his/her life... instinctively knowing that this can only cause harm... They're just stab your baby with that needle. Good luck surviving without damage, kid. But that's your problem now! The doctor has bills to pay and cool stuff to buy for his kids with that blood money. Do you really think that they would all prefer to lose their career, glorified social status, and all the best junk that money can buy... to save your brat if they found out the lie and tried to go against that money hungry industry?

NO! And you wouldn't either!!! All you can do is save yourself and your loved ones by refusing! There are laws forcing you to inject death in your kids, but none to force them to eat their vegetables. Why do you think that is? Is it because vaccines are way more vital than broccoli to survive... or is it because a friend of the government had the power to force you for his own profitable agenda?

Eat the fucking broccoli.

I'm a crazy monster, but at least I'm trying to empower you. Heal yourself by eating the necessary materials to heal, you stupid cockroach!

I read an article by a mother who avoided vaccination for her baby and gave her the best nutritious foods, without being processed with chemicals... and her child still became autistic. That is a symptom of being brain damaged and it can happen for a variety of causes.

If I open your skull with a shovel until you can't communicate anymore, that won't be the proof that the brain damaging mercury in vaccines can't cause brain damage...

The mother had a renewed faith in vaccines and decided to go ahead with all the vaccinations... well, I guess she didn't care as much for her kid now that he wasn't all perfect anymore... She decided to risk worsening his brain damage, with paralysis and death as a possible bonus... I guess she just wanted to get rid of her failure... *sigh* If the vaccine killed the bothersome kid, it's not like she smothered that burden with a pillow or put rat poison in his food, so she can't be prosecuted for murder... *sigh* That's just sick.

If the kid got screwed up by a perfectly natural lifestyle... He's going to be really screwed with something much worse... Her new faith in vaccines was throwing the towel and surrendering her free will mindlessly to the dogma of the medical industry. But the Christian god sends people to hell... it's not the devil that does that, he welcomes everyone... so good luck with blind faith. You're going to need luck. And a lot of it.

The vaccination industry got the laws on their side to force people to buy their product and be above reproach if it goes wrong. If you are too weak to survive the vaccine in one piece... or at all... they're free of reproach. That's not much of a motivator to avoid endangering your life and killing babies... they have no dissuasive bad consequences whatsoever. You can't sue them for screwing you up because the "side" effects are considered normal (because they knew this would happen!) and worth the risk for the superior benefits (to make so much money!). It means that your dead baby benefits society, so you can't complain since you agreed to risk the baby's life.

When you say yes to vaccination, that's what you are agreeing to. But it's not in the brochure of course. Do you even get documentation (with only the stuff that they want you to know) to make an informed decision? Or do they just tell you what to do and you obey docilely without question? Yeah... search online if you want to live. Then run for your life.

Since you're on your own after vaccination, spare yourself the extra mess. Figure out how to be healthy without vaccination. We survived thousands of years without it, and animals do it all the time! So, no, vaccination isn't essential to life. And injecting diseases known to kill won't improve your chances for survival, it will lower them. At least, if you screw your own life trying to understand on your own and doing your best, you won't feel as helpless as if someone you trusted took YOUR power to screw you up deliberately.

Never surrender the responsibility of your life in the clutches of someone else. Your life won't become easier without that power, at someone else's merciless mercy... or as stupid as you at best. At least you care about yourself, otherwise start now, so don't let them do to you what happened to that dead baby. Unless that looks helpful to you. But there are better ways to die. Try old age.

You think that it can't happen to you?

Well, of course you're bigger and stronger than a baby. So it will take much more vaccine murder juice to overpower your immune system and make you rot all over until you die... But it's still possible. Do you really want something that can kill babies in your body? How can it possibly improve you?

Do you really want insecticide, herbicide, preservatives (mold killer)... Antibiotics, (You're made of bio too so that will kill you too.) painKILLERS (do you really want killers in your body?) and the very goal of chemotherapy & radiation is to kill the unwanted cells but that just gives cancer to the healthy ones, and they know it. The food and medical industry approach is of MURDER! Always.

Do you really want that kind of help? You'd be better off with no help at all. But you're there for yourself. Or start now.

Don't just mindlessly swallow all the bullshit that the industries want you to. No matter what they say... You don't have to. You shouldn't. You mustn't.

