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Jesus delivery
Car accident ~ broken ~ Adrenal fatigue
Green cookies
Depression ~ Green brain
HD is bad for you
Save the Earth
Sapiosexual / Sapioromatic
Despair broccoli
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ~ Famine
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ~ Medicine
Frozen ~ Tourette's syndrome
Robin Williams' suicide
Antidepressants ~ Rabbits

Jesus delivery

O savior. Deliver us... some pizza. “I can’t. You nailed me to a cross. Grains won’t save you anyway. Try vegetables full of vitamin C.”

O savior ~ Jesus deliver us pizza delivery ~ grains are bad and won't save you ~ try vegetables full of vitamin C

I took the image from Jesus pizza delivery boy at blogspot.

There are more amusing ones in the thread What the real Jesus looked like at wrongplanet forums. (Great forum for asperger & autism. Really cool and interesting people.) Someone gave a similar image saying "The only Jesus I will give money to."

I had the idea a long time ago, so many don't get made that I should post my text file.

My notes:

6 June 2014. Jesus pizza: Deliver us… some pizza.
Added 28 December 2014: Blasphemy never been so tasty. But I hate grains. They’re hiding under delicious cheese.
Added 7 January 2015: “I can’t… you nailed me to a cross.”

I "liked" thin crust because there was less of that half baked atrocious goo... I only needed it to hold the cheese... but it felt like eating the paper plate along with it. Now I make vegetable sautés with slices of cheese on the side. I'm way happier and no more blood sugar high and crashes or gut pains.

I wanted to make the montage myself, but I'm exhausted so I searched to see if someone made it... and it's great! I wanted to use the arrogant statue that winks and points at us, and add a pizza. But using a serious image makes it look even more ridiculous.

I can take much credit from it, but you can still learn something and laugh~


Lisa Of Shades
9 January 2015

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Car accident ~ broken ~ Adrenal fatigue

“It hurts all over! It hurts so much! *cries*” It’s just in your head. Take antidepressants. Broken bones, internal hemorrhages, organs failing… just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that it’s not real. Adrenal fatigue (endocrine exhaustion from too much stress & too little nutrition) is very real. Even if doctors and psychiatrists can’t figure it out. Because it’s not drugs or talking that can help you. You need to rebalance rest, vitamins and minerals.

Car accident broken body ~ hurts all over so much ~ depression is adrenal fatigue ~ lower stress increase nutrition

Don't ask your doctor. Lower stress and boost nutrition.

Denial will bottle the pain and let the pressure build until it explodes. But talking in therapy won’t help you heal from the exhaustion of a trauma, reliving it by sharing the memory will maintain your body in the fight or flight state, instead of the relaxed state required for healing.

You need the proper materials to heal, vitamins and minerals, not just calories and sleep... rest to avoid draining yourself into a more damaged state. To be able to catch up to the exhaustion and deficiencies, you'll have to nourish yourself more than average, and do less than average.

There's no such thing as normal, only causes and consequences. They vary between individuals and through time.

Average doesn't mean better, there’s always something under and above, it's natural, so being normal shouldn’t be considered mandatory. It only hurts people... who try to be who they are not, or to reach what no one should if they wish to stay healthy.

Everyone has something that they can do better than someone else; you can't look at only the best in everyone and expect yourself to reach all that by yourself. You'll burn out. Not because you're inferior, but because you too are just a living being with limits and needs.

I like how they hold is head like it’s wounded and precious. It always angers me to hear "just" in my head. As if my brain, my personality, my thoughts, me emotions, my very identity as a person... didn't matter... and was even a defective disease to be cured. It sounds worse than Hitler. Saying something cruel like that to someone in pain while claiming that it helps is fucking sick! Don't believe a word, even if it's true. Life hurts enough without listening to that kind of shit. Don't surrender your life and well being and money to people who look down on your mind like that! Only hell can come out of it.

I like the sharp matrix looking font; it looks cold and heartless... as much as the quote actually is. True kindness can only come from yourself, proper care can only be self care. No one and nothing can truly replace something so important.

I took the picture from Muscle car smashes into building on Tecumseh Road at windsorstar to illustrate how absurd is the new fad to use antidepressants when people suffer from exhaustion and PHYSICAL pains... when anybody would be rightfully depressed, and drugging someone out of their minds doesn't help them heal.

Nutrition does. Not just eating emoty calories full of toxins and void of vitamins and minerals... but nourishing.

It's an endocrine problem... but it's not even a thyroid or insulin problem... or even a weight problem. They're still just symptoms and often there to save your life. Fat seals toxins to give the kidney a break until they can excrete them. The thyroid slows down the metabolism to allow the adrenal glands to rest, and everything else... So taking stimulants and drugs to be in denial isn't going to improve your quality of life. If you think it does, then you really would be amazed to see how cleaning your life and nourishing your body would make a huge difference in your existence and very being.

Enjoy my section about Adrenal Fatigue~ Add more colors into your meals and you'll have more colors in your life and mood.

If someone look down on you dismissing you, calling you lazy, pressuring you against your limit and well being and stressing you out... Remember that you're like that guy in the car accident. Kick that ignorant bitch/asshole out of your life, especially if they claim to be an expect.

Enjoy doing it~ It feels great~~~

Put balance back in your favor: lower stress & increase nutrition.

The first text was supposed to be: "It’s just in your head. Take antidepressants. Ops now you’re dead. You probably didn’t take enough antidepressants." To a carpenter all problems look like a nail. To a clueless psychopath, all problems look like your emotions. Try nutrition; replace grains by greens with fresh meat. That will help you heal and cope.

