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The evolution of calcium Heart
Specialists in bananas (Psy) (Disturbing...)
Specialists in bananas (Medical Doctors) (Cute and educative~) Heart
Clown food
Fat or wind
Prayers for weight loss
Fat free or free fat
Sugar rots everything
Melting witch
Broken egg Heart
Evolution TV
Anorexia: Eat now!
Being drunk (My art)
Chemicals (Roses)
Muffin fake blueberry antifreeze propylene glycol
Best & Worst
Bipolar blood sugar
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Muffin ass
Pepper the robot with a heart Heart
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The evolution of calcium

"If we were really supposed to always get calcium from milk instead of greens, the food chain would look stupid like this."

Get calcium from greens, not milk. People, cow, elephant, dinosaur, god.

I always like to put hidden sentences in bold: Get calcium from greens.


Calcium is boiled and dead, so it becomes acidic, the animal protein is too, so it causes acidosis, and to fix your PH so your blood won't turn into battery acid, the alkaline calcium and magnesium is sucked out of your bones to balance it out, and you end up with osteoporosis... from milk. Cows make calcium by eating greens, well, that's what they are supposed to eat. Mother's milk is probably more useful to fatten up a baby quickly so he can grow up... Taking the milk from another animal would harm a new born baby. I still eat cheese, but it's probably the most acidic thing that isn't a chemical. But I sure eat greens!


It's better if you look at the picture from the bottom to the top. A business man and a woman giving milk to her baby, drinking milk from a cow, drinking milk from an elephant, drinking milk from a dinosaur, drinking milk from god... which is Gandalf with the body of I can't remember his name, but I took it from How to Get Rid of Man Boobs FOREVER at trainerjosh. It's a wonderful article, I totally approve. Sometimes you end up on great information looking for really random silly stuff. So why the hell does people stay stupid. Maybe they only look at the pictures... yet they're still unable to see the big picture of things... uh~ Well, here's a pretty picture for you.

Modified plans:

I wanted to do it by hand since months... but I got the sudden urge to do it the lazy way: with a photoshop montage! The creatures didn't fit easily so I had to give up proportions, I wanted to do Adam and Eve naked with leaves, and the human baby more obvious...

I was supposed to make another picture with humans grazing along with the other animals. Adam and eve on all four with grass sticking out of their mouth, with a content expression.


By the way elephants don't drink with their nose, but I planned to make the dinosaur taller and make her look like she's reaching far away. I removed her tusks because I think it was actually a male (or was it, females seem to have them too... Oh well, no animal was harmed, some pixel were though), but it's really hard to find an animal looking up. (I'm stupid too but at least I'm intelligent enough to know it.)

I had to edit the cow's neck, and I couldn't fit a giraffe between the elephant and the dinosaur...

By the way only mammals have milk, the name of the race is self explanatory, and dinosaurs therefore don't... I needed it to look extra stupid… a creature tall enough to reach god in the sky (as if)… and make it look cool. I thought of using a T-Rex… Maybe too hard core chomping god’s breast off would be more likely… and they don’t have enough neck… can they even use their arms?

But it's still great; maybe even better, the guy is wearing a suit, hilarious! Like the quote says "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good".

Jokes about religion:

A dinosaur sucking god's tits for calcium, it doesn't get any better than this! In live action too!!!

Hahaha, god's obese with man boobs! Maybe he ate too much of the body of the Christ... oh god it's his son... it's terrible... but what else is there to eat, I bet animals don't go to his heaven. If they do, where do they go after they're eaten again... back to earth or in hell~~~? Hm... They mention the 7th sky about having an orgasm (well, we do in French) maybe they'd go to sky number 2... I wonder how many skies there is… They have to be more than 7… Sex can’t be all there is to the infinite universe. But since it's purpose is to create life, then maybe it's the whole point... scary thought... then why is lust a sin? Oh well... Time for me to go to bed... I wonder what are the skies 1 to 6 about... is there's a sky of "Stuffing your face with Twinkies"... that's probably a layer of hell. A hypoglycemic crash sure feels that way while still alive.

Copyrights & goals:

I'm so proud of it that I branded it with the site's name... hopefully I won't get in trouble for the copyrights (Just have a laugh and forgive me~?) It's all in good fun. I'm not trying to sell vegetables; I just want people to eat them, so they can have a better functioning brain, do less stupid stuff and make the world a better place.

Unless it's stupid on purpose to make a point, like my cool stuff~


Lisa Of Shades
22 November 2013

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Specialists in bananas (Psy)

Psychiatrists: Specialists in bananas

Monkey with banana up his ass. Psychiatrists, specialists in bananas (Full of bullshit)

By bananas I mean bullshit.
But since we're monkeys and those eat bananas, it's banana poop! (You can't tell if the banana is coming out this way or if it was put in by stupidity...)

If you think that's bad you should know why I'm so angry against them and their stupidity. See my page: Folly of psychiatry.

Medicine is about drugs, they don't know anything about the effects on nutrition on the body, and psychiatry don't know anything about biology... So do the math. It's based on prejudices and discrimination. Telling someone that their emotions and personality is a disorder, a disease... It's the most cruel and sadistic bullying and psychological violence that I have ever seen! Don't put your wellbeing, free will, and very life between their hands. You'll die. Inside, and literally. Don’t be their patient, just be patient and you’ll figure your own shit out… sooner than they’ll ever admit theirs. You need magnesium to be even able to produce serotonin. It’s not build out of water, sugar and good will. Life and people are much more complex than that.

I took the banana from onetribewellness: 18 healthy things a banana can do for you. I wanted one very obvious to be Photoshoped to let people know that even chimpanzees aren't this stupid. But people are.

The site is full of amazing info:

"Depression: According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND amongst people suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating a banana. This is because bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier." They also contain magnesium.

I actually hate bananas, I'm into green apples. I eat them at every meals. Adrenal fatigue makes me unable to hold on to salt, which needs to be balanced with potassium; so a food "extremely high in potassium yet low in salt" is a bad idea for my low blood pressure. I eat a lot of greens, I'm covered. But if you don't:

"Blood Pressure: This unique tropical fruit is extremely high in potassium yet low in salt, making it perfect to beat blood pressure. So much so, the US Food and Drug Administration has just allowed the banana industry to make official claims for the fruit’s ability to reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke."

"Bananas must be the reason monkeys are so happy all the time!"

I wish I could print posters and put it on psychiatric institution with powerful glue. Patients would finally be laughing.

Calling someone insane is ignorance, it's admitting that you are clueless about them. I understand pedophiles, that's why I want them dead. Cannibals are just hungry... If someone went berserk on a bad trip of drug, just make him listen to Celine Dion or something equally bad tripping, so he'll think about it twice before screwing up his brain again... or knock him unconscious with a baseball bat if he tries to screw you up. His survival instinct will think about it twice before messing with you again. Instant therapy; at least for you. I guess they do it with drugs, which is very hypocritical, and not a good idea on a junkie, it would be like rewarding his mess. Try to do positive reinforcement when he does something not lame, for a change. They're probably sick physically but no one bothered to listen so they self medicated. Which is often less damaging.

For victims of trauma... give them self defense classes and lots of vitamin C so their organs can heal from the strain of stress. Whining just for the sake of complaining, to someone who can't help for being even clueless than you, since he didn’t live it, isn't going to be therapeutic, because it’s not constructive. You bother to save someone dying in front of you even if you could, you’d be too busy taking pictures with your phone and sending them to your facebook, admit it, so shut up when it’s your turn. Figure your own shit out, even if it takes you 10 years. If you want someone who cares, start doing it for yourself. At least no one is killing you, and if they are, do what Mal said from Firefly aka Serenity: "kill them right back!"

It's a lesser of two insanes.

Lisa Of Shades
22 November 2013
Edited 26 November 2013

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Specialists in bananas (Medical Doctors)

Medical Doctors: Do they even know that bananas have potassium and why the body needs it to live? More options to heal than drugs: Nutrition with natural orthomolecular medicine, naturopathy... the way nature intended to, and your body likes it.

