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Ducktor ~ Doctor Quack Heart Heart Heart
Obese fork
Cake becomes you
Antidepressants are insulin
Healthy foods (3 arts)
Tinker Bell: hammered
Happiness rose
You brain is made of fat
Chemical hamburger
Green apple candy
Garbage collectors
Too fat to take the stairs
Breast and ovarian cancer
Droids: Cure for cancer

Ducktor ~ Doctor Quack Heart Heart Heart

A white coat and diploma don’t make you a healer. Using natural methods, respectful of life, doesn’t make you a quack! Profits aren’t everything. Results and health are vital. Respect your body. Work with it, not against it. Find the causes. Fill the needs. Flush the poisons.

Ducktor ~ Doctor Quack - yellow duck, white coat, diploma and stethoscope

I made the photoshop montage of this adorable duck I found.
Here's a wallpaper: at background-pictures.vidzshare.

Doctors almost killed me with their chemicals. Using natural nutrients gave me back my life; because deficiencies were the problem in the first place! Allergies and toxins too.

I chose the fond based on Natural News's font. (Close enough) I'm a big fan of Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of

His stuff comes up often when I do a search and fall on something insightful that fits my own life experiences. Here's some articles that I really loved and are worth your time:

The ADHD Scam and the Mass Drugging of Schoolchildren (Transcript) by

Revolutionary laundry soap product grows on trees, replaces laundry detergent with eco-friendly solution by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of (I use them. They're wonderful. Nice natural fruity scent. I hate the smell of... cancer.)

Cancer is not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism (Book Excerpt)
by Andreas Moritz

More: Health Ranger news, articles and information.

I'd rather put my life in the wings of that baby; instead of chemical doctors, drug pushers for Big Pharma, whose goal is profit even if it makes me sicker and even kills me! Doing nothing is better than chemo “therapy”.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away~~~ And other green living delights.

Lisa Of Shades
6 June 2014

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Obese fork

Hi, you beautiful lady and wonderful person... May I borrow your fork, please? I suddenly want to gouge my eyes out and never eat again for some reason... Thanks & happy birthday! Oh it’s not? Well... I hope that you’ll make it alive to your next one.

Obese person eating birthday cake with a fork half naked

I took the picture from theglamazons blog. She tries to defend them and say that we shouldn't give them health tips. I agree that it's pointless to teach someone who doesn't want to hear... But I like to think that they're just horribly misinformed... abused by ads, exploited and malnourished... hooked on substances as hard core as drugs... and the facts, many of them scientific, demonstrates that it is true.

Then she admits that "it does make my stomach turn to watch an obese person eat"... I'm sure it's one of the reasons why people end up anorexic, that and the damned models. They think they're fat even when they're not (body dysmorphic disorder) because they compared themselves to walking skinny roat kill zombies... AND see obese people more often than themselves. Buy a full body mirror. You'll be properly informed if you should eat some more veggies, or avoid that 3rd extra desert.

It's revolting to the eyes. Too skinny just as much as too fat. For different reasons, just as unhealthy.

That's why I added a pig tail... because Fork sounds like Pork. Also because that's what I see and I like to state the obvious... because some people are so stupid that they STILL find a way to be oblivious to it!

At least pigs can walk with ease... Some obese people can't even stand up! If someone cut himself until he lost his legs, I wouldn't feel much compassion in all that disgust either.

While I was searching for this exact picture (it traumatized my usually unreliable memory...) I found another obese picture at huffingtonpost. And SHE IS a beautiful lady and seems like a beautiful person. She looks dignified. But, again, the idea of the torment they have to endure to walk around and breathe at night horrifies me... almost just as much as watching them eat their garbage, like pigs.

Enjoy with moderation. If you feed all the vitamins, mineral, water and healthy (not rancid) fats that your body needs to function... that you make your pastry and stuff yourself to be free of cancer causing synthetic ingredients... with real fruits and healthier sugars, like maple syrup and honey (instead of cocaine sand)... I have little problem with obese people... (just walk or at least don't push me aside with your motorized wheelchair.) if you manage to become obese eating only celery, then it's going to be a healthy fat. But if you mindlessly poison yourself with massive quantities, neglecting quality and nutrition... then you're killing yourself like a stupid shit head with no dignity and self respect, and I won't have any for you either!

I don't want to see this horrid photo first everytime I openpage 2, so I made something cuter.

I added sunglasses. Her identity was censored by blurring her eye... which looks pink as if she didn't have any... Mortifying... Now it's funnier... with a look: "I don't give a fuck". Well, you sure don't care about what you do to yourself, sweetie. Have fun with the metabolic syndrome and shit. But you're probably constipated.

Oh Your God!!!? she has multiple layers just like the cake! You really ARE what you eat!


Lisa Of Shades
6 June 2014

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Cake becomes you

You become what you eat!

It can even be a big fat 3 layers cake! That’s what you’ll look like. Your cells and even brain will be made of jelly. If you can tolerate living in that skin without throwing up, then go ahead. But I can’t even watch you eat.

Obese - cake becomes you - you are what you eat

People think that once they grow up, they stop growing until they die. But it's not true, and I don't mean the fattening.

Every 7 years it's a whole new you. You are the clone of yourself. Different parts grow at different speed but everything is renewed. Your skin is only one month old. (I'm too tired to google the list. That's from memory.)

If you don't eat the proper building blocks, you'll slowly decay and disintegrate. It's not old age that gives wrinkles and frail bones. It's failing to get the proper vitamins and minerals to grow anew!

Enjoy what you need, before what you think you want... Or you'll end up with worthless excess while you desperately crave what is vital.

The "throwing up" part both refers to how disgusted I am at just looking at it happening, I certainly don't want to live in that body, so screw the fucking cake! Not even a slice! And also... if you're going to stuff yourself without restraint... at last don't make yourself throw up. It's gross enough knowing that it passed your lips once... I'd rather kiss a fat face than a vomit breath...

But I'd rather kiss no one. Or cheese. I love cheese. It's as evil as me!

If you can tolerate something unhealthy and puke worthy... don't expect everyone to be able to... don't expect to be tolerated by everyone. Find yourself someone who live the same way, share the cake massacre and the results… outside and inside of your bodies.

I won't. I had to choose between a pancreas and cakes... I chose the one I can't live without and doesn't turn to shit.

Lisa Of Shades
6 June 2014

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Antidepressants are insulin

Antidepressants “side” effects are the same as the effects of Insulin / hypoglycemia. (They also cause many more that they won’t advertise, like kidney & brain damage): weakness, weight gain, decreased sex drive, DEPRESSION, aggressiveness, (murder, mutilation, suicide), psychosis, seizures, coma, sudden death.

