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Self fish ~ Selfish
Treadmills aren't a cure ~ Obese zombie
Halloween ~ The celebration of death
Earth ~ Half day & half night
Caveman ~ Weird ~ Opinions can be wrong
What is happening to the glass?
Sadness ~ Speed gauge ~ Go full circle
Vaccines are fraud using fear for profits
Kimberly Goodman's world record
Bruises aren't beautiful
Double eyelid surgery
Deadpool ~ Asian double eyelid surgery
American standards of beauty are sick

Self fish ~ Selfish

Self fish. There’s nothing wrong with that. Fishes are great! Self care too!

Selfish self fish costume ~ self love care respect ~ We can only share what we already have

I wanted to explain to my lover in a silly way that love isn't about forgetting your identity to become the other person's soulless slave. It's about sharing love and cares together. But we can only share what we already have.

So we have to take care of ourselves, if it's too hard to do it for one person for their own survival, asking someone to manage to do it for both can only exhaust them until they run away, because no one can keep that up for long, no matter how much they want to.

We have to respect ourselves to be able to put our limits so we don't end up having to run away exhausted, and it's also more appealing and reassuring to be with someone with dignity. If they can stand up for themselves, they will know how to stand up for you. If they let you walk all over them, they will probably do it to you or not be able to protect you against others who'd do it...

We have to love ourselves, because if we think we are unworthy of love, we won't be able to trust and welcome it no matter how much we need it, and how much the person actually does.

So we have to be selfish. It's by taking care of our life, who we are, hobbies and goals... that we have something to offer. Then we can share it, compensate for each other's weaknesses, understand each other's struggles and traumas, and help each other grow. It is far more selfish to expect the other to take car of all of our needs by never attending to them ourselves, than taking a pause to do it so we can have new experiences to talk about.

Feed the need, not the neediness itself. Encourage a loved one to have the self confidence and self love to fulfill their own needs, so you can both share them together.

Lisa Of Shades
26 December 2015
Text: 25 January 2016

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Treadmils aren't a cure ~ Obese zombie

Treadmills aren't a cure. You can't run away from the consequences of eating junk. Even if you managed to burn the calories, you'll still be sick from the toxins and nutritional deficiencies. You'd be wiser to preserve energy and ressources. Run away from bad food choices! Go somewhere new! Healthy people can exercise, but imitating them when you're not will just make you sicker.

Treadmills aren't a cure ~ Obese zombie woman ~ Weight loss ~ Health

See my article: Health ~ Nutrition ~ Purpose of fat

Treadmills are so boring, you never go anywhere! Especially if you don't change the way you live as a global lifestyle and mindset.

I made that simple montage but I found cool images:

Obese Ronald McDonald running on a treadmill the idea is better than mine. I'm a big fan of Mike Adams and his site Natural News, I like the quote: "Today, more than 95% of all chronic diseases is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and a lack of physical exercise." But lack of exercise is a symptom of the first two. The first time I took a B complex, I could barely stand and walk, but then I started to run in circles in my kitchen, then I gladly got off my bedridden state and hobbies.

Rhinoceros wanting to be a unicorn

Rhinoceros wanting to be a unicorn The legend of unicorns seem to have been a misinterpretation of a description made of a rhinoceros, as a horse (creature with four legs) with a horn. It got idealized into a creature that doesn't exist. It shows perfectly the futility of trying to be something that you weren't meant to be, because some people are naturally thin, and others can put on weight more easily to protect their health. It's true that there are some lazy gluttonous people who don't give a shit... But it's not true for everybody.

Of course having a thyroid problem isn't an excuse for stuffing your face on junk food, because your thyroid probably slowed down your metabolism on purpose to preserve the meager nutrients that you where providing, and survive longer with less by slowing everything down.

Having hypoglycemia (like me) isn't an excuse for eating candy and cola when you crash, even if short sighted doctors tell you to do that, because eating things without sufficient vitamin C is what impaired your adrenals to properly regulate blood sugar in the first place. Hypoglycemia used to be called glucose intolerance, so unnatural refined sugar isn't the cure, if it was required for life in refined form without being balanced by nutrients, it'd be raining sugar cubes... and they would be living sentient beings. You need to eat life to stay alive. Nothing is created or destroyed everything changes form. Life sustains life, not synthetic chemicals and life that has been stripped of all life and nutrients.

Nature provide wholesome foods the way you need... Processing them and adding toxins until they become immortal objects might increase profits by avoiding loss... but it won't make you an immortal object, you'll degenerate slowly in physical and mental agony... the loss will be quality of life and lives. But they don't care as much as their bank account is filled... that's their goal, not making you healthy. Even doctors just give drugs to hide symptoms, the body's warnings... Even they don't know how to make you healthy... Health is a constant state of being, so the efforts for it also need to be constant.

Many cool strange images, I got the zombie idea there: hilarious illustrations by glennz at earthlymission.

Cat treadmills image.

Fat woman on treadmill at YouTube. That's just sad. She looks about to die of a heart attack. Every 6-7 years your entire body's cells are renewed. Eating isn't just about tasty calories for energy. Her body is probably made of frail sugar cubes, that can't handle a strain without breaking apart. That's why they avoid moving... and with all that weigth just breathing and walking to the bathroom must be way more strenuous than any of your workouts. And you want them to run too!? Fuck you.