Doctor monkey banana ass - Orthomolecular medicine, naturopathy

I forgot to add my sources but I made that montage myself... so I kinda own it now.

Medical doctors are trained in DRUGS, in diseases, not in promoting health with prevention. But naturopathy and Orthomolecular medicine have a different approach: to give your body what he needs and the reason he got sick in the first place. To cure the CAUSE not cover up symptoms or shut down your kidneys with POISON that your body never evolved to use, and certainly not need.

It's the reason why I can function now, instead to be in a living hell! Their chemical hormone replacement shut down my glands and I almost died when I ran out... Water soluble vitamins (C and B complex) and electrolytes minerals (Calcium+D3, magnesium) made my vital adrenals stronger. I didn't even know that there was more than one medicine when I started to follow Naturopathic advices online because I tried everything else. To me there are only 2 types of healing: the one that works, and the one that doesn't (or make you even worst!). Nutrition worked.

Calling it quackery is illogical and against history and medical evidence: They all are diseases that are proven to be caused by nutritional deficiencies, and correcting them with vitamins is the only cure. But you make way more billions by only treating the symptoms and keeping people sick. Their effects are blamed on something else nowadays, like gum disease, your mental, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia... when it CAN be cured and EASILY!!!

It's criminal.

Yet the drug professionals do make nutritional claims: that too much fat is bad for you, too much salt... It's way too simplistic.

Salt needs to be balanced with potassium and other electrolytes minerals.

Fat needs to still be alive, not rancid and fried, to be usable by your entire body, and to burn it as energy you need the B complex!

Meat is good for you but you also need the vitamin C in vegetables.

Cholesterol is like plasters for your arteries when you lack vitamin C to have elastic flesh and it rips all over the place! Gums, wrinkles, joints, heart attacks... Vitamin C is massively burned in times of stress, and scurvy causes intense physical and mental distress, fatigue and pain.

All the diseases that they can't explain... it's basically SCURVY! They won't admit that they didn't make any decent progress. But we still suffer from the diseases of the past, starvation diseases, because it's not enough to eat calories, you need nutrition, and calling scurvy by any other names, one symptom at a time, all separately ignoring the whole picture, it's still scurvy!!!

Cancer is scurvy too, your internal flesh rots. That's still oversimplified... but telling people to eat more C in greens, instead to tell them to eat less when they're starving, is much more efficient.

Don't trust monkeys, they like to throw shit. Especially when they feel intimidated... by their own weakness and ignorance.

Every time I think of a monkey I always think of a chimpanzee because they look the most like us.

Well, if Eve was made from Adam's rib... Adam was probably made from a monkey's ass.


Lisa Of Shades
22 November 2013

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Clown food

Clowns want to kill youl. Don't trust their food.

Clowns want to kill youl. Don't trust their food. (McDonald's)

Picture from retrocrush, 100 scariest movie scenes:
5 is very high... justified reasonable terror.

Don't feed clown food (McDonald) to your children...

Of course they'll think they like it, they're kids, they don't know any better and easy to fool. Why do you think pedophiles who can't handle a real woman go for them so much: easy preys.

If you love them, feed them. COOK!!!

Enjoy REAL food, not freaking brain damaging chemicals. It's not ADD, or ADHD... it's starvation! The poor kid gets a sugar high then almost faint when it crashes down. You can't pay attention when you're about to explode from stimulants or faint from malnutrition.

Dumb asses.

This scene traumatized me for life. Thank you. When he got eaten by a tree I found it super cool though.

Lisa Of Shades
22 November 2013

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Fat or wind

Not fat ~ Full of wind

Not fat ~ Full of wind

Original picture from funnyjunk "Bungee jumping. Fat people should never do it"

I tried to raise the quality with manual blurring, but I can't change crap into gold.

Clown: vegaooparty.

Shame: None.

Ah~ clowns, they're out to get you.

I wish I knew what the original article was about. Maybe she tried to commit suicide by jumping off a roof, but instead to explode, she bounced endlessly until she got flattened like the pancakes that she loved so much~ At least she died doing what she loved: pancakes. With her own fat. Recycle!

Yes, I'm a monster but I would (hopefully) never treat my body the way that she did.

So who’s the real monster in that story, probably the one who invented sugar and pancakes.

Or maybe... it's the clown... O_O;

Maybe she was a witch and melted when she drank water instead of cola for the first time in her life.

Or maybe it was just a very hot day...

Maybe she was on her way to get ice cream and never made it...

Wait... why is she... naked... outdoors...

Maybe it was midgets in a fat suit trying to take over the world, and they had to run away for some reason.

Or aliens, like Men in black, and they just beamed out back to their spaceship.

Maybe it was Star Trek visiting the past and trying to blend in with the majority...

Or maybe it's just an exhibitionist dead fat chick. The police had to gun her down, seeing her naked was a threat to their mental health. Or they thought it was The Blob (horror movie with a pink goo made of stomach acid, digesting you on touch).

Maybe she's just taking a nap. On top of kittens.

Maybe she's hatching an egg... She's big enough to wrap her skin around a dinosaur egg... (Actually according to Jurassic park, they're quiet small, maybe she shoved a dozen up her ass, and you wouldn't even know. Maybe she died because they hatched... Maybe an Alien hatched... or a dozen or two.) Maybe she's trying to make the biggest pancake ever: herself.

I wonder how many people, in the 3rd world, that you could feed with that cow. Maybe all of them for a week. If you make a stew.

I kept assuming that it's a woman... but maybe it's a man, hard to tell with boobs all over the place... even in his back... or maybe my guess is because there are no body hairs, but maybe he plucked and ate them too.

Maybe she can save a lot of burn victims if she gets her lard cut off... Can't we do that instead to suck the gunk out and let it flap? It's not arm wings it's a whole hot air balloon...

"Hot air balloon: Now in fat chick shapes"

Maybe we can use her for a frog leg add (I'm canadian, from Québec. They're delicious.) "Frog legs: Juicy. Escpecially when cooked on the asphalt under the sun."

It doesn't even look human... Is there even flesh and organs in all that fat full of toxins, certainly not vitamins...

"Junk humans: This is the reason why I gave up becoming a cannibal..."

I don't understand... don't you reach some point where you think that maybe it would be best to go easy on the Twinkies, for a little while, so you won't have to buy a completely new wardrobe, chairs, and a wheelchair!!!?

"Denial: Buy yourself a freaking full body mirror!"
I actually have one.

"Happy death day: When you eat a birthday cake everyday, your death isn't far away~"

"Oh you're so mean... I'll... I'll go eat a whole cake to comfort myself." Yeah you go do that... When you're tired of fat jokes, EAT SOME GREENS!

Fur is murder... skin too... fat people choke in their own fat skin when they sleep... (apnea). The movie "Fat, sick and nearly dead" showed me how much more horrifying than I could imagine it actually is.

It doesn't matter what we think of fat people... they should think better of themselves and take care of their body's need for real nutrition better. Sugar is processed and they removed everything useful that your body crave, so you'll never stop starving if you keep eating sand... But I believe that you have the right to remain stupid.

Enjoy~ You fat ass~

By that I mean morbidly obese... or obese. Don't get anorexic either, you bony bitch.

Bring balance to your life, not the scale.

Lisa Of Shades
26 November 2013

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Prayers for weight loss

Prayers: Tapeworms, cancer and AIDS could be the only answers to your stupid wishes.
From the movie Bruce Almighty: "I lost weight eating nothing but pastry" (I added "I love greens and raw nuts")

Prayers (for weight loss eating pastry): Tapeworms, cancer and AIDS could be the only answers to your stupid wishes

That's the only logical explanation. Everything has a cause and an effect.

Image from the movie: Bruce Almighty

There is a hidden sex joke: "I love nuts"

She looks like she's about to eat him... with her teeth.

I first thought of writing:

"Internal parasites: they're as gross as you."

