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Fake fruits
KFC not fried chicken Heart Heart Heart
Pasteurization doesn't solve the problem
Nuke infected milk Heart
Grass: before fermentation and after
Vicious cycle of pain
Hearing epic voices
Lawnmower cannibal cow
Monsanto corn mutant Heart Heart Heart
Grim Reaper diet
Cancerous scent
Anorexia is the gender bender
Anorexia: Fashion kills for profits
Anorexia: fake breasts look like Mickey Mouse ears
Anorexia: Nazi Fashion
Anorexia: Pedophile fashion
Bulimia: kissing the toilet

Fake fruits

Fake fruits. They don’t have the vitamin C to prevent and cure They don’t have the vitamin C to prevent and cure: scurvy, gum & teeth decay, wrinkles, heart disease, obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, allergies & anaphylaxis, infections, cancer, exhaustion, depression, ADHD, Alzheimer, dementia and even stupidity. Artificial products can’t make you healthy and happy. Flavor alone can’t nourish you. Drugs can’t heal you. Thank you, dirt, for growing better cures than a lab can ever hope to invent! Take THAT humanity's ego!

Fake fruits don't have the vitamin C to cure everything

I was tempted to use the candy plastic bottles but I didn't want to inflict the "you want what you see" effect. So I use a 3D Plastic Fruits wallpaper from widewallpapershd.

I was tempted to only write about scurvy, but vitamin C is vital for so much more.

You make collagen with vitamin C, it's the glue that can hold minerals together and make flesh elastic; which explains a lot.

It also allow your adrenal glands to free stored fuel, and at high doses it also has a calming effect, maybe because you don't run on adrenalin madness but on actual smooth stable fuel. Depression is actually how exhaustion feels, not a disease. White blood cells are defenseless without being loaded with vitamin C, so it cures infections, enabling the body to do repairs, making it more able to endure sudden temperature change without shattering, so that's why vitamin C does wonder for respiratory infections, where extreme cold and hot collides. It's an antioxidant that detoxifies toxins, so it cures cancer since that's the result of poisons.

Vitamin C won’t change the fact that something is poisonous to you, from an allergy or toxin, but it will give your body the means to fight and heal the reaction. Anaphylaxis is when the body looses the fight and goes into shock. If it seems exaggerated, it’s because the adrenal glands’ reserves of vitamin C to handle the irritation and inflammation are critically depleted. A study has sown that it prevented the death of animals from anaphylaxis.

Vitamin C had even been proven to cure cancer. But of course you have to stop to put in your body what doesn’t belong there. The fact that you don’t notice the damage doesn’t mean that it’s not happening, and the amount of vitamin C will make a difference. That’s why not every smoker die of cancer as fast, but sometimes it burns the vitamin C necessary for other things, like the heart, skin or to fight infections. You always pay for destroying yourself instead to nourish your needs, one way or the other, sooner or later.

Here's a quote from experienceproject: "...the effect of the vitamin and mineral supplements was to increase the speed of processing, perhaps by increasing concentration, which is clearly a significant factor in intelligence. In other words, vitamins don't increase your inherent intelligence, but they do help you to think faster and concentrate longer."

That's good enough for me to believe that it can even cure stupidity. There is information online about it being good for Alzheimer and dementia. I read that people act stupid not because they're incapable of figuring things out, but because they lack the energy to do so. Thinking requires a whole lot of energy. I sure can't think if I get hypoglycemic, and vitamin C helps my adrenals prevnt that; especially since I eat vitamin C foods regularly during the day.

So vitamin C doesn't only make strong blood vessels and flesh to avoid bleeding inside your skin and loose your teeth. It makes a strong EVERYHTING. We're made of water and vitamin C. I do eat animals because their protein is tasty, but they're incomplete. They don't have the vitamin C necessary to absorb iron, plants have both!

I freaking love green and orange stuff! Thank you, dith, for growing better cures than a lab can ever hope to invent! Take THAT humanity's ego!

Lisa Of Shades
9 July 2014

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KFC not fried chicken

KFC embraces the raw food movement. No chicks were harmed during the making of this poster. But they died after. We ate them. They were finger lickin’ good. Because there was blood all over our hands. Hmmm~ juicy and crunchy!

KFC embraces the raw food movement, not fried chicken bucket with chicks

I used "we" as an impersonal and unknown amount of people... This site is mine and mine alone. But yeah I have more than one brain so I have more than one personality, and basically each of my cells is a different person, but that's another story.

Bucket from ztona. Chicks from wikipdia chick sexing.

I was tempted to add a cute Chick with a hat wallpaper from superbwallpapers; but I didn't want to soothe the trauma that I was trying to inflict on junk food lovers, and raw vegan foodists extremists. They give vegetables a bad name: claiming you can only eat veggies or meat, when we evolved to need BOTH; and they turn a blind eye to the agonizing animals' quality of life, claiming that it's not their fault so not their problem. Hypocrites. I’d eat them first in a zombie apocalypse though.

Raw vegan extremist behavior patterns: the darker side of rawism at beyondveg. Basically they're just aggressive and narrow minded, hating in self righteousness and hurting whoever has different views, like catholic people.

But this is funnier, it mocks how society is upside down:

Heart 8 Reasons Raw Foodies Are Dangerous Extremists (Satire) at activistpost. Hey I'm actually one of those activists! Kinda, this site won't do much, but I'm so proud~ "Healthy food makes strong independent humans who are difficult to control." And they’re a threat to the medicine industry. "Big Pharma are utterly dependent on keeping the public away from healthy foods." Man, I love you. He's called Activist, now that's dedicated.

By the way Hitler didn’t eat meat. Anemia tends to make people aggressive because they become blood thirsty, since they don’t have the materials to make their own. But you also need the vitamin C in greens to be able to absorb meat’s iron.

There's a good and bad side to everything. The key is balance~

10 reasons eating raw is healthier for you and the planet at zenhabits

3 reasons no one should be on a raw foods diet at mindbodygreen.

They're all true.

It’s probably healthier than fried oils. Because even though fat is the best fuel, is around every cells and even your brain is made of it… you can’t burn for energy what is already over burned!

I always have a side dish salad. But cooking had advantages as well as inconvenient. It’s better to keep the egg yolk raw to preserve the nutrients, but there’s something in the white that can cause a vitamin B deficiency (which is a catastrophe) and it’s better to deactivate it by cooking.

But healthy alkaline things can turn acidic like death when cooked, especially overcooked. So I cook my vegetables soft but still a bit crunchy; and I just disinfect the exterior of my steaks and keep them raw inside.

But an Asian restaurant serves you live fish that struggle while you eat them, that’s too fresh to my heart… Give the animals a healthy happy life, a swift and merciful death… they will be way tastier, tender and more nutritive.

Enjoy oven chicken, steamed in his own juices~

I actually have a recipe for that: Oven baked chicken.

Enjoy the empowering feeling of doing simple things yourself~ Or feel like a king being fed poisonous crap by low servants that want you to croak so they can take your stuff.

Either way, enjoy~

Lisa Of Shades
10 July 2014

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Pasteurization doesn't solve the problem

Pasteurization doesn’t solve the problem. I want raw milk with live digestive enzymes. NOT BOILED PUS!!! No one can digest lactose without friendly bacteria. Everyone is pus intolerant. Mastitis is an udder infection caused by improper care. Cows need to graze grass in fresh air under the sun! Not mutant grains and toxic drugs while locked in overcrowded shit! A happy healthy cow is a tender nutritious steak! Keep your immune system and bones strong by getting vitamin C and calcium from greens, just like cows must~

Pasteurization ~ boiled puss ~ raw milk with digestive enzymes

This is why I don’t drink milk anymore. I used to add a bit of Kefir in it, but now I just eat plain bio yogurt.