The only expect to lead your life in the right direction isn't your drug pusher; it's your body's feelings of well being or misery. It's as clear as can be. You should listen and realign the path when needed. If you're in pain and depressed, what you need isn't what you thought. Change is scary and confusing but it improves your chances to find it right.


Lisa Of Shades
20 January 2015
Edited: 6 February 2015

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Green cookies

"My doctor told me to eat more greens so I dyed it." Suffering. It’s growing in you. Eat green LIVES not toxic dyes. Willful ignorance is the worst stupidity. You did this to yourself and no one can save you. You deserve the results of what you chose for yourself.

Green cookies ~ eat greens ~ green lives not deadly toxic dyes ~ you deserve what's coming

I got both horrified and amused when I added this poster to my collection. (I don’t have the link.) I edited the text and typos.

The first version was “Sometimes you deserve what’s coming for you”. But since junk food makes you grow bigger, saying that what is actually growing isn’t your belly, ass or fat… it’s suffering itself.

People know how to be healthy… but they allow themselves to be fooled. Nutritious foods let us know that they are ripe by being sweet and colorful… but adding refined sugar and dyes isn’t the same… our primal brain can be tricked but not our health, not even with fancy drugs that merely suppress a metabolic process that is often there to prolong your life.

There is little difference in eating a toast with jam, a muffin or a cookie. It’s all refined, all too high on the glycemic index, all loaded with sugars… Grains are at the base of the food pyramid because they are cheap and make big profits, not because they’re healthy for you. They’re also at the top of the food pyramid as things that you should rarely eat… That’s both suspicious and tells it all. It doesn’t belong as a staple food.

Greens do, then meat, beans and nuts… You don’t need meat and eggs for the protein but for the B12. And damn don’t eat tofu, it will mess with your hormones and make you look like a pregnant woman even when you’re a man.

You don’t need to add sugar and dyes to real food… Adding sugar never made worthless cardboard more ripe and nutritious… adding cancer causing dyes sure won’t help either… it will poison you even more… put more burden on your kidneys…

Dye is one I away from being die. Beware.

Enjoy real colorful life forms~

“You deserve the results of what you chose for yourself” is a very powerful statement. You chose the boyfriend who beat you. You chose not to defend yourself. You chose to allow people to walk all over you. You chose to put the responsibility of your life in someone else’s hands. You chose to rely on taste instead of nutrition. You chose to spend too much for your means and end up in crippling debts. You chose to have more kids than you can handle (more than zero).

You chose to put your priorities in fancy gadgets to impress people instead of your health. You chose to go to the gym and run mindlessly like a mouse in its wheel instead to go hiking. You chose to boost yourself with caffeine and sugar instead to nourish yourself with water and nutrients, so you’re unable to sleep. You chose to fuck around and risk getting an STD. You chose to let others define your worth instead to esteem yourself by taking good care of yourself with respect, no matter what you deserve. You chose what lead to cancer. You choose to live or to die.

Every time you make a choice, it defines you and makes your life unfold.

You have the control, you can choose, again, different… and better for yourself.

Lisa Of Shades
22 January 2015

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Depression ~ Green brain

Depression. It’s not that there’s something wrong with your brain. Your brain is telling you that there’s something wrong. Try greens and vitamin C. It’s needed to handle stress and heal. Your brain is made of fat, enjoy nuts~ It’s sugar and toxins that make you gain weight. Eat life.

Depression ~ Green happy brain ~ vitamin C is needed to handle stress and heal ~ eat life

The image is from Seven secrets to a happy brain from the UBC research centre at tenthstreetdinner. The video is at: vimeo. To resume:
  • 1. Get a good night sleep. Your brain needs it to organize the information learned during the day. Dreaming is good.
  • 2. Eat breakfast. Especially a combination of protein and easy to digest foods. Eat regularly during the day so you won’t go for the wrong foods out of dizzy desperation. When you look after your brain, your brain can look after the rest of your body. (When your blood sugar is stable, so is your energy levels and mood.)
  • 3. Exercise about 40 minutes a day, to breathe in more oxygen for your brain, it creates more brain cells. (It helps get rid of poison and the gravity acts like a pump to clean your lymphatic system, which doesn't rely on your heart to make the fluid move around.)
  • 4. Exercise your brain. Do intellectual stimulations to train your new brain cells to be connected and efficient together. They older ones will also live longer.
  • 5. Think positive. (What you fear is just as stressful as if it was happening. Hate puts you on edge.) Stress lowers your immune system.
  • 6. Meditate. It helps you concentrate. Which is hard to do in a multitasking world.
  • 7. Cut down on multitasking. It’s not good for you and lowers your chances to be efficient and remember anything from it.
Adorable shirt logo of a happy brain at teepublic.

The reason why fried food is bad is because it's rancid. Cold slows down the cells and make their lives last longer. Heat stimulates them so much that they die and rot.
Toxins are sealed in fat; the fat itself isn't to blame. You can't convert poison to muscles with exercise. You need the fat to protect you.

The body doesn't just eat for energy; he requires nutrition for many complex body processes. If all you get is refined sugar from grains and other junk, you'll keep starving for nutrition. It will be better to over eat to get the nutrients than be unable to function. So your body will try in vain if you only eat worthless empty artificial products... and that's why you get sick. Not because of the fat, but because you're starving... and being poisoned by the artificial colors and flavor to trick you.

Eat life. Eventually, after your tongue gets used to real natural sugar again, the vegetables that tasted bland compared to pure sugar will be tasty again. And of course eat meat, not tofu. It’s actually toxic and mimics estrogen that will tell your body that you need to be fatter to handle a pregnancy, even if you're a male! That's why men develop a big belly and breasts by trusting prepared food. They cut corners and use cheat filling. Some restaurants even added yoga carpets to make the food more appealing. But there's nothing Zen about that.