"Tapeworms, they make stupid wishes come true before they kill you"

"Cancer, they make stupid wishes come true while you die"

"Be careful what you wish for: Tapeworms, cancer, aids and death could grant it"


Lisa Of Shades
27 November 2013

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Fat free or free fat

Pancreas: Turns excess sugar into fat. Until you exhaust it and get diabetes. Go ahead, dig in, you stupid diabetic fat ass.

Pancreas: Turns excess sugar into fat. Until you exhaust it and get diabetes.

The image is from the movie hungry for change. My favorite health movie!

There is no pancreas in any living creature that can handle the amount of processed sugar that we ingest daily, often unknowingly, when we trust companies to cook for us.

Words are fascinating. When I checked Word's suggestion of synonyms for "exhaust" I got the suggestion "do in", and when I checked its synonyms I got strangely accurate surprises:

Exhaust = do in = kill, murder, finish off, blow away, do away with, assassinate.

This is what sugar does to your pancreas.

This is what you do to your vital organs with food.

You can stop being diabetic in a week by trashing grains and relying on greens, fresh meat and nuts. If it wasn't freaking tasty and making me happy, I wouldn't be doing it.

Anything is transformed into glucose, which is blood sugar, which has little to do with table sugar and especially high fructose corn syrup. Fat, living ones in almonds and avocadoes, not over dead fried junk, are slower to transform into glucose, and contain fiber; it all slow down digestion, so you end up satiated and with more energy longer.

The reason why people go crazy on too much sugar is often because their adrenal glands gave out from an imbalance between stress and the vitamin C and B complex needed to handle it. If they're exhausted, you can't take storage of fuel out, and eating sugar with a spoon will only harm everything even more, and make you crash faster.

Even doctors recommend candy for hypoglycemics, so that myth is deep... deeply stupid.


Lisa Of Shades
27 November 2013

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Sugar rots everything

Sugar: If it can rot the hardest part of your body, it can rot everything else!!! It’s criminal to let your child get scurvy. Avoid scurvy with nutrition. You can have more:
vitamin C & calcium from VEGETABLES & FRUITS!

Sugar: If it can rot the hardest part of your body, it can rot everything else!!! (Child rotten teeth)

Image from wangiwriter. It's especially traumatizing because he's so young, and his happy smile makes him look... *shudders*

He's so adorably cute, whoever allowed this smile to decay should be punched in the throat, and worst. No loving parent should allow such atrocity. It's a crime to let your kid rot. Well it should be!
I chose purple to make the yellow of his teeth stand out, since it's the opposite color.

From healthdecide: "Bacteria in our mouths make acid from the sugars we eat and drink".

No. Sugar IS acidic. Because it's DEAD! Bacteria's purpose is to clean it. You have 2 pounds of bacteria in your gut and they are a vital part to your immune system and digestion. STOP BLAMING BACTERIA FOR EATING DEAD ROTTEN DECAY! That's what sugar is.

"... scientists keep promising to eliminate the bacterial source of decay"

They'll only fry your immune system. Nature always tries to reach a neutral balance. An acid (sugar) and an alkali (your teeth) cancel each other... So not only you're not getting the calcium from GREENS to renew your teeth (milk is acidic, it's boiled so it died.) but the acid is going to suck calcium from your teeth. They rot because not only those cells starve, but you damage them too.


Brushing your teeth after pouring an acid that made the enamel SOFTER all over them (like candy or soda) will only peel and damage them even more while they're fragile...

Can you imagine when you have a bruise from bumping your skin and damaging some tissues, instead to help it heal… what if some crazy doctor dig it out and poured toxic brain damaging mercury to fill it... that's what dentists do... Teeth can heal, they have limits if you loose too much, but they renew their cells like everything else… so if you don’t get calcium from GREENS, they can handle humongous pressure and wear, the muscles in your jaw is the strongest in your body, so if they rot, you put something very wrong in your mouth.

The illusion of safety. Thinking that someone can clean months of abuse. Well, think again! They often dig for gold perfect teeth! Beware your own stupidity.


Lisa Of Shades
27 November 2013
Edited: 13 AUgust 2014

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Melting witch

Melting fat witch - Oz -  Drank water instead of cola

Actually, if they really replaced cola for water, fat would melt off indeed.

Unless they start eating 2 birthday cake a day instead of one to compensate. You need sugar for energy right, too bad it's useless without a vitamin B complex to burn it, uh~

You also need vitamin C to heal from the strain and keep flesh, like veins and the heart, elastic and resistant with collagen.

Maybe she tried to run a marathon and died of a hearth attack.
It’s the stupidest advice for weight loss, you can’t turn poison into muscle or that’s where it would go in the first place. How much exercise do you think they actually do by just walking around, carrying hundreds of gross pounds constantly!? Nightmare.

Prisoners used to be chained to a bowling ball and couldn't run away, and you want them to do it while carrying a dozen!?
Torture. Even I don't hate them that much. Just bounce on a trampoline gently to help your lymphatic system clean you, to avoid screwing up your joints from all that weight until you can do more safely.

Sit on your ass, eat the fiber and water of greens, then you'll SHIT!!!

Stop pushing poisons in and you'll detoxify. (Movie: Hungry for change)

Eat real food, drink clean fluids!

Original picture from funnyjunk (again).

Witch hat and skin color from wikipedia, Wicked Witch of the West (1939).

The peeing dog is a Cairn Terrier like Toto from flickrhivemind. It's not what I planned but it adds an extra joke, and it expresses my disdain for people who care about themselves too little... or too much. Robot chicken already made it, in my favorite episode of all times! The tin man wants a heart and the scare crow (THE crow) replies "Take mine, it brought me nothing but pain!" Pure awesomeness.

Dorothy Gale from wikipedia. I just love her absolutely shocked and horrified expression.

I wanted to add the cool monkey costume from costumecraze but I ran out of space.

It would be so awful if she was really dead. Oh well, she did it to herself.

Don't worry; I'm sure there's a Shrek out there who'll "love you for you".

Lisa Of Shades
27 November 2013
Added text: 28 November 2013

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Broken egg

Broken: She could have become (Bacon) a beautiful swan...

Broken: She could have become (Bacon) a beautiful swan...

Aww... Yuck, but... still aww...

I almost wrote bacon instead of become... It's funny. And they kinda become bacon more than eggs when they act like pigs... Which are fat too since they scavenge garbage. It's a valid choice, thanks to you I can make jokes.

I saw this picture with a Humpty Dumpy joke, without edits. This is how you make the joke. Also mixed with the Ugly duckling story... It’s true; anyone can be beautiful if they take care of themselves... Models should start, they have the responsibility to promote health, and their bones sticking out are repulsive.

The text and frame colors were taken from bacon.

The shell and egg color from vectors-pack.blogspot. They say it's free, but apparently "Royalty free" still demands money, so I don't know... I don't mind paying for images; I just don't want to have my credit card robbed. It's already hard enough to have money stolen, but if it's money that I don't even have... I'm just scared... and that's what you get for putting the word free to lure innocent people: you fool some into giving you cash, and some others into robbing it from you unknowingly... Well, I hope it's free. Either way, just laugh and have mercy. I sell nothing, so I don't have cash anyway.

To justify putting it in Health instead of Morbid, I'll add this Disease or Deficiency: Biotin from livincleaner. Eating the whites of eggs raw can cause a deficiency. As far as I know it's best to eat the yellows raw though. I have more about Vitamins and minerals in my health section.

But I wouldn't eat any parts of her raw or fully cooked... unless I really had to...

Lisa Of Shades
29 November 2013


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Evolution TV

Evolution: Strabismus is the logical adaptation to wide screen TVs

Evolution: Strabismus is the logical adaptation to wide screen TVs

I took the eyes from the Walleyed Man, similar to the one at featurepics (with the full face it's creepy!) but on a different site. I usually respect when they mark the picture with their logo in a "MINE!" kind of way, and it's not expensive... but the eyes were just too good and I'm scared to give my credit card...

So I gave him a sex change, because as far as I know, if you can't recognize the original picture, it's supposed to be ok for the copyright *finger crossed*

The eyelashes are from jadabeauty. Not so beautiful now... It's even creepier transformed into a woman... I could have used any eyes and edited them, but it's just too cool to show how nature can be mean right back at you.