I was actually more concerned about not getting the friendly bacteria that would allow me to digest it, than the puss… but this picture haunts me… its from Mastitis and mrsa at alexanderthomson.

Apparently if you boil milk and feed them to calves... they die. Because it kills the milk and you need to eat life.

You can't boil everything (is global warming on purpose?) aim to have a strong immune system by eating greens, they will give you vitamin C to arm your white blood cells, AND calcium the way you're supposed to!!!

I’m outraged that the government destroyed raw milk from farms, just for being raw, without verifying if it was pus free.

Because the problem here aren’t the bacteria, but the diseased cow, but it’s not the cow’s fault but the farmers for mistreating her needs until she gets sick! I don’t want milk from a sick cow, boiled or otherwise. But the industrial way suck it out automatically, without verifying every cow, and throw it all together. So you get drops here and there, until you end up actually drinking that glass of pure puss in the long term.

Instead to demand farmers to boil all milk blindly, every cow should be inspected. If they really want cash so badly, then they can add water, not pus! People should have the right to choose. Everyone is stupid. So sometimes a retarded inbred farmer knows better than the corrupted and paid off FDA "experts". What good is knowledge if you're just going to burry it under a pile of money...

If we all boiled our own milk, it would save farmers time and money.

But if you want calcium, get it from greens. You are not a baby anymore, you can chew! And if you really must steal it from babies, then at least give the cow greens so she can make milk instead of pus.

I’m all for killing and eating, but a relaxed animal is tenderer, a healthy animal is more nutritious. If only we weren’t so overpopulated we wouldn’t need to overcrowd animals as well… but just let them outside instead to buy lawn mowers. Grass is free and grows like weed. Damn we can be so retarded with our technology!

Don't drink soy milk, soy is toxic unless properly fermented and mess with your hormones. So guys, unless you want to grow man boobs, stay off the soy... and girls, if you enjoy crazy painful over-hormonal periods, give it a try.

The irony is that juicing vegetables looks the same color, but it is NOT the same. Green raw juice it's better than milk, but pus is not.

How many pus cells are in your milk at foodmatters. They made my favorite movies!

"It turns out that standard dairy cows are medicated with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) to stimulate a much higher than normal milk production. This causes severe stress that results in mastitis, an infection of the udders of sick and stressed cows."

""but milk is pasteurized. Surely the cells are cleared!" No, they are not cleared, they are only heated. So your kids drink dead pus cells." Truth in all its sarcastic glory... I love you people!!!

"USDA's allowable U.S. standard of 750 million pus cells per liter" WHAT!!!? "Most of the top executives in the USDA come straight out of the cattle industry" makes sense now...

"So what can you drink instead of milk? How about fresh carrot juice." How about FREAKING WATER!!! But yeah, carrots, kale, cucumbers, lime (peel and all) celery... in a juicer... delicious. But I feel bad wasting all that precious pulp. So I just chew for hours. I'm never hungry. If I am I just stuff my face with a feat... and it cleans me up instead to engorge my fat cells with toxins. I love you green and orange stuff. That's why my site is colored that way. Raw milk from a farmer market, one who inspect and milk his cows by hand or something, would be nice... but I never could find any. Some of them got attacked harder than the drug dealers in the US... the world is upside down... and shitting on itself. Hm... metaphor logic really explains a whole lot.

It’s the same color as juicing vegetables… I’m starting to think that it’s this way because the stuff wasn’t properly digested and turned into yogurt by gut bacteria (ARG! They give them antibiotics that kill them, no wonder the problem is getting worse!).

I learn that from my aquarium: otocinclus fishes eat algae, but they don’t feed on it but from the “yogurt” given by their gut bacteria which eat algae and ferment it, freeing its nutrients… If they go too long without eating and their bacteria die, they starve even if they get to eat again…

So that green pus milk would be like having diarrhea, the bowels emptying too fast, shitting so fast that gastric juices come out along with undigested food … It’s improperly digested greens… so it’s not necessarily infected… but anorexics abusing laxatives and not eating can’t expect properly formed poop either… they just spray their inside out… starving… because their gut doesn’t have the time to properly digest and absorb food… they're sickly from malnutrition...

And THAT’S why cows are sick. Even if they're force fed, it's not the right feed. We tried to speed them up, but it’s too fast, they can’t digest that fast, the greens don’t have the time to turn into greens, and instead to come out as creamy milk full of enzymes, it comes out still green… Udder diarrhea… Whoa~ and I’m delirious from being over tired… and I still get it… industries are willful retards… but we don’t want to pay them a decent price, so they have to mass produce I guess… It’s everyone’s fault. Stop making babies, cut the middle man (cow) and eat greens directly!

So maybe it's not pus... since it came out too fast... it would be closer to vomit.

Speed is over rated if you don't have the time to do it properly... Mass producing snot diarrhea pus vomit juice... It doesn't sound like a good idea worthy to be bought... but I guess publicity will convince the mass easily... it did... making you believe that only milk has calcium (when that calcium comes from greens in the first place)… narrow facts can convince a lot of misinformed people eager to mindlessly follow. Why don’t you take greens and put them in a juicer directly… it’s faster than a cow, but not creamy… that takes time to ferment… GIVE THEM TIME!

It's as foolish as using chemicals to make soy tick, instead to ferment it properly; it won't neutralize its toxins! Soy milk is a horrible idea! I can only find lame cola; fruit or tomato juice around; it would be nice to have green juice (without pus). But they’d probably find a way to add chemicals in them that would ruin everything good about them… for preservation of the profits at the peril of your life. But who cares, you’re just cattle to corporations. Stop eating in their hands, they’ll be ruined. They’ll see who’s truly the boss!

Forcing cow to produce milk faster has a limit... with what you feed the cow and how fast she can chew and digest it... It's like trying to suck out blood from a cow that's been turned into a boot; all you get is smelly feet sweat, because there's nothing better to juice out. Ew... Milking boots...

I keep adding stuff in the middle of my texts, so I actually had the boot juicing idea after making that super cool joke:

Pus... and not in boots. Not cute.

I am SO making the pun. And there it is! Puss in boots ~ Pus in milk

Lisa Of Shades
10 July 2014

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Nuke infected milk

"Die, pus milk, DIIIIIIE!!! Nuke it from orbit! It’s the only way to be sure." Pasteurization of infected milk. Boiling is not enough. No amount of heat will stop pus from being gross. It won’t turn a sick product into a healthy one. Bacteria are not the problem. Everything vital is already dead.

Pasteurization, puss milk, flamethrower, nuke it from orbit

I wanted to add a bunch of missiles, nuking it multiple times in total panic, totally overkill, but I forgot and now I'm too exhausted.

(Edited: tomorrow is another day... change is good! No more regrets! It's even more awesome~ The nuke is from Iran trying to build nuclear missiles capable of hitting London, Cameron warns MPs at I root for Britain. The missile was plain and boring, so I decorated it based on an image at shutterstock. I usually don't take a picture with a logo in the middle, even though I can repair it just fine, but the message is clear and respectable. I guess it's okay since I only used it for inspiration. If I was to be hit by that I'd go "Wow~ the designer did a very good j... *dead*". My first try with another design made them look like pen. It gives a whole new meaning to "The pen is mightier than the sword".)

It’s nice to slowly see my madness evolve as I make posters about the same topic. Or my brain just free himself like a butterfly, or open like a flower~ Or spread like a nuke.

The glass is from Mastitis and mrsa at alexanderthomson, again.

The flamethrower from warrowheadequipment, they moved to

The great nuke from uncyclopedia.wikia.

I made the soldier say pus milk, like soy milk... but the proper way to say it is probably the other way around. I’m French Canadian so I don’t know as well as I’d like. I can’t be clever about everything. I’m working on some of it though.