Antidepressants are insulin. A rose by any other name will still smell the same. Calling shit a rose won’t make it smell any better. Calling a dangerous and deadly insulin overdose “antidepressants” won’t make you happier! Learn the link between nutrition, the body & the mind. Serotonin is made in the gut and requires magnesium! If you don’t feel good, then your lifestyle isn’t good. When well nourished & rested, your brain can cope & find solutions. Don’t let those drug pushers turn you into a golden goose zombie. Respect your needs & limits well, and you’ll feel well.

Antidepressants are insulin

This is the full text that I planned:

Antidepressants are insulin.

A rose by any other name will still smell the same.

Calling shit a rose won’t make it smell any better. Calling a dangerous and deadly insulin overdose “antidepressants” won’t make you happier!

It will turn you into a docile, weak and mindless zombie though. Psychiatry’s goal is still the same: control by brain damage. They lobotomize with barbaric ice picks, electroshocks, insulin comas and deadly chemicals that don’t belong in your body. They admit that they never cured anyone. They don’t even know how their drugs work!

Learn the link between nutrition, the body & the mind.

Psychiatrists don’t even understand the basics of biology. They’re not medical doctors, but even they never learned about nutrition. They’re all drug pushers: allowed to prey on your insecurities with publicities, purely for profits and unpunished if the drugs kill you!

Serotonin is made in the gut and requires magnesium!

Do you really want to put your life in their ignorant hands? Learn better. Do you really want to put your life in their ignorant hands? Learn better. If you don’t feel good, then your lifestyle isn’t good. When well nourished & rested, your brain can cope & find solutions.

Eat well and you’ll feel well.

It took me forever to figure that out. I've been humiliated, denied medical care dismissed as an hypochondriac, and almost died... called insane and that my personality is a disease... for more than a decade... 30 years if you count my neglecting mother...

And then I discovered about hypoglycemia. I came across an article that mentioned the possible causes, not eating and sugar (being a glucose intolerance causing reactive hypoglycemia) being the main reasons, insulin overdose... and in the list of medications that caused hypoglycemia... I saw antidepressants.

The more I discovered the symptoms of what I really had (hypoglycemia) the more I understood what antidepressants truly were... and sites always tell you the most innocent side effects... but I found the ones that they tried to hide by admitting a few... and they're worse than what they are supposed to threat... they CAUSE depression... and KILL.

And when I saw this video... I knew for sure that it's insulin for sure:
Psychiatry: An Industry of Death. The man talking before the documentary looks brain damaged... from the drug.

It's a crime against humanity, against sentient beings because I think they drug pets too. They hate, look down on suffering people and want to control what they don't understand... not to help, but because they scare them. They don't even try to understand people or what's going on.

Anemia, pellagra, beriberi and scurvy (lack of B and C vitamins) can also cause severe mental symptoms... because the brain just can't work when it’s suffocating, starving, being poisoned... and sleep deprivation is considered a severe torture... It all can kill you! Of course you'll feel miserable. Numbing the feeling by making you too zombified to be able to notice and think... robs you of the opportunity to find the cause and solutions.

More symptoms of deficiencies and food sources in my favorite page:
Health ~ Nutrition ~ Vitamins & minerals

Psychiatry is a crime against humanity.

Drug pushers who used heroin before sending it to the streets... their goal is the same... hijack your brain to force feelings that are against the facts of your miserable reality instead to do anything about it... No wonder people become even more disconnected.

I have so much to say about it: Health ~ Conspiracies ~ Folly of psychiatry

And Health ~ Depression ~ Symptoms.

The human emotions aren't diseases... it's the whole right brain! Of both genders!!!

A crying baby begging for proper care isn't crazy! It's expecting neglect to have the same result as nurturing that would be insane.

But Big Psycho Pharma figured out that they could give dangerous antipsychotic to babies too...

Enjoy greens people... it's that simple... life is that simple. But drugs pushers don't want you to know better. Make sure you do. That will show them who's really the boss of your life! YOU!!!

Someone told me that she felt better on antidepressants... She was obese. Trapped in the vicious cycle of over eating because the drug is insulin, it stores sugar into fat... and since she doesn't need it, it stores too much, so she craves sugar... and ends up needing more antidepressant/insulin to prevent the hyper highs, like a child on a sugar rush, but they call it mania once you're an adult... So the highs were smoother, but all she had were lows... and that's what's truly depressing and dangerously deadly.

Get rid of sugars and chemical insulin. Let your body do his job by providing what he needs, the way nature intended to, the way he adapted and evolved for.

The reason why people eat too much sugar is because they’re desperately seeking vitamin C. Because during time of stress the adrenal glands burn and need massive amounts of it. But vitamin C and others have been processed out of products, so you end up with merely way too much sugar, and less than no vitamin C, because those products stress your body out... raising your need for vitamin C to detoxify their chemicals, but without providing any. So… It’s not the fat that is the problem. It’s the toxins and lack of vitamin C. And it’s the blood sugar drug-like highs and torturous crashes that make you depressed… and nutritional deficiencies… and being poisoned. The cure isn’t one more poison in a pill.

Enjoy fruits!

Stop and smell the roses! You deserve a rest to take the time to appreciate the small details in life; instead to wait for huge unrealistic expectations to be happy.

Flush the shitty people, thoughts, and anything that isn't constructive to make your life blossom.

Rose image taken from wikipedia. Enjoy it. Surround yourself with good too. Everything matters.

I even find a way to enjoy horrifying facts, because knowledge is power.
Lisa Of Shades
6 June 2014
Edited: 13 August 2014

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, crosses the road like a duck and has baby ducks… it doesn’t make much difference if it’s not a duck.

Lisa Of Shades
Added: 31 December 2014

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Healthy foods (3 arts)

Real living foods
1- Don’t need artificial colors and flavors to be pretty tasty.
2- Will give you the energy to enjoy moving.
3- Men, women & children become a sad worthless mess without them.
Make life worth living. EAT LIFE!

Pea peacock - Real living foods - Don’t need artificial colors and flavors to be pretty tasty

Mushroom bicycle - Real living foods - Will give you the energy to enjoy moving

Squash family - Real living foods - eat life - avoid sad worthless mess

I made those arts for my Health ~ Recipes for happiness. The plan was to list the ingredients with images. I simply wanted to add eyes and smiles to make them more motivating, but the idea soon evolved into complex art.

When we turn our back on processed food and embrace health, it may seem bland at first compared to brain damaging chemical stimulants, but the arts proves that it's way more colorful and tasty.

You can't expect malnourished people to go run a marathon caring the equivalent of a dozen bowling balls in their gut! But if you eat healthy, you'll be able to run faster and harder without training for it. You'll burst with so much energy that you'll want to move. Wise exercise doesn't need to be forced like a torture. If you do that you don’t respect your limit. Eating well will raise it.