Running makes you fat article at physicalculturist.

Zombies are slow because they're unhealthy, not because they're lazy. The same is true about obese people. And the only way to improve that is to eat something more intelligent than usual.

You can't expect your complex organic body to be able to renew your cells, heal, and function by feeding it synthetic toxins without vitamins and minerals required for life... You can't run away from your needs and the very way that life works. You crave food endlessly because you ARE hungry and what you are eating is NOT food. What is in your fat cells isn't even fat, and it's not the fat soluble vitamins that's supposed to be there, it's toxins! And that can't be turned into muscle, or burned for energy, or it would happen on its own! You'd have the urge to move, but forcing yourself to when you can't won't make you healthier. Your body will even coat itself with more fat to protect yourself from the abuse, and because you'll crash even more into exhaustion... becoming hungrier and even less able to burn energy... Your metabolism will crash, all your endocrine glands will crash, your vital organs will crash... and without the fat to protect you, you'd be long dead from ingesting poison all day long. Fat seals the toxins away from your vital organs so you won't end up with damaged cancerous cells. it's as absurd as telling cancer patients to try to run away from their tumors. The problem is how you threat your body, forcing more demands will increase your needs... It won't provide them! That's why you have to make other food choices.

You are constantly misled by profitable industries. Told to eat worthless grains, sugar and chemicals... It puts your blood sugar on a roller coaster; starve you for more so you'll spend more money by buying more, instead of saving some on cheaper crap... It addicts you with chemicals, while damaging your brain, organs and self esteem by blaming you for what the food and industries did to you. A food group (grains) can't be at the base of the pyramid as the healthiest necessary choice, and at the top as unhealthy to eat rarely at the same time... You need VEGETABLE fiber, not white paper or brown cardboard, to be able to make poop to expel toxins. You need B vitamins to even be able to burn energy. And fat is a much better and stable fuel, sugar is stored in fat with insulin... So starving yourself by drinking sugary milk shakes is a bad idea! And eating artificial sugars is even worse, because while you might be able to use some of the sugar, you can't use any of the synthetic toxins, and it will be stored even more in fat cells... So diet options make people even more obese and there are studies that proved this.

Storing fat is a decision to survive. Chemicals and soy mimics that message and makes you store fat more than you actually need to. It ruins the balance in your hormones, including the ones necessary to start the processes of burning energy.

Then after making yourself sick following food advices that is only healthy and convenient for the profits of the companies, not your life... You are blamed... Called lazy for being too sick to move... called gluttonous for being still hungry after literally eating the ingredients used to make shoe soles (Subway think that it makes their bread prettier...) But it's the other way around... You're actually obese and unable to move because you are starving... It's yet another symptom of malnutrition and being poisoned... Not the cause.

It's dangerous to see it that way. Yes, if you start eating the natural life forms that your body needs, you'll get slimmer. But exercising like crazy and starving yourself by limiting the portions of toxic foods, but still eating that, will get you slimmer but it still won't make you healthy.

Diabetics don't have rotten wounds that require amputations and end up blind because they eat too much sugar, but because they don't eat enough vitamin C to stay glued in one flexible piece. You can be skinny and still end up like that.

It's cruel to tell someone carrying hundreds of pounds to run... Even the healthiest people wouldn't be able to do their workout while carrying a backpack containing hundreds of pounds...

It's not healthy to consume more toxins than your body can process out. It's not healthy to neglect to consume the vital nutrients.

But it's okay if you don't mind suffering for it. We'll all die of something, there's a positive and negative side to everything. Just make sure that you truly chose this... and that nobody brainwashed you into shoving it down your throat... and the only way to figure that out is to try something different for yourself... and see if the whole effects are even sweeter.

Lisa Of Shades
25 January 2016

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Halloween ~ The celebration of death

(Text is below)

Halloween celebration of death ~ starving children ~ candy bag ~ rotten pumpkin ~ diabetes

Halloween. The celebration of death

We let children starve... Even the ones right in front of us in our own country.

We decorate with food and let it rot. It could have fed somebody. Instead to use this vegetable’s vitamins and minerals to renew our cells into a strong and healthy body...

...we stuff our faces with candy. Causing a never ending hunger because it’s not food. We foolishly eat fruit imitations with the empty nutritional value of rubber, plastic and paint. But with enough toxins to cause cancer.

Diabetes. Is sweet poetic justice.

It’s the least that you deserve for your pathetic self care. Also, if you can’t or won’t take care of your own children DON’T FUCK THEM INTO EXISTENCE!!!


If your fat didn't seal the toxins away from your internal organs, you'd be long dead... and if we removed everything synthetic from your food, you'd be as skinny and bony as dying people in 3rd world countries.

Our superior technology is merely used to hide the symptoms and fool ourselves.