To be fair, I admit that I sincerely believe that my family doctor is a good man. No he's not out to get me. But in the long industrial chain for profits, I do believe that a scientist minimized the risks and put too much emphasis on achieving their goal, when they actually failed... to keep their job and be able to sell something anyway... Of course.

You can have a caring doctor who sincerely believes that he didn't waste years of his life making people sicker instead of helping them... But it's still possible that he's a victim too... he's not the proof that EVERYONE in the industry are good people... not everyone will meet you...

For the people assessing risks, the death of your baby could be a reasonably low small percentage, your grief and shattered heart, your very death, would be a insignificant statistic to them.

To them you're not even human. Just a number. Just a insignificant "1", and that's not heavy in the balance compared to billions of profits, it would even seem logical to you if it wasn't your own life. It might even still seem worth it even if you risked your own life to gain billions. You do every time you eat junk food and does that stop you just for a few seconds of pleasure? No. So don't expect them to stop killing you, or even killing babies, when they make billions from it.

My point is... carrots won't kill your baby... not if you reduce them in puree properly. The body will get diarrhea to expulse something bad before it gets into your blood... but if you inject something bad straight in the blood... it's the blood itself and organs that will turn into shit.

But YOU have the true power. You decide what you do with your life. You can fight for it even if they try to force you.

Find better hidden in the darkness under their lies. It's less scary than they want you to think. Even if it truly was hard work... (how hard can it be to NOT do something... it's finding acceptance in front of the unknown and change that can be hard, but just open your mind to the possibilities~) ...It's worth it to be healthy and free~ Your only sacrifices will actually poison, suffering, agony, exhaustion and depression.

Do I miss vaccines, hot dogs and cakes while I eat salmon, almonds and greens full of vitamin C like strawberries? No. Would you miss being hit in the face by a shovel? That's how it felt for me and I wasn't even aware of it until I made better life choices and the pain finally stopped!!! If everyone else was doing it, I bet you would miss the shovel. Ha! I actually did too... until I saw that being deprived of poison is a really good thing... and the sickness as a wake up call to find a better way. And that's exactly what pain and depression are. A wake up call to discover a better way to live, a better way to be, a better way to think and feel. My body did me a favor by no longer letting me hurt myself without reacting.

Junk, grains and sugar are addictive... but not being in pain and miserable from them is even more pleasant and convincing.

Vaccines aren't even addictive. Just let go of the false hope and fear that the industry put into you. No, diseases aren't inevitable without vaccination. No, vaccines aren't the only way to be protected against diseases. They're not even among the ways to be healthy. They CAUSE diseases!!!

If you fear being sick so much, then don't let people inject disease into your body!!! EVER!!!

Enjoy real life and eat it too~

Lisa Of Shades
20-27 October 2015

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Vaccination 04 ~ Vaccine holocaust

(The text is below)

Vaccination ~ Hitler ~ death rates medical industry ~ survival of the fittest

If the goal of vaccines is to do a trial that only the strong can survive, to remove the weak out of the herd and purify the species, vaccines are very effective!
But if you want to immunize the fragile ones and increase their health, injecting
diseases is ridiculous!

Vaccines. Survival of the fittest. Baby edition.

At least the Nazis weren't hypocrites. They wanted to do wrong things, but they were doing them right. Being sincerely wrong still makes you wrong. Doing right things the wrong way isn’t doing any good. The good intentions and denial make no difference. Doctors kill babies.

Holocaust. Any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.

Nazis (1933-1945) Approximately 6 million Jews in 12 years.

Death rates for medical intervention: 7.8 million in 10 years.
Mercola article: death by medicine part one at mercola.

Doctors killed more people in less time than Hitler. You don’t need that kind of help. Try nutrition yourself.

Unproven deaths by vitamins & minerals supplements: 10 people in 23 years.

From what I understand, putting profits above the wellbeing of everyone in society as a whole, is what Hitler reproached to the Jews and tried to stop.

What if he was right?
What if our society is even crueler?
What if the people in depression have good reasons?


The only way that vaccine makes sense is if they are meant to kill the weak. Injecting diseases and causing death can only be called a good thing if you want people to get sick and die. The people who'll survive will be the healthiest and will make the statistics of that society look healthier... but it won't be because vaccines increased the health of every individuals.