The government’s rule about boiling it is absurd. It ruins the enzymes in milk; giving gut problems because those bacteria actually digest and feed it to you... they are part of your immune system and not to blame for the neglect that you do to yourself, or abuse that you allow. Heat also screws up the molecules supposed to nourish you, into ugly mutants sometimes. I hope they’re not using a microwave to do it or you’ll get cancerous cells… if you manage to make new cells with those deformed horrors.

You can’t think that there’s any nutrition in that snot... it’s unforgivable to mix it with the rest...

Boiled puss is still unhealthy. Boiled healthy milk loose its properties.

Oh that’s awesome, and it rhymes! Hm... my first version is more ominous. I like it.

The cow can’t make proper milk not because she’s infected, but because she’s malnourished... bacteria only attack decay. They attack already rotten teeth that didn’t receive the materials needed to renew themselves, and bathed in acid drinks like cola that melted and rotted them away~ It’s better to have living bacteria eating those deadly cells than have death go into your blood stream (it’s probably why colds give fevers).

There are more bacteria cells in your gut that there are you-cells. If we killed them, you’d die. Even when the wrong bacteria colonize you, they’re still not the problem. It’s LACKING the right bacteria that’s really dangerous. That will protect their home and cooperate with you. They’re more than a symbiotic relationship, all your cells work like this, so everything is YOU. Even the bacteria.

You aren’t a person, you are a collective of cells, and each of them is a person, a sentient being with thoughts, capable of mindful actions and to communicate with their environment. They have their own functions and needs and are working together, by putting their specialty in the collective for the benefit of all. Indirectly or directly, as society should, and actually does.

They need you to give them the right materials, to end danger, to sleep so they can take over most of the energy available to do repairs, so you can be partially reborn... One cell doesn’t live long, but transferring your consciousness to new brain cells (in what appears to you as dreams) allows you to clone yourself into a longer life. Your brain... and absolutely everything. Constantly. Calories aren’t enough. You need a wide variety of nutrients. Or you rot. The body preferably sacrifice what’s least vital to your immediate survival first… like being able to make milk… or to have sex… or the things you like but don’t need to do to live. That’s why depressed people can’t do anything. Because they’re actually malnourished and exhausted, and THAT doesn’t feel good or happy, and isn’t supposed to!!!

Change isn’t to be feared, change allows life to go on.

But when something is perfect, like nature did, humans can only make it worse.

Let cows be free to roam. They know better than you do what’s best for them. Eating something wrong like grains might be better than starving, but drugs won’t change the fact that it’s not right. It’s true for cows, and also for you.

Eat greens and make your own calcium, your gut bacteria will help you!

You ARE bacteria. Stop trying to kill yourself with antibacterial soap. Stop hating others so much, or your bacteria will fall on them and try to kill them. But the problem is to have a strong immune system to handle invaders thanks to being well nourished... and to stop hating... scientists measured an increase of toxin in breath! It’s toxic! Not just to who you breathe the vile words on, but to yourself inside. Spitting it out won’t change the fact that you’re nurturing a garden of poisonous weeds! Let go and focus on what makes you feel better. There’s even a way to enjoy darkness like hell.

Or at least try doing it with laughter, not bullying... someone compared gossip to a flame thrower. There’s a way to vent with a dose of humility, compassion and constructively sharing of ideas. That’s what try to do~ I’m probably failing. But people are probably not reading. Meh~ I’m enjoying this like hell! Warmly~

Oh no~ I tried to change the Word's apostrophes into Dreamweaver ones... but it also change all the spaces; I had to fix the text. It took too much energy, I was already sleep deprived... I'm so tired... Ouh~ the nuke looks like a sheep... maybe I can count it... 1... done. I'm still awake (thankfully, I don't want to slip into a coma on my keyboard.) The nuke also looks like a brain~~~ Hmmm~ brains. Save a zombie from starvation. Learn something. Random is fun.

Well, puss milk is still healthier than cola. But if you want calcium, at greens. They're puss free.


I’ll also add keywords while I'm at it: pasteurisation, which I actually prefer, because it's the same in French, but apparently using z is more popular. And pasteurise... and pasteurize while I'm at it. There. It was bugging me. And I kept misspelling it pasterization or pasterisation… It’s from the name of the guy who invented the process… but it sounds like pasture, which is way more important to milk than boiling it, yet cows don’t get to enjoy it anymore. Feeding ruminant like birds… how stupid are you… well, they also feed dead birds and dead shit to one another… and dead family and friends… then you wonder why they go mad.

GRASS IS FREE!!! FEED THEM GRASS!!! It's everywhere!!!
NO ONE LIKES TO CUT IT... NO ONE except cows. Let cows do their job instead to basically starve them for what they need while inventing a robot to cut it, and thinking you're so awesome and clever, when you have to push the machine for it to work. You don't have to push cows. They know what to do!

And wtf locking up chicken and using pesticides… FREE THE CHICKEN in the fields and let them eat way more nutritious INSECTS. Geez. Over reliance on technologies (at the peril of nature, life and real relationships) are like patching a wound with plasters or duct tape (same thing basically)… It can’t heal if it can’t breathe, it won't rebuild without the natural materials (especially vitamin C) and when you’ll try to rip it out it will rip off more skin. But you must so it can get better. Like removing a knife from a wound... yeah it stops you from bleeding out but you can't just leave it there forever... I forgot a plaster once and after a couple of baths, my skin grew in it and merged with it… It was gross… Glad to share~

Lisa Of Shades
10 July 2014
Edited: 11 July 2014

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Grass: before fermentation and after

(Mastitis udder infection or...) Grass: before fermentation and after. Standard dairy cows are drugged with unhealthy hormones to stimulate a much higher than normal milk production. But it forces the digestion too fast to nourish and make milk. Antibiotics worsen the problems. They’re toxic so extra nutrients are needed to repair their damage, but they kill the friendly bacteria necessary to absorb vitamins, keep the immune system strong, and ferment milk like yogurt. It’s the acidic gastric juices and beneficial gut bacteria IN THE WRONG PLACE that cause irritation. It’s not a mastitis infection. It’s an udder diarrhea. The real cause of the problem is SPEED! Give cows the time they need to do their magic.

Mastitis udder infection or... Grass: before fermentation and after. Cow wizard magic.

I think I finally understand... after all those arts... and delirium from exhaustion... I had an epiphany...

It's the exact same color as the liquid that comes out of my juicer when I put greens in.

Yogurt needs to be fermented to be creamy... and that take time.

Anorexics abusing laxatives can't absorb their food because speeding up their body processed make them inefficient.

Antibiotics kill the gut flora, BACTERIA, that IS your immune system. They kill invaders, if there is invaders, then you didn't nourish yourself, your bacteria and white blood cells properly.... and all your cells either, they rot, and bacteria come to clean them up, like maids blamed for the mess.

The cure to it all is time and proper nutrition... but it’s been denied to cows... that are stubbornly poisoned with antibiotics when medicine is the problem in the first place!!!

So... this isn't puss... it's simply undigested greens... and the horrible puss... it's the starving cows who's rotting and disintegrating in her own fluids because she's been denied proper nutrition and care.

I think I finally get it. It kinda makes my other art wrong... but still valid against the pus pasteurization argument... even though the reason why it's green was never because of an infection, it still means that pasteurization is missing the point. Anyway my pictures are still funny. Bacteria are never to blame... so pus is actually white blood cells... they fight to clean out all those poisons and dying cells, broken from neglect and abuse, like ragged slaves.

The picture is from Mastitis and mrsa at alexanderthomson, yet again.
I added a wizard cow from 7th Halloween Farm at farmville.wikia. I made her chew grass and added a flower~ Green juice come from an end, and comes out the other~ (I turned the cow it made more sense.)