When you don't eat nutrients to survive, limbs rot off and vital organs shuts down... too weak to walk and the weight from toxins sure isn't helping... until you die. Look at that sad morbidly obese woman, I didn't dare to use her photo in a wheelchair with an amputated leg and huge bloated belly because she looks like a victim... But they stupidly blame airlines for refusing to fly her... oh like crashing the plane would have been better... When you need to buy more than one seat, it,s time to stop eating for a whole family by yourself and grab some real fulfilling REAL food!!!

Morbidly obese woman dies after 3 airlines refused to fly her

Cool images I found while searching:

If an image of gays kissing shocks you more than starving children
, you need to revise your views on morality

Pope meme: Pray for the starving children while I hold this gold cross

Man dressed in pumpkins on a lawn with mini pumpkins for breasts and a stem implying an erect penis... Disturbing...

I used a rotten pumpkin to make a point that we waste food, and the pumpkin looked sad about it. I moved it to a new background and repaired the missing right side.

Enjoy vegetables and fresh meat~
Lisa Of Shades
1 February 2016

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Earth ~ Half day & half night

Darkness & light.
Life needs both. If the planet only had days, everything would burn.
If the planet only had nights, everything would freeze. If we only had happiness, we would hardly develop strength, wisdom and empathy by overcoming adversity. If we only had pain, we would hardly develop trust, self confidence and self love by being rewarded. Life always has both. Appreciate and enjoy even the challenges. Never lose sight of one side. So you'll find balance. You can be miserable in abundance. But you can shine in darkness too.

Earth from space in half darkness and light ~ night day ~ balance life needs, it has both happiness and sadness ~ depression isn't everything

I got the idea after rambling shitty stuff to vent my grief.

Everything always has two sides. It's dangerous to focus on only one. When we make a choice we should take both into consideration because the greatest things will have the greatest problems. And the more things you have the more you have to deal with. So greed can really backfire... And the best dream can turn into a nightmare and not be worth it.

The people who are spoiled by luck, like those being born in a rich family, want to believe that it's because they're good people and deserve it. They look down with scorn at the destitute thinking that they should be able to do it too, and if they don't then they must be lazy and bad getting what they deserve... Even though they are probably the ones being exploited so you can keep what they earned mostly to yourself. Like slavery, importing goods from 3rd world countries without the same human right laws... or minimum wage instead of sharing the profits equally among all members of company.

When we only have pain, it's hard to trust... because trust if the belief that good thing will happen, so if we get hurt, eventually we figure out that we will again. If everything we tried sent us to the hospital's intensive care, we would never develop a skill and be confident that we know how to do it. People give up on themselves because they don't appreciate the result... but it's a valid step towards mastering a skill. It could be worse. If you didn't die... then your life still success.

I ran out of space in the poster, so I mean to include self care and self respect in self love. When my health went to hell, it's because I didn't respect my own limits and didn't take care of my needs... It's always as simple as that, really. But when I decided that my life was important, I started to love myself... not because I was on top of the world or thought I deserved it... but because I wanted it so I moved in that direction... I thought that it meant earning it by pleasing others so they would give love to me so I could put it inside myself... but life works the other way around... no one will respect someone who don't respect themselves... Even if they wanted to, they wouldn't know when to stop unless you tell them to. So when I started to eat healthy, if it also felt like digesting razor blades, having itchy worms and ripping my ass bleeding more than a period, the way grains and corn slowly did...

I would have given up and went back to eat trash... I would have continued to feel miserable crashing from the highs of eating sugars... But instead, I felt stable, not high, but serene... and it was awesome. So I kept going and now I wouldn't live any other way. I love myself even more because I figured it out by myself, had the courage to change and resist, and I feel so much better now... So I got rewarded for my self love, and the positive reinforcement encouraged me to do self love even more.

Maybe that's why people can't stop losing weight until they're just bones... But that proves that losing weight is the wrong goal to have to be healthy. Yes, when I got healthy I lost weight, but out of the blue as my body started to detox, and I had enough vitamin B complex to be able to burn energy without forcing it, and enough vitamin C to heal from the strain and handle stress... But if I was forcing myself to run in circles while I was sick, I would have ended up sicker. I'm eating a whole lot but it's all things that my body can either use or poop. Vegetables are awesome that way. But I eat meat too. It shouldn't be one life form or the other... It should be eating only life forms and getting rid of the processed toxic stuff.

There are celebrities who seem to have everything but end up killing themselves... probably because they can't take the exhaustion to accomplish too much anymore. There are people who live a very serene life, but they don't dare to get out of their comfort zone and are bore like hell, so they whine and feel miserable... Because they still think that life is about being handed things without an effort, the way it was when you where a fetus. At least try. If you fail and everything goes to hell, at least it will be entertaining.

People can shine the brightest in darkness, because they have challenges to overcome so have the opportunity to show the best they have and surpass themselves.

Other people deliberately sabotage themselves, I'm not sure why and they probably don't know either... maybe the fear of having something to lose, to have to maintain constant efforts to keep it, or a self fulfilled prophecy because they believe that they can't do anything right... and they punish themselves with self hatred and attacking what matters to them, pushing it away thinking that they don't deserve it... Some people find it poetic to be in misery.