So of course you'll feel miserable and depressed. But taking drugs to force your brain to get high when your vital are shutting down from malnutrition... will only poison you even more.

The answer is simple. Eat life. And you'll be happy to be.

You might need vitamin supplements to catch up to the deficiencies. They can even rebuild vital organs. Because you're not made of sugar and good will. You're made of a complex recipe that requires organic ingredients, and not synthetic ones... Because you are alive, and not an object.

Lisa Of Shades
18 February 2015

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HD is bad for you

How unclear 480p must look for HD lovers with the biggest screens. ~ How High Definition screens look to me. Ouch. My corneas are melting. The glare can cause dizziness, headaches and photosensitive epileptics even get seizures. ~ How it’s supposed to look: not too blurry, but not too sharp & saturated. It does on my old screen. That’s the way I like it. ~ To each their own. But if you want something real and not just gaudy, HD is wrong.

HD is bad for you ~ unreal gaudy colors and too sharp ~ the glare causes dizziness, headaches and seizures

That's why I got a refund and got the cheapest screen I could find, without any glare, not even on the edge. I don't want to see myself reflected in a mirror screen and feel like I'm part of the action. There's a limit to having a big ego and insecurities...

Shiny stuff can be nice, I have a full body mirror facing the one above my bathroom skin... but as a TV screen it's impractical. It causes many images to be jumbled up; it's hard on the brain to try to focus on different perspectives all at once. Of course that will cause problems:

Premature fatigue (I was exhausted after 1h on a screen with a triple glare, I can last 12h on my Acer X233H, it looks just like paper), nausea, headaches and even seizures!!! Maybe not grand mal with convulsions dancing on the floor, but there are other types... like spacing out and sudden emotional bursts, it can be euphoria (which can explain casino addicts)... but also rage and depression.

It really does make people sick. That's what you get for putting your priorities on the appearances instead of the performance. Trying to surpass reality overwhelm your brain and make life look bland after. Colors that are too saturated and candy looking look cheap and unrefined. That's why my site has a less saturated pale yellow.

Seriously my 2nd image hurts when I look at it.

I sharpened it and raised the saturation. I saw a thick black line, like a cartoon, around the sweat of athletes. It looked like bugs were crawling all over his face. Celebrities use toxic industrial make up trying to have a smoother skin because HD makes it worse than reality. It's not set right.

The colors and other features are cheated to make it look more colorful and better, but that's not the way it supposed to look. Then reality looks grey and depressing, but that's how it's supposed to be.

Stop trying to put freaking sparkles everywhere, even on vampires!!!

Or learn this PHotoshop tutorial. I did them manually because I didn't need that many stars, but it helped:

Add A Sparkle Trail To A Photo With Photoshop at photoshopessentials.

Enjoy the deliciously dark and bleak reality. People are idiots easily fooled by appearances and then it makes them sick. It's true for food, for make up to cover up a sickly face and nails, instead to nourish yourself right... and it's true for HD screens.

Am I the only one who hates HDTV
at fluther. Many people make good points in the comments.

Lisa Of Shades
5 March 2015

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Save the Earth

To solve world’s hunger and attain world’s peace: STOP MAKING BABIES! A smaller population means more resources available and less competition.

Misanthrope ~ world peace no hunger ~ stop making babies

The image is from The End of an Age: The Dawn of a New-Old Age at monahaydar.

That's why have disgusting CAFO too (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation). It looks like a Nazi camp. It's filthy and overcrowded and the food is crap.

Because we're too many! We live piled up on to of each other in little boxes, so of course the animals do too without ever seeing grass... we don't have a land to rest on and play either! Our lives are just like the lives of those animals. It should be a wake up call... but if we don't even care about ourselves then what chance do all the other forms of life have against human stupidity.

Enjoy anything else than sex. How about some murder? If you think that living an entire life in a tiny cage is acceptable, then you don't have much to lose. I miss the duel era.

Even the planet has a limit, so it’s pointless to feel bad about yourself when you reach yours. So don't make babies to feel useful or get unconditional love. If you can't find how to be happy by handling your own shitty life, literally handling someone else's shit won't improve anything.

Babies are nature’s way to punish you for having sex. So don’t have sex. It’s the only way to be sure.

Lisa Of Shades
6 March 2015

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Despair broccoli

Embrace despair.
You don’t need hope when you have the cure. Eat vegetables
full of vitamin C! Scurvy is HELL. Correct all your nutritional deficiencies and it will
end your agony. Eating broccoli doesn’t sound so bad now, uh~

Embrace despair ~ you don't need hope when you have the cure ~ vegetables

I got the idea in the blog Mental illness the silence and the stigma by r00tH4cK3r at kickass.

I was saying that drugs can't help people.

The cancer cure from the cancer industry causes cancer.
Antidepressants cause depression.

Anti-anxiety cause anxiety.

So why not go at the root of the problem, the root of the essence of life and survival: nutrition. You are what you eat, nutritional deficiencies are sheer agony. There's nothing wrong with you, but there's something very wrong with the Standard American Diet. It’s called SAD for many reasons.

Enjoy life forms, green vegetables and meat, not grains, sugar, soy and toxic addictive additives~

Walking in nature helps better than drugs, because it helps you detoxify. Eating nature helps even better than just looking at it. Hahaha.

Lisa Of Shades
5 April 2015

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ~ Famine

Famine isn’t beautiful. Stop pressuring people into anorexia! Stop the breast implant butchery! Beauty is being happily healthy.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ~ Famine, starvation, anorexia, nutrition, health ~ demotivational poster

Someone who demands starvation is incapable of love and it’s impossible to earn it no matter what you do.