The quote is from How many pus cells are in your milk at foodmatters: "It turns out that standard dairy cows are medicated with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) to stimulate a much higher than normal milk production. This causes severe stress that results in mastitis, an infection of the udders of sick and stressed cows."

Oh~ I think I found a green mine! Food matters' web site give movie suggestions about health!

Enjoy getting closer to the truth, one awkward unbelievable step at a time~ There's worse than noticing you were stupid all along... it's to blindly stay this way once you notice how to become better.

Well, I still don't want to drink that green stuff... If the cow's digestion processes can't nourish her own baby, then she can't nourish herself... and she's sick from it! From speed! I prefer relaxed cow chewing the lawn. They don’t get to do that anymore… I wish I had one. I wish every home had one instead of a noisy machine. I’d rather smell shit than hear bullshit.

Boobs might seem to make milk, but they’re not the one digesting and assimilating food… It’s like saying the bladder make piss, no the kidneys do. The whole body work together… There’s more to milk than “in the mouth, out of boobs”… and gut bacteria play an important role.

Bacteria are vital soldiers for the immune system too. Ironic? No, the medical industry is just moronic. I feel like Hiccup in How to train your dragon. Everything we thought we knew about cows… is wrong. I usually think that about medicine. Novelty is fun.

Edited: It's like crushing juice out of a dry lemon with drugs. We all know how dangerous hormone abuse is, shrinking the balls of athletes... and if you use hydrocortisone, it's going to shrink your adrenals... Hormones are how your vital organs communicate. Don’t mess with that! There's nothing healthy about forcing the body's metabolism to work faster than it can. It's like trying to live above your means with maxing out several credit cards. The debt that you push farther ahead will blow up in your face and make you loose everything sooner or later. It’s the same with your health, when you neglect your needs or go beyond your limit… you have to pay for it to restore balance.

Lisa Of Shades
10 July 2014
Editeded, added a wizard: 11 July 2014
Edited: 13 August 2014

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Vicious cycle of pain

Vicious cycle. Unless you try something new and good for you, you’ll never escape. You’ll make it worse.

Vicious cycle of pain

It was first meant to be about cutting, but it can be anything.

It’s true about cutting, alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, and everything that isn’t in your best interest long term; especially if it harms you immediately.

I wanted to make the arrows the same size. I made a red oval, then put a smaller one in the middle to cut it and have a circle... then I got the idea...

Because the attempt at feeling better is small and insignificant, it will only make pain come back even bigger.

No matter the joy of doing something hurtful, if it causes pain it's pointless.

Choose your cure, or destroy yourself with poison.

Vitamin C in greens and supplements is my drug of choice. All the positive (energy, healing, less pain, more bale to handle stress, happiness, even dsedation at high doses) none of the bad effects. The worst that can happen is to flush some shit, and I need to do that to improve my life anyway~

The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. (Hm? So maybe I’m not insane then. I’m just crazy… and mad. I'm a lucid eccentric angry person.)

Enjoy the obvious~
Lisa Of Shades
4 August 2014

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Hearing epic voices

The voices in my head. They’re fun to hear. I never feel alone~ They’re called thoughts. So if you don’t hear them, you have a problem. But don’t ask your doctor; he can’t help you with that. He can’t think of good ideas on his own either.

The voices in my head are called thoughts

It's from the movie Epic. It deserves its name. It's about nature, it's gorgeous and fun.

I'm sick of ads that prey on perfectly normal emotions, for a unhealthy circumstance, and tell you to ask your doctor... trying to look full of compassion while they want to sell you false hopes and disable your self care, so you'll be their addicted prey to their drugs!!!

We don't have one brain... we have THREE! A emotional, rational and primal one... they talk together. They all have their own views and opinions... and sometimes the subconscious mind makes a detour to your speech center and you are aware of it. Mine is screaming "FEED ME!!!" right now.

The problem that makes people look crazy isn't hearing voices, but fearing their own thoughts and denying them. Yes I have a voice from my primal brain asking me to murder people, but my reason tells him that he wouldn't enjoy jail, and my emotional side tells me that she doesn't want to hurt people who don't deserve it. So as long as no one deserve it, everything is fine. Because I TALK BACK to myself. I reason myself.

This allows me to open my mind to different perspectives and point of views. Each angle is important.

The problem is when sleep deprivations, nutritional deficiencies, poisons and allergies make the brain unable to function fully... half in a nightmarish near death sleep, half aware. The brain will cut out functions to save energy; the emotional and even rational brain will be sacrificed first... because if the primal stops... you stop breathing.

Just make sure the brain has what he needs. That includes fresh fats (you can't burn for energy what's already fried to death) like coconut oil and almonds... and vitamin C in anything green.

Starving your brain for nutrients them whipping it with coffee is a recipe for disaster... but drugging people when the "specialists" pushers don't even understand how the brain works... can trigger the worst.

People will sell you denial if you ask them, but if you want a solution, you have to find that for yourself. Listen to the voices. Find the one that have a good idea that won't backfire into more trouble later. Killing or cutting... should not be on top of the list. It’s on mine though, just for the sake of being prepared.

Lisa Of Shades
11 August 2014

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Lawnmower cannibal cow

Cows. They are nature’s lawnmower. But we locked them up and fed them dead cows.
They got sick, mad and turned into this. Food becomes you. You’ll become sick and mad too from contaminated flesh. You have to mow the lawn yourself instead to rest, you stupid jerk!

Lawnmower ~ Cannibal Hannibal Lecter ~ Food becomes you ~ mad cow disease ~ prion

The first picture was from advertolog. It's magnificent.

Credits & Description:

Tagline: Viking lawn mowers. Nothing cuts grass better.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Art Director: Charles Guillemant
Copywriter: Patrice Lucet
Photographer: Cedric Delsaux

The Print Ad titled Cow was done by Publicis Conseil advertising agency for product: Viking Lawn Mowers (brand: Viking) in France. It was released in the Jun 2009.

The second was combined by me with the cow from timesunion and Hannibal Lecter from weheartit.

I came across a lot of extreme abuse and monstrous living conditions doing the search. I don't want to put the links here... but: I didn't even watch the video... I wouldn't want her poor tormented milk... it wouldn't taste very motherly. Oh yeah because that's not a slaughter house, it's a DAIRY farm!!! Even for a slaughter house it would be unnecessarily gruesome, and not in a delightful way like seeing people torn themselves apart from their own stupidity.

It makes the world look darker... no wonder we feel depressed, hurt and scared in life... if we think acting this shitty, without provocation, is acceptable. That's the world we build for ourselves... that's the kind of people we became. And it's coming back to haunt us in every aspects of life... unhealthy food, environment and nasty attitudes all over the place. Death to eat is necessary, but lifelong torture isn't.

The Hannibal pictures were cuddly compared to this. Heck, even the Suicide poster that I made and censored is better. Torturing mothers and eating babies... no wonder some people can't stand the sight of meat after that. I can eat my own vegetables for calcium, and I want my meat to be relaxed and happy, it's more nutritive and tender this way.

The mad cow disease happened because farmers feed cows dead cows...

Why the hell, there's grass everywhere! We could even create jobs by doing a grass collect, with machines that have an easy bag to do it automatically. We got used to recycling, we could do this! We could stop growing corn to feed cows and just let them graze in those fields. We'd save on transport, that would be less costly and pollute less. Win-win. And I bet cow's crap is a wonderful fertilizer. The soils are depleted so we could rotate the land for grass and human food. We could stop using pesticides and free the chickens... Birds evolved (or were created, whatever) to balance the quantity of insects.

We think we're so intelligent, but we just ruined a way better design!