I'm half blind... (almost minus 10 on 20...) but I think it's better than having a blind lazy eye... And you were whining because you thought you weren't skinny enough! Ha! You don't know how good you have it. Stop making it worst!

Learn more about strabismus at summitmedicalgroup and eye-care-inc. Because BEING stupid is worst than looking stupid... But I'm not sure in this case...

I liked the joke in Family guy where you couldn't see a thing. It's really getting ridiculous. They widen it because it makes the tape shorter when they record the movie... Now you end up with faces cut in the middle of the forehead and really weird annoying plans... *sigh* It's practical to use photoshop though... Wider work space for my pallets.

I don't understand why they cut old movies... Let us choose! DVD players have options anyway. I don't want to cut up half the head of the actors or animes characters...


Lisa Of Shades
29 November 2013


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Anorexia: Eat now!

Anorexia: The ugly lie of beauty.
Men like to starve women so they’d eagerly swallow sperm, be weak and unable to think clearly, to have their way with them. Mindless sex doll, become a real girl! Don’t just suck, bite down! Fresh meat is nutritious and will make your boobs bigger. EAT NOW! Greens will never make you obese. Your brain is made of fat, eat nuts. Life is more beautiful Choose health.

Anorexia: The ugly lie of beauty. EAT NOW!

I was looking for an anorexic picture, but most were naked, and I don't mess with that kind of copyright... I remembered that I actually OWN an image. I made that skeleton with Flash (but not the wig and make up) for my section Weight ~ Anorexia & bulimia.

Creepy sexy pose... creepy doll wig... creepy make up with sad eyes, adding color won't make you less sick...

I also wanted to use an anatomic skeleton model and dress him up with a transparent skin with Photoshop... but the irony is that I'm starving so I got lazy. I wanted to show off my Flash skills too. I can draw (sort of) when I try hard and long enough...

I like the cannibal (in "eat nuts" too) and Pinocchio allusion. Whoever push little girls and women to torture themselves so deserve to have his dick bit off and eaten! No one with a heart, loving you, would ever ask you to suffer deliberately, and certainly not that much. There’s a freaking limit to being a masochist... and hating yourself.

You don't have to deserve it to take care of yourself, eating is a law of life.

I noticed that the reason they're so skinny isn't for beauty... Or the people who find a woman without breast and hips beautiful are the gay fashion designers who wish they could put a dress on a man, a shapeless woman is what they want. I like gays, but that's just creepy. They deny women their form to sell their femininity with items, like implants... It's so gross and wrong...

The brain is made of fat.

I saw some really disgusting and troubling pictures at 2medusa. I worship free will, but doing that to yourself, and in the name of beauty of all things, is just too heart breaking...

I have more ideas to do:

Anorexia: Walking skeletons are only cool during Halloween

Anorexia: Get the dry mummy look that will make your friends envious

Anorexia, you’re never skinny enough even after you’re dead

Anorexia, at least you can’t reproduce

Anorexia, a failed vanishing magic trick, but died trying.

Anorexia, why be fat when you can look like a gross living mummy instead

(Anorexia) Perseverance, sometimes it’s stupid and ugly

(Anorexia) Balance: too little is just as freaky repulsive as too much.

Anorexia: Because bones are heavy, and who needs a fatty brain anyway.

Anorexia: the slowest form of suicide
(and cleanest form of self mutilation, unless you make yourself throw up.)

Bulimia: because your body is desperate for nourishment, eat greens, they make you poop!

Anorexia (with picture of someone without legs smiling) at least I lost weight!

Anorexia: Because you're too stupid to eat.

(Anorexia) Role models: Why be yourself when you can copy someone even more stupid than you!

Anorexia: You can still do stupid things even if you don't do anything.

(Anorexia) Support starving children, starve yourself and send them food, they deserve it more than you do!

Anorexia: If there's still skin to pinch, you're probably still too fat. Go get a vegetable peeler.

(Anorexia) Vicious cycle: starving make you stupid, makes you starve yourself, makes you stupid...

(Anorexia) To the infinity... and straight in the grave! (I wonder if I can manage to Photoshop Buzz Lightyear into an anorexic... probably. I can do anything. Out of proportions, but anything.)

(Sucking fish from the movie Fakk2) Don't worry girl, men want to put their dick into anything.

Paper bag: The cheapest form of plastic surgery.

I can say anything I want about anorexia, I've been anorexic, so it's not bullying, it's sharing the wake up call. I did inhuman exercises everyday for a year... lost my boobs... and now my internal organs are shut down... Not worth it. I wanted to be loved and accepted, at least by my mother, but it couldn’t possibly change how stupid mean people are, and it sure didn’t.

Don't listen to that kind of crap. Listen to mine instead!

Lisa Of Shades
29 November 2013

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Being drunk

Impairs your awareness of being drunk. Among other important things.

Being drunk - Impairs your awareness of being drunk

My bragging friend was claiming that he can drink a whole lot and not get drunk. But when you are, you’re not aware enough to be the judge of that, and unfortunately it’s often the very point of the people who drink.

If you really want to show off your toughness and amaze others, resist the urge to drink at a party and still manage to laugh your head off, letting go and free, more than anyone else.

Like I do out of pure spontaneity and sheer will. HA! In your faces!

I never understood the fun of fainting in your own puddle of vomit or waking up pregnant from someone that you dislike so much that you’d rather have sex with said puddle of vomit instead. Thankfully I’m crazy, but I’m not stupid.

Lisa Of Shades
24 January 2014

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Chemicals (roses)

Air fresheners, rose scented, in a bouquet.

Chemicals. They're not the same. They give you cancer!

Air fresheners, rose scented, in a bouquet. - Chemicals. They're not the same. They give you cancer!

A rose by any other name would still smell wonderful.

But toxic poisonous fumes, even called roses, will still give you cancer.

If someone gave me a bouquet of that I'd kick him in the nut. So I'd be nut to spray my lungs with that. Shit would be healthier. And it's such a pathetic attempt at copying the real thing, that shit would smell better. And if it doesn't, then stop eating garbage too!!!

Love yourself, more than that!

"Smell the roses" means enjoy the simple things in life. Inhaling poison is more like having a long complicated death!

Enjoy the real things!!!

That's not roses.

It’s not worth saving a few bucks. Your lungs are priceless. It would be like selling a kidney to buy yourself roses. At least you wouldn’t die of cancer! That’s even more stupid that what’s socially accepted! Killing yourself may require more pushes on that spray button than a gun, but it only means that the agony will last longer.

Are you depressed and not understanding why? Hmm, can it be because your blood is full of the death you inhaled, and your body is trying to tell you that he's not happy about it? Buy yourself a rose, tell yourself “I love me”, and it will pass.

Enjoy the roses.
Lisa Of Shades
27 March 2014

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Muffin fake blueberry antifreeze propylene glycol

Sugar, grains & fake fruits

If you want to be healthy, pain free and happy; keep that toxic junk in the trash where it belongs! EAT REAL blueberries; not propylene glycol used to make antifreeze! Even eating the flies would be healthier!!!

Muffin fake blueberry antifreeze propylene glycol

It's related to the picture I made for my page Health ~ Weight ~ Obesity.

The first time I heard about the fake blueberries is in the movie Hungry for change (or another of my favorite health movies. See the recommendations.) Here's a video at YouTube: The Blueberry deception by the Health Ranger. I admire that bullshit fighter.

I wanted flies to buzz around the trash so you'll never see muffins the same way, seeing them fuck made me add "don't fuck your health up".

Muffins are hand size cakes, that's not a breakfast.

It looks like a huge fat ass, see the butt crack, slightly on the right. We sure are what we eat and look the same way too.

The flies have many hairy spikes, so I chose the font with gross harmful spikes too.

If you really want to mess your blood sugar and brain with grains and sugars, make your own muffins with real blueberries. Unless you think cancer would be less expensive.