There is nothing more important than your own life.
No one is more important than YOU.

Knowing that will give you the self-confidence to love and care for yourself, so you won't be desperate to have someone else do it for you.

Lisa Of Shades
16 September 2015

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ~ Medicine

Will NEVER replace vitamins and minerals. Nutrition heals. Drugs kill.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ~ pill in a plate, medicine, vitamins, minerals, nutrition heals, drugs kill ~ demotivational poster

Malnutrition, deficiencies, toxins, exhaustion, wounds... that's what causes diseases... not a drug deficiency... drugs are incompatible with life to make flesh and body functions, they're a toxic burden on your body... that might mask symptoms, but that won't solve the problem... it will add one more... killing you faster.

Enjoy real nourishing foods, not grains, corn and soy! And certainly not artificial poisons.

Lisa Of Shades
16 September 2015

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Frozen ~ Tourette's syndrome

(The text is below)

Frozen Elsa ~ Tourette's syndrome ~ neurotic perfectionism ~ seizure

Thoughts: "I have to be proper and politically correct. I must be pleasant and PERFECT!"

Screaming: "Fuck, shit, bitch, cunt, dick, tits, piss! Hitler! Dead babies!"

Tourette's syndrome

Instead to be a mental disorder, maybe it's to cope with unreasonable social pressure. To avoid letting neurotic perfectionism take all the joy away from everything.

Try breaking free by being outrageous sometimes, it feels good~

Your primal brain’s impulses can’t understand “don’t” the way your rational brain does, only basic commands. So think the positive ideas that you want to say and do.

Reactive hypoglycemia, anemia and dehydration can cause seizures.

Symptoms can be uncontrollable repetitive movements and bursts of emotions: laughter, sadness or anger.

It’s vital to eat living foods with vitamins & minerals balanced with your needs. Unstable sugars and toxic chemicals would disturb any healthy brain.

Everyone reacts differently to bad foods, but everyone reacts badly. Sooner or later.


Making demotivational posters is a good exercise for me to try to resume my chaotic thoughts… I'll just have mercy on me for failing with this one, because I have important information to share beyond the first joke that I wrote… and I felt like it wouldn't be fair to people with Tourette's syndrome because it makes them suffer. As much as it's liberating to do it by choice, being unable to control it makes people feel like victims as much as the people who are displeased by it.

Like this woman at YouTube: Tourettes - Swearing (Vulgar content) (but not as bad as mine)

Sadly the more she tried to hold it in the worse it got out... maybe they need to empty that bottling up on an outlet positively... Back when I tried to be good at all cost... I was much more evil than how I look now. I wanted to murder people constantly. Now I just want to make creepy posters. It's like taking the dogs out for a run, they won't have the urge to shred all the furniture if they have another outlet for their energy. That's how I now look at my own anger, and it's all fluffy now. Unless someone attacks me. So maybe people with Tourettes's syndrome are also trying too hard to be nice, balance will restore itself whether you do dark stuff willingly or not.

Is Tourette's Syndrome always accompanied by swearing? at zocdoc.

Resume: Tics are repetitive behaviors: blinking quickly, face grimacing, neck stretching, hand clapping, repeating what people say (echopraxia)… Blurting out obscene language (copropraxia) is uncommon (less than 10%) and the vast majority of children that swear do not have Tourette's syndrome.

That sounds like the symptoms of a seizure. They cause repetitive movements or burst of emotion, sudden laughter or rage. It can explain the swearing.

Someone asked why people with Tourette swear... it's the other way around... it's because they swear that it's called tourette. If instead of anger the seizure was about sadness, it would be called depression. And if it was joy, they would call them manic... But it's very possible that they are all seizures, or at least some cases for all of them... And that would be caused by an imbalance in the CARE that the brain needs to recieve, not the brain itself... because once you nourish him properly, he functions properly.

Coprolalia at wikipedia

"Cases of deaf Tourette patients swearing in sign language have been described, showing that coprolalia is not just a consequence of the short and sudden sound pattern of many swear words."

It's the urge to express sudden bursts of emotions. My reactive hypoglycemia can give me rage. feel lucky that they just say embarrassing words, some people beat the crap out of everything that moves, thinking that the threat against their lives comes from outside when it's an internal fuel issue. Some people even ate people's faces off, but he was surviving on speed drugs instead to eat and people rarely use such powerful stimulants to fight the exhausting effects of malnutrition.

So give a break to people with the coping reaction named "Tourette's syndrome" by being grateful they're not doing the worst.

Hypoglycemia? Anemia? Dehydration? Or Epilepsy? You tell me! at epilepsy.

Everything always happens for a reason. Giving a disease name to the symptom narrow the mind and lazily abandon the search for the cure. Calling seizures epilepsy is like saying that you don't know why and don't want to try figuring it out. It's like saying that seizures cause themselves...

When it is known that seizures are caused by malnutrition, it is a crime to give toxic drugs to blunt the pain a little instead to find how to take it away completely (especially about depression, but also true about everything else.) Sometimes seizures are caused by brain damage, the brain can repair itself, that's why you sleep, and that's why you'll die if you don't sleep for about 11 days...

Repairs take the right materials in sufficient amount and some time... it's possible that it's beyond repair, but it's life's specialty so there's always hope to help issues get better.

First version from my notes: Seizures are a symptom. Medicine always give them a disease name to hide how clueless they are about the real cause, that they are too overwork to find the time to discover the wrong you do in your self care (you probably wouldn't want to change anyway), or to hide the fact that selling you pills make them richer that way. But many causes are known. It's like antidepressants for people who are depressed because their body is not being taken care of the way they need… What would you prefer, blunt the pain and still have it, or take the pain away entirely?
Tourette use curse words because if the symptom of their seizure was sadness instead of anger, the problem would be called depression instead, and manic if it was joy.