I guess they see killing weak babies as removing defective products from an assembly line before they hit the (job) market...

No need to waste tax money taking care of the people who are too weak to be productive if they don't survive infancy and childhood from deadly vaccines that only the strong can survive... More money for rich... and they still get to pretend to care about the few infirm left by investing in charity programs. Looking good is more important than doing real good in our society.

But nutrition works to make the weak healthier! The mother could have failed to nourish herself and the baby in her womb properly, but the body constantly grows, so he can accomplish healing wonders at any age, when given the proper materials in sufficient quantities. But you can't build anything in your body with viruses, not even your immune system!

"Survival of the fittest. Baby edition." is an idea by my friend Grumpy. I made this whole vaccine collection for her after she believed the propaganda that vaccines are good, safe and effective at her school. I got horrified...

I was always sick... colds, tonsil infections... even having them removed just gave me laryngitis and bloody cough from pneumonia... I received a vaccine about every week for months. It NEVER helped.

But when I discovered and got rid of the allergens that where destroying my throat and weakening my whole body and mind (wheat, corn, soy)... and the toxins that where poisons burdening me (preservatives, artificial colors and flavors) and boosted my nutrients intake with fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats and supplements... I'm never sick, I don't even get PMS anymore. Can you believe it! HA! Me neither. But it's so true~

I even healed my chronic physical and mental problems. Diabetes, reactive hypoglycemia, blood sugar and therefore mood swings... depression, exhaustion (chronic fatigue), pains all over (fibromyalgia), my hypothyroid symptoms got much better. Otherwise I wouldn't even be able to sit long enough to write at all. It was all from my life style and all improved with better life choices. I became stronger without exercising, because my body was build with stronger materials. It's so simple~ It's so logical~ It's so natural~ It's life. And only life can make your life healthier.

I believed in vaccines... but then when I was in high school they gave me the meningitis vaccine... a virus that basically inflames the brain... the one that killed the rotten baby in part 03... I started to feel too hot... I had problem breathing... It lasted years, not feeling right. But it's not that it stopped... I forgot how feeling better felt like. The vaccine caused an injury to me too, thankfully I survived.

After that... my body felt threatened at the mere idea of thinking about getting another vaccine. I was never scared of needles, I even collected syringes and I fought with my sister with it, like a water gun. The doctor removed the needle of course. We had fun with it. I liked going to the doctor because I felt like my mother was taking care of me positively for once... I had hope to finally feel better... and that made me feel better... but did the vaccine did? Never.

After it hurt me so bad that my survival instinct got triggered and revolted... and wouldn't allow me near a vaccine anymore, just as much as it wouldn't allow me to walk in front of a truck... I tried to understand...

I found horrible things...

When I searched about the medical industry, I expected to find caring people, healers... dedicated to our wellbeing. I expected to find good results, or at least side effects that made them worth the downside, or at least not making people worse, or at the very list not killing them... and certainly not babies!!!

But what I found... is the very opposite. Burying the truth to keep selling drugs that kill... Discrediting the cure for cancer and even poisoning Gerson so he couldn't publish his book about how well nutrition works... even making it illegal to threat cancer patients with natural foods, instead of poisons that cause cancer...

They didn't just try to sell drugs that don't work... or kill... they didn't just burry their bad results in double blind studies to sell the drugs anyway, they literally poisoned the guy who proved that all their chemical kill... It's not the way to healing... Hippocrates, the father of medicine said himself "let your food be your medicine".

When I searched about Hitler, I expected to find a tyrant, a hateful racist who just wanted to kill people for fun... I wanted a good horror story about the personification of the antichrist and devil for Halloween. But that's not what I found either.

I found an artist, a painter, with a broken heart seeing his people suffer. I saw that Jews considered himself god's chosen people and considered everyone else lesser people. They didn't have a problem taking everything from them and exploiting them the way we do with animals... because they felt above it, they felt like they were a different group. They justified the social abuse with their religion and race...

So Hitler believed them, they believed that putting greed above their fellow compatriots' lives was not caused by being human... but a defective trait unique to the Jews. He tried to stop them by removing them from society... if he was as cruel as the devil himself, he would have exterminated them all without mercy. He tried to find a cure to their genetic defect... but it was never about genes, or race, or culture... Living at another life's expense is the very basic of life... of the food chain. Jews simply refused to acknowledge the other Germans as their kin and allies...