Malnutrition causes so many problems in individuals and families, as they turn to worthless substances hoping to find energy… Alcoholics who beat their wives in a hypoglycemic rage after the sugar crash, women who feel ugly from being obese and are depressed, children who either run hysterically from the high or can’t pay attention from the crash or starvation… You can solve so many problems by eating well… because nutritional deficiencies CAUSE many physical, mental and even social problems.

A well fed animal is a docile and happy animal. They become tastier too!

Lisa Of Shades
11 June 2014

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Tinker Bell: Hammered

You don’t always get what you want. But sometimes you get what you need. Or you get drunk out of your mind…

Tinker Bell hammered - drunk out of your mind

I modified the face. I was hoping to replace the head from another but the light was wrong. I caught the eyes in between two expressions. You can get the silliest things in quick frames. I had to transform the eyes piece by piece to fit the other eyes that I put behind… it took a while. I just dumped the mouth from another picture. It’s blurry and crooked, but while it’s not credible in proportions and position, it really makes her look drunk. You can almost hear the retarded “Durrr!”

I wanted to mix a pun in it… “Bartender, give me a shooter. *gets a red dot on her forehead* It’s not what I meant” or “why are you pointing a gun at me.” But the dot distracted from the hammer.

Kids, don’t drink and don’t drive. There’s enough drunken people and crazies on the road. Drunken driving crazies are especially damaging…

The first part is a quote from Dr House. Her talent was the least she wanted, but it was what she needed. Technically, in the movie, she doesn’t deny her talent. The reason why she tries so hard to switch to a nature talent is because it’s the only way to get to the mainland… to discover where the lost things come from… and have a hell load of them to tinker with. So she moved away from her talent to be able to fully embrace it later… being a complete failure allowed her to succeed and even reach her dreams. They probably let her to stop her rampage though. But as a geek/nerd into computers, I can relate to craving more than doing pots when there’s so much complicated stuff out there… It’s like being a genius, but unable to afford the university, and working at Walmart, among all the Walmartians. It crushes your soul. No wonder she’s so neurotic and angry. (You should see some frames, she’s really loosing it.) Damn I love her!!!

Admire and feel better about yourself... unless you're one of them: But after how much my web design clients traumatized me (and greatly contributed to make me insane and invalid) I'd be really happy to live lost in the woods, doing pot all day. I mean making pots. (Kids don't do drugs; your brain is foggy and stupid enough. I don’t drink or do drugs. I’m naturally out of my mind permanently, I don’t need it. In fact it'd be dangerous, like Obelix, to unleash all that raw madness without inhibitions. Yup, I'm always holding back. Always half serious and half joking. It’s a nice way to live.)

People get drunk instead of getting what they want or what they need... the high is followed by such a crash (even a hypoglycemic coma or rage...) it's really a waste of energy to make the body be burden with poison... So just pretend that you're drunk while reaching for what you need and want. People will just assume the worse anyway.

I just ruined your childhood memories. (Watch Robot Chicken; they’re way better at it.) You’re welcome~

Lisa Of Shades
13 June 2014

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Happiness rose

Flush the shit. Smell the roses. Blossom.

Happiness rose: Flush the shit. Smell the roses. Blossom.

I removed the "Everything in your life matters." to be more direct, but I'll keep the explanation in the first point. Here are the secrets of happiness in life:
  • Everything affects you, even when you think it doesn't matter or are in denial.
  • Get rid of what makes you feel bad, complaining is futile. Do something about it. If it's truly in someone else's hand, like their own life: avoid, ignore, forget. Mind your own business; save energy for your own duties, needs, wants and messes. Clean your hoarding and litter boxes! Simplify your life and you simplify the problems! More gains mean more to deal with. Greed is over rated. Quality over quantity... appreciation over never feeling like it's good enough.
  • Enjoy the simple things (instead to nag about them).
  • Accomplish yourself. A failure is worth more than nagging someone who's trying. So don't do it, to others and yourself, and give value to yourself instead. You don't need approval to enjoy yourself without hurting anyone.
I used the word "Flush" instead of "Dump" because it ends the way shit starts: "sh"; and that sounds lovelier. But I'm referring to dump your boyfriend. Not unloading your worries on someone else's shoulder to go back to eat more shit, taking the "good" and making someone else suffer for the bad... which means that it's just bad and that it made you a whiny bitch instead of a better person. So you might as well be alone and work on yourself. Then you'll attract someone similar and better, instead of a bad catch lured by your insecurities, and giving you shit because he knows that you don't have enough self respect to stand up or leave, so he can get away with it, by dismissing the annoying words that come out of your mouth, until he's in the mood to fuck a doll again. So dump the shit. Actually the word dump sounds like it’s in the ground instead of water, and it makes a wonderful fertilizer. Use the shit that you come across to grow into a better person. By not wanting it in your life, no matter if you're at the receiving or giving end of the stinking stick.

Happiness is just one rose away~
Happiness is just one sniff away~
Happiness is just one deep breath away~

Take a deep breath and let go.

My art Antidepressants are insulin (above) had such a beautiful conclusion that it deserved it's own art, to see how beautiful the flower is too~

The secret of happiness is to get rid of what makes you sad and hurt, and enjoy what you do have.

I guess some people enjoy being in shit, complaining and always being mean to others.

I guess it's okay if you do it with a smile and happiness in your mind. But from what I saw, people are just mean to lash out their frustrations about themselves, when they're not even trying to do the simplest thing:

Enjoy it all anyway~

Of course it will be hard to smell the roses if you're surrounded by garbage... but complaining about it wo't change the shitty smell. Take them out of your life, or at least out of your mind if that's all you can do.

Avoid, ignore, forget.

You can't control everything and everyone. People can't even control themselves.

I even met people complaining against flowers... without having allergies. When it comes to that, clearly there's a problem... but it doesn't come from others, and certainly not from flowers... It comes from YOU!

What do you think it will accomplish... without flowering, nothing would grow and you would DIE. See further than what’s there, see the reason, and see the purpose. Find yourself some. It takes the same energy to find a reason to love and be happy as it takes efforts to find reasons to hate and be sad. I have hell loads of reasons to be depressed for life. But at the same time I have reasons to be happy... and they're often from the same source.

"Don't hate, appreciate"

I make the best of my situation. I tried to change it but couldn’t, even made things worse by trying too hard… I lacked the resources and opportunities… I believe in myself but if others won’t believe in me, or refuse to pay me, then it makes no difference if I’m worth a billion bucks or am without talent. But what does matter is how I feel about... everything.