Cannibal cows get mad because of prions. Before my vitamin supplements got my anemia under control (and replacing grains by greens took care of the hypoglycemia) I was severely bloodthirsty and I thought it was only a matter of time before I ate someone. So I looked cannibalism up and I found this:

Kuru (disease) from wikipedia: "incurable degenerative neurological disorder (...) caused by a prion found in humans. Body tremors are a classic symptom of the disease; also known as the laughing sickness due to pathologic bursts of laughter. It was transmitted among members of the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea via funerary cannibalism."

Prion (wiki): "infectious agent composed of protein in a misfolded form. Responsible for the transmissible spongiform encephalopathies in a variety of mammals" They have many names, and can cause:

Fatal familial insomnia
: Caused by a mutated protein. It "has no known cure and involves progressively worsening insomnia, which leads to hallucinations, delirium, and confusional states like that of dementia. The average survival span for patients diagnosed with FFI after the onset of symptoms is 18 months."

The way I understand this... it's because the protein from another of the same race is too similar to your own... so imagine that instead to be assimilated, they compete, breed and make baby mutants... they interfere with your own body, able to hijack it in a messy way thinking they're still in their own... Like a messy war or something. It probably happens all over the body, not just in the brain, but that's where it would show the most since it's so complex. But the muscle jerking may be from messed up nerves too.

Others answered the question better:

Why does cannibalism cause disease
at reddit. "it's not that these diseases come from cannibalism itself, instead cannibalism is how they are transmitted."

But I believe that infectious agents are actually the immune system of another creature, away from home and trying to destroy what's perceived as an invader. If a few tourists succeed to overcome your army, there's something wrong with your own immune system and whole health from the start. I think that's what AIDS is too: too many contacts with too many different people’s immune systems… of just one person who was already messed up from a too colorful sex life, having to fight the equivalent of a rainbow threw up by a unicorn.

Also: Why cannibalism bad you at healthmap. "The practice (of feeding cow corpses to cows) is cheap and leads to plump slaughter-ready cows, but it is also mandated cannibalism. Mad Cow disease is believed to be the cause of (the human version of the disease) Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD)."

Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease at wikipedia confirms that:

Mad cow disease, from the fucked up practice of feeding them their own corpses, can pass on to humans!!!

I thought I was making it up with a reasonable guess, but the information is out there.


10 facts about mad cow disease at thedailybeast say that you can't catch it. Yeah, right, because they call it something else for humans, but it's still a prion disease! Prion disease / Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy at wiki.

They fool consumers into thinking that they won't catch the disease inflicted on cows by renaming it!!!

You'll get sick from sick cows!!! PERIOD! You can maintain and improve health with sickly diseased materials. And those cows are in a hell of agony and completely messed up from brain to toes, it's painful to watch them try to walk.

YouTube: Mad cow disease found in California, they say that it CAN be passed to humans; an outbreak caused 150 people to DIE. Dozens of countries banned U.S. beef. (Wow~ Awesome. The planet might be less stupid than I thought.) We don't want cannibal sick cows. Wake up USA!

YouTube: What is mad cow disease?

But the 10 facts article admit it themselves that you can get infected from cows:

"Humans can’t get mad cow disease. For all the fuss over mad cow disease, otherwise known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), it’s actually not transmittable to humans. Those mad cows can, however, contract a form of the disease that is transmittable to humans called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), which, although technically not mad cow, is just as unpleasant and deadly. The strain is always fatal in cows, and usually fatal in humans within 13 months of symptoms occurring."

They both spongiform encephalopathy. They only added the word "cow" for cows and nicked named it after some dude for humans...


We, the society, the government, regulators, doctors, the farms... they all get rich from messing people up and pretending to care... But if the money is able to circulate, then why don't we let it for something decent, pleasant and worth living! Consumers' choice is a vote for the future... but they sure like to fool us and limit our options... We should revolt.

But it's not the president that does this... it's some regular low paid job dude... frustrated with his job, or trying to cut corners because he's pressured by demands without a decent reward... So the finger ends up being pointed at greedy avaricious over-consumers.

Or the parents trying to feed their kids with many part time jobs because the company is too cheap to give them a decent paycheck, and limit the hours to without benefits. We’re all fucking each other up trying to live, but if some people on top didn’t gather more cash than they can even chew in a lifetime, spending it on gaudy futile crap, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad for everyone.

So it’s everyone’s fault, for different reasons, because we don’t notice that we all need the same thing… and there’s just plain too many of us.

Symptoms of CJD:

"rapidly progressive dementia, leading to memory loss, personality changes and hallucinations. Other frequently occurring features include anxiety, depression, paranoia, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, and psychosis.

This is accompanied by physical problems such as speech impairment, jerky movements (myoclonus), balance and coordination dysfunction (ataxia), changes in gait, rigid posture, and seizures.

The duration of the disease varies greatly, but sporadic (non-inherited) CJD can be fatal within months or even weeks. In some people, the symptoms can continue for years. In most patients, these symptoms are followed by involuntary movements and the appearance of an atypical diagnostic electroencephalogram tracing.

Most victims die six months after initial symptoms appear, often die of pneumonia due to impaired coughing reflexes. About 15% of patients survive for two or more years. Some patients have been known to live 4–5 years with mostly psychological symptoms until the disease progresses causing more physical symptoms leading to a diagnosis and inevitable death usually within the first year of diagnosis.

The symptoms of CJD are caused by the progressive death of the brain's nerve cells, which is associated with the build-up of abnormal prion proteins forming amyloids. When brain tissue from a CJD patient is examined under a microscope, many tiny holes can be seen where whole areas of nerve cells have died. The word "spongiform" in "transmissible spongiform encephalopathies" refers to the sponge-like appearance of the brain tissue."

Could this be why everyone is becoming so sick and insane? Of course it is. Well, one cause among many bullshit that we do to the world we live in, and that comes back to destroy us.

I guess getting sick from cannibalism is nature's way to punish you for eating your kindred. (Also true for screwing around.)

Cows aren't even supposed to eat grains, they're made to ruminate and digest grass with several stomachs... Feeding them meat is messed up... and if humans don't use it for themselves, it must be gross and rotten meat...

We made hell on Earth... there's no redemption at this point, no heaven as a reward for this... All I want is humanity to die.

Don't get me wrong, I like meat, wolves and psychopaths. But what humans do everyday is way worse than all that... even worse than what Hitler did.

We're sick... but pills won't cure us. It's the soul that's rotten. But religion won't save us.

Just stop this shit. If we weren't so overpopulated... there would be plenty of land for cows to graze in the sun, they wouldn't be milked until they bleed... their bodies drugged into overdrive until they have an udder diarrhea that burns like hell...

There are too many of us. I shouldn't have been born. I don't want to kill myself. But one thing for sure I won't make babies. And I don’t want to eat veal… but maybe living only a day of pure hell is for the… less worse.

If you can afford organic meat and can find raw organic dairy…

Plants, mold, worms, insects... they help the transition to purify the materials so they can be ready to be part of a new life, without fighting back all confused and making a mess, especially when the animals are too similar. Especially plants. Eat them; they won't melt holes into your brain.

I'm so glad that I fixed my anemia and don't want to eat people anymore. They're filthy. And I love my brain so much!


Lisa Of Shades
11 August 2014

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Monsanto corn mutant

M-men Cornerine. Monsanto didn’t give us the mutants that we hoped for or needed.
GMOs are too hardy to digest and secrete poisons. He ejaculates high fructose corn syrup. You do not want this abomination in your mouth!

Monsanto ~ GMO corn ~ M-men Cornerine ~ X-men Wolverine ~ mutant ~ Genetically Modified Organism ~ OGM ~ OMG ~ Demotivational

What can kill an insect quickly kills us slowly.

I finally finished it. It took me days, I planned it for weeks.

Since I put so much heart into it, I have a giant version. I added 10 pixels on top of a wallpaper to see his hairs, I guess they'd have to be removed to use it as one.