They treated the rest of Germany like cattle... and the castles bit back. It was a war, but instead of being between countries, since the Jews don't have any, it was internal... But it was never about race... that was just the excused used by both... it was about survival...

The Jews didn't want to share equally in a socialist society... Hitler didn't want anyone to play the capitalist game, he had kinder ideals for everyone... The Jews refused to be part of it, acted against it, as a threat, and they where treated as such.

Of course it is an absolute tragedy... but the country got better as a whole. Hitler had policies to protect animals and nature, to give dignity back to people by giving them a job "no one shall freeze or starve"... Not even the Jews...

Yes... it was an atrocity... it's considered the worst atrocity of human history. But is it? What if there was one even worse happening all around you?

It's happening.

It may seem normal in our capitalist society... to put capital before the society itself... but a socialist society would see it as a crime against humanity.

But we all accept to be exploited in the hope to be a member of the rich 1%... hoarding all the profits made by the hard work of other people... but it's not happening. It will never happen to 99% of us.

The reality is exhausted people, who are starving by being given artificial food that do worse than starve them: it poisons them! US! And when we dare feeling depressed for reaching our breaking point of this cruel slavery... we are told that we're just defective shit heads and to swallow more drugs... antidepressants instead of compassion, nutrition and rest... We're not even told to eat! But to drink coffee and get back to work! We have to pay for the whip and do our own wiping with stimulants... That's worse than slaves.

And we do it because we have the illusion of liberty... when all we can choose is our own master, and we feel lucky to have one so we won't starve even more in the streets and freeze to death all alone! That's the kind of society we live in. And that's the tip of the iceberg... there's worse covered up with ads, denial and wishful thinking.

It's happening... doctors kill babies and expect to be thanked for it. They blame you for having a weak immune system if you don't survive being injected DEATH. They blame you if you get sicker from "side" effects of drugs and give you more drugs to fight the side effects, and then more to fight the side effects caused by those... if a landslide of profit... until you die even faster... but we're overpopulated, so they'll just go exploit the next cattle.

Hitler is seen as a murderer... but he made policies to protect all life.

Our healers are killing us, then blaming us for dying... They hide the true cure from us... and let us die... they convince us that we are incapable of healing ourselves naturally when that's the body does best, when given its needs... They milk our very blood into money to death... and then they bask in the light as saviors...

Why do I like Hitler so much? Not because I'm fascinated by tyrants and serial killers who won't bow down and be abused...

I love Hitler... because compared to our heartless money hungry and exploitative society... compared to our murderous healers, in denial at best... Hitler was a kind man... The people he killed was to save everyone else...

The people our society killed was to get rich exploiting people's misery and despair...

After I put aside the stereotype, propaganda and preconceived ideas... I learn that things are more than what they seem and nothing is pure white or pure black.

If you think Hitler was darker than the most evil hell and that we're better... you need to take a better look at our society, at the medical and food industry... at the way you take care of yourself...

Hitler probably took better care of his dog.

Sure he treated his enemies without much mercy, but he did it to protect everyone else. If someone threatens your survival, your loved ones, your kin, your society... you mustn't go down without a fight.

If he was racist, then the Jews where racist too. Their ideals where simply against the other's best interest. They both fought for it with the all means at their disposal. As much as I am sadden for the suffering of the Jews, I admire Hitler for being willing to do everything that he judged necessary to protect his convictions and people.

Asking nicely doesn't always work; then what are you going to do? Have everything taken from you and die politely? NO. Sometimes to do good you have to do evil...

But Hitler didn't pretend to do good for a hidden evil cause, like the medical and food industries are doing... He openly did evil to fight for good ideals. In the end his Socialist society got better for most people as a whole.

But our capitalist society is getting sicker, more exhausted and depressed... and we die younger... But they claim to care about us and be there to help. That's beyond wrong. What's unbearable is that they don't fail from stupidity while having a good heart... The top of the industry knows they're killing you instead to save you and they are covering it up with lies... believing their own lies to look sincere as they lie to you and kill you!

It's natural to threat your enemies badly to fight the wrongs that they want to do to you.

But people should also be judged based on how they threat their allies, the animals and nature...

If we where as bad as Hitler... it would actually be an improvement...