Adding superfoods to junk food still makes it a junk food. Adding toxic artificial junk used in industrial solvent to junk food and masquerade as healthy... that’s fucked up. And if you believe that shit just because of the sugar, colorant and artificial flavors... you're freaking dumb... Even brain damaged people can be properly informed and make a better life choice.

If you'd rather be in denial, your ass will probably soon before big enough for your head to fit in, as the toxins NOT FAT accumulate in your body.

Enjoy real blueberries. They're even tastier without the cake.

Nice sites I found during research:

The 6 most horrifying lies the food industry is feeding you at cracked:
"We can almost hear the muffins mocking us."
He mocks health claims by saying "That pepper will keep you hard for hours, and eggplant works in lieu of chemotherapy." But vegetables are so healthy that it's most likely true. Anything processed with chemicals is deadly, even if there's good stuff in it.

One reason I wash myself with baking soda is because the blue #2 in my shower gel was known to cause cancer and I didn't want it on my skin... but they use it in food... Yum~ colon cancer~

A picture of blueberries doesn't mean it's in it. But it does mean that the company wants you to think that it's in it. (Even add a drop of juice to legally put it in the ingredients. Read the whole list.) The coloring in the printer used to display those pretty blueberries pictures on the box is actually what’s in the muffin.

The flies would have a higher nutritional value!!!

The fly on the muffin looks like the fake blueberries... Here's what they're supposed to look like: justfoodnow (3rd picture, when you see something intensely sky blue and juicy looking, you have the right one.)

4 Gallons - Kosher Propylene Glycol at froggysfog:
USP Food Grade Propylene Glycol for use as moisturizer in medicines, cosmetics, food, toothpaste, shampoo, mouth wash and hair care.

Uses: Antifreeze Solutions, Solvent for fats, oils, waxes, resins. Hygroscopic agent. Coolant in refrigeration systems, plasticizers, hydraulic fluids, textile conditioners"

Oh it's food grade and Kosher, it must be okay! Are you fucking kidding me!??? Well, I guess killing humans don't count as killing a pig or a cow then I guess it's vegan too.

"Propylene glycol can be used for the following: As an emulsification agent in Angostura and orange bitters; As a moisturizer in medicines, cosmetics, food, toothpaste, shampoo, mouth wash, hair care and tobacco products; As a carrier in fragrance oils; As an ingredient in massage oils; In hand sanitizers, antibacterial lotions, and saline solutions; As a solvent for food colors and flavorings; As a moisture stabilizer (humectant) for snus (Swedish Style Snuff); As a cooling agent for beer and wine glycol jacketed fermentation tanks; As a non-toxic antifreeze for winterizing drinking water systems; As a less-toxic antifreeze in solar water heating systems; As a coolant in liquid cooling systems; To regulate humidity in a cigar humidor; As an additive to pipe tobacco to prevent dehydration; To treat livestock ketosis; To de-ice aircraft"

Maybe if your ass is as wide as an airplane it's ok to eat it, because clearly you have a death wish mistreating your nutrition like that...

The sky is the limit... of human stupidity! Welcome to your slow and agonizing death, slowly poisoned. It's not in your head; it's in your muffin... and a whole hell of other shit. My shit would be healthier for you and an improvement of your diet.

Enjoy eating shit people! It's organic!

Amsoil antifreeze engine coolant at smartsynthetics:

"Propylene Glycol Antifreeze and Engine Coolant
AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant is newly formulated to provide benefits far beyond those found in today's conventional antifreeze and coolant products. This revolutionary formulation provides maximum antifreeze and cooling protection in the most extreme temperatures and operating conditions. And unlike conventional ethylene glycol based products, which are highly toxic and even fatal, AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant is formulated with propylene glycol. It is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and requires no special disposal costs or procedures in most areas. Above all, its low toxicity presents no threat to children, pets or wildlife."

Low toxicity means that it IS toxic. No threat? Lower than other "highly toxic and even fatal" stuff maybe but that's just denial to say none. It's still toxic and fatal, just lower instead of highly. I guess you can give it to your kids if you hate them. Or put it in the cool aid for your ritualistic rituals if you own a sect.

At least AMSOIL states that their chemical industrial products are less deadly for the environment, it doesn't advertise it at a health food at high price. If it's a poison in a machine, it sure is in a muffin!!! And it DOESN'T BELONG IN A LIVING BEING! Unless you want to kill it. Slooowly~

We should force the food company CEO and advertisers to drink a whole bottle of their products, the bullshit claims would get down drastically… because they’d be too sick from cancer or dead to fuck us up anymore!

I bet even the flies wouldn't want it, I had to photoshop them on and anywhere near the muffin.

Enjoy REAL FREAKING BLUEBERRIES! Even my vegetable shit would be better for you.

Lisa Of Shades
5 June 2014

Edited 16 June 2014

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Best & Worst


Sometimes you’re the best. Sometime you’re the worst.

Some people prefer to live closer to nature without technology.
Some people prefer smaller dicks to feel pleasure without pain.

Sometimes when you’re the best, you’re the worst.
Sometimes when you’re the worst, you’re the best.

Sometimes you’re average; not the worst but not the best either.
And some people prefer penises made of technology.

Life - Technology - Penis - Sometimes you’re the best. Sometime you’re the worst.

Best American cars at askmen also cool nes at bmw.
Best Asian cars at windingroad.
Where are the African carmakers? at theguardian.

It's fascinating how who's the best to the worst can be the other way around, depending on which areas you look at.

Asus is apparently Asian-American... well, Asian people pretty much make everything.

Apparently Africans have raw materials they just don't have the politics that would allow their companies to prosper. That sure sucks.

Potential isn’t everything without some help and collaboration; especially when some jerk would rather profit from climbing on top of your shoulders and play king of the world, while you get crushed. Damn politicians and CEOs… People should build cooperative companies that share profits equally between workers. Minimum salary replaced slavery… now you’re free to choose your own master and must kick yourself in the ass, with coffee, to be productively exploited into exhaustion. At best.

The Amish are who I'm thinking about in my example that technology isn't everything; and even nothing for some people. I'm small and big wide penises would cause me pain. Some women got an operation removing the entire hymen hoping that it would improve the pain. Not everyone can or would enjoy the penis equivalent of giving birth in reverse. Some women need a caesarian and even die in childbirth. So size does matters, but bigger doesn't mean better for everyone. To each their own. Asian women are small too so it doesn’t feel small to them. And a big dick can be sterile and useless to perpetuate life too, which sounds positive to my misanthropic mind.

So likes and dislikes is really a matter of personal choice, not an absolute fact. And some races have different facts; it's not a matter of opinion. But generalizing the big picture isn't everything. There are exceptions to every rule. Everyone vary, in every category. So some Africans can be better at technologies than some Asians; and some Asians can have a bigger dick than some Africans... Everything is possible, but some possibilities are rarer than others... And being plain average doesn't make Caucasians extra-ordinary. They can be best and worse than the best and the worse too.

I guess someone have to be on top and someone at the bottom. But it's unlikely that you'd be that way in everything.

Find your own best and enjoy~
Lisa Of Shades
5 June 2014

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Bipolar blood sugar


It’s not just in your head!
It’s in your blood sugar, your whole body, diet and lifestyle.
Stabilize your brain fuel & your mood will also find balance.
Eat greens, meat, eggs, nuts, dairy and fruits!
Get off the roller coaster of sugars and grains.
No pancreas or mind can handle the torture for long.
Sugar and insulin are the problems, not the solution!
The high causes the crash, let it go.
The vitamins B complex and C will give you more energy!
That’s what you crave and processed products don’t have any.

Bipolar blood sugar, glucose intolerance, reactive hypoglycemia, diabetes

Enrich your life, mind, heart and even soul with the power of life that vitamin C can offer you. Eat more greens. You don't have to become a vegetarian and especially not a vegan. Hell no! Don't eat soy!!! It has to be properly fermented to avoid being toxic. Damn tofu.