I have to admit, I like having dark inspirations. I like the adrenalin rush of being trilled by soul crushing things when I find out about something awful... But that can be physically exhausting even if I sit still while reading, the adrenal send adrenalin to have energy just the same as exercise during a mental exercise. And if I don't balance it with rest and happier things, I could forget that there is good in the world... and that could suck the life out of me with utter despair. I enjoy dark humor, because it reaches me in my darkness, because I need to laugh at my own misery instead to take it too seriously... because I need to balance my sadness with joy even if I have nothing else to smile about, I can still smile anyway and laugh about that.

We can reframe a situation just by looking at it differently. We can focus on the dark side, but with will alone, we can shift ourselves on the other side of the universe and look at the bright side, just like that! Your mind and awareness has so much power that the laws of quantum physics change whether there is an observer or not. When there's no sentient being, all the possibilities happen all at once. When it's observed, there's only one possibility happening. We don't have parallel universe, they are all happening in this universe all at once, we just observe one, but they're still all there, and we can make a different choice with the will of our minds, and the universe will answer. Maybe this is just a dream...

Take control of your nightmares. You can't control other people, but you can choose how you act, look and feel about any situation. There is no such thing as a fight between light and dark, it's two side of the same coin, in perpetual balance, adjusting itself automatically. So happiness is there right now if you so choose. And so is despair. Most people try to only have positive things, but that's the wrong way because life doesn't work that way... but if you have a positive outlook you can make the best of a limited bad situation. It won't be the best idealistic goodness of fairy land, but life is always about doing our best as the moments change with the limited opportunity and knowledge that we have at the time... and capacities. Sure you can look back after a tragedy thinking that you should have done differently... it can help you be prepared for the future... but having regret and shame when you where too stressed out to think calmly at the time is just pointless self mutilation, be constructive.

Some people try to be purely good, being in denial if it makes them do pure evils, because they impose what they think is right on people with different needs, denying them their true needs and even refusing to let them be who they are, denying them their very soul and trying to take it as their own, that's basically being a demon. Some people endure hellish relationships because they cling to dreamy promises, living in a future that will never be instead to better their present... Blindly running after goodness is what caused the worst pains... just google the faces of meth to see how happy that makes people... They look like rotten zombies.

I like to have fun with sad stuff. It's my way of staying balanced. I try looking at the whole picture, fighting my habit to focus on the small details so I won't be too radical... Doing my best with who I am.


It's like the yin yang, there are shadows during the day, and there are lights during the night, even without humans there would be fireflies and jellyfishes.

7 bioluminescent creatures that light up the ocean at scribol.

Depression isn't everything. Rest and enjoy the beauties of life.

Lisa Of Shades
Image + Text: 16 March 2016
More text: 18 April 2016

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Caveman ~ Weird ~ Opinions can be wrong

Weird. Being weird is okay. It shows innovation. A caveman would find the wheel weird. But that doesn’t make it wrong. Don't let ignorant people define your worth. Opinions aren’t facts, they’re personal choices. They're not necessarily valid for everyone. Even facts can be completely wrong. The truth has more than one side.

Caveman wheel ignorant prehistoric background ~ weird people ~ opinions can be wrong and facts too ~ prejudice discrimination

People can't stand anything different from themselves and want the whole world to being their image and to their liking, even if what they dislike isn't harming anybody, they harm people for it. Jocks mock nerds... But where would the word be without thinkers to invent weird stuff? Still in a cave.

Well, the planet would probably be better off, so maybe I'm wrong... Or maybe the stupid people invest their money in the stupidest ideas... We need change. Maybe it will be worse, maybe it will be better... but if we never try anything new, we'll stagnate.

If you can't think of welcome change, consume more stuff with B vitamins, it makes nerves grow and the brain is a big ball of nerve insulated in fat so the wires won't cross. Eat fresh fats too, not rancid fried ones, almonds and cashews are awesome. Sometimes innovation is good, but sometimes the solution for health is to return to the basics that we have forgotten thinking that we're above nature.

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 16 March 2016
Text: 18 April 2016

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What is happening to the glass?

(Text is below)

Glass of water ~ Filling half full ~ Drinking emptying half empty ~ Positive negative thinking ~ Forever alone rage comics

Is the glass half full of half empty? It depends on the process:

Filling = Half full (Seen as positive thinking)

Emptying = Half empty (Seen as negative thinking but water is good for you!)

If I don’t see a pitcher or faucet, I’ll assume that you’re taking a break from drinking and see the glass as half empty. It’s positive thinking, because if it’s half full then you’d be filling it with your tears.

The glass is forever alone. (Rage comic character)


Forever alone at knowyourmeme.

Well, it's self fulfilling, and that sounds like a good thing. Good for you for being self sufficient! Even if it's the last thing you want, it's the first thing you need.

Lisa Of Shades
Image + Text: 13 April 2016
Uploaded: 23 April 2016

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Sadness ~ Speed gauge ~ Go full circle

Sometimes it’s easy to go back to being happy. But sometimes you’re so depressed that it seems impossible. That’s what dark humor is for. You can go full circle! I’m not trying to be mean by laughing at the crazy side of life. I’m trying to cope, push through and reach happiness.