The curse of coprolalia at stronglang.

"Coprolalics invoke the most inappropriate curses of their eras and cultures, and their vocal eruptions are contextually relevant in their inappropriateness. For instance, phoning an airline to make a reservation, a coprolalic patient blurts out, “there’s a bomb on the plane!” When he meets a black person, the same patient cannot restrain himself from exclaiming, “Nigger!”"

That made me wonder if people with Tourette simply sent the wrong message to their brain. Your rational mind can calculate the meaning in a negative or double negative... But your primal brain cannot. It's like an animal... if you tell a dog "don't sit" he's probably going to sit. A positive affirmation is more powerful. Because you focus on what you want instead of what you don't want. If all you think about is what you don't want to do, you're not giving your brain any other alternative, the only command received is the last thing that you want to do... but you're not stimulating any other part of your brain by thinking better ideas... so... all your brain knows is to do, say and go towards the only thing that you are thinking about.

So let go of your fear and focus on what you want.

It's even more powerful than you think. Watch the movie The secret (IMDb) and spoilers: that's the force of attraction. Your thoughts become reality. We think that it only works the other way around, that we think about what's there... but that's only when you don't take control of your destiny. Because if you strongly think about what you want... you won't just notice opportunities... the universe will respond by becoming in sync with your energy... everything is energy so it actually makes perfect sense. Quantum physics is even weirder than that.

At the atomic level, all possibilities happen at once, but if there's an observer, the rule pf physics change and only one outcome happens. That's how powerful awareness can be... and yes, tests demonstrated that will can influence random outcomes... and even weirder... they made a recording and it still worked! The future can influence the past. That intuition and gut feeling that we all have, maybe it's not just the subconscious calculating probabilities with an extreme accuracy... it can very well be an emotional echo from the future that you'll reach if you stay on the same path.

So think about what you want to say, be and do... not what you don't want... that won't just influence your brain... it will influence the whole universe.

We're made of star dust and pure energy, that's as far fetched as it seems on the surface.

The reason why I think that Tourette's syndrome might obsess too much about NOT being vulgar and being uncontrollably vulgar as a consequence… is because the only reason it's called a syndrome is because THEY DON'T WANT TO! There are people who are way more vulgar constantly willingly without shame or having any problem with it. So maybe what Tourette people need is simply to know that it's perfectly okay to be vulgar if they want to, and if they don't want to it's just as fine. If their anger comes out in a way that they don't want to uncontrollably, then maybe they can try to let it out in a willed manner. There's nothing wrong with anger and frustrations, but we all need to learn to deal with it… and bottling in denial can only causes explosions.

It's like fermenting vegetables. It boosts nutrition and multiplies healthy gut bacteria. It's useful to re-colonize you, if you didn't eat fresh greens for them to thrive on in you, or nuked yourself with toxic antibiotics instead of strengthening your health. To ferment they need to be in water to limit oxygen, in a sealed glass container... but if you don't open it from time to times to let out the pressure... the glass jar will explode! But not because bacteria are harmful, it's just a consequence of their vital purpose.

Anger is your will to live. Denying it to yourself lead to helplessness, depression, feeling like your life isn't worth fighting for... anger is awesome when used wisely.

The stress of doing something wrong can be such torture that DOING something wrong is better for your health because then you can let go and move on... That's probably why it's so impulsive for Tourette people to do what they dread most. They don't have the impulse of screaming banana... so if you diminish the far of saying something bad, you could lower the urge.

We all have the curious urge to do something we're told not to… we all crave freedom. Tourette people might crave it harder than others while trying to deny it to themselves more than others… so embrace freedom.

But because the most common symptom is nervous tics... It's very probable that it's seizures from malnutrition.

The B complex is vital to renew nerves and the brain is a big ball of it... magnesium is vital to relax muscles. They're both deficiencies as common as they are devastating.

The B complex is vital to renew nerves and the brain is a big ball of it... magnesium is vital to relax muscles. They're both deficiencies as common as they are devastating. They can cause muscle spasm, low energy, and severe mental and emotional problems… and death. So cursing isn't so bad… but the deficiencies should be taken care of. Even with using living foods instead of empty processed ones they can be hard to gain… and if the deficiencies has been accumulating over a long time, a maintenance dose can stop things from getting worse, but won't be able to improve things…

To see supplements work it can take a long time and very high doses. The way it requires more than a drop of water to survive in a desert. But just like drinking too much too fast can make you sick... taking supplements should be taken with a slow increase and balanced with other nutrients... and will never replaced a balance meal...and even with a balance meal toxins and processed sugar & grains will destroyy you.

The most popular swear words on Facebook by gender, age group and region.

I didn't use the most popular words in my art. I wrote the ones that I could think off. I used short words that would be easy to scream one after the other like a machine gun. "Hitler and dead babies" isn't something that Tourette people say… they're the worst topics that I talked about with my friends. So I was kinda laughing at myself. I had the inspiration for that art by trying to figure out why it was so vital for me to talk about bad things and not just happy ones...

For the same reasons that negative feelings and rain exists in the first place… because they are a part of life… and I want to live. I want to be free. I want to be myself. I want to accept reality, and not just the part that's convenient and nice.

I want to enjoy everything~ Because it exists and so do I.

Being a perfectionist was pure torture and made everything painful, even my art... nothing was ever good enough, everything was always bad and wrong because it could always be better... and when it couldn't be better because I worked so hard that I destroyed my internal organs... it could still be IMAGINED even better then reality, in some poetic idealized way of unrealistic hope... and when it really couldn't be better than we can even imagine... it's hard to appreciate anything when your organs are shutting down from exhaustion and failing to time to time to cook & eat something balanced...