I look at the world with my idealist eyes and weep... I see what's there and what could be. I see so much pointless suffering, often self inflicted, often by denial and false hopes... This world is hell... the very basis of life is to kill to live... But in my small corner of the universe… I made myself a happy place. It's not perfect but good enough.

"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good"

I look at the world with sadness and anger... but still... I find a way to laugh.

Use sarcasm and hate with a smile~

Appreciate the small things instead to complain about them. It could be worse. So much, much, MUCH worse.

Everything in your life matters. Everything you allow in, think, do and say... it changes you, it changes what's around you, it changes your world. Clean it. Enjoy it. Try to improve a skill. That will keep you mindful and too busy to notice the rest.

This web site is probably futile; I bet no one is reading it. It's full of depressing things, gruesome reality... And yet... even though I'm starving, dizzy, my neck hurts... I'm incredibly... happy~

I have created something. I am god. In my own world anyway. I feel accomplished. Because to me, it matters. To me, it has value. To me, it's happiness.

Choose yourself something. I like poking stupid people in the eyes with art and a hell load of text. It's constructive. You can laugh and learn. I demand nothing of anyone. I just spread ideas and possibilities~~~

Enjoy! Or not. I will either way.
Lisa Of Shades
13 June 2014

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Your brain is made of fat

Your brain is made of fat. Too bad you’re not putting the excess in your skull. You need more brains to stop making stupid food choices. Obesity is a symptom of malnutrition just like all the other consequences! Stop blaming the body and start accusing the toxic junk. Exercise won’t compensate. Toxins can’t burn or become muscle! It's nutrition that counts not calories! You'll have to over eat to stay alive if what you swallow is worthless.

The brain is made of fat. Eat almonds, avocado and cheese to avoid obesity

I took the picture from Should obesity be tackled in the same was as smoking? at and cleaned the overdose of lines. It can trigger seizures in certain people... I'm probably one of them because it makes me dizzy.

And yes, it should. Kids shouldn't be allowed to eat junk, not really because they're too immature and stupid, even though they are... adults are too. But the big corporations shouldn't have the right to prey on kids with addictive toxic substances that will give them a high. Sugar is very similar to cocaine in its production, effects and addiction. Also the junk is worthless, so feeding to a child would be just as bad as letting him feast on yoga carpet or shoe soles... and subway put similar ingredients in their bread.

And I'm the one declared insane... If that's what normal is... then good for me!

There's the cutest little chart of the most to least obese people by country at healthworks. It's America who is the biggest, and the slimmest are Japan and Korea. My Canadians buddies aren't too fat yet... still are though. Well, I have a healthy BMI. It's not hard, even though I have diseases that makes me gain weight easily, I just avoid grains, sugars and toxins. Weight fluctuate... if it gets too high I go easy on the cheese, if it gets too low I stuff myself on some extra. I have a full body mirror too and I'm not too fond of denial.

Eat good healthy fats that will go straight to your brain, like avocadoes, nuts, and YES cholesterol in bio plain dairy! But make sure to get living fats, not rancid black toxic ones that can't be used for anything else than cancer.

Toxins need fat to be flushed out. Hormones are made from fat, not just for sex, for everything else too. Vitamins need it to be absorbed. But fat need vitamins to be burned. So eat nutritive real foods and you'll be healthier.

Lisa Of Shades
13 June 2014

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Chemical hamburger

Poisoning yourself. Dyes as unnatural as paint. Sugars as refined as glass in your arteries. Preservatives that spoil your life. An overcooked meat as dry and hard as a boot sole. Yoga carpet ingredients in a bread made with bleached grains as worthless as cardboard. An artificial product with the nutritive value of plastic; loaded like a gun with toxins such as artificial flavors causing obesity, heart disease, cancer and worse... You’re lovin’ it! Because you’re too stupid to know better. Learn to cook. (Admit it, you want to eat it.)

Chemical hamburger ~ poisoning yourself ~ you’re loving it

Glass, yoga carpet, 2 types of paint and a boot… would actually be an improvement. At least it’s not addictive and you’ll run for your life after one bite. Add artificial flavors that explode your brain cells like a Christmas tree on fire, and sugars as powerful as cocaine, and you’ll never want to eat anything else.

What can possibly be worse than cancer? How about death? Not the "being dead" part, but the slow and long agony while every organ shuts down and you watch yourself rot… while alive. Imagine being buried alive in a coffin… but the coffin is your body… and you have to carry that heavy thing everywhere you go. That’s why some obese people are called morbid. Its not to be mean but the most polite accurate word to describe their reality.

Loving it is worse than cancer. There's no cure for stupidity... of wait there is... KNOWLEDGE.

And the cure for cancer: stop the toxins, take in antioxidants. Poisons out, nutrients in!!!

If I can write that in less than 2 lines, it has to be very simple.

But corporative industries can't patent that to make billions off it. But it's still the truth. And everybody knows it; but they’re gladly hoodwinked!!! Probably because their brain got nuked.

If only you knew what you're really eating... if only you cared. Are you really surprised that you get sick from eating this monstrosity?

Ever wonder why it's so cheap...? Because it IS cheap crap.

Relish is supposed to be made of cucumbers and ketchup is supposed to be made of tomatoes. Ever wondered why it has such a radioactive color and doesn't taste the same? It's because it's NOT the same!

I worked in a McDonald's... I think I've only seen them change the oils twice in more than a year... and it was black and putrid. The taste you like so much? It's the taste of rancid death. It turns to crazy glue and you'd be crazy to eat it.

I don’t know if McDonald’s use Azodicarbonamide in their breads, but Subway does. And they can probably claim that they’re merely using ingredients available in any grocery stores… the fact that even a child can buy deadly chemicals in a candy store doesn’t make it healthy or safe.

At least do it yourself. You'll save money... and evntually maybe you'll care about what you're eating enough to eat real food.

Ever wondered why you're still hungry after? It's because what you ate might have filled your stomach up... but it didn't nourish you... it wasn't food!

What’s so vile about artificial colors is that it makes every real food taste bland by comparison, making you unwilling to return to it… But if you stop long enough to clean your taste buds and brain, you’ll be able to taste a delight more colorful than a rainbow. Then you’ll be able to notice how much junk actually tastes like sand and paint.

Know better. Enjoy better.

Or shove your head up you ass, screaming “la-la-la-la-la it tastes good lalalalalala!!!”… in denial and keep eating it. You’re only denying your own needs and survival… you’re only denying the fact that people are robbing your money to poison you… what can possibly go wrong? Your weight is the least of your worries… the least damage that it does to you. In fact… it’s thanks to sealing it in your fat cells, away from your vital organs, that people don’t drop dead right away, out of the door. I guess what doesn’t kill you make you stronger; you’ll have to… to carry those hundreds pounds of poison around.