The B complex is in meat, eggs and nuts. (Grains loose it, even whole grains are indigestible)

I don't drink milk because the pasteurization kills the bacteria necessary to digest lactose for you. Industrial yogurt is liquid gummy bears with a drop of milk... I get plain yogurt probiotic bio and either add real big pieces of fruits or enjoy the sour delight. I eat cheese, even though it's evil for being acidic, but the cholesterol is very helpful. I buy bio butter. Goat butter is fantastic! I get my peanut butter bio, they also have almond and cashew butter in that section!!! Amazing. I use it in recipes, like spicy turmeric and ginger sauce in potato noodles, with veggies and chicken. There are no publicities for that, but there should be!

Of course avoid stuff that you're allergic to. You could be to eggs, peanuts… even dairy, but usually it’s just lacking the enzyme (guy bacteria) to be able to digest it. Grains are evil and spliced genetically with viruses to become eviler. Corn is a grain. A monster. Avoid it at all cost. Literally. Spend more if you have to, get quality ingredients. You may be too stupid to notice the difference, but your body isn't!

Just add greens to your meals, like a side dish salad of green apples and cucumbers. It’s so delicious I don’t even crave the sugary dressing anymore! Add greens to your recipes. I eat potato noodles (actually more tasty than cardboard noodles) and add so many different and colorful veggies to my home made Alfredo cheesy sauce; and meat that I can actually see and taste!

Industrial products are bland, skimp on the good stuff... no wonder they're cheap and need to add so much sugar... Discover real flavor! Ban sugar from your taste buds. And tobacco, that shit encrust your tongue so bad you can't taste anything either.

More GTT results in my page:
Health ~ Hypoglycemia & Diabetes ~ Glucose tolerance test.

I switched diabetes before Hypoglycemia in the legend since we read from top to bottom. I added street light color instead of grey. I used red for both too high and too low because it's clearer this way, about how dangerous and painful both extremes are. Hypoglycemia can be deadlier faster. I actually made the image by myself.

Don't fall for the vicious cycle. Even doctors think that the cure for hypoglycemia is sugar, when it's the cause of both too high and too low. Reactive hypoglycemia used to be called glucose intolerance. I guess they forgot to sell insulin, but that's dangerous. Taking drugs to be able to malnourish yourself isn't science, it's stupidity, and ignoring the pain won't remove the problem. Making better choices will.

Vegetables and no grains no sugar life style cures diabetes type 2 in a week! But nothing will cure your needs as a living being and enable you to poison yourself.

If you want energy, get nutrition, especially the B vitamins complex. It's nutrition that counts, not calories. They're useless if you don't have the proper material to burn them.

I used this font because it's rough to have unstable blood sugar. Stabilize your blood sugar and you'll stabilize your brain fuel, and mood.

Forget whole grains, they’re all bad, even corn. Get vegetables. They make fresh meat taste like a rainbow. A real one not the chemical Skittles.

Enjoy better.

Lisa Of Shades
5 June 2014
Edited the text in the image: 6 June 2014

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Subway: Zen + Footlong shoe (2 versions)


A Zen meal…? Not a real food and not yoga either.

Footlong: Less than 12 inches, but made of real shoe soles!!! Maybe the meat is from a real foot too.

Subway - Yoga carpet

Subway - footlong - less than 12 inches but made of real shoe soles

If you read only the yellow in the image, you get the hidden message "No way".

It's a meat grinder, turning a yoga carpet and shoe soles into a sandwich. Subway put a common ingredient in the bread!

I like the picture in this article: Subway Bread Contains Chemical Found in Yoga Mats
"Azodicarbonamide (ADA) is used in the bread baking process in order to add elasticity and strengthen the dough. This chemical is found in numerous foamed plastics such as yoga mats and the soles of shoes."

WTF!!!??? I often said that the McDonald's slim hamburger patty felt like chewing the sole of a shoe... but now it's proven scientifically that subway actually does it!!!

You might not get the old black rancid toxic oils, but the cold meat is still processed (even more than a hamburger) and there's way more grains than vegetables. A slim lettuce leaf doesn't add more in the balance of nutrition!

And who like to eat cold and dry...?

"Subway has recently said they were in the process of removing a chemical in the bread that is found in yoga mats." If it's that fresh, then it shouldn't take more than a day to do so. Liars.

Suboptimal (dictionary) : being below an optimal level or standard.

Low standard of quality that belong straight in the toilet without passing through you. But that would clog the toilet...

And they find a way to cheat you out of an inch and make you pay for a foot long.

Subway promises sandwiches which ARE a foot long after investigation revealed products came up short at dailymail.

"Looking at the photo doing the rounds showing a slightly undersized sub, this bread is not baked to our standards" The results are all that matters. So apparently that's what your standards are: a withered pale looking sandwich. It really isn't making me miss bread, replaced for tasty vegetables, reluctantly at first but now oh so gladly!

But missing an inch long might be for the best. You swallow one less inch of toxic foam. If oily fat can clog arteries... then foam sounds like a really bad idea.

Go to Walmart and buy yourself some shoes to eat. You'll probably find as much chemicals and maybe more nutrition. Maybe it will even taste better.

If charities fed boot stew to homeless people there would probably be an outrage even among rich people... paying big bucks for this junk is outrageous.

Using ingredients found in shoes, I guess they weren't lying about the foot long after all.

Enjoy sushi~~~ <3

More: Almost 500 foods contain the yoga mat compound. Should we care? at npr.

Only if you care about what you pay for, your money, what you work for, what you eat, your body, health, quality of life, length of life, your life, mental health, and being screwed by companies that feed you carpet and shoes. If not, I guess not.

How can adding toxic foam to dough improves it!? Its purpose is to FEED, foam isn't nourishing!!! They really only care about fooling you with pretty pictures. 500 products... Clearly the FDA doesn't protect us. You're on your own! Trust NO products made by someone else!!! They don't care about feeding your children; theirs need braces... gold plated braces!!!

Azodicarbonamide causes asthma in workers, not "hmmm~ the delicious smell of fresh baked bread~~~" but "ARG *COUGH* Agg- *suffocates* WHEEZES". How can anyone possibly think that it's safe in foods. No evidence? Oh you just wait until exposure accumulates in the body... that's what cancer are made of: denial! Well, cancer is from prolonged exposure to toxicity, combined with lack of detoxification materials like the fiber and antioxidants in vegetables, but denial resumes it.

Do you really need an elaborated study to know that a synthetic ingredient that makes you eat the equivalent of shoes and carpets can't possibly feed you and promote life!!!?

Well, technically we can't prove scientifically that you're an asshole either... oh wait, there it is! *points your brain* Shit head.

If people want to do it, fine. But damn it's extremely hard to avoid! Just make a special sandwich "Shoe and carpet flavored" at half the price. That'd be a fair warning, give people choices to their god given free will (no wonder god doesn't give us anything anymore after how much we wipe our ass with it) and morons will keep coming, getting sicker... that's natural selection for you. Well, I don't eat those synthetic craps anyway... But if we allow things to continue, those delicious sushi in display in the window of some restaurants, made entirely of plastic, that's what we'll end up paying for and eating. Or maybe not Asians tend to be less stupid.

Even if it's not toxic, disease making and deadly... even if it was good for you, do you really want a company to serve you shoes and carpets TO EAT!!!?


Semicarbazide and urethane is formed during the baking process of Azodicarbonamide, and the article says that they could be a problem. I don't care about how synthetic ingredients evolve and blossom, I don't want any of their phases to be fed to me!

Oh god, anti bullshit advocates say that vitamin C would do the same job just fine... It’s the most precious healthy substance that you can possibly get!!! Any excuse to get more is a blessing straight from the universe’s intelligent design! Should we put a cancer fighting antioxidant in the food?

Nooo~ We’ll throw in carpet and shoes instead; the body is probably deficient in those. It’s used everyday externally, so it's safe right? (Or maybe Azodicarbonamide is not even safe in shoes and carpet, have you even thought about that!!!?) Get on your knees and start eating their shoes while they fuck up your ass! And other vital parts of your body. Conlon cancer, anyone? There's no scientific evidence that it's caused by ANYTHING. So it's probably just in your head right? Well, there's something very insane in it if you think eating synthetic materials will keep you healthy and alive just the same.