Admire: Mosanto X-men Wolverine = M-men Cornerine FULL SIZE

The original Wolverine picture was probably from IzuRu's Blog: Will wolverine have his metal claws back???. It's displayed with the wrong proportions though. There's a lot of cool wolverine wallpapers at hdw.eweb4. I modified the X-Men text from the cool banner at capsulecomputers. And the name wolverine into cornerine from "The wolverine" movie poster, probably from comicvine.

I took the base for the popcorn claws from Why does popcorn pop? at wisegeek.

But it was boring to have everything the same so I modified it and added more from What are the pop secrets of popcorn at chacha. The copyright on it is ShutterStock. Also others, but I lost the source for the one looking like a flower and jumping guy on the right.

I took the Monsanto name from their logo at wikipedia. If you want to know more about them, it's the place or their site:

But I prefer the sites that warn about them: Fun popcorn facts at popcorn.

Mycotoxins in corn at So basically they make you eat rotten corn and feed it to animals. It doesn't smell to alert you of the danger, since it's so refined... but that's another awful thing that hides a putrid truth. I'm allergic to mold, it's probably why I'm allergic to corn now too. And anything remotely made with a little of it... which is everything processed.

Microwave Popcorn is harmful!!!!
at nutrihealth.

I also found at YouTube: Corn is actually a grain. If you want vegetables, that's not it.

You have to treat corn with lye to free their nutritive value. It killed people and it still does because companies won't bother. Infos: Hominy at wikipedia: "...treated by soaking and cooking the mature (hard) grain in a dilute solution of lye, slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) or wood ash, a process termed nixtamalization. (...) In addition to providing a source of dietary calcium, the lime reacts with the corn so that the nutrient niacin can be assimilated by the digestive tract. While consumption of untreated corn is a risk factor in predisposition to pellagra, the risk is dramatically reduced or eliminated by nixtamalization."

Pellagra is caused by a chronic lack of niacin (vitamin B3) and classically described by "the four Ds": diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia and death.

We have a whole lot of corn and a whole lot of deadly D problems.
With high fructose corn syrup, we can add diabetes to the list. And obesity.

Enjoy real vegetables~ Not the hypocrite grain corn that's trying to masquarade as one!


Sometimes I write things from memory, sometimes fuzzy and I have a hard time believing it myself. Even my big IQ isn't immune to denialm but yes human are really dumb and damage even themselves by thinking they're clever)...

But I found an article: GMO Study: OMG, You’re Eating Insecticide… at foodintegritynow:

"If you haven’t been paying attention to your food lately, biotechnology giants such as Monsanto thank you for that. Because behind your back, they’ve succeeded in replacing 86% of US corn with their patented insecticide-producing “frankencorn”.

The industry name for this is “Bt corn” and the insecticide is actually produced inside the plant, so it is impossible to wash it off. This is accomplished by inserting genes from the bacteria Bacillus Thuringiensis into the corn."

Mosanto and others corporations claimed that "the insecticide produced within the corn posed no danger to human health because it was broken down in the digestive system." but "Scientists from the University of Sherbrooke, Canada, proved the validity of these concerns when they detected the insecticidal protein, Cry1Ab, circulating in the blood of" women, even pregnant ones!"

Using a bacteria to add a poison secreting unstable gene, messing with thousands of years of evolution and adaptation with life forms that we know nothing about… with a technique that is in its infancy…what can possibly go wrong~? Well, we’ll find out the hard way and then it will be too late. Because it will change us too.

This is from memory so I don't know how all the details: a man got the insecticide gene merged straight into his gut (your food becomes you, and an unstable gene forced onto something can just attack to anything...), and his gut kept poisoning the man!

Because it doesn't matter that we call it INSECTicide... that's just wishful thinking. It's poison, to every living creatures, even us! PERIOD!

I'm actually a good hunter for information... here's an article I found in 1 second, so the information is out and easy to find. It's worse than I remembered:

Scientific evidence documenting the negative impacts of genetically modified (GM) foods on human and animal health and the environment at berlinnaturalbakery:

"GM DNA can survive processing and is detectable in the digestive tract of sheep. This raises the possibility that antibiotic resistance and Bt insecticide genes can move into gut bacteria, a process known as horizontal gene transfer. Horizontal gene transfer can lead to antibiotic resistant disease-causing bacteria (“superbugs”) and may lead to Bt insecticide being produced in the gut with potentially harmful consequences. For years, regulators and the biotech industry claimed that horizontal gene transfer would not occur with GM DNA, but this research challenges this claim."

Gut bacteria is vital. It’s part of your immune system, helps you digest, transform food into absorbable vitamins, and without bacteria you get vaginal yeast infections (I learned that the hard way, and it’s most likely true all over the body too).

It deteriorated the species ability to survive over generations too!

"Sheep fed Bt insecticide-producing GM maize over three generations showed disturbances in the functioning of the digestive system of ewes and in the liver and pancreas of their lambs."

The health nuts don’t sound so crazy now, do they~ Stop being a mindless sheep and fight by making simple choices. Avoid GMO like the plague they are.

Actually that's what the picture I made implies: the genes will pass onto you and change you into a mutant too. Forever! And not a cool one with super powers... Just a plain dysfunctional freak in pain. Doomed to live in slow agony instead to thrive. That's worse than being dead.

People don’t care about smoking because they think they’ll die either way, if they are oblivious of being constantly suffering, struggling to breathe and coughing, I understand why they don’t mind dying… but they might care more if they knew the difference a good quality of life can make.

Instead to be content in a passive delusional mindset: "good enough until I get sick from it, then a magical pill can undo all the damage, or they can just cut the disease out of my body" No. Life doesn't work that way. At best it’s like a cat burying crap in a litter box. The stench won’t go away until YOU do something about it. The cat is out of the bag... it's so mutated it's not even a cat anymore. Get rid of the GMO cat! Put it out of its misery before it infects fluffy and mittens too!

Why not feel great and fight for your life, now that’s really living. For it, you can simply to turn your back on the people who laugh in your face and looks down on your intelligence, while feeding you poisonous lies. Do you really want to eat in their hands, covered in bullshit, like docile sheep? Just stop. It's that simple. Choices change the world. Without the money from customers, from YOU, they are bankrupt.

Know better. Enjoy better~

Lisa Of Shades
11 August 2014
Edited: 12 September 2014
Edited French OGM typo for GMO 1 October 2014

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Grim Reaper diet

Diety. Anorexics worship the grim reaper. You think that you can’t be hated if there’s nothing left? No one can stop my will! Trying to be pleasing is futile. Now go make yourself puke until I can see through you! You disgust me. Disappear! I don’t give a damn. Why do you? Ha! You stupid bitch. Your insecurities give me power. I’ll NEVER comfort you.

Grim reaper ~ Deity diety diet die pun. ~ anorexic

Deity diety diet die pun.

That awesome Dark Grim Reaper wallpaper is from picttop.

I got the idea when I finally figured out how to write deity. (I'm a French Canadian. I can't know everything either...)

I kept writing diet-y... Then I made the connection with the kind of deity that people on a diet would have... putting being bony before being healthy...

It's also true about men; calling them a bitch is just even more insulting. The full sentence would be: “I don’t give a damn about you, why do you care so much about what I think. I’m nothing to you. You’re so stupid it’s ridiculous. I won’t appease your insecurities, because they’re the bait and my way to control you! I’ll make sure that you’re even more scared and in pain, because I am too much to be able to keep you in any other way”. Both sides are sad… and pathetic.