Lisa Of Shades
16 June 2014

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Green apple candy

Nature is better at making them than humans. Food and medicine too. Don’t settle for less. Get the real deal. It’s juicy~

Green apple candy

Green apple candy from (site in french) If you're going to give your kids diabetes, it might as well be with the best junk available. Some candy just taste like rubber. Maynard used to be my favorite, before I learn better.

Green apple fruit
from wallpapersource. The fruit falling in water wallpapers from wallpaperswide are even better. I added some to my screen saver.

All my youth I was craving green apple candy like mad. I could do many shops but in vain, and when I finally found the flavor, it was a tasteless disappointment. I craved sour and they were too sweet. For years I lived on nothing but frozen friend chicken, if you can call that living. When I got tired of being in pain and sick everyday, I couldn’t afford much. But I chose to get a smaller meal that was packed in nutrition; than eat packs of noodles but still be starving after.

When I found out that all my brain agony wasn’t in my head but in my blood sugar, from intolerance, I banned every single one of them from my life. Salad dressing was particularly hard, since it replaced the mayonnaise and ketchup that I was so addicted to, and was my last hope for a sugar fix.

I used to buy a lettuce iceberg because it was utterly tasteless and wouldn’t interfere from the taste of sugar. But when I gave that up, I wanted flavor… so I started buying red leaf lettuce, with the cutest little frilly edge. With the money I saved on the stupid dressing, I bought cucumbers and green apples. GREEN APPLES AT LAST!!! My brain got nuts with delight… and utter relief.

If I put lime juice on them it’s even more of a sour party in my mouth, followed by what seems like a sweeter apple by comparison, but without the unpleasant grainy sand from the sugar coated candies. It took such a journey to finally provide my body with what he truly craved and desperately begged for.

Do I miss candy? Hell no! I can have all the candies that nature has to offer. Guilt and worry free!

There’s nothing more horrifying than the fake taste of blueberries, but fresh ones are a delight! I don’t know what I was thinking. In French we call candy “bonbons” which means “good-goods”… There’s NOTHING good about them, not even the freaking taste!

But we addict kids to that brain cocaine that will wreak havoc in their entire body… and for what? A taste that pales in comparison to the rich flavors of nature, of it’s variety of texture: from firm to juicy that explodes in your mouth. Unlike the juicy fruit gum, it doesn’t taste as if you’re chewing shoes after a few seconds, and it IS juicy! And not just because it DOES make you salivate like crazy.

Men in their arrogance thought that they could do better than nature. Well, dude, that’s why you’re sick, that’s why your chick is obese, and that’s why your kids are neurotic. At best… bcause at worst they’re dead.

Don’t settle for less, even eating the whole bag won’t compare to one goody from nature. From life itself! Take a bite straight into Mother Nature’s bosom!

Lisa Of Shades
19 June 2014

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Garbage collectors

Garbage collectors

They clean decay from your streets, instead to inject you with it! Vaccines are full of diseases, undigested animal proteins that trigger allergies and toxic mercury that causes brain damage, autism, paralysis and DEATH. Say hell no to vaccines! Your immune system can’t be build with poisons. Eat vitamin C. Better sanitation improved health; vaccines came after and stole the glory for profits. Be grateful to garbage men and recycle.

Garbage collectors ~ prevent epidemics better than doctors

I noticed that a long time ago, but I decided to make an art of it just now. I got annoyed by an extremely loud noise, and when I went to check, it was the garbage men. I then got very grateful, that sound was announcing cleaner streets. It must be a hard and even degrading job. Yet they come twice a week to take care of us here.

I never see my doctor, and the “best” he can do is poison me. I refused to take Synthroid for my thyroid because it would have damaged my kidneys, heart and bones… and adrenal glands even further if that’s the real problem. They wouldn’t even test to see if it was a mere iodine deficiency. I did with supplements; it was. Always think for yourself.

This article tells more about the dangers of vaccines but it’s easy to google. There are devastated parents of paralyzed kids for life at YouTube. I’d much rather get the sniffles.

And it doesn’t even work!!! When I was a child I was ALWAYS sick! It got so bad that I had my tonsils removed, but then I got laryngitis and pneumonia instead of tonsillitis.

So I had vaccines every week for months!!! Hoping that it’d help my colds, but it never worked. But when I got rid of grains, processed and canned foods… when I ate lots of vegetables full of vitamin C to give weapons to my white blood cells, I not only stopped being sick but my chronic diseases started to heal! FUCK YOU MEDICINE! FUCK YOU VACCINES! FUCK YOU DOCTORS! My mother didn’t think feeding me properly was important, buying dresses and hand bags was more. Well, that’s what you get bitch, a kid that wastes away, and she didn’t even look good in those clothes. And she insulted me, comparing me to other kids, expecting me to be as healthy feeding me garbage as kids who were taken care of properly. FUCK YOUR LIFESTYLE MOTHER! I made my own, it’s way better.

Break free from misinformation and bad habits.

Vaccines are pointless, you CANNOT make white blood cells from viruses, you have to build them from nutrition, and that’s the problem!!! The people who have a good one are going to react to the vaccine as being attacked and will win this useless fight like they would have anyway… except that they also get poisoned by mercury. But the people who are too malnourished to fight on their own WILL GET SICK from the vaccine!!! And poisoned by mercury.

Why vaccinations can be hazardous to your health at macrobiotic.

"Dr. Jenner discovered that farmers who were in daily contact with cattle would often develop cowpox, but hardly ever contract smallpox, a scourge of Europe that decimated the population at intervals."

Chickenpox in adults and teenagers at "chickenpox is an infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus. The immune system makes antibodies during the infection. These fight the virus and then provide lifelong immunity. Therefore, it is uncommon to have more than one bout of chickenpox in a lifetime. Symptoms are usually more severe in adults than in children."

Can chicken pox cause male infertility? at babymed "fever is directly related to a temporary drop in sperm count. It can take up to 11 weeks for sperm count to return to normal after a high fever. In this manner, chicken pox can negatively affect male fertility, but the impact is not directly associated with the virus but with the body’s reaction to the virus." So yes, but the vaccine as well!

The only acceptable way to vaccine isn’t to bypass the body’s defenses by stabbing kids with needles, but to follow South Park’s example: a simple sleep over at a sick kid’s home.

In the case of chicken pox it makes sense, because you can only have it ONCE, and it gets more dangerous if you catch it as an adult. But not all infections are this way. I never heard anything like that about any other infections. And injecting it straight to the brain doesn’t allow the body to do much fighting, especially not with mercury, the most toxic substance known to man. Putting it into teeth is also as absurd as Satan wearing a pink tutu. So first it’s useless to inject it, that gives an unfair advantage to the virus, and second it’s useless to inject all the other viruses!