If I had waited to be able to write the perfect phrase, I would never write a word. If I had waited to be able to draw perfectly, I would never make any art. And I sure would never practice to improve...

So enjoy the imperfect, the simply good and even the bad. Otherwise the worst is going to come out on its own.

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 9 October 2015
Text: 10 October 2015

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Robin Williams' suicide

(The text is below)

Robin Williams ~ Suicide ~ Hang ~ Hallucinations, dementia, Parkinson's ~ B complex and magnesium deficiency symptoms

“Robin Williams' suicide was caused by hallucinations from a devastating form of dementia he was battling alongside Parkinson's.”

NO! It was the rational decision of a man in agony, doomed incurable by the health “care” industry, with no other solutions to end a suffering worse than death.

Symptoms are caused by nutritional deficiencies

Hallucinations: B12 & Magnesium.

Dementia: B3, B12 & Choline.

Parkinson: Magnesium.
Tremors: B2, B12 & Magnesium.
Spasms: D, Magnesium & Sodium.

Depression: All needs. All vitamins & minerals, blood sugar imbalances, weakened endocrine system, sleep deprivation, toxins, allergens, intolerances, overwhelming stress, violence, grief, loneliness...

Suicidal: B12 & Magnesium.

Death: All. B1, B3, H, C, Magnesium, Sodium, Protein...

So his suffering was caused by slowly accumulated deficiencies, mostly the B complex and magnesium. His body deteriorated because he didn’t nourish himself with sufficient materials to renew his cells.

The tragedy is the failure of our society to value life enough to prioritize nurturing the most basic vital need: nutrition!

His suffering could have been avoided easily. But he would have died even without committing suicide because all he was given by the medical industry was drugs and despair.

Note (Comments version 2)

Only Robin Williams can know his reasons for committing suicide. I don't know if he was taking drugs but I know the medical industry rarely have a different answer. I don't know if he could have been saved by nutrition, sometimes the damage is too advanced and there's not enough time to undo it before death. Maybe he got an accident that hit his head. Maybe it was slow poisoning by the brain damaging mercury in "silver" dental fillings. Consequences can have many causes and one cause can have many consequences.

But this story is true about myself. When I overworked myself, only ate processed grains that I'm allergic to, have no nutrition and are full of chemicals... I wanted to die extremely badly... I had severe physical and mental symptoms, not nearly as bad as him, but it was something similar that was leading me there slowly as my body was slowly losing the fight against my neglect and abuse... Nutrition saved me. When I ate sugar recently, I spent 3 days confused, hysterical, extremely suicidal, and I couldn't stay awake... and when I was awake I wasn't really awake... I couldn't feel or think, I just wanted it to stop by any effective means... including death...

I wanted to die because there was nothing left of me anyway. Being able to be fully awake enough to be able to feel depression would have been an improvement... but I was gone... I didn't want my loved ones to even see me like this... and if that's how he felt... he didn't killed himself selfishly but because he cared... maybe he was afraid of how he'd be and what he'd do when even more of him was gone... and wanted to die while he was still himself, without being taken apart pieces by pieces while his loved ones watched even more horrified and heartbroken than he was... as he lost his very personality, his very soul, becoming empty in a living dead body. There are things far worse than being dead. And some ways to go are more slowly agonizing than others.

It's not even about being sad or about quality of life... when you're unable to even think and feel because your brain is too damaged... that's not being alive... you can't even survive like this.

With my severe Adrenal Fatigue, I know too well how it feels to be alive but unable to live. Unable to have the energy to try to accomplish my dreams, to do everything that people take for granted, hobbies, spending good times with loved ones... or even manage to take care of myself... But at least I'm still able to be me. He couldn't even have that. I tasted that hell... the distress is indescribable...

How can you possibly trust that it will get better when you can't even trust what you see, think and feel? You can't believe to figure out a solution when you can't even believe in yourself as your mind fades away. I couldn't remember feeling better, I couldn't even imagine feeling better. My capacity to think was gone and me along with it.

But when the junk got out of my system and the nutrients in... the hell ended like waking up from a nightmare. My brain healed. I guess the swelling from the irritated inflammation went down. Maybe the broken nerve connections between neurons could be rebuilt, thanks to the proper materials that I ate between comatose states.

I just woke up after 3 days and I was... truly awake. Truly alive. Truly me. It felt so wonderful that all the logical reasons that I had to be depressed seemed insignificant... I was just so happy to be able to think and feel. To be back to life. To be who I am.

As much as I couldn't imagine feeling happy ever again when I was in pain and comatose most of the time, I can barely imagine how much pain I was in now that it's gone.... but I feel very happy right now. And I wish Robin Williams was given that option... had tried it very dedicatedly (I got sick from sugar even with a balanced meal and supplements, poison is just plain poison)... and I wish he was saved by nutrition like I was.

Nutritional deficiencies cause symptoms, obviously. And he had the very typical ones of nerve degeneration from lack of B vitamins... and magnesium. Maybe it was something else for him, but one thing for sure, a lack of vitamins and minerals DOES THIS to people... every single symptoms even the suicide... and fulfilling nutritional needs that are lacking can prevent and even heal their consequences... because that was the cause in the first place, and therefore the ONLY solution.


When I searched information about his suicide... I was horrified by what they wrote... they basically called him a crazy person who acted by madness. It was already hard to mourn without seeing him be degraded in the name of "understanding" his condition... You don't even understand shit if you think that he hanged himself because he hallucinated.

Just look at his eyes... he profoundly sad eyes... he always had eyes like that, probably always suffered... that's why he tried so hard to make the whole world laugh with warmth and silliness.