From a misanthropic point of view, to lower the overpopulating problem by killing people...

Yes, vaccines are effective. They killed many people. Viruses aren't as fast as bullets but they still do the job.

Yes vaccine are safe, people don't fight back against a syringe the way they might against a knife. So it's a safe way for you to kill. Because they think that you care about them and that they'll benefit from the poison, the fools.

Yes, vaccines make people healthier. With less people, healthy food becomes more easily available and cheaper. They also pollute less, and that's always healthy for everyone... the ones left alive anyway.

So yes, vaccines are effective, safe and healthy... for the people injecting them into the people that they want to kill... Not for you to receive as a gift.

It's almost funny how stupid people are, by refusing to look at the dark they miss out on the truth. Well, malnourished people tend to lack the ability to think clearly... but don't believe anyone claiming to want to help you...

I'm asking you to help yourself. I'm doing this to vent before I become crazy (too late) from so much cruelty in the name of kindness!

There will always be someone who will so gladly want to exploit your unreasonable desires... the price of having someone take care of you means that you give up the control over your life... If you want to live... don't even wish that. As stupid as you are, you're the only one who can save yourself. Not even experts. They don't know you and will make the same profits and more if you get sicker. So that's not much of a motivation to find the truth and do it right.

But you have no other choice to survive than to do the right thing for your own sake, because you'll suffer if you get it wrong. So you must make sure that the deal is in your favor, because it's YOUR life that will suffer...

People can't even do that right when their own life is own the line, they don't understand and change even when they are in agony from the consequences... so do you really think that a stranger will do it better? Instead of you, for you, for free, the right way, personalized for your unique needs? And with respect for your life, when you don't even have that respect for yourself, after you threw your life away at their mercy...?

There is no such thing as the perfect slave, not even when they are tortured to death. So there's no such thing as perfect kindness, especially not when you're the one being tortured and they get rich and glorified for that.

We all need to focus on our own survival. And even the healthiest among us will never be immunized against anything, not disease, not death, not mistakes, not foolishness, not abuse... and if it was possible... it wouldn't be by injecting death.

Take care of yourself yourself. Suffering and sadness will help you figure it out.

Lisa Of Shades
20-27 October 2015

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Vaccination 05 ~ Nutrition ~ Vegetables & fruits

Healthy life choices are the only way to be healthy.

Vaccination scam ~ nutrition for strong immune system ~ healthy choices ~ vegetables and fruits

If your body is strong and healthy, you will be able to survive diseases, even when they are injected into you. So what works aren't the vaccines, so you might as well spare your body an extra burden and risk to fight... and just use nutrition to increase your immune system.

If you are lucky, you will NEVER encounter viruses... but why risk it... and why bypass the skin, your shield, to make sure that they get straight into your blood, vital organs and brain... that's just asking for trouble... and there are worse consequences than death.

Enjoy vegetables and fruits with your fresh healthy meat~

But if you eat unripe fruits they won't be full of nutrients. If you eat rotten vegetables, they will have toxins...

Cold slow down life functions, that's why a refrigerator preserve life longer, and freezing probably kill the important enzymes but it preserves the tissues longer. Heat like cooking accelerates life and shorten it... vitamin C is used by the life forms to try to heal the burn and oxidation, so it's lost during cooking. Important probiotic enzymes needed to ferment and digest your food are murdered by cooking too. So it's important to eat raw food, with a salad, with cooked foods.

That's why overcooking broccoli makes it tastes so awful. It literally quickly becomes rotten. And that's why fried potatoes aren't food anymore... fat is healthy... but rancid fat becomes toxic like death.

So enjoy FRESH organic life for your organs. Eating damaged cells will give you damaged materials to make your cells, and they will be damaged at the second they are renewed!

That's why a microwave is bad for your food and for you. It creates molecules that never existed in nature by shaking them so hard and so fast. It's not the same as gently warming up under the sun, making vitamin D.

So don't mutilate your food and it won't mutilate you.

Enjoy nature naturally~ It's naturally healthy and you will be too~

Lisa Of Shades
20-28 October 2015

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Vaccination 06 ~ White blood cell

Upgrade. Your healthy weapons with nutrition, not your enemies with vaccine injections! White blood cells need vitamin C as a weapon. Megadoses help even more to win the fight. It’s also needed to heal and renew tissues.