But they inject many at once! And when the body’s immune system isn’t ready… and bypassing the first defense: the skin or stomach!

And they want to invent a vaccine for obesity and all sort or things that aren’t related to viruses at all! Now the SCAM is coming out! It's an industry that preys on your FEARS. They tell you to give them money, treatening you at needle point, but it's only if you give them money that you get the needle!!! So dismiss their bullshit and eat well, you'll be strong enough to take whatever life throws at you, and won't be easy to prey on or prone to panic like a malnourished animal.

It’s all about bad eating habits, not just the fake obesity vaccine, but even viruses, because you can’t make an immune system out of viruses! If you eat the materials necessary to make white blood cells and arm them with enough vitamin C, especially in times of stress; it won’t matter if or when you get the virus… even if it wasn’t tampered with and damaged (into a new form of virus!), even at its full strength you’ll beat it. Why inject people with diseases, nourish them for IF they catch it! Instead to weaken the people who are too weak to fight them either way, robbing them of their only hope for survival: not catching any disease at all, weakened and full of mercury, or otherwise.

So unless you want to disable and kill the weaklings in our society, injecting death is a bad idea, invest that money to make sure the kids get to eat lots of life. Punish the parents who’d rather spend their money on dresses, smokes or beer. Stab those bastards with needles and inject them mercury.

Vaccines took the credit for fewer diseases, but their reduction happened BEFORE it started thanks to better food and sanitations. So doctors robbed the glory from garbage men. They should be paid better.

I got the picture at

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these" brave and noble garbage men "from the swift completion of their appointed rounds". It was about courriers, but their job is even more important.

See what happens if they strike: Littered Amsterdam ends garbage collection strike at in.reuters. I don't understand the people who kept throwing their trash in the streets... if everyone kept a mini pile hidden it would have been less catastrophic. But it makes a better point by ruining the tourism industry. The people in charge love money.

Problems with private garbage collection proof that privatization works "Garbage collection is a major political issue in Toronto. The six-week garbage strike in 2009 arguably ended former mayor David Miller’s career. Mayor Rob Ford campaigned on privatizing garbage collection west of Yonge to both save money and to avoid having the government held hostage by the prospect of another strike."

I never heard of a strike by doctors or nurses causing a leader their career.

You never know how important something is until you loose it... or unless you take the time to think for yourself.

Lisa Of Shades
20 June 2014

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Misinformation On wheels! A stalking publicity to brainwash you.
But you have to be really stupid to fall for their bullshit.

Misinformation on wheels: A balance diet is NOT a Donut in each hand

Image from i.weirdnutdaily. It looked dusty so I did an auto contrast and I changed the grey sky texture with one from windsim.

"On wheels" instead of "On ice". Delivering lies to you as you move around. There's really no escape, except in your own intelligent judgment. Aren’t there laws against stalking, harassing and hurting people??? The government can’t even pretend that it’s not obvious enough with publicities like that. It’s a punch in the face to every person who fights for health… But damn it’s funny. I love a good sarcasm. If you’re going to sell poison, at least make me laugh. Thanks.

I'm always outraged at how much the ads misinform people about what's good for them and their family. But that's just a big slap in the face. What they did was a delightful sarcasm, admitting the absurdity of believing that Donuts are part of a balanced diet. But they're saying "go on~ eat them anyway~ don't just eat one, eat two~" it’s extremely arrogant, but i appreciate it. What i don't find funny is the stupid people who are going to fall for it, and even believe it to be true... Use it to fuel their denial that what they're doing to themselves is balanced and healthy. Dumb FAT asses.

I can’t even eat donuts once without becoming addicted to sugar. I go crazy… Then I have to resist the addiction, with constant cravings… I end up suffering with depressive and suicidal urges for days… Not worth it. I’m free, happy and energetic again! Using fresh vegetables, meats and YES fat as fuel. If it’s not rancid my body can use it. I can take a big bite off my bio goat butter. Yum~

It’s the grains and sugars that instantly make my body inflate with inflammation. As if I ate sand and glass.

Enjoy green apples~
Lisa Of Shades
20 June 2014
Edited: August 2014

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Too fat to take the stairs

Don’t take the stairs. It’s dangerous. You’re too fat. They might collapse. The elevator is even more out of the question. You’ll have to grow wings out of all that fat. But you’ll just sit down and eat a bacon cake in self pity. The stairs are so mean... life is hard... so full of stairs. Who needs to eat some healthy greens that can detoxify all the shit that you’re made of? YOU that’s who!

Too fat to take the stairs, they might collapse.

I guess you can call it reverse psychology, or just plain mean. But as people become more obese, elevators could become a danger. But I have to admit something important: it’s not because they eat too much and are lazy that they become obese; but because they are malnourished and exhausted, that’s why they can’t move. You can’t grow muscle out of toxins or it would be done from the start.

Synthetic food is so useless that you can’t even shit it; you have to seal it safely in fat. I got to laugh at my own whining with the parody I made about stairs. I live on the 3rd floor, when I’m too exhausted I can’t go in the basement to do my laundry. But I feed on things that my body needs to function. That’s neither empty sugary calories nor already burned fat… You can’t burn into energy what’s already been burn in cooking… Frying make fat useless and turn something vital into a rancid toxin. Life is more complex, we need to eat life, and it’s priceless. So if it’s cheap and convenient, beware, because death is.

As usual I came across interesting stuff doing research to make my picture. I'm pretty sure I own the copyright for that one, even though I used images behind as inspiration to guide me, it's completely different now.

Emergency exit door handles definitely deserve a redesign
at dornob. The people who need it the most can't reach the horizontal bar during an emergency and need a vertical one.

Living actively may be the answer to good health at healthinreallife. No. It is NOT. But I still like their poster "Burn calories, not electricity." and their background is divine~ I love twirls and orange. But you can't burn toxins. You can only expel them. That needs antioxidants, real watery fiber from vegetables and water. Yes people who run marathons are healthy. But making someone who has heart problems run a marathon will kill them. You first have to nourish their heart with the materials they're lacking to renew its cells. Especially vitamin C to make collagen, not just protein, something has to hold them together. Living actively can exhaust you, and if you live even more actively hoping to gain more health, you'll throw your life even more out of balance. When I'm healthy and well fed, I get the urge to move. But a poisoned sick person will only get worse if she force herself to run around mindlessly, wasting energy needed for survival when she doesn't even have the materials required to even be able to burn calories. Like the B complex.