And you people are inconvenienced that he wasn't able to amuse you as much near the end... but has anyone tried to cheer HIM up? He probably had to hide his pain and bear it all alone... until he just couldn't bear it anymore. He probably killed himself to avoid making people sad to watch him suffer...

A world where we let our greatest comics agonize in such despair that they kill themselves is just plain wrong... The way we live is wrong. The way we take care of ourselves and each other, on a nutritional and emotional level, is horribly wrong... but instead to see our failure as a society, as people, as health care... we just blamed him as a crazy person... instead to understand how we pushed him to do that...

It disgusts me... we lost a comic genius... we never deserved him... the world became a darker place... no it was always dark... we lost the light that made it seem less atrocious... we let him suffer and die... when all he ever did was cheer us up.

I'm disgusted. I am profoundly weeping. For him, for me because I've tasted suffering worst than death, for all of us... because in a society like this... ignorant like this... hope is denied to everyone... because ancestral nutritional knowledge is discarded for more profitable drugs.

Our society, the people who claim to love us and the health care industry is so heartless that sadness itself is viewed as a disease...

In such a pathetic cruel world... no other emotion would be sane.

I am outraged...

Doctors labeled me invalid for life for severe depression instead to bother figuring out how to save me... I had to do it myself. I convinced them to test my endocrine system and it's indeed shutting down... Low thyroid and hypoglycemia cause depression, but as they tried so many times to force toxic antidepressants down my throat they never tested me for its possible cause. And even when they found out upon my request, they just wanted to shove drugs in me again... But what I needed was to finally nourish myself... to make my self care a priority instead of an inconvenience to ignore or fulfill as cheaply and quickly as possible, to put priority on superficial garbage that no one need to live.

I made a word file to compile all the information I found about nutrition, and I search my symptoms to understand my needs:

Health ~ Nutrition ~ Vitamins & minerals

When I discovered Naturopathy and Adrenal Fatigue, I finally found a cure that works: taking care of my body and to give him the means to do what I need, instead to try to force him to do what I want with drugs... or stimulants.

Or I probably wouldn't even be able to sit to write it... or even be alive... at some point I was so frail from malnutrition that I had to struggle to breathe... and trying drugs only threw me towards death... supplements worked beyond all hope... The first time I tried the B complex I ran in circles in my kitchen, before that I was so anemic I could barely walk. IT WORKS. Because that's the cause in the first place... a brain without oxygen won't be able to understand what we see properly... and you need vitamin B, C and iron to build the red blood cells that carry it. The only insane thing would be to prescribe drugs instead to feed building materials... The madness is to expect someone who's malnourished to be able to function as well as someone who's well fed. The crime is not even trying to figure it out.

Someone wrote that there is no shame in asking for help and taking antidepressants... but what would you rather do... blunt the pain? Or heal it all away?

What if the people that you ask for help are even more clueless and dangerous than you are? What if they tell you that you are doomed and that there is no other hope than their drug, but that their drug can't even help?

What if someone believe it, fall in utter despair losing hope to find another way from that misplaced trust... and kill themselves!!!?

This is the world we live in.

This is why I am sad. This is why I am so angry.

The only ones who can live our life is ourselves... and we are the only ones who can truly doom or save it.

Enjoy~ And if you don't, then just try another way. The simplest things can be the most important, but like nutrition, they are so easily overlooked and taken for granted.

Just because your belly isn't growling, full of chemicals, cardboard and refined sand... doesn't mean that you are well fed. Just because you get enough calories... doesn't mean that you get sufficient nutrition.

If you want better, then make better choices... and don't exhaust yourself trying to make other people laugh... you can't make anyone smile if you're dead. So take care of yourself first. Because no one else can, and those who'll try... will probably make it worse.

Enjoy, there's always hope until you're dead.

I recently went through hell... One thing happened after the other, a deep grief that made me question my worth as a person and my right to live... one disaster after the other that made me feel unsafe in my own home and shamed... and I ate sugar... until my brain just crashed... There was probably hidden ingredients that I'm allergic to because being awake was torture. I could barely see, I was in agony, dizzy... confused... Thankfully I slept almost all the time for 3 days... I took a lot of vitamin C... and then one morning the overwhelming pain was gone... It was so absolutely all over and opressing that I couldn't even understand that I was in pain... all I felt was despair... I couldn't laugh, I couldn't be angry... I couldn't even be sad... I lost my whole self... I couldn't even be awake... It was pure hell, worse than death... I just wanted to die... I couldn't remember feeling better in my life, I couldn't even imagine feeling better someday...

But I ate this recipe:

Health ~ Recipes for happiness ~ Healing soup

Full of nutrients and free of the most common allergens that you might be allergic to without knowing that it's causing your symptoms or oblivious to them as your adrenals try extra hard to heal you before you notice, in overdrive until they crash along with everything else...

Food stay in your system for at least 3 days... I got better after exactly 3 days. I felt like a whole eternity...

But right now I feel absolutely fantastic!

Simply because I am well fed and well rested.

My reasons to consider myself unworthy to live are still there, but since I'm not in pain, it doesn't stop me from enjoying my life anyway. I don't need to be rich and adored... I just need to not be in agony... and that's from being well nourished, without toxins, and well rested without overwhelming stresses. Learning to let go.

Dear Robin Williams, your death gives me grief... but I accept and respect your decision. I only wish that someone, somewhere, gave you solutions to try so you could heal. The way people did for me by spreading their own ideas across the world.

Thank you for making me laugh, I'm glad that you got immortalized in movies.