White blood cell ~ immune system ~ vitamin C ~ weapon bazooka ~ healing

That's a face from rage comics.

Doctors use vaccines hoping to train your white blood cells, to have an immune response to a virus, and learn to fight it in a dead or weakened form. That's the ideal but in reality, that's impractical.

Imagine having an army (white blood cells) in your terrain (body) who's starving, sleep deprived and poisoned by toxins. They are barely alive already, not in any condition to fight...

Now you get an innocent tourist who merely lost his way from his own terrain. Your soldiers can't even defend themselves against aggressive invaders because they have no weapons! So that tourist will just start to turn it into his home, sit on the throne as king and declare it his kingdom.

Then everyone will be confused, start to panic, and do messy goo all over the place. Public services (vital functions) will suffer and work all wrong... eventually everyone is dead.

Is it the tourist's fault? NO! Is it your army's fault? NO! It's YOUR fault.

Not because you didn't train your troops hard enough, their needs where so neglected that they didn't stand a chance... Starving soldiers can't even train! Soldiers without weapons can't even win a simulation against a puppet on a stick!

Your weak army don't need you to send a tourist sample from every possible country, so they can practice getting their ass kicked to death! NO!!! The strong will survive that, but that won't make the weak stronger, it will kill them!!! They need to avoid any risk or they'll die!!!

What your soldiers need, what ALL your citizens (cells) need, what YOU need is FOOD!!! To REST!

And to stop eating toxins! Stop spraying toxic perfume in the air because you think that breathing cancer spray smell like roses. Stop splattering toxins all over your skin because you think it makes you cleaner and prettier!!!

Stop all that nonsense! Especially vaccines!!!

If you are well fed, well rested and not poisoned by chemicals, cheap junk and food that you can't tolerate... you'll have strength left be able to fight against almost any enemies.

But why run after trouble... Why exhaust your army by sending them a war on purpose!??? When a true threat will come along by accident, they might end up too exhausted to fight it... because it takes resources... vitamin C bullets!!!

In theory they might know how to fight from training, but they never needed to because your white blood cells soldiers where born ready! They just need nutritive weapons to do their job!

But your soldiers won't be able to fight if you injected wars instead to send them bullets. They will run out of bullets!!!

Many vaccines are given to babies at the same time. Your immune system army was never meant to fight so many wars, so soon after birth, and all at once! Unnatural attackers won't make your soldiers unnaturally strong... they will only get an unnatural apocalypse that they where NEVER MEANT TO FIGHT!!!

Success is unlikely and only shows how wonderful your country (body) was well taken care of from the start! It's not the wars that increased your chances to survive them!!! It's nurturing your vital needs! The wars merely allowed your well fed soldiers to show off. But without proper nurturance before, during and after the wars, everybody would be dead!!!!!!

It's nutrition not viruses and toxins that make someone stronger.

Even the strongest army would be exhausted after such abusive relentless assaults... Soldiers used an unnatural amount of resources to fight the unnatural amount of attacks. Those materials could have been used to build a stronger heart and brain instead... And it will cause deadly problems later... You will need to send (eat) an unnatural amount of materials (vitamins and minerals) to rebuild your country (organs) properly. The way it should have been from the start, but instead you sent enemies to destroy it...

Vaccines ARE diseases, and it will never make up for lack of nutrition! It will increase the need for it while depleting the meager reserves to fight... It's an atrocious idea...

Instead of nurturing your needs with nutrition, you did self mutilation with suicide wars!!! That's what vaccines are to your immune system!

Vaccines are like jumping off a building hoping to have stronger legs! IT DOESN'T WORK THIS WAY!!! To have stronger bones there is a recipe! And it sure as hell doesn't include viruses and hits! You need calcium+D3 to absorb it, magnesium and vitamin C to glue all those minerals in strong flexible bones... if you have weak bones, you have a mineral and vitamin C deficiency, not a deficiency of being hit by a truck!!! That will take strong bones to survive but that won't make your bones stronger!!!

Vaccines won't make your immune system stronger. Nutrition will.

Because your body was BORN with an immunization army. You just have to nourish them and give them weapons, NOT ENNEMIES! Stop that nonsense. NOW!

Lisa Of Shades
20-28 October 2015

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