This is a parody, not my opinion. But I can imagine what some people must think to act the way they do. I've been anorexic and I could have used this slap in the face: There's nothing you can do to make people love you. They'll choose whatever they want to feel. It's not based on merit, worthiness, deserving, or taking less space... it's all about who THEY are. And there's NOTHING you can do to change people. If someone want you to be in mortal danger in order to love you, that wouldn't be love anyway. Dismiss those people with more hatred than fat. They're less than that, they're toxic shit. Fat shields all your cells and your brain is made with fat. It stores fat soluble vitamins and toxins. Just don't eat toxins and you'll be fine. You can eat all the vitamins and minerals that you want.

Insecurities give people power, to manipulate, to feel less insecure... to have their ways. So they will inflict false fears and deepen them. Like a hook for a fish. Facts should be true, but what people say is often bullshit. Even a plain lie, and people know it. Imagine a gorgeous girl being wanted by some shit head. He knows that he's unworthy of her, so he belittle her until she feels like crap just like him, so he can grab her... and destroy her to make sure she can't leave, out of fear or by limiting her options.

Insecurities masquerading as love is just as awful as doing anything by insecurity to have love. Love just doesn't work this way.

It's what's inside that counts. Healthy vital organs.

Once you smile and shine with health, stamina and the capacity to reproduce, you'll attract decent mates. And if there's none, at least don't waste yourself away. There are far worse than being alone. And if you want to feel in control, don't fight your own survival instinct, find the intelligence to see beyond all the ads trying to feed you poison and nourish yourself the way you truly need.

The wallpaper is beautiful, but living beings looking like that is disgusting and tragic, not in a romantic way but like the kids starving in Africa in mud and covered in flies. Except that you chose this as beauty, that's just stupid. Don't believe what you're told. They don't even believe it themselves! It's just to make you easier to exploit.

Men like boobs. Anorexics don’t have any. Silicone doesn't count. The only men who prefer a flat chest is pedophiles. Don’t try to please those sick fucks. They’re even more insecure than you if the best they can win over and out power is a mindless... defenseless... dependent... child. Death to pedophiles. By starvation. In a dry well.

Enjoy vegetables, nuts and fresh meat~
Lisa Of Shades
21 August 2014

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Cancerous scent

Mountain breeze scent. For those who’ve never been on a mountain and think that nature smells like a toxic waste dumpster. You can win headaches and cancer with every sniff.

Mountain breeze scent ~ toxic perfume laundry, cancer, headaches ~ eco nuts

The picture is from walmart. I wanted tide but their box is cuter. More misleading, as if they actually left those sheet on a mountain! HA!

I wash my laundry with echo nuts, which are actually dry berries that have natural soap and the nicest natural smell. The last box I got was from the seller pucketacreek on eBay.

I wash myself with baking soda. My skin has never been so smooth~

With simple choices like that, I stopped having headaches (vitamins helped) and my kidneys improved!

Lisa Of Shades
21 August 2014

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Anorexia is the gender bender

Fashion. Just one more industry controlled by men. But to like it, they are probably gay, and that’s okay. But telling women to starve themselves until they loose their feminine breasts and hips, to make them look like the boys they like, is going too far. Let’s all drop the stereotypes for freedom, health & happiness. So they can just put their dresses on guys without killing women in the process.

Fashion is the gender bender ~ anorexic models die on stage ~ anorexia ~ gay ~ demotivational

This is the first of a new set of demotivational posters about anorexia inspired by the article: Skinny anorexic models dying on stage. What the hell? at jwcey.

I also have pages about it in my health section:

Health ~ Weight ~ Anorexia & Bulimia

Your brain is made of fat and it's vital for life. It's there to store fat soluble vitamins or toxins. Just make sure you eat natural foods and you'll have healthy appetizing flesh.

Health ~ Nutrition ~ Purpose of fat

I took the picture of Bender from Futurama at psucc3.

I did some research and here are more pages: "In 2006, countries including Italy and India banned underweight models from the catwalk after two anorexic models in Uruguay and Brazil died.

Uruguayan Luisel Ramos, 22, collapsed and died soon after stepping off the runway, reportedly of anorexia-linked heart failure. (It won't give you happiness and love, it will even destroy your heart.)

In 2008, Madrid Fashion Week banned models whose BMI was below 18, while Milan's fashion week bans models with a BMI below 18.5.

The UK and US have guidelines, but the industry is self-regulated."

Calculate your body mass index at

It's not calories that count; it's nutrition!

A heavier body made of nutritious vegetables, nuts and fresh meat, with strong heavy bones and muscles and a big fat brain... is much better than a bony body fed on diet cola. WTF.

Don't listen to anyone leading you on a unhealthy path, not even for love and acceptance, even if it's your own family. Anyone can be wrong.

I guess that if you'd rather be rich, famous and DEAD, instead of ordinarily healthy just like everybody else... it’s your body, but don’t let others pressure you into something that you didn’t want by yourself from the start. What’s the point if you’re dead or can't find the energy for a smile.

Did you take a good look at their faces... even with all that make up, they have black under the eyes, empty miserable eyes... If that's beauty, if that's love... I'd rather be ugly, hated, but be able to laugh my head off about it!!!

My own mother pushed me to it, saying that she was skinny at my age and that I was ugly, but her mother didn't fed her garbage back then, she bothered to cook healthy meals, and I had no control over that... So I stopped eating at all, hoping to be loved, but it never happened. The irony is that she was the one who was huge. She bullied me instead to do something about it, as if I could change how much she disliked herself. It had nothing to do with me, or my weight. It was just an excuse to lash out her frustrations and feel justified, in control… because she wasn’t of her own life, so she tried coercing me into ruining mine too. It worked… until I punched her. Then I finally stopped letting her torture me, because I stopped giving a damn about her feelings.

I love myself. I know what I deserve. I don't wait trying to earn it, give it to myself.
HA! So simple.

Just don’t listen to shit heads… Authority figures are often even more clueless than you are.

It turns out that people will love and hate you for any reasons, just different people. And if you have to risk your life to be loved by someone, that person is incapable of love and care anyway, otherwise they wouldn't force you to hurt yourself and deny you the basics of life.

After denying yourself food, you end up unable to eat at all, and feel like throwing up at the first bite. But just like I messed myself up slowly, I managed to stretch my stomach slowly again... and I’m rebuilding my damaged kidneys and muscles slowly… I felt prettier slimmer, I was more proud… I wanted to be a boy so having less boobs was convenient for me. But now I’m gladder… because I have energy and I’m not in pain.

It’s the inner beauty that counts: healthy vital organs!

Enjoy life... EAT IT!
Lisa Of Shades
23 August 2014

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Anorexia: Fashion kills for profits

Fashion. The companies save money on fabric by using skinnier bodies. It’s not for beauty, it’s about profits. They don’t care that anorexic models are dying on stage. If she wants to cry, she can use the tissue she’s wearing.

Fashion kills anorexics for profits ~ wearing a tissue to cry

More information in the first of the set: Anorexia is the gender bender

I took the picture from the article: Skinny anorexic models dying on stage. What the hell? at jwcey.

I use a color from the picture for the text, the color of shit suits it well. They abuse laxative so much that the bathrooms walls of fashion shows are covered in shit. Hmmm~ beautiful~ As beautiful as her smile...

Lisa Of Shades
23 August 2014

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Anorexia: fake breasts look like Mickey Mouse ears

Capitalism & misogyny. Ads pretend that we don‘t like flesh to create insecurities, pressuring women into anorexia constantly, starving them until they lose their breasts, and then selling it back to them as implants. Breasts look like water droplet, not Mickey Mouse ears! If you want boobs, get real, EAT!

Anorexia ~ fake breast implants look like Mickey Mouse ears ~ demotivational

More information in the first of the set: Anorexia is the gender bender

I edited the picture from Worst celebrity breast implants at stylplus.insing. "These are some boob jobs you don't want to wish on your worst enemies."