If Christianity is right and you're in hell now, in spite of all the kindness that you spread in the world all your life, I'm sure the devil and all the damned are having a laugh, and that it became an even warmer place to be thanks to you. If it's true, I hope that I will join you there eventually. But not from suicide... I have respect and admiration for how badly my survival instinct struggled to save my life against all the neglect and abuse that I did and allowed... I hope that I'll never suffer that badly... and I am so sorry that you did.

The Parkinson and dementia wasn't from old age, he was only 63. Nothing is ever caused by old age... our cell renew themselves so much that we're always clones about 6-7 years old. It takes time for small nutritional deficiencies to accumulate into devastating symptoms... but suffering isn't a normal part of old age... it can happen to anybody at any time... if you don't take care of your vital needs as much as your lifestyle and body requires...

I'm sure he depleted his reserves much more than average because he worked so hard to spread laughter in the world... It's exhausting to shine so brightly... In this society we don't allow ourselves to rest until we're dead... I guess now you finally can... but we don't have to live like that... People made the world change by revolting, causing revolutions and war for situations that seemed to be completely hopeless and utter oppression... But we don't have to do that... If we all chose healthy foods... if we all chose nutrition over quick fix drugs and stimulants, if we all had compassion for our need to rest... our lives would change. Mine did, radically. And the world would change.

Enjoy your choices and their consequences, they are always yours to make. They will transform your entire world... so chose what you can live with...

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 10 October 2015
Note: 13 October 2015

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Antidepressants ~ Rabbits

Instant antidepressant

Typos. When the mind slips and makes you write a similar but different word, it can change the whole meaning radically. "Rabids" instead of rabbits:

Instant death

Rabid rabbits. Still more effective and less deadly than antidepressant drugs.

Instant antidepressant and death ~ Rabid rabbits ~ Typo

My friend Tij made a typo talking about the first image, or a wrong brain association for being tired. I thought I'd illustrate it for fun.

I replaced the broccoli by a human heart and added foaming saliva to their mouth.

All facts, experiences that I heard and observations of "side" effects made me understand that antidepressants are in fact insulin. It's the hormone that turns blood sugar (fuel) into fat. They use that as a chemical straight jacket. Calling the drug that way would have been more honest but the publicity wouldn't have been more profitable. I've seen people too unable to think from hypoglycemia to be able to remember why they are distressed, but I've never seen anyone energetic and happy on it. They become fat though, another proof that it's the fat producing hormone.

If it made you feel better, you are eating too much sugar.

Blood sugar swings cause mood swings. By keeping the blood sugar low constantly you might seem more stable, but then your mood is always low. What you need is to balance your meals so that your mood will as well, without drugging your brain into oblivion, unable to figure out solutions.

Reactive hypoglycemia is caused by too much sugar, doctors worsen the problem by encouraging people to consume refined sugar (cola, candy...) during a crash, because that's what caused the crash in the first place... so it will cause another one... and so on. You'll never reach a natural stability by eating and drinking unnatural things that are so refined that they are no longer nutritionally balanced.

If a food is alive, it can sustain your life. If it isn't, it will kill you. It's as simple as that.

Well, there are exceptions with poisonous mushrooms and supplements. But that's a good general rule.

So antidepressants cause hypoglycemia, because they force your body to store more glucose into fat than it wants... and hypoglycemia cause depression... so people eat even more sugar because they hate feeling so weak... and you'd die if you don't... ending up being prescribed higher doses... and that madness (not yours but the medical and processed food industry) continues...

Hypoglycemia also causes rage. Food rage from hunger on a way deeper level than having your stomach growling empty... You're at death door and the survival mechanism gets triggered. You can't flee because it's in your body, and it's hard to understand especially when your brain doesn't have enough fuel to think clearly... So you end up psychotic and so panicky and angry from starvation... you can end up attacking anything and anyone around trying to fight for your life... Trying to find someone responsible and to blame... but it's the drug... and the lack of real food...

That's why people get even more confused, panicky and insane on antidepressants... and even do killing sprees... if they where depressed for being bullied and assaulted, neglected and humiliated... their new found hunger rage and adrenalin boost can make them revolt with good reasons. But dying from being given insulin when you don't need it is a good reason enough to freak out... It's a cruel idea. Not everyone docilely curl up and die... But people do that too. Hypoglycemia is that dangerous. Antidepressants killed people. And not just the ones who committed suicide because hypoglycemia is so atrociously painful. They just embraced what seemed inevitable to shorten their agony. But they would have died anyway.

I've been depressed... but when I stabilized my hypoglycemia with natural greens and avoiding grains, it went away. My sister took the drug, she became so much worse that they locked her up. She had a bright future studying medicine to help people. She had a good reason to be depressed because she saw her lover drown helplessly. But those maniacs told her that her sadness was being defective and destroyed her brain with drugs. She can't study or work anymore. She wasn't born like this.

I nourished myself so that my metabolism could afford going faster with materials to function. Because low thyroid cause depression too, but taking hormones to force your body instead to understand, respect and provide the needs... That too is a recipe for disaster. There are symptoms of hypothyroid that are actually symptoms of nutritional deficiencies, like bad hairs and skin... Hormones won't provide the building materials. Forcing your body to go faster will just cannibalize the vital organs to use the materials that you neglected to eat.

Processed food is so unnatural and without nutrition, so chemical, that it's a drug... So full of sugar, a white powder, that it's like cocaine. The solution isn't another drug. It's nutrition.

Being attacked by rabbits would be much cuter and give you a much better chance to survive than taking insulin and becoming hypoglycemic. And if the cause of your distress was being hypoglycemic in the first place... It will multiply your suffering.

Enjoy greens, like a rabbit.
Lisa Of Shades
Image: 14 October 2015
Text: 18 October 2015

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