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Humor ~ Demotivational ~ Deadpool

Deadpool is Wade Wilson's code name. The character from the comic is played by the actor Ryan Reynolds in the movies. Deadpool is completely insane and violent, but with a great sense of humor and he cares about others. He's a super soldier experiment turned rogue. He agreed to it to survive his cancer because he wanted to live for his lover.

His cancer might actually be a mutation. Instead to cure it his super healing abilities regenerate his cells faster than he'd die, making him disfigured, messing with his brain... and he became basically immortal. He's actually aware that he's a character and breaks the 4th wall to speak with the audience... So being insane might actually be being more aware of anybody else, and everyone would have a hard time coping with that. Humor is a great way, and his wicked mind has an endless supply of it.

Deadpool chainsaw ~ Invented to help pregnant women deliver babies

Deadpool chainsaw ~ baby’s view coming out of vagina

For your information, fuck you. Die. Mwahaha! Tacos. Fuck yeah! BANANA! ~ Talkative Deadpool

A resolution without resolve is just wishful thinking. ~ Deadpool French maid

Deadpool ~ cool story bro ~ thumbs up ~ I can talk about anything but not the way you want me to ~ easily offended

Deadpool ~ Easily offended you ~ opinions tastes life choices ~ discrimination

Joker & Deadpool ~ Everyone loses their minds fearing for their lives ~ hypocrites love insane but won't befriend

Spider golden silk orb weaver ~ Trapped chicken in web ~ Rare fabric ~ Spiderman Deadpool

Asian double eyelid surgery ~ complications fail ~ Can't close eyes ~ Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Deadpool ~ Face her ~ love ~ Don't worry ~ Cancer texture, extra sensations, keep mask on ~ X-Men Origins Wolverine

Deadpool ~ Ryan Reynolds ~ Breast cancer survivor in bikini armor ~ one breast woman ~ Bitch please ~ Yes ma'am!

Deadpool ~ Ryan Reynolds ~ Disfigured, puppy, put down, immortal ~ Leash, walk, bedroom, BDSM ~ Swords, katana, kill, die

Deadpool ~ Cancer face ~ Even the worst can still be worse ~ Woman with breast cancer and von Recklinghausen's disease, covered with tumors ~ Bitch please

Let's cuddle and eat tacos! ~ Deadpool Ryan Reynolds ~ Explosive diarrhea ~ would be totally worth it ~ explosive diarrhea ~ there are worse ways to die.

Deadpool movie poster crotch gun ~ Shot dick off by accident ~ Can't regenerate ~ Handle guns safely

Deadpool ~ The antihero hates pedo bear ~ He fucks pedophiles in the ass... with bullets. ~ Teddy sitting on a bench with gun pointed at him ~ Tiny baby hand

Deadpool ~ Pansexual ~ attracted to women, men, and people regardless of gender identity ~ masturbating with unicorn plush

Deadpool. A nightmare on any street ~ Parody of a Freddy Krueger poster ~ A nightmare on Elm street

Deadpool: Please die. Thanks! ~ Canadians: Overly polite. Even when they kill you.

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