Sadness ~ speed gauge ~ Full circle into happiness, push through ~ Dark humor, laugh at crazy side of life ~ Awesome face epic meme smiley ~ depression

Awesome face epic smiley at knowyourmeme.

Depression isn't actually sadness, it's exhaustion. It used to be called a burned out. Of course it's depressing to have pushed past our limits for too long and end up exhausted. Rest doesn't even work because you are so malnourished for so long that your body doesn't have enough building blocks to do the repairs. You pushed yourself with sugary refined grains and corn void of nutrition and stimulants like coffee... as if your body was a car and you just had to put enough calories in for it to work.

It's not true. You need vitamins and minerals to even be able to burn energy, especially vitamin B complex, along with C to repair the burns. Any reasons that you have to be sad can improve by fixing the cause and by looking at it a different way, called reframing.

When you are living through hell and about to die, knock knock jokes won't be enough. I watched romantic comedies and it made me want to kill myself because my life looked so miserable compared to the very brief highlights of an imaginary situation. But watching horror movies made me think that my life isn't that bad, but my body thinks that the danger is real so I had to give up that to and rest completely to rebuild my "health savings". Because when you give 110%, you take that extra 10% from your future health, and one day you have to pay...

It's not okay to bully someone and laugh at their misery because it's already hard enough of them, even if it's okay to consider yourself lucky. But you can laugh at your OWN misery because at least you are acknowledging it, and that's the first step to do something about it and change your way of life for the better. You cannot have different results with the same behavior. That's why the past repeat itself and people go for the same kind of people... What is familiar is reassuring even when it's horrible... If you want change... you have to change yourself.

I developed a dark sense of humor, and many people didn't want to be near me for it... But they where much more scared if I talked seriously about the horrors that was happening to me... It's when someone stops laughing that the shit really hits the fan. I was too far gone in despair, there was no going back for me to cute cuddly paradise with normal people, because those so good normal people damaged me beyond repair to vent their frustrations in secret, venting all the bad in them on me, so they could continue to look good to the world...

So I pushed through by embracing my reality and making the best of it... embracing dark stuff and despair... and still finding a way to laugh at it all. I went full circle back into happiness, even though sad shit continue to happen to me. But I've never been so happy. Because I allow myself to fail and give up.. and enjoy what I still can even if it's not much.

I don't have a paying job as a CEO, I don't have the most friends on facebook (I'm not even on it), and I don't have the most glorious wedding photos... While people struggled with college, I had to struggle with college, having to call the cops on my neurotic mother, trying to escape pedophiles, trying to survive in a house with strangers, being bullied for being weird with thick glasses AND going to college... I didn't have a daddy making me feel safe buying me my own brand new car. I didn't have people to support me. Only to nag me and get me down. I got rid of those energy robbers and felt healthier.

I didn't do much but what I did I accomplish on my own. It took a while but I managed to finish college... but no one wanted me because I was emotionally damaged, mocking my desperation to succeed in life, proof that I'm worth something... and not end up on welfare... Well, I'm on it now. At least I'm not homeless... At least I don't have to rob and kill people to eat.

Then I saw people who give up school differently... I'm very intelligent, dedicated, rather good to look at in spite of my glasses (I have big tits)... But I still couldn't get a job and keep it... I was exploited, people refused to pay me for the work I did for them, jerking me around. In spite of all the good things that I had to offer, I couldn't make it alone in a society that didn't want who I am... I tried so hard, working 100h a week until I couldn't walk and my internal organs started to shut down... While those kids who seemed stupid to give up school where more clever than me and figured out that the world never wanted them and never will, so why bother.

Even broken and insane, I could still work... But not consistently from 9 to 5 everyday of the week... Not perform as well as a fully healthy person high of sugar and coffee who'll get a heart attack at 40. Not as normal as people you see in magazines who never say a word but look like dolls. I got discarded as not good enough, as useless, instead to find a way to let me be at my best and appreciate that. I just couldn't do it...

I failed at society... But as I did that, as I couldn't reach my dream to become a doctor... I actually found how to truly succeed at life... And no it's not money or likes... It's to be healthy. And that isn't accomplished with drugs but a healthy life style. People think that a doctor can undo what they do to themselves with a scalpel or a pill... and bypass the consequences of the bad way they chose to live... so they indulge in the worst while expecting to have the best results... Without self control... surrendering the power over their lives to industries that care about profit and not their well being...

And I look at that on the sidelines... as an outcast... everyone blindly doing the same as the way things are to fit in instead to improve them... running into their own destruction and the destruction of the world... and I wept and wept... and I got angry and hateful... and one day I snapped and started to laugh maniacally... And I never stopped.

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 14 April 2016
Text: 23 April 2016

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Vaccines are fraud using fear for profits

Andrew Wakefield discovered a link between vaccines and autism, his research got discredited as fraud and he lost his medical license. There is indeed a liar in that story, but which one is it? The Pharmaceutical industry claiming that they can make your child invincible without bothering with vital nutrition if you make them billionaires... Or the former doctor who listened to parents' observations and thought that injecting diseases, brain damaging mercury & cells from aborted babies might not be the best way to stay alive...