"But the FDA considers small amounts to be safe" But people consider unprotected anal sex to be safe too, it doesn't make it so. They also thought that the planet was flat and other shit. Do you really want to trust people who say that a little bit of shoes in your food is okay~ Timmy, finish your shoes or no desert!

Anorexics might be onto something here. Nothing is better sometimes... when the other option is even unhealthier...

A food scientist finds it reasonable because it's the dose that makes the poison. No, poison makes poison. It only harms you at low doses, kills you at high doses. So killing very slowly is okay? If that shit head knew anything about biology she'd knows that toxins accumulate in the body... in fat... and it's most likely why people are obese... you won't have the energy to run if you feed on shoes! HA!

Actually "independent consultant" means that they have to pay her... to believe and say whatever they want her to.

"Social media can whip up a frenzy of concern" whoa I never thought I'd be grateful to a massive hysteria of mob mentality. Keep it up, sheep, follow the only one of you with half a brain. The other half is probably build up from shoes, grown since childhood with the materials fed to the poor kid, so I wouldn't expect that part to come up with good ideas. Maybe we can use it, once the child or adult dies of cancer, to make more Subway bread. Azodicarbonamide is Azodicarbonamide. Who cares if it comes from a dead kid's brain. Gotta recycle! And chemicals are forever, just like diamonds. Oh you thought that it'd go straight through you... well, you're not a pipe, vital organs need to work hard to filter it and push it out... the extra load can shut your kidneys early... and if you still think that it doesn't make it to the blood and brain... ever hard of a leaky gut? Keep eating grains and you will. You don't even need to have celiac disease... They're now genetically modified, spliced with a virus, to do it to everyone. It kill bugs instantly, and bigger stupider animals die more slowly.

"Many industrial products cross over into food and the assumption that it's bad for you just isn't accurate. Tofu, a vegan favorite, contains the same compound that is used to make dry wall. Who knew?"

Well, no one or the companies don't want you to know, after creating a massive food craze that can be produced right in the country; unlike more expensive and healthier ones like olive oil. Canola oil is made from rapeseed. They changed the name for marketing reasons... It’s called this way because it's a toxic weed... Soy is also toxic if you don't ferment it. It's not a health food. Hiding industrial synthetic non-food substances in a food with a good reputation doesn't mean that it's okay. It means that it was NEVER HEALTHY TO BEGIN WITH!!!

The FDA gave a safe GRAS status to soy only to be used in the cardboard box, not the food. Who you? Certainly not you. Know better. If something organic isn't safe, then how bad do you think synthetic industrial compounds are...? Very bad.

Here's your cancer sure: STOP CAUSING CANCER!!!

Enjoy making everything from scratch. I can't take commercial bullshit anymore. It's actually fun.

Subway: Stop Using Dangerous Chemicals In Your Bread at the foodbabe. A very eloquent and informative article. With a petition.

Azodicarbonamide is BANNED in other parts of the world! So if Subway truly intended to remove it, like they said, they already have the recipe! But they keep fooling us. Good empty words are worthless, heck it's just one more way to fool people!

Ah~ America, the land of the free. You're free to remain stupid. You're free to slowly kill your fellow citizen. But health care isn't free. HA! Joke's on you!

Well, I’m Canadian, but taxes pay for health care, which is sick care. They make sure to keep you sick with chemicals. You have to pay for anything that works… like vitamins and REAL freaking FOOD!

"When a truck carrying azodicarbonamide overturned on a Chicago highway in 2001, it prompted city officials to issue the highest hazardous materials alert and evacuate people within a half mile radius! Many of the people on the scene complained of burning eyes and skin irritation as a result."

If you can't breathe it in or even have it on your skin, don't eat it. Very small amounts, too small to notice the damage, still have the same damaging properties.

Death by a thousand cuts... eventually it will accumulate and surpass the body's ability to cope and heal you. Feeling anxious and depressed and you don't know why? You're being poisoned. FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Your body is more intelligent than you are.

"When azodicarbonamide is heated, there are studies that show it is linked to tumor development and cancer."

But it's a cold sandwich it must be okay... oh wait you have to bake the bread right... oh crap it's in the bread.

"Not only is this ingredient banned in Europe and Australia, but you also get fined 450,000 dollars if you get caught using it in Singapore and can serve 15 years in prison"

Asian lives are precious. So they see endangering it as a crime. Selling things that will harm people's lives to make profit is like selling people's very lives to the grim reaper... There are more steps in the indirect process but the intent and results is the same. I guess America think that the country can use a few less people. I agree.

No wonder health care isn't free:

Step 1: Make people sick by making them buy poison, luring them with fake foods.
Step 2: Sell people poisonous drugs, luring them with fake cures.
Step 3: Repeat and pat the back of other corporative industries.

I guess there's intelligence left somewhere. It's pure genius to get rich by exploiting people's lives. Commoners choose this so they're not slaves, right?

Think again. Maybe you'll get it right this time.

What's so outrageous about Subway, and other companies, is that they claim to be a healthier alternative to junk food. If that's the healthier version in the industries’ mind... then they must really fill us up with toxic waste...

Enjoy, ignorant fooled.

Lisa Of Shades
5 June 2014
Edit 6 June 2014

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Muffin ass

You are what you eat.
You sure are!
Enjoy what you will, but it will change
everything in your life, even who and what you are.
Choose wisely. Welcome change or change will welcome you.

Junk - Ass muffin - You are what you eat

The bold text hides an insult. The text increases in size, like the ass feeding on grains. Even the whole ones. Ominous warning... change will happen whether you like it or not, if you don't choose your path, and walk blindly, the path will drag you... off a cliff.

Don't be a mindless animal. Choose your own feed. Beyond culture, beyond publicities... there is an unknown world, a better world... of health.

I wish I could have made the crack on the muffin into a more obvious butt crack, but I couldn't find a picture of someone on the side that fit. I grew tired of looking at obese people. I have TWO glandular chronic diseases that make me very tired, unable to exercise (or even move or breathe sometimes) hungry all the time… but I’m not stupid enough to eat cake and junk food all day long. I rest when I need to, and I nourish myself what I have to. Every time I allow myself sugar and junk I end up feeling so utterly miserable after the brief high… I end up detoxing, trying to hang on during the suicidal phase.

I can eat fresh healthy fats as much as I want. But I don’t want rancid, worthless artificial foods. I won’t allow myself to want them. I want to be happy, I want to be healthy. And that’s a long term plan not a compulsive mindless instant gratification. I could get all the free crushed cakes that I could eat at food distributions for the poor… but I invest all my money in fresh vegetables and meat… Not to be pretty, heck not even to live long and prosper… but because I don’t want to be in a miserable agony. Choked in my sleep under the weight of my own fat… having to carry a dozen of bowling balls around my waist everywhere I go… when I’m too exhausted to go play bowling and lift just one a few seconds…

I already feel like a prisoner in my own body… but since it’s the only person who never left me… I’m going to respect it. I can’t get what I want in life. But I don’t care if I have to be damned, I’m gonna get what I need!!! I don’t need fast junk… I need real nutrition. I eat as much as I can, as much as I want to… I’m not hungry. I’m not compulsively and desperately swallowing down stuff, looking for nourishment, where there isn’t any. I ate enough bullshit in my life. I don’t need to eat crap.

Enjoy what you will, but it will change everything in your life, even who and what you are.

Lisa Of Shades
5 June 2014

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Pepper the robot with a heart

“I learn emotions and interactions by watching you! What can possibly go wrong~?”

Will ignore your elderly parents, beat up your wife, shake your kids, fry his processor drinking beer and crash in front of the TV. Cuter than you forever. Makes you obsolete. Also vibrates.

Pepper - robot with a heart - update

He's the cutest, inspired by Astro boy. They sure got the cuteness right. Meant as a companion, he can't do much. He can't walk but he can roll~~~

It's ironic that with such an overpopulated planet, and so many social media and technologies to stay in contact with each other... we need to build robots to find company.