30% of the reason why I take the stairs
at umichsph.wordpress. Her favorite of the clever stair-promoting ads by the U.S. General Services Administration is the first in the list:
  • Avoid awkward silences by taking the stairs. (I love it too~)
  • Try multi-tasking. Walk and talk.
  • Hand deliver your mail.
  • Work off your lunch before you eat it. Walk there. (I recommend a bicycle.)
  • Stairs are much nicer than elevators. They have no wait limit. (Might not be true when the building is in fire.)
  • Free StairMaster right next door. (Buying stairs... that's dumb.)
  • Prepare yourself for climbing the ladder of success by climbing the stairs of success. (You'd have to make stairs out of people... I prefer the version from stairsforyourhealth): "There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs." But there is if your parents have enough money and connections. Duh~ I don’t.)
  • Coffee isn't the only thing that will get you going in the morning. (Eggs too.)
  • Running to catch the elevator doesn't count. (Nice~)
  • Take the long way back to your desk. (Very convincing.)
  • Don't escape your cubicle just to get in another. (Great, but I'd love to have my own tiny box where no coworkers can annoy me while I concentrate. Sounds dreamy~ Work in customer service then we can do a whining contest.)
I love those at workwellks they have nice pictures:
  • "Small steps make a BIG difference".
  • "Blue looks good on you. The human body is 72% water (with a list: Lungs 90%, Blood 82%, skin 80%, brain 70%, bones 22%) Drink water" (Hell yeah!)
  • "Make your heart happy, eat in colors." With a picture of green and red vegetables in the shape of a heart, even more festive than xmass!
  • "Keep calm. Because it,s good for you. Manage stress."
  • "Don't just move it to lose it. Move it to make it. A beautiful life. Get active."
That last one involuntarily shows the flaw in the active life idea: you can't make muscles by simply moving. They have to be made from something. And it sure isn't raw sugar, cardboard grains and artificial junk. Yes bodybuilders grow overgrown muscles by over exercising... but they don't do it on junk food. They gobble up eggs like crazy. Raw one, fat at their freshest. I wouldn't recommend it though, but it's much better than a chocolate bar. Do you rally think that Olympian athletes load themselves on candy and ice cream to achieve a better performance? To heal after a work out?

Moving isn't enough. It's the result of health, not the way to get there. Nutrition is health. The cure for EVERYTHING.

People don't move because of a basic survival instinct mechanism: energy conservation. Because they are overworked doing pointless tasks.

The only noble and useful profession is farmer. If they stop, if you starve, your fancy phone won't save you, medicine won't save you... And it's happening RIGHT NOW. There's too many of us, not enough food, and we make synthetic ones. It’s better to have less food but real ones than more junk. Even poor people can invest wisely in the right thing, and be healthier than rich people who are overworked to achieve that and try to save time relying on ignorant devious cooks.

If there's enough food to feed us all, enough resources to make what we need, then why don't we cut out the useless crap that no one want to do or need... Who the hell want or need telemarketing... Or publicity for toxic make up, just readjust the standard of beauty to be without that stuff. Give people more free time to use their energy for self development instead to develop the profits of a dangerous and useless company.

We do it because we want to be on top, because of greed. Because the best man stands up and survive against all and everything.

But unless you're a farmer able to grow your own survival... all those items, all that you do... isn't worth anything. Because if the farmers decide that they have enough, that they will only grow food for themselves and fuck the world who didn't want to pay them decent wages... then the whole world would die.

Your life is between the hands of farmers. Why the hell did we give the glory to the most worthless people... probably because while farmers work hard to grow the essentials that you take for granted, those other shit heads had nothing better to do than party and fill your head with lies.

And you believed them. You believed laboratories that fed you artificial chemicals to trick you into thinking that it's food, that it's better than food, and addict you... when it's toxic and so useless that you can't use it or even shit it, you have to store it.

Of course people will be ravenously hungry, they're stuffing their face with foam, cardboard and paint. Desperately trying to find nutrients in all those toxic calories that no life form can burn.

Lab rat puree would be better. Pills won't save you. Run. Run for your life. In a garden, get on your knees, but instead to pray, shove all those greens in your mouth. That will save you.

Of course eat meat too. But make sure it's fed on greens the way they're supposed to.

Fuck grains!

But people probably avoid the stairs because it’s often written “Emergency exit only. Keep the door closed. Alarm will sound.” They should put an alarm button and write a thank you note for making the building save electricity on elevators. They should invest the money saved in free fruits and nut snacks, people would have more energy think and do their job better, even having energy left to move.

If we could stop sucking each other’s soul, that’s leave us with more energy too.

Lisa Of Shades
8 July 2014
Edited: August 2014

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Breast and ovarian cancer

Cancer. If the best medical way to prevent breast and ovarian cancer is to cut off perfect body parts, then: Medicine is a complete and utter failure; a crime against humanity. It’s as absurd as preventing impotence by cutting off dicks! Breasts and ovaries don’t cause cancer, toxins do. Especially those that mess with your hormones. Cut synthetic chemicals out of your life, not healthy organs. Radiations are also the problem, not the cure! If her femininity was doomed to rot by her genetics, then she wouldn’t have blossomed into such a beauty. And if it truly was unavoidable, then... there is no god.

Breast and ovarian cancer ~ Angelina Jolie

I usually manage to keep my text short, by some miracle, but I couldn’t for this one. I suffered from medical errors, but when they start cutting off the breasts and ovaries of one of the most beautiful woman in the world, they have to be stopped.

It was Angelina Jolie’s choice (Jolie means beautiful in French), but it was made out of fear of disease, not as a last resort. It’s her body, her choice, but I weep… Medicine give the worst choices to people, abusing them as they’re cornered and terrified to sell them dangerous drugs that are false hope at best, and deadly to be realist.

Cancer solutions are the worst. They already know that cancer is caused by having more toxins than the body’s ability to detoxify with antioxidants… We all know from the tobacco fiasco. Yet they claim that chemotherapy and radiation is the only cure, when they cause cancer on a healthy body… when cancer have been cured with vegetables, vitamin C and bicarbonate… but they even made laws against it because it threatened lifestyle and profits.

Limiting the cancer recovery to 5 years because that’s how long someone can survive on their drugs… so you’re cured then dead. It comes back on it, because the treatment CAUSED it. Cancer goes away on its own when you get rid of the cause. Tumors are a survival mechanism to isolate toxins…

If your parent are toxic, you’ll be born toxic with a disadvantage… but it’s one of those many things that looks genetic but isn’t. Like obesity it’s about bad environment, bad nutrition, and bad habits. If you’re not born with breast cancer, then clearly it’s not genetic, but yeah you could be at risk… but not doomed. Mistakes can be undone even when they blow up.