Andrew Wakefield ~ Research study fraud ~ Autism ~ injecting diseases, brain damaging mercury, aborted fetus, fetal cells ~ think for yourself

Retracted autism study an 'elaborate fraud,' British journal finds at cnn.

I did a big project about: Vaccinations.

I've seen enough results and testimonies to know that his study wasn't a fraud even if he'd made mistakes.

The proper medical term was "aborted fetal cells" but let's call that in a way that everyone will fully understand what it means: cells from dead babies. Am I gruesome for saying it in a crude way, or are medical workers trying to fool you by using fancy reassuring words? Dead babies, the ones from vaccines, can talk louder than any propaganda if you are willing to listen to their truth. If you want to argue that fetuses are technically not a baby yet, I still wouldn't want medical waste to be injected into me or a baby... unless I wanted a deadly late abortion for them.

Injecting cells from dead babies to make a baby healthier is nonsense. It reminds me of the movie "Feed" where a serial killer fattened obese people to death using raw pancake batter and the fat of his previous victims, claiming that it was to help them embrace their potential and beauty, while he had bets online about how fat she'll be before she'll die. I wish it was the most disgusting thing that I've ever seen, but vaccines are way worse in the way they kill and the hypocrisies around it.

Autism is brain damage limiting the brain's development. Some people claim that it cannot be vaccines because their child got it from something else. Well, that's like saying that being hit in the head by an arrow cannot give you brain damage because only hammers can do that... Mercury is known to cause brain injury and it's in vaccines. There is definitively a risk. People claim that it's less than in fishes, but you don't inject them straight into the blood that goes straight to the brain. The body has detoxification mechanisms when injected that doesn't happen otherwise. That's why you can detox mercury if you eat greens, they will bind the poison and drag it out of you. That's why obese people can lose weight by shitting dozens of pound a day by eating things that promotes detoxification, because toxins gets stored inside fat cells like balloons... That's what you do to be healthy, you enable the body to do what he does best: live. You don't inject diseases, you eat raw greens to promote the multiplication of your own healthy gut bacteria that is going to kick the asses of invaders that aren't compatible with you. Your white blood cells need its vitamin C to fight diseases. Like cops with weapons.

I got sick for years, I constantly had respiratory problems... Really bad... coughing blood suffocating in puss... I had my tonsils removed to no avail... but they where so inflamed and irritated that I felt better... But then the infection got deeper. Except that it was NEVER an infection. I was rotting from malnutrition! At worst the bacteria where cleaning up the mess of my rotting flesh... But they where not the problem. The problems where grains, corn and sugars!

They irritated me when I swallowed them... they caused inflammation all over my body... I had diarrhea everyday... it felt like passing razor blades... eventually, when my adrenal glands got to exhausted to produce anti-inflammatory with the meager nutrition that I provided, my ass ripped apart with blood everywhere... I thought I had worms but apparently not... And the same razor blade effect was happening in my brain... I had to use sheer concentration just to walk around and function without shrieking my head off and cry...

I was constantly trying to make jokes and good around neurotically... But the truth behind it wasn't a personality disorder but agonizing pain that I was doing my best to overcome. I spoke and called for help, no one listened. Because the crap that was slowly killing me was considered good for me and conveniently cheap and easy to prepare... so my mother preferred to blame me as a person, doctors too, society too... Fuck you assholes!

I got vaccines every weeks and it never helped. When I got a vaccine for meningitis, I started to feel too hot and suffocate. After that I was never the same and I instinctively knew that the vaccines where dangerous. I never got one ever again. Nutrition saved me... because that's what I needed to have an immune system in the first place... To fight invaders caught naturally or unnaturally injected by ignorant control freaks who think they're above nature.

Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, said to use nutrition first as medicine itself. They used to be derived from plants. It's cheaper to use dead chemicals that where never alive to mimic, but that won't promote life and won't be completely compatible. But they do it on purpose so they can patent it as their private original idea and get rich on it! So it fucks your body instead to help. And why bypass the body's processes by taking toxic drugs and steroids, if you eat properly with all the materials that you need, your body will be able to do his own! Steroids weaken the glands by replacing them, they don't make you healthier but sicker! But you become a golden goose by being enslaved for life. By injecting babies with disease as soon as they are born and letting sickness incubate for a while, wrecking things, they get more customers for life for sure. Isn't that helpful! NO IT'S NOT!

Some where saved by parents who dared to go against the system. I read a few stories about parents succeeding to reverse autism by giving them a healthy diet, without grains, corn, sugar, preservatives and additives. To be healthy, all you have to do is to give the body what he needs, and avoid the extra toxic burdens that he can't use...

Colorants and fake flavoring falsely stimulate the senses without providing what they're supposed to mean. Sugar and bright color means lots of ripe vitamin C... and that's what you crave... but there's none in sweets. It's like eating plastic, rubber and crushed glass... How can you possibly expect a delicate brain to function adequately on that.

I read stories of babies whose immune system wasn't strong enough to endure the sudden assault of being injected several diseases at once, and died of one of them. People claim that we need vaccines because the deaths of children are way too horrible and it's worth a few sacrifices to save the majority, and if that's what vaccines did, I would totally agree. But nothing could be further from the truth...