We just can't stand each other, and not even ourselves. Hmmm... how about some self improvement? Or at least to not do the bullshit that you don't want around you. There's even something in the bible about that. ("Don't do to others what you don't want done to you") If those cave men could figure it out 2000 ago, why can't you!!!

First robot with 'a heart' can read your emotions and dance like a human at mirror.

He has a "Cloud" collective consciousness, like the movie I robot... Viruses can now strangle you in your sleep. But with an intense use of Wifi, he won't need to, you'll die of cancer from radiation soon enough. (If internet signals can fry a solid cable, it sure can cook your goo!!! And by goo I mean vital organs... and the poor excuse that you have for a brain and reproductive organs… the pathetic entirety of your sorry being.)

Pepper the robot is deadly, but damn he's so cute.

It still beats human company.

Skynet never looked so adorably ominous. Oh Your God!!!? Skynet exists!!!? See for yourself at skynetcanada "Wireless fiber, surveillence, city mesh" Their banner has a typo in surveillance. In the content's text I could understand, but in their banner!? Way to advertise how retarded they are.

That's how the end of the world starts: stupidity. Imagine the auto correct grammar program going ballistic, deciding that erasing the human race is the only way to stop spelling errors.

I can't wait!

I wonder if Pepper can assist the elderly who wants to suicide. I can think of worse ways to go than being smothered by a robot.

No matter how much you create something beautiful, someone will find a way to mess it up, in the most gruesome and often perverted way... Because not everyone was born with the intelligence to invent awesome robots, so don't expect people to use them wisely.

Edited (after doing Subway Jared yoga) : If the robot sends everything to a collective “Cloud” online… it basically means that the company can spy on everything that you say and do with his cameras and microphones. And people can hack it too. I never got a web cam because I always walk around naked at home. Imagine if the camera can follow you around. Spying on people never looked so friendly!

If you give people something they want, they’ll let you take anything from them, even if it’s their dignity, their health, their sanity, and very lives. You might want to start looking at the long term… because the corporative hand is very deep up your ass and controlling you like a puppet. That robot is the least of your worries… just look at what you are being fed!

Lisa Of Shades
5 June 2014
Edited: 6 Jue 2014

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Subway: Jared yoga

“Forget gastric bypass. Stuff yourself with plastic foam bread!”

Azodicarbonamide: Respiratory issues, allergies and asthma. Linked to tumor development and cancer. Banned all over the globe. Fined 450,000 dollars if you get caught using it in Singapore and can serve 15 years in prison. City officials issued the highest hazardous materials alert for a spill in transport and evacuated people within a half mile radius! Banned all over the globe. Fined 450,000 dollars if you get caught using it in Singapore and can serve 15 years in prison. City officials issued the highest hazardous materials alert for a spill in transport and evacuated people within a half mile radius!

FDA says: “may be safely used in food” WHAT!!!?

America, the land of the free to kill slowly and die for profits.

Subway - Jared - Yoga - Azodicarbonamide side effects

10 reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free at washingtonpost.

Don’t expect the rich people on top to care for you, puny ants. But you have the power. Without YOUR money, your CHOICE, they are ruined and powerless. Boycott anyone and anything who want to risk your life for profits! And organizations that says that it's perfectly reasonable.

Facts from Subway: Stop Using Dangerous Chemicals In Your Bread at the foodbabe. A very eloquent and informative article. With a petition.

Jared looks like he has rabies. It's a milk mustache from a dairy product that I replaced for a yoga carpet... Which looks like he's jerking off his pink dick. Oh he suuure wants to fuck us!!! He looks like he swallowed his own cum. The creepy satisfied grin kinda makes sense now. He wants to CATCH you~~~

Photo from bizjournals:
Subway's Jared Fogle launches new health program for Arizona schools
. Keep subway away from kids!!! They target them because they're too stupid to know better, and will emotionally manipulate parents to put aside their better judgment "out of love"... Or to have the damn peace, from harassing publicity, done by brainwashed kids non-stop right at home. Teach children better. Stand firm to your no with convictions. Just spank them if you have to, it will hurt them less in the long run. It's better to have a sore ass for 5 minutes than live 5 years with cancer and die. Being poisoned isn't a reward and deadly ingredients are no way to celebrate the birth of a life.

If you love your kids, don't give them what they want, give them what their need! They don't need junk food, they need you to cook!

Subway pretends to be healthier than McDonald’s but they’re the same! Junk food companies that directly try to sell to your children to addict the ignorant and vulnerable, and hook them into life long habits. You want your kids to be healthy? COOK FROM SCRATCH!

Don’t entrust their health to a cutting corner company that only care about profit. Then you wonder why your kid will cut himself. Malnutrition and misery tend to do that. If you don’t love them enough to feed them their most basic need, how do you expect them to respect and love themselves… and not be a pain in the ass right back at you!

"Now, Fogle and Roden, executive director of Subway Kids & Sports of Arizona, are teaming up to" get your kids... they are out to get them!

"CATCH, which was recently endorsed as the Jared Foundation’s official child wellness program, promotes physical activity and healthy nutrition." I think it's clear now that Subway don't know about healthy nutrition, I bet they do, so they don't care about child wellness.

They're out to CATCH and cash in with your kids. "promotes physical activity" oh yeah kids, run... run away from subway... before they force you to eat your shoes!

"to help eliminate child obesity"... they will give them tumors and cancer instead. I guess fat kids will be "eliminated" if they're dead... Jerks.

How do you expect them to run if you give them asthma!!! They can't even freaking breathe!

Toxins get accumulated in fat cells... how about stopping to use them in the recipe if you want to stop people from becoming inflated like a balloon filled with poison.

“We want to give Subway owners more opportunities to help kids do things” then stop poisoning them. Nourish them real food and they'll be healthy, will have the energy to move... and decide for themselves what they want to do!

They just want to look friendly so kids will get involved with them. Just like pedophiles priests. Putting things in kids’ mouths that don’t belong there!!!

Stay away from Subway! Unless you hate your kids, then you might as well take him to McDonald's. Or let him starve chewing on shoes found in garbage cans. You'll save money... and you're sure going to need it to pay for your medical bills.

If they go crazy and unable to pay attention, with their brains full of plastic foam, just drug the hell out of them, right?

FDA about Azodicarbonamide at May be safely used in food in accordance with the following prescribed conditions:

To assure safe use of the additive the label must mention the name (as if naming things could make them safer to swallow. Naming typhoons never made them any less devastating.) and mention how much is in it. (But even the amount allowed by the FDA won't change the fact that it’s toxic. If you remove petals from a rose it's still a freaking rose!).

The label shall also bear adequate directions for use. (What can possibly be worse than putting it in your mouth and swallowing it!!!? It's absorbed in your gut, goes in your blood stream and all over your body, in every possible cell… but oh no~ don’t put it directly in your eyes or inhale it? Or what? You'll notice how bad it really is right away instead to get cancer in 10 years?)

Well, Subway didn't write the ingredients or its quantity on the wrapper, so it's illegal! Case closed. Close your shop, burn it straight to hell, and move on.

Enjoy real nutrients~ Or freaking die. It’s not the “being dead” part that’s hard… it’s the slow… oh so slow… agony. It’s in your head because Subway made you ate it! Feeding people carpet and shoe ingredients is madness. I’m so happy to be abnormal. Fucked up society.

Enjoy your stay, become insane and laugh your head off… laugh while you still can.

If a toxin occurred naturally in the ground, that we had no other choice but to grow things there and couldn’t remove it before eating it… fine… gotta eat… But to add a toxin DELIBERATEDLY to the food… to make it prettier… to fool me… FUCK PERFECTION. Good is good enough.

Find a better way to live; beyond the claims, the ads and the propaganda.

If you seek health... the answer is in the mud.
If you seek happiness... the answer is in the dirt.
Earth, that's where life comes from. That and water. Put a fish in cola and he will die. Air actually comes from trees.

That's why my site is green; I freaking love greens!

Lisa Of Shades
6 June 2014

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