All the more reasons to have a healthy life style… Not cutting off body parts… Because if it can spread, it can appear somewhere else if there’s no breasts or ovaries.

We mess with breasts and ovaries like hell. We take the pill. We put antiperspirant that forbids our toxins to come out and accumulate in the breasts; absorbing the toxins from the product too! We splatter a thick layer of make up that has many cancer chemicals…

But she chose to cut off her breasts instead to choose healthier alternatives… before danger was even there… while she was perfectly healthy… out of fear… Is it courage? I don’t think so, courage is living with fear, not throwing pieces of you away before they're even wounded, harming yourself. Should we feel compassion for her ordeal? She was healthy. She did it to herself.

I feel anger and sorrow that medicine is such a failure that it pushes a terrified woman to mutilate perfect body parts… To remove basically everything that makes her a woman… If they even do that to the best of us… Then there is hope for no one.

But thankfully once you turn your back on mainstream medicine and chemicals, when you embrace your own body and life forms… (they’re delicious) … you notice that you didn’t need to fear your body in the first place, but had to despise anything that could harm it instead.

Well, I do respect her, and seeing her mother suffer must have been hard if she was a good one… I blame doctor’s stupidity. I loathe medicine. I guess she did the best with what she had… but that’s my point, if that’s the best that society has to offer… then it’s a complete and utter failure. Our society is a crime against humanity. She can never have children again; she can never add one more baby to this world… It should make me feel happier, but then ugly morons who can’t afford feeding their kids will… so… it would have been best if the world was overpopulated by people like her…

I took the photo from picturesnew. The photo before it is awful... She seems to have my acne (symptom of liver failure from toxins), an extra chin and maybe even a beard in her neck... Dry lips from dehydration, really deep holes and black under her eyes from exhaustion, lines on the sides of her face from lack of collagen, I get that when I don't have enough vitamin C if I burn too much by stress... I dislike plucked eyebrows; it doesn't follow the bones the way it should and seem sparse and sickly, which is a symptom of thyroid problems... She looks miserable and nothing to envy without make up and photoshop... But it's not worth getting cancer and cutting your female parts for... I'm tempted to say that anyone can look beautiful with the proper cares... But she has beautiful eyes and traits. I really liked her in Maleficent. Finally a story that shows that people aren't either good or evil, set in stone from birth to death... They're this way for a reason, according to how they're treated... and even the most evil can find redemption and save the day.

Cancer is trying to protect you... it's your body's last resort to survive an acute and prolonged toxin exposure. Scientists knows it, they know that the cure is to end the cause and let the body heal himself, but they try to find a profitable way to fool you... to enable you to refuse change... but even becoming a robot won't allow you to function on artificial color and flavors... You need the proper fuel; you need to avoid what doesn't belong in your body... That's as simple as that...

Don't cut off your leg if you break it... don't cut up your legs before you go skiing in case you break them... Just eat greens, they'll make your bones strong. The calcium and magnesium will be the basic minerals, the vitamin C will make the collagen glue to hold the powder together, and sunlight will help you absorb calcium. Vitamin C will also help you detoxify, wonderful against cancer causing toxins. It’s too simple to be true, but it is, nature is better than god. It sure as hell is better than a scalpel and drugs!

Make up cause cancer and is over rated: Celebrity makeup malfunctions at usmagazine. If the standard of beauty was natural-ugly, we'd have beautiful people anyway and less people feeling ugly for their flawed natural beauty.

I got the scissors at tipsfromdragonfly. I wanted ugly rusted ones but I made them pink like the pink ribbon... Which is utterly morbid to turn that symbol into a mutilation tool. But that'd be more realistic.

List of awareness ribbons at wikipedia.

Ribbons don't do shit. It should be made of broccoli and other stuff full of antioxidants.

I saw a movie with a woman asking in tears “Is a woman still a woman without her breasts and uterus”. Yes… she is… probably the same way that I am a partially a guy though… In heart and spirit~

Lisa Of Shades
8 July 2014
Edited: 13 August 2014

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Droids: cure for cancer

These are the cure for cancer you’re looking for. Become a droid. You’ll be immune to poisons and radiations. We all know that cancer is a prolonged toxic exposure. That’s why smoking causes lung cancer. So the cure is obviously to stop poisoning ourselves and detox with natural antioxidants, alkaline plant fibers and water. But people reject that. They want a drug that will allow them to keep consuming deadly toxins, instead of vital nutrients, without getting sick. But disease is the consequence to abuse & neglect. It’s suffered by any life form! So the only way to change the outcome of death is to become a droid. But even they can’t function on refined sugar, artificial colors and flavors. Thankfully death cures stupidity.

These are the cure for cancer you're looking for: droids.

The picture was from another poster: "No I'm sorry... I don't recognize any of them." I only wanted the one from Star Wars, but it's even better. I wish I could give credit to who drew that but it wasn't signed. The poster was from at

I am so sick and tired of people ignoring the obvious and crying when the same obvious hit them. I have no pity. But at least I don't exploit them like people asking for donations. Giving money won't do shit! It's like churches asking you to buy prayers instead to tell you to accomplish it yourself! You pay for false hope when they don't intend to do anything about it, except to keep exploiting you, because THAT'S NOT HOW LIFE WORKS!!! Either take care of yours right, or just DIE!

Life will choose for you according to what you do. There are no drugs that will magically undo years of abuse and neglect in a few days, or make you able to continually endure being poisoned daily and not die... medicines are the worst poison on earth! Especially the ones for cancer!

I'd rather be bitten by a snake and a black widow at the same time!!! Give me vegetables, a bottle of vitamin C, water, and I totally survive that.

The quote is a modified version of the one from Star Wars. Obi-Wan Kenobi says "These aren't the droids you're looking for" but they are~

Dalek (it's actually a body armor, not a robot, but the beings inside were genetically modified to have even less emotions than one) from Doctor Who, R2D2 and C3PO from Star Wars, Bender from Futurama (he probably did it), Wall-e from the movie of the same name.

I'm sure that droids can't run on fried oil either, it would clog them, but I ran out of place.

Grains aren't fibers, they're cardboard. And the reason why it's important to eat vegetables is because meat is acidic, but they are alkaline, so it will help you avoid having battery acid in your veins that will melt your organs.

Disease (from dictionary) a disordered or incorrectly functioning organ, part, structure, or system of the body resulting from the effect of genetic or developmental errors, infection, poisons, nutritional deficiency or imbalance, toxicity, or unfavorable environmental factors; illness; sickness; ailment.

There. You have it. Not a drug deficiency. That's why I eat living stuff like a vampire and got rid of my family, they were sucking my life force out with their venomous mouths.

Lisa Of Shades
9 July 2014

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