The diseases started to go away before vaccines, with better nutrition and sanitation. Thanks to garbage men and water treatments, we stopped drinking each other's shit and rotten corpse's juices basically... so that made it easier on our immune system to handle each other's bacteria. Vaccines claimed the glory... by injecting diseases that where becoming extinct into people systematically... but they would be completely gone by not if humans didn't went out of their way to culture more of the diseases!!!

People with weak immune system cannot be near the people who've been vaccinated with live vaccines or they could catch it and die, even if the vaccinated person is fighting it without symptoms... They become carriers. But vaccines are claimed to make the weak stronger, not cull them out to only leave the strong standing! They don't.

Exercising the immune system isn't like going to the gym... it's like getting stabbed repeatedly, with a needle full of death, it takes its toll on you and weakens your reserves so they'll be depleted when you'll encounter a disease. And you can't even go to the gym and make muscles unless you're well nourished or you'll burn your muscles for energy!!! So the logic that you can exercise for health by trials is completely false! It's the other way around, IF you are already healthy, well nourished and well rested, you can exercise and fight diseases. If you're not, exercising will make you sicker, and diseases CAN KILL YOU!

The idea of vaccines came from the chicken pox fact that if you catch it before you are sexually mature, it will cause less damage to your reproductive system... because it can make you sterile as an adult. I like South Park's idea of a sleep over with a sick child, not injecting puss straight into the blood and straight to the brain! Being in the same room, breathing the same air, swallowing spit when they talk, is already gross enough... But being injected that along with cells, of dead babies no less, mercury of all deadly things on earth, and... oh god why the hell are you believing this!? Propaganda based on fear. You're not dearing what you should...

Their syringes killed more babies than the way the disease would happen naturally. Because in nature you have hope to get away from it, but if you trust vaccines you'll be injected with death for sure. Then when it causes problems, they blame other things refusing to believe even the most obvious reactions, textbook presentation of the disease they injected...

Babies died screaming with their brains inflamed... doctors said that it was normal and injected more before the baby had the chance to recover... killing them after several doses... when it was obvious from the start... and many doctors who inject that death won't do it to their own children but they gladly do it to yours so they can get a big paycheck and have the social status of gods. Nice uh~

And when someone threaten their billion dollar industry, do you seriously think they thank them for telling the world how incompetent, stupid and deadly they are? No, they discredit them, they drag them in the mud and the blood of your dead babies. And then they go kill some more... and if your child has the strength to survive this assault... they take the credit for it...

Andrew Wakefield, thank you for trying, thank you for listening to the parents and looking at the actual results on the child... you are a hero.


Lisa Of Shades
Image: 15 April 2016
Text: 23 April 2016

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Kimberly Goodman's world record

Kim: "Hello, I'm Kimberly Goodman. I have a world record for..."
Racist: "Hello, nigga!"

Eyes popping out of skull ~ Fastest world record Kimberly (Kim) Goodman ~ black woman, nigga, racism ~ what did you just call me ~ meme

Video at YouTube: Lady popping her eye out

Eye-popping Stunt Grabs Letterman's Attention at flatrock.

Kim Goodman at wikipedia. "Holds the world record for the farthest eyeball protrusion."

I'm actually not a racist, I'm a misanthrope. I think that everyone suck, for different reasons. Yay for equality~ We can still be respectful even if we don't like someone's tan level. Being mean defines who we are, not who they are.

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 15 April 2016
Text: 23 April 2016

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Bruises aren't beautiful

Beauty standards. Women who draw bruises on their faces are considered more beautiful. WTF!!!? Domestic violence is an ugly thing to do!
(Man black eye & woman make up)

Black eye, bruises vs. make up, purple, beauty standards, domestic violence is ugly

I found those pictures almost side by side in a google image search and it made me think... Make up is tested on animals because mascara was full of tar and made women blind... They say "You must suffer to be beautiful"... and men go for anorexic women who got butchered with implants as tits as if they where mere blow up dolls... There's something seriously wrong with how we see beauty... Seeing someone draw wounds on her face to be prettier made me realize of freaking twisted our standards are.

When we think that women look more attractive beaten up... it might seem innocent, but it allows the true attitudes that cause domestic violence... It's considered so normal to beat up women that those who aren't draw bruises on their faces to fit in... It's just sick... I wish I was looking at it the wrong way... but clearly I'm onto something...

Sure it looks nice... until you realize what it looks like and that the metallic powder is slowly damaging her eyes...

Sure it looks nice... until you realize what it looks like and that the metallic powder is slowly damaging her eyes... I burned one badly trying to clean up mascara that wouldn't get off... It felt like looking through a scratched glass eye ball... I swore that I'd never wear make up again... People thought that I neglected myself, but instead I was investing in the best foods that would bring true healthy colors to my face. Instead to mask a pale sickly face with toxins that will be absorbed in...

If we got used to what women truly look like, maybe they wouldn't be so scary the morning after.