But the reason they’re so bad isn’t because the surgeon failed, he did exactly what was asked: put oversized boobs on an undersized body. And you end up with an unnatural look, because there’s not enough flesh to dissimulate the sharp edges… because the person is TOO SKINNY… and it’s why she doesn’t have boobs in the first place! So what’s truly ugly here is the skinniness.

I got the idea from a picture in The history of victoria beckhams breasts implants orange county breast revision surgeon at cosmeticsurgerydaily.

"Getting breasts implants is a risk folks! You could see that the shape of the implants is seeking through her skin almost like a shoulder pad." So is anorexia and fake breasts always look like that.

"The Fashionista have chosen the wrong size of implants. Placing huge implants on a skinny figure look more fake than natural."

I removed the words "might" and "could" because there is no doubt when it's this obvious, and the butcher doctor only did the request to get some cash. If you have a stupid wish, there will be someone a little less stupid than you willing to charge for it.

"Victoria decided to remove her implants. Well done Victoria." Indeed. I hope you ate too.

Mickey Mouse is from If you want a fun party, no need for fake boobs, just get some Mickey Mouse decorations, it will look just the same but it will be cheaper.


Lisa Of Shades
23 August 2014

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Anorexia: Nazi Fashion

Nazi Fashion. Who claimed that blond people with blue eyes are the superior race? Who enjoyed starving people until they were nothing but skin and bones? Hitler and Hollywood! Maybe you should listen to someone else. They never reached their own unrealistic ideals.

Anorexia ~ Nazi fashion ~ Hollywood ideal: blond with blue eyes, starving people ~ Aryan race

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that fashion sounds like fascism.

More information in the first of the set: Anorexia is the gender bender

My first text: Nazis, they think that blond people with blue eyes are superior and mutilated people trying to perfect their defective genes. They starved those they didn’t like and wanted to control. Now they do fashion shows, telling the world how to be one dead anorexic woman at a time.

I got the idea from Anorexic man battles back to health after 'dying' when he plunged to 4.5st. "Close to death at "Matthew looked like a concentration camp victim". He looked miserable as hell, then he smiles with his round face~

Images: Hitler from Britain officially adopts Nazi policy at stevengoddard.wordpress, and the red background is a Nazi German flag from

I wanted to do a clever side by side of children starving in Africa, Nazi concentrations camps and what anorexics choose to do to themselves (coerced by media relentlessly, but they still have access to the food and choose not to give those sadistic people power over her life...)

But when I saw how well this site showed the resemblance between anorexics and Nazi victims, I almost cried and couldn't bear to use the pictures, but look at them: STARVATION... at 2medusa. There's nothing beautiful in doing this. The control isn't in the person's hands. Anorexia isn't taking control, it's letting go of life. The slowest form of suicide.

Men do it too. I wanted to use those 3 pictures: When you do body building, if you don’t eat enough, your muscles waste away instead to be build. When your stomach shrinks too much, you can't eat. Junk is especially irritable. Eating cookies and other grains is a sure thing to be unable to keep it down. No one should be able to eat that, and a sickly person can't. Allergies cause nausea. EAT VEGETABLES!!! Celery takes more energy to chew than it gives, it's full of nutrients and the fiber will make you poop without laxatives.


Lisa Of Shades
23 August 2014

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Anorexia: Pedophile fashion

Pedophile fashion. Abusing fragile and helpless children is illegal. But not starving women until they look like one...without their breasts, hips and muscular strength. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t try to be attractive for sadists like that. Say nom nom nom to anorexia.

Anorexia ~ Pedophile fashion ~ fits into children clothes with no breasts, hips of muscular strength

More information in the first of the set: Anorexia is the gender bender

The picture of the mother and her child is from 10 most shocking cases of anorexia at oddee.

"26-year-old woman and her seven-year-old daughter. Rebecca's tiny frame fits easily into clothes designed for seven to eight year olds. Weighing just five stone, the young mother weighs less than her daughter, despite standing eight inches taller. The medical secretary survives on soup, toast and energy drinks, even though doctors have warned her the lack of nutrients could kill her. At the same time she encourages 5st 9lb Maisy to enjoy chocolate and cupcakes."

Eat cupcakes my child, that way you'll make anorexic mommy look even skinnier! Bitch...

They both eat wrong. Starving herself and stuffing her kid with junk, like binging through her child... They both lack nutrients. Eat healthy and you'll have a healthy weight. Vegetables, nuts and fresh meat make the most delicious meals.

Don't count on people working in health care to know how to make you healthy, they don't even know how to make themselves healthy! Keep your kids away from them.

I found something depressing looking for anorexics that look like children: anorexic children!

The anorexia victims aged FIVE: Doctors blame ultra-slim celebrities as almost 100 under-9s are treated in hospital at

The children idealize children so they starve themselves thinking they’ll look younger and prettier… and then the children idealize them wishing to grow up into them… but if they also starve themselves they’d look like what… baby skeletons!?

Stop idealizing others, they probably wish even harder to be like YOU! Instead to wish to become something else, notice that you’re already that way!!!

It’s probably why anorexics don’t stop until they die. That and a sort of race to be the prettiest… it’s too complicated for starved brains to try to be the best BMI that YOU can be… to find balance… so they just try to reach an extreme… while others reach the other of obesity. Stop selling a society of deprivation and excess and find balance. Not the scale!

The first version of the text was:

The next best thing, after the illegal abuse of a fragile and helpless child, is starving women until they have no boobs, hips or muscular strength either.

And I was supposed to make another one:

Fashion shows
The next best thing after the illegal “kidnap some bitch and starve her to death in her basement sadistically to feel like a powerful man.”


Lisa Of Shades
23 August 2014

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Bulimia: kissing the toilet

Bulimia. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Except vomit. I don’t want to kiss your puke breath, you gross me out. Not because you’re too fat, but because you’re too stupid. Keep making out with the toilet. Alone. Boobs feel better than ribs.

Bulimia ~ nothing tastes as good as skinny feels ~ kissing the toilet ~ boobs feel better than ribs

Maybe you’re not rejected because you’re too fat but because the other person is emotionally unavailable, have nothing in common with you, finds you too stupid or is a jerk. Weight is no guarantee or damnation. Morbidly obese people marry too.

The picture is from the Asian site fun.datang. They have a lot of unusual pictures.

Oh hell they turned it into art: drinks coloured milk and regurgitates liquid over a canvas at JUST SPIT IT! "insists it doesn’t affect her health. She said she maintains a healthy vegan lifestyle and always leaves a one month rest period between each performance." It's sick anyway... and if you're vegan why do you... oh hell it's soy milk. Soy is bad for your health. Vega is makes it rather impossible to get the B vitamins. I guess at least she eats. I don't want to look at it.

Maybe dead anorexics are nature's way of cutting out the stupid. It's probably why their periods stop. Well, if you don't eat for one you can't eat for two, so it's for survival... because your vital organs shut down and ovulating isn't an immediate need...

I'm just going to go eat and digest happily now. My body loves vegetables and meat~ Just no synthetic garbage and grains, I'm less sick if I don't eat and it makes me want to vomit... but living foods make me happy and healthy.

Two more that I was supposed to make but this one says it all.

An anorexic child thought that starvation would make her stay young. Your cells renew themselves constantly. For that you need to eat. So if you want to look young forever, make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals necessary to avoid withering away.

I wanted to draw a model facing a child, both thinking "my idol". The model wants to have the same body shape too so:

Role models
They’re pointless. Just notice and appreciate what you already are. That’s your real dream and it already came true.

Edited: Oh hell I found a poster with a picture of an anorexic throwing up in the most repulsive manner. Yeah I think I'll keep my big boobs. My quote is funnier: Sex appeal anorexic women girls barfing models kate moss demotivational posters at


Lisa Of Shades
23 August 2014
Edited: 24 August 2014

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