Lisa Of Shades
Image: 15 April 2016
Text: 23 April 2016

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Double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery. Please don't butcher your natural beauty. Be proud of your Asian identity. Smiling almond eyes look delicious~ They're the cutest! Big eyes are overrated. (Kurara Chibana with Kimberly Goodman's eyes)

Double eyelid plastic surgery. ~ Kurara Chibana with Kimberly Goodman's eyes. ~ Asian. Japan. 2nd place Miss Universe 2006. ~ Big eyes popping out

Kurara Chibana with Kimberly Goodman's eyes. I wanted a really beautiful Asian to show you the waste of cutting the natural beauty that they already have out of their faces...

Kurara Chibana at alchetron. She was the second place in a world meeting of Miss universe 2006. Kurara Chibana Kurara Chibana elected for WFP Japanese Ambassador Japan.

Miss Universe Miss Japan 2006 Kurara Chibana National Costume and Evening Gown at pandawhale. Really cool samurai costume.

One of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Women in 2016

South Korean girls' obsession with double eyelid surgery as they strive to look like 'pretty western celebrities' at dailymail.

Blepharoplasty at wikipedia: Asian blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery) is a blepharoplasty procedure used to create a supratarsal epicanthic fold in the upper eyelid of the patient who lacks such a crease. The supratarsal epicanthic fold is common to most ethnic groups, but is absent in approximately half of the Asian population.

Asian Eyelid Surgery reviews. The happy are happy... but some have deep regrets.

Scarring Post Asian Eyelid Surgery. Is This Fixable? Logically that would just create more scars, but some might be.

I couldn't find if Kurara Chibana had the double eyelid surgery of not, it would be wrong to represent Japan in beauty contests with operations that takes away an Asian trait... but apparently some Japanese women have them naturally. While I understand the appeal of big emotional eyes... I am very fond of Asian's smiling almond eyes... Please keep them that way. Surgery is for the painfully deformed, Asians are not just for being Asians!

I saw some cute photos, but I saw scarring and a cut way too high... Just accept yourself. It's not like you are disfigured or in pain... Don't gamble or you could end up like this.

YouTube video: Why Changing Natural Asian Double Eyelids into a Caucasian Shape is Not Possible or Advised

Complications of double eyelid surgery at eyelidsurgerymalaysia.

The worst: "Lagophthalmos or problem with complete eye closure is a less common
complication and usually occurs with new surgeons who excise too much skin. Applying lubricant to the eyelid skin together with massage, the lagopthalmos may reduce or disappear but in severe cases, skin graft may be needed."

Dried eyes = blind.

Enjoy your natural beauty instead to cut it away. Don't be racist at least not against yourself! Well, I kinda am since I think Asians are superior to me, but I wouldn't cut up my eyes for it... It's their grace, intellect and refinement that makes them so awesome, not because they try to imitate another culture, but because they paved the way for so many things that many people enjoy~

The eyes are the mirror of the soul... Don't destroy your very soul!

Treasure and enjoy it~ The way it's meant to be~

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 15 April 2016
Text: 23 April 2016

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Deadpool ~ Asian double eyelid surgery

Deadpool: "Dafuk did I just do to myself. I paid money for this!?"
Asian double eyelid surgery. Complications: Disappearance, asymmetry, too high, droopy from muscle damage, roll outward, visible keloid scars, unnatural look and... Inability to fully close eyes.
(Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

Asian double eyelid surgery ~ complications fail ~ Can't close eyes ~ Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Here's the list in fancy medical jargon from Complications of double eyelid surgery at eyelidsurgerymalaysia:

Disappearance of the double eyelids
Eversion of the eyelashes or lash ectropion
asymmetry of the skin creases
High skin creases and sunken upper eyelids. (too high)
Ptosis or droopy eyelid, this resulted from accidental damage to the levator muscle.
Lagophthalmos or problem with complete eye closure

It's almost as horrible as what they did to Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine... No wait it's worse because it's done for real and can't be undone. Well, you chose this.

Lisa Of Shades
Image: 15 April 2016
Text: 23 April 2016

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American standards of beauty are sick

Obese woman sitting on a couch in underwears: "I’m sexy and I know it. Am I still wearing my edible panties? Come and find out and come into my mouth."

Anorexia bulimia, skeleton sitting on the toilet and throwing up: "OMG! I’m so fat! More laxatives! BEUUUUUUUU!!!"

American standards of beauty didn't make us healthy and sickness isn't pretty. Don't try to imitate us. Find nutritional balance, not a scale.
(Obesity. Anorexia & bulimia.)

Obesity, edible panties, anorexia, laxatives, bulimia, American standards of beauty

This was supposed to be against Asian double eyelid surgery, to show that Asians shouldn’t butcher their identity to look more like Americans because we don't know what beauty is... Asians are healthier so Americans should try to be more like them.
Everyone is obsessed with weight, but you'll be hungry as long as you don't get all the nutrients that you need, no matter how much you eat. And you'll be hungry especially if you feed on artificial toxic food that you can't use or even poop out! Not eating enough nutrients is bad no matter what you look like... Not eating enough when you can is as bad as eating things that poison and addicts you like drugs.

Some people ate so much that they couldn't get off the couch so they just sat there in their shit until their flesh melted and fused with the couch...

Draw the line somewhere... sooner... and control yourself...

Enjoy better.
Lisa Of Shades
Image: 15 April 2016
Text: 23 April 2016

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